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1. Bugreport Elm still has 2 pokeballs on the table, even though 1 was stolen. Kid outside of New Bark doesnt teach you to capture a pokemon. Tuscany (child of week kid who g ives you silk scarf) walks away while you talk to her You see a green line throu gh the GBA when trading Bellsprout for Onyx. Kabuto puzzle only releases the N unown . Message at scientist in Kabuto puzzle room doesnt appear Route 32 pokecenter. B ug catcher sprite gives old rod. Can walk trough rock in Union cave, see picture Route 44, no Cop like the original. Map says Sprout Tower just above route 44 Whit neys Miltank doesnt know the annoying Rollout anymore? Infinite uses of the barber bothers in the underground National Park: Water reflection on normal tiles arou nd the fountain If you go from route 36 to route 33, the cut bush is gone. But i t is there when you go from route 33 to route 36 (path near National Park) Rival has weird pokemon moves in Goldenrod Underground You see yourself partially thr ough the roof when swimming behind the Blackthorn gym E4 Bruno has a Machop inst ead of a Machamp Game freezes near the end of the end credits (luckly that the g ame lets you continue because of the auto save). Brandons Camerupt freezes your ga me if you cant kill it within 1 turn. Chicorita gotten from the man in Tohjo Fall s doesnt evolve Eevee doesnt evolve in Espeon/Umbreon (not even with happiness) (N o Suicune animations at National Park and route between Ecrueteak-Mohaganny like in the original Crystal) Cant fly to Cianwood Lv50 Typhlosion cant learn the ulti mate move at Cianwood? (Blast Burn) Final basement floor of Silph Co has a Stati c Admins without a names, just Static Admin o.o Static Admin with Quagsire in Silp Co sometimes restarts the game People in Silph talk about Team Aqua instead of Team Static Some trainers give $0 Gym Leader music stops when Sabrina sends out her first pokemon After beating first pokemon, you hear the normal inside gym mu sic You can walk into the posters of Celedon Game Corner Left Game Corner prize girl sells Johto cities!! Hiker near Safari Zone says nothing Far most left bush es at Fuschia mart can be walked on

Again nameless Static Admins (This time in Kanto Radio Tower) Looks like 1 stati c member is a bit on a table in Radio Tower Zane not standing correctly at Nugge t Bridge Route 2 inside the house, man is on the table Silver in Mt Moon acts as if he is nt the leader of Team Rocket, yet. Cant fly to Cinnaber Island and Pallet Town At m ost locations you can stand on parts of water If you go from light blue to dark water and accidently go to walking mode (near Cinnaber), you will be stuck at th e Dive spot, unless you have Fly Lati@s cave gave me 2x Latias. I captured Latias in Stone Temple. Captured Latios in Route 19 cave. After capturing Latios, his s prite turned into Latios, so I can get 2 of the same! Articuno can be fought mul tiple times You can walk trough the pillars of Dragons Den where Rayquaza is. Pry ce re-match -> When he summons Poliswine, the game freezes Mr Pokemon says he gi ves me the EXP Share, but no EXP Share appeared in my bag Nerd in Dark Cave give s me black glasses, but no black glasses appear in my bag Egg that you receive a t Blackthorn City doesnt seem to hatch After beating Lance in E4 round 2, you go t hrough the door. Black screen and Lance does his he is being challenged sentence a gain. Press any button and you will continue to the Hall of Fame. End Credits do nt freeze after E4 round 2 (makes me wonder why the R1 credits did freeze) Red has the same overworld sprite as your character End Credits after red freezes once again.. You have to go from Olivine to vermillion under the right weather conditi on so that the sailor gives you the option to go to Valencia. (Oak said going di rect to Vermillion). 1st Trainer in Meadow Gym has a very low level Politoed Lef t house above Olivine Lighthouse has Rocket music Most people/trainers walk trou gh solid objects (most noticeable at Orange Islands) No special music for Entei/ Raikou (Original Crystal had special music for them. Unless someone still has to make a remixed version of it :P )

2. Frequently Asked Questions 1. Which legendaries are in beta 2.1? I found: Suicune, Raikou, Entei, Articuno, Zapdos, Lugia, Latios, Latias, Jirachi, Kyogre, Groudon and Rayquaza. 2. How do trade evolution pokemon evolve in this hack? Most of them is by level (35+). Eeve e evolves with the Sunstone and Moonstone. But because of a bug, the stones dont work.. 3. Where are the starters located? (remember, you must have an open slot) Totodile Dark Cave via Blackthorn City entrance Chicorita Old man inside Tohjo Falls Cindaquil Route where the breeding house is. You need surf! Squirtle Old m an in Pewter City Bulbasaur Old man in Saffron City next to the pokecenter Charm ander Girl in Fuchsia next to the pokecenter No Hoenn starter yet Because the st arters dont register in the pokedex, they are unable to evolve even when you bree d them. The starters have their ultimate moves (Blast Burn etc) 4. Where are the Children of the Week located? Monica Route 40 when it rains Tuscany Route 29 when there are small snowflakes Wesley Lake of Rage when there is thunder Arthur Rou te 36 when it snows Frieda Route 32 when it is dark Santos Blackthorn City durin g a sandstorm Sunny Route 37 when it is normal weather 6. Where are the in-game trades? Violet City: Trade your Bellsprout for an Onyx Goldenrod City: Trade you r Ditto for a Shiny Ditto Goldenrod City: Trade your Graveler for Electrode Oliv ine City: Trade your Krabby for Voltorb Blackthorn City: Trade your Haunter for Xatu 7. Where can I buy evolution stones? Fire Stones: Use surf on the right sid e of Sprout Tower and talk to the geek to buy them. Sun Stones: In the Olivine L ighthouse from a geek. Thunder Stones: Blackthorn City pokecenter Water Stones: Near Bills old cottage beyond Nugget bridge

3. Walkthrough New Bark Town We start our adventure in New Bark Town. First go to your PC and r etrieve a potion. After getting the potion, go downstairs. Your mother will give you a pokegear (real G/S/C pokegear is not implemented yet). After the talk wit h your mother, head outside and go into the big lab next to your house. Walk tow ards professor Elm. He will ask you if you want to help him with his research. H e then tells you that you can choose one of his captured pokemon, but you get in terrupted. Elm gets an e-mail from Mr. Pokemon. He asks if you want to retrieve the item from his house. Elm is too busy to go himself, so he asks you to do thi s errand. You now get to choose one pokemon. Name Level Attacks Type Cyndaquil 5 Tackle, Leer Fire Totodile 5 Scratch, Leer Water Chikorita 5 Tackle, Growl Gras s You now get Elms phone number. Try to leave and the aide will stop you. You get another free potion. Exit the lab and take the west (left) exit. Route 29 Wild pokemon: Pidgey, Hoothoot, Items: Potion, 4x Oran berries Follow the route until you reach Cherrygrove City. Cherrygrove City Wild pokemon: none Items: Mystic W ater (need surf), Map Card The first thing you should do is talking to the old m an. He will give you a small tour of the city. After the tour, he will give you the Map card. After getting the Map Card, exit north to Route 30. Route 30 Wild pokemon: Hoothoot, Pidgey, Rattata Items: Oran berry, Antidote, 4x Pecha berries , National Pokedex When you first enter the route, you will see a house. Enter t he house and talk to the guy inside. He will give you a free Oran berry. Exit th e house and continue north. There is an antidote in the pokeball near the house. The left upper path is blocked, so we have to take the right upper path. A trai ner named Zane appears and challenges you to a battle! PKM Trainer Zane Reward: $320 Name Level Porygon 4 His Porygon only seems to know Conversion and Conversi on2, so keep attacking him. After beating him, he asks your name and says that y ou shall meet him later again. Continue going up and enter Mr. Pokemons house. Mr . Pokemon gives you the Mystery Egg which you have to give to professor Elm. Aft er the short conversation, professor Oak will talk to you and give you the Natio nal Pokedex. Now your starter (and other Johto/Hoenn) pokemon can evolve! After Oak leaves, Mr Pokemon will heal your pokemon. Exit the house and go all the way back to Cherrygrove City. *note: A guy will appear next to Mr. Pokemons house wh en it snows, giving you a Luxury Ball.

