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William Phillips '88, C.H.E. Associate Professor in Culinary Arts Education: A.O.S.

with high honors, CIA; University of Idaho, Moscow, ID.: International Culinary Institute for Foreigners, Turin Italy. Professional Experience: Chef de Cuisine- Red Sage Restaurant, Washington, DC. Chef Ptissier then Chef de Cuisine- Maxime's, Granite Springs, NY. Studied with Chef Daniel Jarlot at Auberge Castel de Tres Girad, Morey-Saint-Denis Gevery Chambertin, France. Commis- Drake Hotel, Chicago. Sous Chef- Otter Bay Company, Spokane, WA. RoundsmanGambino's Italian Restaurant, Moscow, ID. Chef de Cuisine- Red Lantern Inn, Mount Kisco, NY; Sous Chef- Biscuitroot Park, Moscow, ID. Prep Cook, Moreno's Sea Swiper, Moscow, ID. Awards: Class Valedictorian, Academic Achievement Award, CIA, 1988. NY Food Show Gold Medal, Faculty Team 1994. NY Food Show Gold Medal, Faculty Team 1995. NY Food Show, Individual First Prize, 1999. Boston Food show, Best of Show. Chef Bill Phillips graduated class valedictorian with high honors and perfect attendance from the Culinary Institute of America in 1988. Chef Phillips began work at Maxime's in Granite Springs, NY under French Master Chef Maxime Ribera. Beginning as Chef Patissier he moved into the Chef de Cuisine position maintaining a three star New York Times rating over a three year period. Chef Phillips then traveled to France to work with Chef Daniel Jarlot in Morey St.Denis, Burgundy. Returning to the United States he teamed up with celebrity Chef Mark Miller to open Red Sage Restaurant in Washington DC. As Chef de Cuisine, Red Sage was awarded Restaurant of the Year by Esquire Magazine. Chef Phillips' cooking has been featured in GQ Magazine, Art Culinare, Metropolitan Home, The Washingtonian, The New York Times, Chile Pepper Magazine, Restaurants and Institutions, Cooking Secrets of the CIA, and numerous PBS cooking programs including "Great Chefs of the Southwest". He recently appeared on The History channels Modern Marvels Hot and Spicy and Our Generation programs. Chef Phillips has also taught Skills Development, Garde Manger, Classical Banquet Cuisine, Escoffier Kitchen, Cuisines of the Americas, and American Bounty Kitchen. He has taught in Brazil, Mexico, Puerto Rico and has extensive travel experience: United States 44 of the 50 states. Canada-all lower provinces. San Juan Islands Pacific Northwest, Greenland, Iceland, England, Whales, Italy, France, Switzerland, Holland, Japan, Mexico-eight trips, Guatemala, Belize, Peru , The Amazon, Brazil, Caribbean (Puerto Rico, Culebra, Vieques. St. John, St. Barts, St Maarten, St. Thomas), Ethiopia and India.