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One morning I was in our tent, and Friday went out to hunt for our lunch. When he came back, he was frightened and started screaming. "Master Robinson! Master Robinson! Boats. I saw them. Six of them!" "Where? Where?" "On the beach. They have prisoners. What are we going to do?" "Get the guns!" Friday and I went to the top pf the hill near the beach. I saw about twenty natives and two prisoners. The natives made a fire, and I saw that they wanted to kill the other two men. I did not know what to do at first. The natives have different ideas about some things. Then I saw that the prisoners were white men, probably from Europe. Friday and I climbed down and hid in the forest near the ntive's fire. They killed on e man, but before they killed the second, we ran out and fired our guns. We screamed to frighten them, and they began to run for their boats. I got to the prisoner first. "Are you from Europe?" "Yes, I'm Spanish." "Here, take this gun": The prisoner was too tired to move. He needed food and water. "Wait here. We'll take care of you." Friday and I killed many of the natives on the beach, but some escaped in their boats. "Let's follow them, Master Robinson. They will come back with others and kill us." "OK. You swim out to that canoe there. I want to see that our Spanish friend is alright before we leave". The Spanish prisoner was very weak, but he understood me. "Stay here. I'll leave this gun with you, but you'll be OK". The clouds came and a storm was near. I swam out to the canoe and saw Friday crying. There was another prisoner tied up in the canoe. He was a native, and he looked at Friday with large eyes. "Friday, what's the matter? Why are you crying?" "Oh, Master Robinson. This is my father!"