Cherrygrove City Exit right and the guy who was standing outside of Elms lab bump s into you and challenges you to a battle! (I named him Silver and will use the Silver name in the Walkthrough). Because I chose Cyndaquil, I dont know his team in later encounters for different starters! Rival ??? (Silver) Reward: $252 Name Level Cyndaquil/Totodile/Chikorita 7 He says his name (which you chose at the s tart of the game) and leave. Now continue to Elms Lab. New Bark Town Wild pokemon : None Items: 5 pokeballs, Running shoes, Nugget. Go inside the lab. Seems a guy with red hair has stolen a pokemon.. You tell the policeman that it was Silver. The policeman leaves. Talk to Elm and give him the Mystery Egg. Elm suggest taki ng on the Johto gym challenge. Try to exit. The aide will once again give you it ems. 5 pokeballs to be precise. Now go into your house and talk to your mother. You will receive a nugget (worth $5000) and the running shoes! That makes travel ling slightly faster. Now exit town and head all the way back to route 30. Route 30 Wild pokemon: Hoothoot, Pidgey, Rattata Items: Yay, now we can take the uppe r left route with lots of trainers. Youngster Joey Reward: $64 Name Level Rattata 4 Youngster Michael Name Rattata Weedle Bug Catcher Martin Name Weedle Caterpie Reward: $252 Level 4 7 Reward: $120 Level 7 6 Route 31 Wild pokemon: Hoothoot, Pidgey, Rattata, Weedle, Hoppip, Spinarak, Ledy ba, Caterpie, Swablu, Bellsprout Items: Potion, 2x Persim berries, pokeball A ne w route, a new batch of trainers. Dont go into the cave, because you cant advance there. Bug Catcher Matthew Reward: $144 Name Level Caterpie 6 Caterpie 4

Cooltrainer Gabe Name Charmander Machop Pidgey Now go up and left into the gate to Reward: $64 Level 3 4 3 Violet City Wild pokemon: Gastly, Rattata, Bellsprout (all in Bellsprout tower, but a bug makes no random pokemon appear). Items: X Accuracy, Potion, HM05 Flash , Pokemon Egg, Rare Candy(need surf), PP UP (need Surf), Poison Barb (need cut), 2x Cheri berries. The first thing that you can do is trade a Bellsprout for an Onix at the house completely to your left. It is a traded pokemon, so it will le vel up quicker. Remember that it will stop obeying you until you get 2/4/6/8 bad ges, depending on its level. Heal you pokemon in the pokecenter and go inside the Sprout Tower. **Sprout Tower is optional, so you can skip it, but you can level your pokemon here and get the Flash HM** Go up the stairs and battle the sages while you climb up. Sage Bob Name Bellsprout Bellsprout Bellsprout Sage Jujutsu Name Bellsprout Bellsprout Bellsprout Grab the X Accuracy near you. Sage Caimin Name Bellsprout Bellsprout Bellsprout Grab the Potion near you. Sage Feng Name B ellsprout Reward: $1400 Level 7 Reward: $1600 Level 7 7 8 Reward: $1400 Level 5 5 7 Reward: $1400 Level 5 7 7

Sage Hoshiko Name Bellsprout Sage Kojiando Name Hoothoot Reward: $1600 Level 8 Reward: $2200 Level 11 You will see that Silver defeated the head sage. This time he doesnt challenge yo u. He uses an escape rope to get away. Pick up the pokeball in the corner for an escape rope. Talk to the elder to fight him for his HM. Sage Christo Name Bells prout Hoothoot Reward: $2200 Level 8 11 Yay, you get the Flash HM (which is only usefull in a few caves). Go down the to wer and exit it. Heal your pokemon at the pokecenter and walk to the gym. Just w hen you want to enter the gym, you see a guy who looks like Gary walk by you, te lling you to move out of the way. Strange guy. Now enter the gym. This gym uses f lying type pokemon. Also, from now on I will post my team before battling each g ymleader. Bird Keeper Kevin Name Spearow Bird Keeper Alan Name Spearow Leader Fa lkner Name Pidgey Pidgeotto My team: Lv12 Cyndaquil, Lv9 Onix, Lv10 Swablu Rewar d: $308 Level 7 Reward: $264 Level 6 Reward: $1056 Level 10 11 Our first badge. You can now use Flash outside of battle. You also get TM31 Muds lap. Go outside the gym, as soon as you take one step, professor Elm will call y ou. Apparently his aide is in the pokecenter with the egg. Go to the pokecenter. The aide asks if you want the egg. Say yes (must have a free slot). You can eit her keep it with you until it hatches or dump it in the PC. It is a Togepi egg. Now heal your pokemon and take the southern exit to.

Route 32 Wild pokemon: Bellsprout Items: Miracle seed, TM05 Roar, Nest Ball, On your left are the Ruins of Alph, you dont have to go there unless you want to sol ve the Kabuto puzzle to capture some Unown. Head down and talk to the guy to rec eive the Miracle Seed. You cant go to the chubby guy until you have HM01 Cut. The chubby guy has a TM Roar. Gentleman Richard Name Rattata Nidoran Guitarist Krist ian Name Spearow Reward: $792 Level 9 11 Reward: $352 Level 11 You can either go down or take the docks. I will first tell the trainers at the docks and then the trainers at the normal path. Camper Paul Name Nidoran Fisher V incent Name Poliwag Poliwag Fisher Johnny Name Horsea Fisher Jackson Name Goldee n Horsea Staryu Krabby Now we get the trainers if we had skipped the fishermen. Lass Sky Name Aipom Reward: $308 Level 11 Reward: $220 Level 11 Reward: $240 Lev el 10 12 Reward: $240 Level 12 Reward: $200 Level 7 7 13 10 Heal at the pokecenter. You can get an Old Rod from the bug catcher. It only sna tches Magikarp though Now the final trainer of this route.

Bird Keeper James Name Spearow Pidgey Farfetchd Now enter Union Cave Reward: $240 Level 8 8 10 Union Cave 1F Wild pokemon: Sandshrew, Geodude, Onix, Zubat, Golbat, Rattata, Ra ticate, Wooper Items: X attack, Great Ball, 2x Potion Hiker Danny Name Onix Hike r Rupert Name Geodude Geodude Machop Firebreather William Name Koffing Slowpoke Pokemaniac Philip Name Slowpoke Firebreather Ray Name Slugma Finally out of the short cave. Route 33 Wild pokemon: Rattata, Ekans Items: 2x Pecha berries, MooMo o milk (need Cut) Hiker Ant Name Geodude Machop Reward: $504 Level 13 14 Reward: $352 Level 11 Reward: $448 Level 7 13 14 Reward: $336 Level 8 14 Reward: $672 L evel 14 Reward: $264 Level 11 Damn, the path is blocked by a kid. Talk to Zane to learn that the kid lost his doll. Also talk to the kid, just to be sure. You have to go back in Union cave

Union Cave 1F Wild pokemon: Sandshrew, Geodude, Onix, Zubat, Golbat, Rattata, Ra ticate, Wooper Items: Go to where you battled Pokemaniac Philip and climb down t he stairs. Union Cave B1a Wild pokemon: Spinarak, Zubat Items: TM39 Swift, Poked oll, X Defend Grab the pokedoll from the ball next to the stairs and exit the ca ve. Route 33 Wild pokemon: Rattata, Ekans Items: Give the doll to the kid and he will walk away. Then Zane will thank you for solving the problem and walk away. Follow the path and enter. Azalea Town Wild pokemon: Items: 4x WHT Apricorns, It would be best to heal at the pokecenter first. Damn, A Rocket grunt is blocking the gum. Enter the upper right most house. Talk to Kurt and he will go stop the Rockets from cutting off Slowpoke tails. Go to the Slowpoke Well. Slowpoke Well B1 Wild pokemon: Items: Super Potion Rocket grunt Name Rattata Rattata Rocket g runt Name Zubat Ekans Rocket grunt Name Rattata Zubat Zubat Rocket grunt Name Ko ffing Reward: $180 Level 11 9 Reward: $260 Level 11 13 Reward: $220 Level 9 11 1 1 Reward: $320 Level 16 Yay we saved the Slowpokes. Kurt comes and magically transports us to his home.

