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4709, Belwood Green, Baltimore MD 21227 Phone: 612-845-5340,

To seek a challenging full time software developer position that will help me to grow my intellectual abilities in the field of software design and development.

Master of Science (M.S.) in Computer Science University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC) Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) in CSE Government College of Engineering, Aurangabad Aug 2006 Present (Expected Graduation date May 2008) GPA 3.57 June 2000 May 2004 Aggregate 72.03%

Computer Skills:
Languages: Technologies: Development Tools: Operating Systems: Certifications: C, C++, Java, JSP, HTML, JavaScript, SQL J2EE, Struts Framework, CMS System Eclipse IDE, Magic Draw 8.0, Magnolia CMS System, Tomcat, Weblogic, Web-Sphere, Apache Axis 2.x Windows 9x/XP, Unix Sun Certified JAVA Programmer (SCJP)

Industry Experience:
Summer Analyst position at Lehman Brothers (, Jersey City, NJ Software Engineer position at Infosys Technologies Ltd, (, India Summer 2007 July 2004 June 2006

Graduate: Advanced Operating System, Advanced Computer Networks, Advanced Computer Architecture, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Service Oriented Computing Undergraduate: Operating Systems, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Data Structures, Computer Organization, Theory of Computation, Database Systems, Computer Networks.

Harmonization of Web Application (HWA): HWA was a project of harmonizing different web applications for the client DHL USA (; it was the first Portal project of DHL OSDC, at Infosys Technologies Pune ( My responsibilities were to understand the client requirements and to create detailed Analysis and Sequence diagrams, View of Presentation Classes (VOPC), class diagrams for design using Magic Draw 8.0 tool and to create Use Case documents, Creation and deployment of Portlets on ATG Dynamo Application Server

Information Technology Service Center (ITSC): The ITSC project consisted of developing a new look and feel for the DHL Intranet at Scottsdale. Project was developed using Magnolia Content Management System. My responsibilities included understanding the business logic, creation of HTML prototype for Application, design and development of application and preparation of test cases and testing of the application Country to Country (CTCT): CTCT was a project to design a comprehensive datawarehouse application for the client DHL Danzas Air and Ocean freight . The datawarehouse was designed using Teradata database and Cognos was used as a reporting tool. The admin module of the application was a J2EE module that was developed using the Struts Framework. My responsibilities included creation of HTML prototype and implementation of admin module and development support for the application.

Summer Project:
Asset relationship and datafeed viewer tool During Summer 2007 I worked as a summer analyst at Lehman Brothers (, Jersey City, NJ. The project involved design and development of a graphical tool for Lehman Brothers IT division. The tool was developed using Java swing for front end and yFile graphical library for generating the graphs. Lehman Asset database API was used to fetch the data from database.

Academic Projects:
Traffic Sensor Web Traffic Sensor Web project provided a simulated sensor web application to monitor and notify the traffic congestion on various service routes. The objective of the project was to focus the use of Wireless Sensor Nodes in application layer by providing Service Oriented Architecture for such applications. The project was developed using Java programming language and mySQL database. Apache jUDDI server was used for service discovery and invocation. Distributed Web Service Framework Distributed Web Service Framework was developed using JAVA and Axis 2.0. The objective of the project was to build a distributed infrastructure to access and invoke web service. The project provided a mechanism for Web Service discovery and load balancing. The system also supported the WSDL policy framework. CDC 6600 Scoreboard Simulator The objective of the project was to experience the design issues of advanced computer architecture through the design of a simulator for a simplified MIPS CPU using a high level language. The project was implemented in C++. The project was further extended to dynamically schedule the instruction execution by including the instruction as well as data cache. Network Monitoring Tool Network Monitoring Tool for Windows network was developed using Java. Tool included facilities like monitoring and controlling processes running on client machines, broadcasting messages to client. Java RMI was used for implementing remote calls. The Snake The Snake Graphics Environment Project aimed to provide the features associated with the Mobile Snake Version. The snake program uses various features provided by C programming language and provides good graphic interface for the user.

Awards and Honors:

Ranked 13th in Merit List in the 10th Grade examination Ranked 17th in Merit List in the 12th Grade examination Secured 4th place in Open State Chess Tournament Member of Under-15 Inter School Chess Championship School Team Member of Training & Placement Cell at Govt. College of Engg. Aurangabad


Available upon request