Azalea Town Wild pokemon: Items Net Ball, Charcoal Talk to Kurt to get a free Ne t Ball. From now on, you can bring Apricorns to make pokeballs there. But it tak es a while for him to make them. Go heal your pokemon at the pokecenter. Then, g o to the gym. This gym uses bug pokemon. Twins Amy and May Name Ledyba Spinarak Reward: $144 Level 12 12 I will go to the right trainer first, then the upper left trainer and then the t rainer before the gymleader. Bug Catcher Ali Name Caterpie Caterpie Bug Catcher Joe Name Paras Bug Catcher Bengie Name Weedle Beedrill Metapod Now for the gymle ader. Leader Bugsy Reward: $1728 Name Level Beedrill 16 Scyther 18 My team: Lv19 Quiclava, Lv16 Swablu, Lv16 Onix, Lv6 Wooper Thats 2 badges. 6 more to go. Traded pokemon will now listen till level 30. You can also now use Cut outside of batt les. You get TM49 Fury Cutter. Suddenly Zane appeared inside the gym. He is opti onal though. PKMN Trainer Zane Name Porygon Shroomish Eevee Head out of the gym and heal your pokemon. Reward: $1360 Level 13 15 17 Reward: $140 Level 7 7 Rewar d: $300 Level 15 Reward: $180 Level 9 12 9

As you try to leave town, the Gary look-a-like challenges you to a battle! PKMN Trainer ??? (Axel) Name Charmeleon Pikachu Reward: $1040 Level 14 13 He says his name is Axel and he goes into Ilex Forest. We dont even get the chanc e to walk, because Silver comes to challenge us as well! Rival Silver Name Gastl y Croconaw Zubat Reward: $540 Level 13 16 15 Silver does his weak hate speech and also enters Ilex Forest. Now enter the forest . Ilex Forest Wild pokemon: Beedrill, Oddish, Caterpie, Metapod, Shroomish, Casc oon, Kakuna Items: Revive, X Attack, Antidote, Ether Talk to the boy. Seems he l ost his Bosss Farfetchd. We better help him. Follow the path and press a on Farfetchd every time. Talk to the Boss to receive HM01 Cut. Teach Cut to a pokemon to cut the bush. **You can go back to Azalea and get a free Charcoal from the apprenti ce who lost the Farfetchd** Follow the path. Follow the lower path near the yello w trainer, to reach a trainer who will give you TM02 Headbutt. Now follow the re gular path. PKMN Trainer John Reward: $??? Name Level Cyndaquil 11 Taillow 7 Tor chic 9 **Forgot to write down the $, PM me on the forum if you know the amount o f $ You can fight the optional Bug Catcher. Bug Catcher Walt Name Ledyba & Paras (2 VS 2) Reward: $864 Level 7 & 12 Go inside the house and talk to the blond woman. You get TM12 Sweet Scent. Now h ead outside to Route..

Route 34 Wild pokemon: Ditto Items: Youngster Sam Name Rattata Spearow Sandshrew Spearow PokeFan Don Name Snubbul Picnicker Gina Name Hoppip Hoppip Bulbasaur Yo ungster Rob Name Mankey Diglett Reward: $192 Level 9 12 12 10 Reward: $600 Level 15 Reward: $312 Level 12 13 13 Reward: $224 Level 12 14 Wow, the daycare center. Go inside and into the garden. Talk to the old man for a pokemon egg. It can be any baby pokemon except Togepi (Pichu, Magby, Elekid, I gglybuff, Cleffa, Smoochum). Camper Calvin Name Psyduck Now go up to enter Golden rod City Wild pokemon: Items: Coin Case Heal up your pokemon if you need to. Aft er that go up and right between the department store and a house. The house has a woman who tells you how happy the pokemon in slot 1 is. Good for happiness evo lutions. Next to it is a new building which wasnt in the original. You can resurr ect fossils here, which you receive later in the game. There are also two trades here. Exit the building and go down to the bike shop. Talk to the owner to get a free bike. Just above the pokecenter is the Goldenrod Game Corner. You dont hav e a Coin Case yet, but we will have one soon. Go a bit more up and then left. En ter the Radio Tower. Talk to the lady behind the counter on the far right. Take her quiz. The answers are: No, Yes, No, No and Yes (for now until the hack is fi nished). You receive the (useless) TV Card. Reward: $320 Level 16

Exit the radio tower and go between the Game Corner and Pokecenter. The first ho use to the left is Bills house. Only his family is home at the moment. Take the l ower house to enter the underground. Super Nerd Eric Name Grimer Grimer PokeMani ac Issac Name Lickitung Reward: $312 Level 13 13 Reward: $672 Level 14 Grab the item ball to your right to get the Coin Case. Now you can finally gambl e. The old woman sells bitter restoration items which lowers your pokemons happines s. Above her is one of the Haircut brothers. The older one raises the happiness more of course. Unlike the original G/S/C, you can use him unlimited times until you run out of cash. Continue north. Super Nerd Terry Name Magnemite Magnemite Voltorb Magnemite Reward: $264 Level 10 9 13 11 Dont bother to go left. You can only enter the door later in the game after the 7 th gym. PokeManiac Donaldbain Name Slowpoke Slowpoke Reward: $720 Level 13 15 Take the stairs and exit the house. Heal your pokemon if you need to and enter t he pokemon gym. Ill be taking the upper road, because if you take the lower road, a trainer will challenge you and then block your way. This gym uses Normal type pokemon for those who havent talked to the guy at the entrance. I suggest not us ing direct attacks with male pokemon. Beauty Vicky Name Sentret Sentret Sentret Beauty Sam Name Meowth Meowth Reward: $1368 Level 12 15 19 Reward: $1296 Level 1 8 18

Aroma Lady Carrie Name Snubbul Lass Bridget Name Jigglypuff Jigglypuff Jigglypuf f Reward: $560 Level 20 Reward: $476 Level 17 17 17 Leader Whitney Reward: $2112 Name Level Miltank 22 My team: Lv22 Onix, Lv24 Quil ava, Lv20 Swablu, Lv7 Wooper(HM Slave), Lv5 Oddish, Pokemon Egg(hopefully an Ele kid or Pichu). Whitney cries and doesnt seem to give you your badge. Walk away. T he trainer below you will say that Whitney will stop crying soon. Talk to Whitne y to receive badge 3 and TM45 Attract. Thats 3 badges. The trainer card says that its badge 4, but that is because of the HMs enabled by gyms. In the original Whit ney lets you use HM Strength but in Fire Red, gym 4 enables the HM Strength to b e used. Exit the gym. Heal at the pokecenter and take the northern exit. You can do something optional, namely talking to the guard in the gateway. He asks you to bring the Spearow who carries mail to the fat guy near the Route 31 Dark Cave entrance. Route 35 Wild pokemon: Spinarak, Ditto, Psyduck Items: 2x Leppa berri es (Surf), TM04 Rollout Picnicker Kimly Name Vulpix Camper Elliot Name Sandshrew Marill Picnicker Brooke Name Pikachu Camper Ivan Name Diglett Zubat Diglett Rew ard: $340 Level 17 Reward: $??? Level 15 17 Reward: $??? Level 18 Reward: $320 L evel 12 12 16

I will first tell the left trainer and then the right trainer. Firebreather Walt Name Magmar Juggler Irwin Name Voltorb Voltorb Voltorb Voltorb Reward: $312 Lev el 13 Reward: $640 Level 4 8 12 16 I am already taking the right road, so that I dont have to add the route again la ter. Bug Catcher Arne Name Venonat Bird Keeper Bryan Name Pidgey Pidgeotto Grab the TM, walk back and enter the house next to the guard. National Park Wild poke mon: Weedle, Sunkern, Kakuna, Caterpie Items: TM28 Dig, Quick Claw, Paralyz Heal A conversation will start. Seems that the Bug Catching contest has moved to the Orange Islands (Contest not in this Beta!). Dont worry though. You can still get a Sun Stone later in the game. Exit north and battle the optional trainers. I w ill go through them clockwise. PokeFan Beverly Name Snubbull Aroma Lady Krise Na me Oddish Cubone Schoolboy Jake Name Oddish Beedrill Reward: $640 Level 17 Rewar d: $476 Level 14 17 Reward: $1344 Level 14 21 Reward: $612 Level 17 Reward: $384 Level 14 16

Dont forget to go through the broken fence (see picture below). It leads to TM28 Dig. Exit the park to the right and enter route. Route 36 Wild pokemon: Items: 2x Raws t berries Only two trainers, what a rip-off. Psychic Markus Name Mr. Mime Abra K adabra Schoolbuy Alan Name Tangela Reward: $340 Level 17 15 17 Reward: $1152 Lev el 18 Talk to the little girl. Seems you need the Squirtbottle for the tree. Go back t o Goldenrod City and enter the house next to the gym. Goldenrod City Wild pokemo n: Items: Squirtbottle As I said, enter the house next to the gym. First talk to the little girl and then to her big sister. Because you have Whitneys badge, she believes you are strong enough. She gives you the Squirtbottle. Now go back to the weird tree on Route 36. Route 36 Wild pokemon: Items: Berry Growing Kit Use the Squirtbottle. The tree acts weird and attacks you. It is a Lv20 Sudowoodo! I t is the only one, so better catch it. Take one step up and the girl who gave yo u the Squirtbottle will now come and give you the Berry growing kit. Now you can grow your berries. Go left and up. You will see Axel confronting two weird huma ns. Seems those strange guys are heading for your hometown. Axel encourages you to go after them. First go back to where Sudowoodo was. Talk to the fat man to g et HM06 Rock Smash. Now go all the way back to New Bark Town.

New Bark Town Wild pokemon: Items: Everstone (if you show the hatched Togepi to Elm) Go inside Elms lab. Oh no, the strange guys from before are attacking profes sor Elm. Better save him. Static grunt Name Magnemite Magnemite Static Admin Ter ry Name Nidorino Dugtrio Vulpix Reward: $382 Level 16 16 Reward: $400 Level 18 2 0 18 Seems Team Static is after the Legendary pokemon Latios & Latias! Team Static flee s. Axel comes inside and scolds you for letting them go. Seems Axel is from the Ouka region. After some talk, leave and head back to where Axel confronted the S tatic members. Route 37 Wild pokemon: Pidgey Items: 2x Red Apricorns, 2x Blu Apr icorns, 2x Blk Apricorns Just one step above is Route 37, with again only 2 trai ners. Twins Ann & Anne Name Clefairy & Jigglypuff Psychic Greg Name Drowzee Abra Welcome to Ecruteak City. Ecruteak City Wild pokemon: Items: Go inside the poke center. You will meet Bill. He has just installed the move re-learner in every p okecenter. He tells you to come visit him in Goldenrod City. You will get an Eev ee from him if you do so. Heal your pokemon and go to the tower which is partial ly burned. Burned Tower Wild pokemon: Koffing Items: Magnet Walk the left path a nd meet Zane. He was training his pokemon here, but he wont fight you. He does ha ve a present for you. A magnet, which boosts electric type attacks! Reward: $432 Level Both 18 Reward: $300 Level 17 15

Zane leaves. Follow the path to meet Silver. He blames you for being unable to f ind the legendary pokemon. A fight starts. Rival Silver Name Haunter Magnemite C roconaw Zubat Reward: $480 Level 20 18 22 20 You fall through a hole and land near the Legendary Johto Trio. Walk towards the m and they will awake and run away. Go down and meet Eusine. He is chasing down Suicune. He thanks you and says that he will track down Suicune. Exit the tower. Ecruteak City Wild pokemon: Items: HM03 Surf Go to the house on the right side of the mart. Battle all 5 the kimono girls who use Eevee evolutions. (from left to right) Kimono Girl Naoka Name Flareon Kimono Girl Sayo Name Espeon Kimono Gir l Zuki Name Umbreon Kimono Girl Kuni Name Vaporeon Kimono Girl Miki Name Jolteon Reward: $456 Level 19 Reward: $456 Level 19 Reward: $456 Level 19 Reward: $456 Level 19 Reward: $456 Level 19 After beating all five of them, talk to the old man to receive HM03 Surf. Heal y our pokemon and go inside the house next to the gym. Talk to the boy and say yes to receive the Itemfinder. Now enter the gym.

This gym uses ghost pokemon, so normal pokemon are useless, unless they know non -normal movies. The gym has an invisible floor, so I will give you directions. F irst stand exactly in front of the old man. Sage Ping Name Gastly Gastly Gastly Gastly Gastly Take two steps up and two steps left. Sage Jeffrey Name Haunter Re ward: $4800 Level 24 Reward: $3600 Level 18 18 18 18 18 One step right, one step up. Three steps to the right. One step down for a train er battle. Medium Grace Name Haunter Haunter One step up, one step right. Three steps up, two steps left. Medium Martha Name Gastly Haunter Gastly One step down , two steps left, three steps up. Leader Morty Reward: $2592 Name Level Gastly 2 3 Haunter 22 Gengar 27 My team: Lv32 Onix, Lv28 Quilava, Lv25 Swablu, Lv7 Wooper , Lv5 Oddish, Pokemon Egg We have half the Johto badges now. Traded pokemon will obey you till Lv50. You can use Surf out of battle and you get TM30 Shadow Ball . Exit the gym. Heal your pokemon and exit left to Route. Reward: $528 Level 20 2 2 22 Reward: $528 Level 22 22

Route 38 Wild pokemon: Items: 2x Oran berries You dont realy need my help with di rections, but I will post the trainers of course. I will first list the lower pa th trainers and then the upper path. Beauty Val Name Hoppip Skiploom Bird Keeper Toby Name Doduo Doduo Doduo Now for the upper path. Sailor Harvey Name Wooper L ass Dana Name Flaaffy Psyduck Schoolboy Chaud Name Mr. Mime Beauty Olivia Name C orsola Reward: $672 Level 21 Reward: $560 Level 20 20 Reward: $1344 Level 21 Rew ard: $1440 Level 20 Reward: $1368 Level 19 19 Reward: $836 Level 17 18 19 Route 39 Wild pokemon: Items: 2x Chesto berries, Nugget Already on another route . Left of the first trainer is MooMoo farm. There is a sick Miltank there. Feed it enough Oran berries to make it better again. If you do so, you can buy MooMoo milk there. Psychic Norman Name Slowpoke Slowpoke Reward: $880 Level 19 22

PokeFan Ruth Name Pikachu PokeFan Derek Name Pikachu Sailor Eugene Name Poliwhir l Krabby Raticate Ace Trainer Ian Name Croconaw Umbreon Swellow Pikachu Welcome to.. Reward: $760 Level 19 Reward: $760 Level 19 Reward: $672 Level 19 21 19 Reward: $1092 Level 22 21 20 19 Olivine City Wild pokemon: Items: HM04 Strength, Good Rod Walk towards the gym. Silver will come out of the gym. He tells you that the gym leader is taking care of a sick pokemon at the lighthouse. He then leaves. Go inside the first house and talk to the guy. He will give you a Good Rod. Now go to the caf next to the p okecenter. Talk to the sailor at the table to get HM04 Strength. Heal your pokem on and go to the lighthouse. Axel is standing at the lighthouse. Seems he wants to return to Ouka, but no ship will sail until the lighthouse is fixed. Enter th e lighthouse. Olivine Lighthouse Wild pokemon: Items: Rare Candy, Sun Stones (se ller), TM34 Swagger, Ether, Super Repel, Hyper Potion. Gentleman Al Name Noctowl Sailor Huey Name Poliwhirl Reward: $1584 Level 22 Reward: $640 Level 20

Bird Keeper Theo Name Pidgey Pidgey Pidgeotto Gentleman Preston Name Growlithe G rowlithe Reward: $552 Level 17 19 23 Reward: $1440 Level 20 20 The path will split here. First I will take the path down to a rare candy. Then I will take the path to the sick pokemon. Also, there is a Sun Stone seller here . Sailor Kent Name Krabby Krabby Reward: $704 Level 20 22 Drop in the hole after grabbing the Rare Candy and go towards the girl. Aroma La dy Connie Name Marill Drop down the hole Sailor Terry Name Poliwhirl Sailor Erni e Name Machop Machop Poliwhirl Reward: $704 Level 22 Reward: $640 Level 20 20 20 Reward: $644 Level 23 Take the final stairs and talk to Jasmine. Seems she cant go back to the gym. She asks us to get some medicine from Cianwood. Of course we say yes, or else we ca nt battle her. Exit the lighthouse. Heal up at the pokecenter and surf south.

Route 40 Wild pokemon: Tentacool, Tentacruel Items: **I will not list every trai ner here, yet. I will only list those who I meet. It is too annoying to find the m all with the Whirl Islands in-between them** Above the sea rout is a gateway w hich leads to the Battle Tower. Here you can win fabulous prizes if you reach th e top. Now lets go swimming. Just stay near the rocks on the left side and follow those rocks. Swimmer Elaine Name Staryu Swimmer Paula Name Staryu Shelder Swimmer Charlie Name Shelder Tentacool Tentacruel Route 41 Wild pokemon: Tentacool, Tent acruel Items: Swimmer Kaylee Name Goldeen Goldeen Seaking We finally arrive at Ci anwood city. Cianwood City Wild pokemon: Items: HM02 Fly, Secretpotion First go to the northern part of the island. Oh my god. It is Suicune! Walk towards it an d it will run away. Eusine appears. He thinks that by beating you, Suicune will let Eusine get closer to him. So a battle ensues. Mysticalman Eusine Name Drowze e Electrode Haunter Reward: $5000 Level 25 27 25 Reward: $528 Level 20 22 22 Rew ard: $552 Level 23 Reward: $504 Level 21 21 Reward: $84 Level 23 21 21

That takes care of him. He will continue his Suicune chase. Go down again and ta ke the middle house near the pokecenter. It seems someone with red hair (Silver) has stolen a pokemon from his guy. He is afraid that he might return for his po kemon, so he temporarily gives you Shuckle. Now go in the lowest house and receive the Secretpotion to cure the sick pokemon in Olivine. Its now gym time! So heal your pokemon and enter the gym. Bring a pokemon that knows Strength for the rock s! This gym uses fighting types, so psychic and bird pokemon have an obvious adv antage. Watch out for the first trainers Hitmonchan, since it knows the elemental punches! Black Belt Lao Name Hitmonchan Black Belt Yoshi Name Hitmonlee Black B elt Nob Name Machop Machoke Reward: $696 Level 29 Reward: $696 Level 29 Reward: $648 Level 27 27 Now we have to push some rocks. Push the left and right boulders up and then the middle boulder to the left or right. Black Belt Lung Name Mankey Mankey Primeap e Reward: $648 Level 25 25 27 Leader Chuck Reward: $3168 Name Level Poliwrath 34 Machoke 33 My Team: Lv33 Swab lu, Lv40 Onix, Lv29 Quilava, Lv7 Wooper, Lv5 Oddish, Pokemon Egg Only 3 more bad ges. All pokemon will obey you till lv70. You can use Fly out of battle and you get TM01 Dynamic-Punch. Go outside and talk to the lady in front of the gym. Its Chucks wife. You get HM02 Fly because you have beaten her Husband. Use a bird pok emon to fly to Olivine City, heal your pokemon and enter the lighthouse. Olivine Lighthouse Wild pokemon: Items: Give the medicine to Jasmine and exit the light house.

Olivine City Wild pokemon: Items: Just when you walk out of the lighthouse, Axel will come to you to thank you for fixing the lighthouse. He challenges you to a (n) (optional) battle after thanking you. PKMN Trainer Axel Name Gastly Pikachu Cubone Charmeleon Reward: $2080 Level 19 26 21 26 Axel gives you a red flute bofre he leaves. Heal your pokemon if you need to and head towards the gym. No rest for the wicked! Just when we reach the fece, Zane comes to challenge us. Will the interruptions never stop? PKMN Trainer Zane Nam e Porygon Shroomish Lapras Umbreon Reward: $2080 Level 21 22 23 26 Go into the gym after defeating that pathetic weak little fool. Makes you wonder how he defeats the gym leaders. Only Jasmine is in the gym and she uses Steel ty pes. Leader Jasmine Reward: $3552 Name Level Magnemite 32 Steelix 37 Magneton 38 My Team: Lv29 Quilava, Lv35 Altaria, Lv40 Onix, Lv7 Wooper, Lv5 Oddish, Pokemon Egg I always thought that these two gym battles were too soon after each other O nly 2 badges left. You also get TM23 Iron Tail. Exit the gym and heal your pokem on. Walk or ride to Ecruteak. Dont use Fly, because it will bring up the Kanto ma p. Flying to Kanto early makes it so the hack cant be completed!!! When you arriv e in Ecrueteak, take the right exit. Route 42 Wild pokemon: Items: Ultra Ball, 2 x PNK Apricorns, 2x YLW Apricorns, Super potion. I decided to just swim accros. Mt. Mortar will be in the optional section. Halfway you will see a tower like bu ilding. It is the berry tower. It is similar to the Battle Tower. Beat all train ers to earn many berries.

Fisher Tully Name Qwilfish PokeManiac Shane Name Nidorina Nidorino Hiker Benji N ame Diglett Geodude Dugtrio Reward: $??? Level 20 Reward: $864 Level 18 18 Reward: $648 Level 16 16 18 Mahogany Town Wild pokemon: Items: Nothing to do here, because this gym is also blocked by someone. Heal your pokemon and exit north. Route 43 Wild pokemon: Ite ms: Max Ether, 2x Persim berries A straight path to the lake. Camper Spencer Rew ard: $336 Name Level Sandshrew 19 Graveler 21 Zubat 21 I suggest taking the gras sy route, because there are two TR members who will ask for money before you can continue. Picnicker Tiffany Name Clefairy PokeManiac Brent Name Lickitung PokeM aniac Ron Name Nidoking PokeManiac Ben Name Slowbro Reward: $528 Level 22 Reward : $1260 Level 21 Reward: $1008 Level 21 Reward: $1260 Level 21

Now we first go south to take the other route trainers out. Oh my god, that rhym es. Fisherman Marvin Name Magikarp Gyarados Magikarp Gyarados Go back and go to the Lake of Rage Lake of Rage Wild pokemon: Magikarp, Gyrados Items: Red Scale, Exp Share(hide&seek pikachu), TM43 Detect, TM10 Hidden Power, Rare Candy, Elixer , Swim to the Red Gyarados and battle it. It is Lv30. Either capture it or kill it, you will get the Red Scale anyway. When you are done, talk to Lance near the sign. He asks your help to stop Team Rocket and their diabolical scheme. Of cou rse we will risk our lives yet again. Fly to Mahogany Town. Mahogany Town Wild p okemon: Items: Heal your pokemon and enter the shop with the sign next to it. La nce will open a secret staircase to the TR base. Mahogany Team Rocket Base Wild pokemon: Items: Guard Spec, Hyper Potion, Nugget, Protein, X-Special, TM46 Thief , Ice Heal, Full Heal Because the security is on, you will have to battle two Ro cket members at every statue. Battle the first two grunts. Rocket grunt Reward: $420 Name Level Drowzee 21 Zubat 21 Rocket grunt Reward: $400 Name Level Zubat 1 8 Grimer 19 Rattata 20 Go left, take the first path down and then down again. No w to battle a random scientist. Scientist Jed Name Magnemite Magnemite Reward: $ 1200 Level 22 20 Reward: $612 Level 12 12 17 17

Stand in front of the computer and press a to disable the security. Follow the pat h to the stairs. Dont stand on the warp tile, it brings you back at the entrance. Wild pokemon appear on the yellow tiles. Go down and Lance will talk to you and heal your pokemon. Continue following the path. Rocket grunt Name Venonat Venon at Rocket grunt Name Golbat Reward: $400 Level 20 20 Reward: $400 Level 20 Go down the stairs Lance tells us that we need 2 passwords to get to the Rocket leader. He then leaves. First go up in the cube-shaped room. Ignore the scientis t (he freezes your game) and battle the Rocket girl. Rocket grunt Name Ekans Glo om Talk to her again for the first password. Now go all the way to the left. Sci entist Mitch Name Ditto Rocket grunt Name Raticate Talk to this member for the s econd password. Now go a bit back and north and go up the stairs. Go completely left. Rocket grunt Name Rattata Zubat Weezing Reward: $560 Level 19 19 28 Reward : $1560 Level 26 Reward: $420 Level 21 Reward: $400 Level 20 20 Go down the stairs. Take the other stairs up for a TM. Go further down to be sto pped by Silver. Seems that he battled Lance and lost, hehehe. After a chat, he w ill leave. Open the door so we can kick some Rocket Executive Ass.

Rocket Executive Name Zubat Koffing Raticate Reward: $480 Level 24 24 26 Now that we have beaten him, look at his Murkrow. It has the password for the en ergy room! Walk all the way back to the place where Lance healed you and enter t he door. But you get stopped by both the female and male executives! They want to 2 VS 1 you, but Lance comes to save the day. You will only have to fight the fe male executive. Rocket Executive Name Arbok Gloom Murkrow Reward: $500 Level 25 25 27 That was the base. Now we will have to help Lance by getting rid of the Electrod e. Either capture them or kill them. They are Lv23. After a job well done, Lance gives you TM08 Whirlpool. Teach it to a pokemon so that you can get rid of whir lpools blocking your path later in the game. Exit the base and heal up. A gym is waiting for us! This gym is an Ice type gym. However, some trainers use water p okemon like Seel/Dewgong! If you have a Lv40ish Typhlosion, let it learn Thunderp unch (sold at Goldenrod City). It can then basically solo the gym. First the lef t trainer Boarder Roland Name Seel Dewgong Now the right trainer Skier Mellisa N ame Dewgong Stand next to the left statue and slide up. Skier Roxanne Name Jynx Go back down Stand next to the right statue and slide up. Boarder Brad Name Swin ub Swinub Reward: $2160 Level 26 27 Reward: $120 Level 30 Reward: $120 Level 30 Reward: $2240 Level 17 28

Slide to the left and then up. Boarder Doug Name Shelder Seel Reward: $2080 Level 26 26 Slide right, then down, then left, then up and finally right for the gymleader. Leader Pryce Reward: $3360 Name Level Seel 35 Piloswine 36 Glalie 35 Dewgong 34 My Team: Lv39 Typhlosion, Lv41 Steelix, Lv35 Altaria, lv30 Red Gyarados, Lv15 Sh uckle One badge closer to the Pokemon league. We can now use Whirlpool out of ba ttle and we get TM16 Icy Wind. You even get a Castform from him! Leave the gym. Move once to get a call from professor Elm. Seems that TR is up to no good again . Fly to Goldenrod City. Goldenrod City Wild pokemon: Items: Team Rocket has tak en over the place! Heal your pokemon and go inside the Radio Tower and climb to the top. 1F Rocket grunt Reward: $420 Name Level Raticate 26 Onix 21 2F Rocket g runt Name Arbok Rocket grunt Name Rattata Rattata Rattata Rattata Rattata Rocket grunt Name Zubat Onix Reward: $520 Level 26 Reward: $500 Level 23 23 25 25 25 R eward: $420 Level 28 21

3F Scientist Marc Name Magnemite Magnemite Magnemite Rocket grunt Name Weezing 4 F Rocket grunt Name Zubat Grimer Golbat Scientist Rick Name Porygon Reward: $520 Level 24 24 26 Reward: $1920 Level 32 Reward: $1740 Level 29 29 29 Reward: $560 Level 28 5F Yes, we made it NOT. It is a Rocket executive disguised as the Director! Rocke t Executive Name Koffing Weezing Koffing Koffing Weezing Koffing Reward: $600 Le vel 30 32 30 30 30 30 We get the Basement Key. Remember the door in the Goldenrod Underground? The key fits there, so get there, now! Goldenrod Underground Items: Full Heal, Ultra Ba ll, Max Ether, TM35 Sleep Talk, Rare Candy, Potion, Paralyz Heal, TM09 Sleep Pow der. Put your key in the door and take the stairs down. Walk a bit and suddenly S ilver appears, trying to defeat you again. (because of a bug, his pokemon has st range moves this round) Rival Silver Reward: $900 Name Level Golbat 30 Haunter 3 0 Koffing 25 Feraligtr 32 Magnemite 25

Well, we have beaten him again. He thinks that Lance might have been right about love and caring. He leaves. First we will battle the Rockets before we are touc hing the switches. Rocket grunt Name Rattata Rocket grunt Name Muk Koffing Ratta ta Rocket grunt Name Koffing Muk Reward: $580 Level 29 Reward: $540 Level 25 25 27 Reward: $520 Level 26 26 Now for the switch combination. The switches are numbered: 3 2 1 So this is the order: 3 1 2 Here are the burglar trainers, just in case you want to fight them. Burglar Edd Name Growlithe Burglur Duncan Name Koffing Magmar Koffing And now f or the rest of the Rockets. Rocket grunt Name Gloom Gloom Lets go down the stairs . Rocket grunt Name Raticate Graveler Reward: $420 Level 26 21 Reward: $540 Leve l 27 27 Reward: $2464 Level 28 Reward: $??? Level 25 27 25

Rocket grunt Name Grimer Rocket grunt Name Koffing Koffing Reward: $560 Level 28 Reward: $580 Level 27 29 Talk tot the captured Director. You will get the key for floor 3F of the Radio T ower. Now take the stairs up. We are in the Department Store?! Heal your pokemon and head to floor 3F of the Radio Tower. 3F Use the Card Key to open the door t o the other part of 3F. Rocket grunt Name Raticate Voltorb 4F First the lower gi rl Rocket. Rocket grunt Name Ekans Oddish Ekans Gloom Rocket Executive Name Golb at 5F Rocket Executive Name Onix Reward: $660 Level 33 Reward: $560 Level 26 26 25 28 Reward: $680 Level 34 Reward: $600 Level 28 30 Now it is time for the final showdown. Seems he is trying to convince Giovanni v ia the radio that he must come back to lead Team Rocket. Rocket Executive Name H oundour Koffing Houndoom Reward: $740 Level 36 35 37

Thus we shattered the true revival of Team Rocket. The executive disbands TR, ju st like Giovanni did back in the original games. The Director comes in and gives you the Soothe Bell. He also tells that something is happening at the Tin Tower. Go to 4F and talk to the girl to get a Stick. Now exit the Radio Tower and heal up your pokemon. Now fly to Mahogany and take the right exit. Route 44 Wild pok emon: Items: 2x Aspear berries, Max Repel, Ultra Ball, Max Revive Its a split pat h. First I am gonna list the upper trainers and then the lower trainers. Psychic Phil Name Natu Kadabra Fisher Wilton Name Goldeen Goldeen Seaking PokeManiac Za ch Name Rhyhorn Fisher Ed Name Remoraid Remoraid Cooltrainer Cybil Name Butterfr ee Bellossom Cooltrainer Alan Name Charmeleon Bird Keeper Vance Name Pidgeotto P idgeotto Oh no, its Zane time again Reward: $520 Level 26 26 Reward: $540 Level 25 25 27 Reward: $1740 Level 29 Reward: $540 Level 27 27 Reward: $2160 Level 27 27 Reward: $2320 Level 29 Reward: $648 Level 27 27

PKMN Trainer Zane Name Porygon Lapras Breloom Houndoom Umbreon Reward: $2800 Level 32 32 33 33 35 Now that weve settles that, lets go inside the Ice Path. Damn, seems that there w as a cave-in. We have to wait till it is cleared. Suddenly Elm calls you. It see ms something is wrong at the Tin Tower. Suicune was not so happy about Team Rock et using the radio signal to control all pokemon and forcing them to evolve. So he wants revenge by flooding all of Johto. Fly to Ecruteak. Ecruteak City There is only one big building that we havent been yet. Walk to it and suddenly Morty a nd Eusine walk towards you. Seems that only we can stop Suicune, because we are T he Legendary Trainer. A scene will occur. Seems we need the Clear Bell to get int o the Tin Tower, but it was lost years ago. We have to go to the Ruins of Alph t o find one. Although, we dont go to it via the normal entrance. We will be going to a separate section via Union Cave. So Fly to Azalea and enter the Union Cave. Union Cave 1F Go to the stairs that lead to Union Cave B1. Union Cave B1 Wild P okemon: Geodude Items: Use surf to swim over the water. Hiker Leon Name Geodude Machop Hiker Phillip Name Geodude Geodude Graveler Reward: $1008 Level 25 28 Rew ard: $900 Level 25 25 25 Now, take the lower exit of the two exits. Jump over the ledge and enter the nex t building. Walk forward and a strange voice will ask you to go back in time to a small island in Johto. Say yes and you will be teleported.

New Island Wild pokemon: Spearow, Raticate, Meowth, Weepingbell, Onix, Dugtrio, Jigglypuff, Rattata, Items: Elixer, HP UP, Dragon Scale, Sun Stone, Full Restore , Metal Coat, Clear Bell. Exit the cave and walk to the other entrance. Go up th e ladder. You are now out of the cave again. Follow the road to yet another entr ance and follow the path to a ladder. Enter via the other entrance. Follow the r oad. You can either go up the ladder or follow the path to more items. After get ting the items, climb up the ladder. Go into the final cave entrance and up the ladder. Follow the path until you see Ho-oh. Touch him to get the Clear Bell. Su ddenly, Ho-oh awakens and flies you to another island. Touch the pillar. You are now in the Burned Tower. Ecruteak City Exit the Burned Tower and enter the buil ding leading to the Tin Tower. You are finally permitted to go forward. Go down the stairs and climb the next stairs. Now we must fight 3 old guys before we can confront Suicune. Do they want to drown or something? Sage Gaku Name Noctowl Fl areon Sage Masa Name Noctowl Jolteon Sage Koji Name Noctowl Vaporeon Reward: $68 00 Level 34 34 Reward: $7200 Level 34 36 Reward: $6800 Level 34 34 Now that we have take care of the geezers, go outside and enter the Tin Tower. T in Tower Wild Pokemon: Items: All three Legendary dogs are here. Raikou and Ente i flee, but Suicune challenges you to a battle. Its Lv40 and it is your only chan ce to capture it, so capture it! After you kill/capture it, the sages and Eusine will congratulate you. Now you can randomly encounter Raikou & Entei in the gra ss of Johto. After all that, go back to the Ice Path entrance and enter it. Ice Path 1F Wild pokemon: Swinub, Zubat, Krabby, Items: HM07 Waterfall, Follow the p ath until you reach the first sliding puzzle. The solution is: Up, left, up, lef t, down, left, up, left, down, right, down and right. Before going up the stairs , go on the new ice to get to HM07 Waterfall. Follow the path and take the ladde r downstairs.

Ice Path B1 Wild pokemon: Zubat, Shuckle, Seel, Delibird Items: In this room, we have to move one boulder in each hole. See the pictures below on how to push th em. First boulder Second boulder

Third boulder Fourth boulder Fall through this hole. Ice Path B2 Wild pokemon: Golbat, Swinub Items: Max Poti on, Full Heal Go down, left, up and right. Go down the ladder.

Ice Path B3 Wild pokemon: Items: Nevermeltice Follow the path, grabbing the Neve rmeltice if you have Rock Smash and go up the next ladder. Ice Path B2 Wild poke mon: Golbat, Swinub Items: TM45 Attract Go up left and slide. Only jump over the ledge if you want to grab the TM. If not, follow the path, slide and climb the ladder. Ice Path B1 Wild pokemon: Golbat Items: Iron Its time for another slide p uzzle. Follow the path and go up the ladder. Ice Path 1F Wild pokemon: Zubat Items: Pro tein, PP UP Just go straight down and exit the cave. Welcome in. Blackthorn City Wild pokemon: Items: Heal your pokemon in the pokecenter. There is also a Thunde rstone seller here. Move out and head to the gym. The gym uses Dragon pokemon, s o be cautious.

Cooltrainer Paul Name Dratini Dratini Dratini Now for some rock puzzles. Reward: $2400 Level 36 30 30 Cooltrainer Fran Name Seadra Cooltrainer Cody Name Horsea Seadra Reward: $3120 Level 39 Reward: $3040 Level 36 38 After pushing the boulders through the holes and defeating the trainers, go down the stairs where you dropped boulder #2. Cooltrainer Mike Name Dragonair Cooltr ainer Lola Name Dratini Dragonair Reward: $3120 Level 39 Reward: $3040 Level 36 38

Now it is time for the gym leader, Claire. Leader Clair Reward: $3840 Name Level Dragonair 37 Dragonair 37 Dragonair 40 Dragonite 40 My team: Lv54 Steelix, Lv52 Typhlosion, Lv35 Altaria, Lv32 Red Gyarados, Lv40 Suicune, Lv15 Shuckle We fina lly have 8 badges NOT. Clairs ego is so big that she wants you to take the Dragons Den challenge behind the gym. Take pokemon with you that know: Strength, Whirlpo ol and Rock Smash. Dragons Den (outside) Wild pokemon: Magikarp, Dratini Items: M ax Elixer, Full Restore, Dragon Fang, Calcium, Nugget When you leave the small c avern, you will immediately be challenged by a trainer. Cooltrainer Darin Reward : $3120 Name Level Dragonair 39 Use surf and go left and down, battling the opti onal trainers if you want to. Cooltrainer Cara Name Horsea Horsea Seadra Twins L ea and Pia Name Dratini & Dratini Reward: $2960 Level 35 35 37 Reward: $888 Leve l 37 Use whirpool and surf until you reach a part of land containing the Dragon Fang. Follow the path on the mountains to find a lonely Static member. Static grunt N ame Magnemite Magneton Reward: $1872 Level 33 36 Seems we are at their hideout! Push the rocks and enter the cave.

Dragons Den 1F Wild pokemon: Parasect, Golbat Items: Ultra Ball, PP UP, Its a pret ty straight path with no split paths, so I will only list the Static battles. St atic grunt Name Pichu Pikachu Static grunt Name Voltorb Voltorb Electrike Chimec ho Static grunt Name Electrode Electrode Static grunt Name Voltorb Electrike Sta tic grunt Name Electrode Magnemite Dragons Den B1 Wild pokemon: Geodude, Machop I tems: Pretty much no way to get lost here either. Static grunt Name Electrike Qw ilfish Static grunt Name Marill Chinchou Wynaut Reward: $1612 Level 34 31 Reward : $1820 Level 35 35 35 Reward: $1872 Level 35 36 Reward: $1716 Level 33 34 33 33 Reward: $1872 Level 36 36 Reward: $1820 Level 34 35 Reward: $1872 Level 37 36

Static grunt Name Pikachu Chinchou Static grunt Name Magnemite Voltorb Voltorb G o down the ladder. Dragons Den B2-B5 Wild pokemon: Eevee Items: A lot of small cu be shaped rooms going down. Static grunt Name Elekid Voltorb Magnemite Ampharos Dragons Den B6 Wild pokemon: Swinub, Seel Items: Ultra Ball, Fire Stone, Ice Heal Wow, icy. Just follow the path. Static grunt Name Electrode Chimecho Reward: $1664 Level 32 32 Reward: $1612 Level 31 31 31 Reward: $1716 Level 33 33 33 33 Reward: $1924 Level 37 37 Surf on the current and then between the current to find a Static Admin. Static Admin Zed Name Shellder Cloyster Shellder Reward: $740 Level 32 37 32 Wow, the Admin has less money than the grunts Push the rocks and stand on the spe cial tile to heal your pokemon. Go through the entrance.

Temple of Rock Wild pokemon: Items: Dire Hit, Big Pearl, Hyper Potion, Water Sto ne, Revive Wow, this place looks kinda like Cinnabar Mansion. Go up and take the stairs up. Go left and up and down the stairs. Read the diaries if you want som e backgrounf information of this place. Static Admin Weezy Name Drowzee Hypno Ka dabra Kadabra Reward: $680 Level 34 36 34 34 Go back up and head let this time. Go down the first staircase for a Water Stone . Go back up and battle the grunt. Static grunt Name Jolteon Jolteon Go down the stairs. Static Admin Ralph Name Kingler Seaking Dewgong Reward: $740 Level 35 3 7 35 Reward: $1872 Level 36 36 Now go through the door. Oh no, we are ambushed by 3 Admins! Let the battles com mence! Static Admin Tosh Name Kingler Seadra Tentacruel Starmie Static Admin Dan Name Pelipper Poliwhirl Azumarill Reward: $740 Level 35 33 33 37 Reward: $700 L evel 35 35 35

Axel comes to save the day. He will fight the third Admin, while we take on the boss. Axel also is nice enough to heal your pokemon. Go up and read the long spe ech. Seems that TS Leader Russel has stolen an heirloom from Axel, namely the Dr agon Stone. The Dragon Stone has the ability to control any Dragon-type pokemon. Let the battle commence. Gang Leader Russel Name Ampharos Electrode Jolteon Ele kid Reward: $2080 Level 34 37 40 37 Now that we have beaten the leader, you will be given a choice. Battle Latias or Latios. It doesnt matter who you will choose, because the other one will free af ter battling Axel. Thus being able to capture him later in Kanto. They are both Lv50. Capture/kill one of them. After that, you will magically appear outside th e cave of the Dragons Den. Walk all the way back to the house in the Dragons Den. Clair will come and give you the badge. You can now use Waterfall out of battle. You also get TM24 Dragonbreath. Enter the house to receive a free Lv20 Dratini. Surf all the way back and exit the Dragons Den. Professor Elm will call you to c ome see him. Either follow the route south or Fly to New Bark Town. Flying is fa ster and the trainers there are not worth it with their lower than Lv30 pokemon. New Bark Town Enter the lab and talk to Elm. He will give you a Master Ball. Ex it the lab and surf on the right side of town to enter Kanto. Route 27/Tohjo Fal ls Wild pokemon: Chinchou, Tentacool, Tentacruel, Raticate, Items: Rare Candy, M oon Stone, TM37 Sandstorm, TM22 Solarbeam Just keep surfing right till you reach land. Enter the cave an surf to the left to see an old man. If you have an empt y slot, you will receive a Lv5 Chikorita with the ultimate grass move. It does n ot evolve, because it is not registered by the pokedex. Climb the waterfall and descend at the other waterfall. Exit the cave. Cooltrainer Megan Name Bulbasaur Ivysaur Venusaur Swim to the other shore and let the many trainer battles begin. Cooltrainer Blake Name Magneton Quagsire Exeggcute Reward: $2640 Level 35 33 33 Reward: $2720 Level 34 34 34

These are are really somewhat easier than the Team Static members. Cooltrainer B rian Name Sandslash Psychic Gilbert Name Starmie Exeggcute Girafarig Reward: $59 2 Level 37 Reward: $1440 Level 32 32 36 If you surf south in the water, you will find a TM guarded by a trainer behind t he whirlpool. Bird Keeper Jose Name Farfetchd Now, swim back to the wooden route. Cooltrainer Reena Name Starmie Nidoqueen Starmie Reward: $2800 Level 33 35 33 R eward: $864 Level 36 What a weird trainer AI. I have Steelix on the field, yet a water pokemon like S tarmie keeps using normal attacks on it.. Route 26 Wild pokemon: Items: Rawst ber ry, Max Elixer Fisher Scott Name Qwilfish Qwilfish Seaking Finally, a normal gra ssy road again. Just continue going up. Psychic Richard Name Espeon Lets go insid e the house to rest our pokemon. Continue heading north after healing. Reward: $ 1520 Level 39 Reward: $720 Level 32 32 36

Cooltrainer Joyce Name Pikachu Blastoise Cooltrainer Gaven Name Victreebel Flare on Kingler Cooltrainer Jake Name Parasect Golduck Cooltrainer Beth Name Rapidash Reward: $576 Level 38 36 Reward: $560 Level 37 35 35 Reward: $2880 Level 37 36 R eward: $3120 Level 39 We made it to the reception of the Pokemon League. Lets go inside. Victory Road W ild pokemon: Graveler, Golbat Items: Full Heal, Max Revive, HP UP, Full Restore, TM26 Earthquake It is a very very empty place compared to the original games. Y ou basically dont need me holding your hand inside this place. Besides, there is only one trainer in this cave. Ace Trainer Mike Name Alakazam Typhlosion Machamp Heracross Meganium Dragonair Reward: $2132 Level 38 42 41 40 39 41 Once you reach the exit, Silver makes an appearance and challenges you. Rival Si lver Name Sneasel Golbat Magneton Haunter Kadabra Feraligtr Now exit the cave an d enter the Pokemon League HQ. Reward: $912 Level 34 36 35 35 35 38

Indigo Plateau Now it is time for the real deal. Heal all your pokemon and stock in some medicine. Lets challenge the Elite 4 and its Champion. The E4 and Champio n use the following types in the order that they appear: Psychic, Poison, Fighti ng, Dark, Dragon. Elite Four Will Reward: $860 Name Level Xatu 42 Jynx 43 Slowbr o 43 Xatu 43 Exeggutor 43 My team: Lv60 Typhlosion, Lv60 Steelix, Lv50 Latias, L v40 Suicune, Lv35 Altaria, Lv15 Shuckle. Elite Four Koga Reward: $920 Name Level Ariados 42 Forretress 45 Venomoth 43 Muk 44 Crobat 46 My team: Lv61 Typhlosion, Lv60 Steelix, Lv50 Latias, Lv40 Suicune, Lv35 Altaria, Lv15 Shuckle. Elite Four Bruno Reward: $960 Name Level Hitmontop 44 Hitmonchan 44 Hitmonlee 44 Onix 45 M achop (should have been Machamp) 48 My team: Lv62 Typhlosion, Lv60 Steelix, Lv50 Latias, Lv40 Suicune, Lv35 Altaria, Lv15 Shuckle. Wow, you would expect that 3years after the events of R/B/Y would have made Bruno stronger. Elite Four Karen Reward: $??? Name Level Umbreon 43 Houndoom 48 Vileplume 43 Gengar 46 Murkrow 4 6 My team: Lv62 Typhlosion, Lv60 Steelix, Lv50 Latias, Lv40 Suicune, Lv35 Altari a, Lv15 Shuckle.

Now only the Champion remains. Wow, what a surprise, NOT. Lance is the Champion. Lets kick his butt all the way around the world. Champion Lance Reward: $9116 Na me Level Gyarados 46 Aerodactyl 49 Charizard 49 Dragonite 50 Dragonite 50 Dragon ite 53 My team: Lv62 Typhlosion, Lv61 Steelix, Lv50 Latias, Lv40 Suicune, Lv35 A ltaria, Lv15 Shuckle. We have beaten the game. Well, at least the first part of it. Enjoy the credits and press continue to resume the game. New Bark Town Take one step and Elm will call you. He has a surprise for you. Go inside his lab. Seems that Brandan, the Hoenn Champion, wants to battle you. **You must 1HKO his Camerupt or the game wi ll freeze** PKMN Trainer Brendan Name Shiftry Camerupt Swampert Grumpig Swellow Aggron Reward: $4160 Level 52 53 55 54 52 53 Kinda like Ash does in the anime, Brendan leaves all his pokemon at Elms for a fr esh start. You will get an S.S. Ticket from Elm. Fly to Olivine and hope that it is the right weather condition for the boat.

S.S. Aqua As soon as you board the ship, an old man bumps into you. Seems like h e lost his granddaughter. He asks if you can help him. I will only list every tr ainer for this trip. Not for the other trips. I will do the rooms below, because the upper rooms have no trainers. The first upper room has a place where you ca n heal and change pokemon via the PC. Now from left to right. Firebreather Lyle Name Koffing Flareon Koffing 1 empty room, so go to the next one. PokeFan Colin Name Delibird Youngster Beth Name Cubone Starmie Reward: $0 Level 34 Reward: $10 44 Level 29 29 Reward: $720 Level 30 33 30 The next room has the old man who bumped into you. Go down the stairs. The sailo r wont let you pass until you found another sailor. Go back up and take the door next to your room. He doesnt want to work, so he battles you instead. Sailor Stan ly Name Machop Machoke Psyduck He will return to work. Go downstairs. Trainer in the bedroom. Juggler Fritz Name Mr. Mime Magmar Machoke Reward: $1240 Level 31 31 31 Reward: $1120 Level 33 35 28

The eating room. Sailor Jeff Name Raticate Raticate Now the girl watching out of the window. Picnicker Debra Name Seaking Reward: $840 Level 35 Reward: $1088 Le vel 34 34 Now go up the stairs and enter the captains cabin. Talk to the little girl to ma gically transport back to her grandfather. You will get a Metal Coat from him. A sound will report that we have arrived in Vermillion City. Vermillion City Heal yourself at the pokecenter and head to the gym. This gym uses electric types. L uckly you dont have to do the find the switches game like in the older games. Juggl er Horton Name Electrode Electrode Electrode Electrode Guitarist Vincent Name Ma gnemite Voltorb Magnemite Magnemite Gentleman Gregory Name Pikachu Flaaffy Rewar d: $1400 Level 35 35 35 35 Reward: $1120 Level 29 35 34 34 Reward: $2520 Level 3 9 35 Leader Lt.Surge Reward: $4032 Name Level Raichu 45 Magneton 42 Electabuzz 46 Ele ctrode 42 Electrode 42 My team: Lv66 Typhlosion, Lv63 Steelix, Lv51 Latias, Lv45 Suicune, Lv35 Altaria, Lv32 Red Gyarados.

Head out of the gym, heal your pokemon and go north. Axel will come and tell you that Team Static is up to no good again. This time in Saffrons Silph & Co. Appar ently Silph & Co has locationsof Legendary Pokemon! Better help them. Route 6 Wi ld pokemon: Items: A very small route with two optional trainers. PokeFan Rex Na me Phanpy PokeFan Alan Name Teddiursa Head through the gate and enter Saffron Cit y Items: Focus Band There are only three buildings that are not blocked. The pok ecenter, the Fighting Dojo and Silph & Co. Go inside the pretty empty Fighting D ojo for a free Focus Band. Heal your pokemon and enter Silph & Co. Silph & Co 1F Items: Card Key Dj vu. Silph & Co really need better security. 3 years earlier Te am Rocket and now Team Static?! Static grunt Name Zubat Electrode Manetric Stati c grunt Name Golbat Ampharos Elekid Reward: $1768 Level 35 34 34 Reward: $1768 L evel 33 33 34 Reward: $1480 Level 37 Reward: $1480 Level 37 Seems the Static member have hidden a Card Key in this room. Check the 2nd paiti ng with the red casing to find it. Now go downstairs.

Silph & Co B1 Items: Hyper potion, TM41 Thunderpunch Static grunt Name Raticate Qwilfish Golbat Reward: $1716 Level 32 33 34 Follow the path and stand on the teleport. You will probably immediantly be ambu shed by a Static grunt. Static grunt Name Weepingbell Victreebel Reward: $1768 L evel 33 34 Left and up is a machine. Remember it, because you have to return there later. G o right from where you just battled the grunt and battle another grunt. Static g runt Name Golduck Jolteon Crawdaunt Go down the staircase. Silph & Co B2 Items: Full Heal, TM01 Dynamicpunch, HP UP, X-Special, Max Revive, Escape rope, Protein There are 3 teleport tiles here. Take the upper one and the two after that one. Dont take the conveyer belt. Instead, walk in-between them and enter the warp ti le. Static grunt Name Azumarill Flygon Houndour Magneton Take the upper left war p tile. Static grunt Name Weezing Golduck Carvanha Reward: $1976 Level 38 38 39 Reward: $2028 Level 38 39 36 39 Reward: $1872 Level 34 34 36

Take the nearest warp on your left. Head back into the same warp to be at a diff erent room (all warps act this way). Head up and fight the scientist. Scientist Trevor Name Voltorb Magneton Reward: $0 Level 38 38 Well there is machine 2 (of the 3). Take the lower of the three warp tiles, it w ill take you back to the beginning. Now take the middle warp tile and go down. S cientist Rob Name Magneton Magnemite Koffing Weezing Reward: $1560 Level 36 26 3 6 26 Go back to the beginning again and follow the same steps as the start of B2 (upp er warp tile) until you reach the room with the running grunt again. This time, head up and take the left of the two warp tiles. Go up to meet with Axel. Head u p the staircase. Silph & Co B1 Items: Carbos, Rare Candy, Iron, Calcium Small ro om, with Machine 3 (of 3) Static grunt Name Golbat Qwilfish Jolteon Reward: $228 8 Level 38 44 42 Go up. A nurse Joy. Go heal your pokemon. Take the upper warp and then the warp to the right. Follow the path until you reac a Static member who is looking at a warp tile. Static Admin Name Golbat Azumarill Gorebyss Golduck Reward: $2288 Le vel 42 42 44 41 Enter the warp tile. You will be in a big room with many warp tiles. Take the up per warp and then the upper warp again. A Static Admin will immediantly challeng e you.

Static Admin Reward: $2340 Name Level Sandslash 37 Quagsire 42 Magneton 42 Milot ic 45 Beware, make a Save State. His Quagsire can freeze your game when it uses Am nesia. Move up. Axel will say that you have to disable the three machines before the door can be opened. Go back to the beginning of B2 and deactivate all three machines. After that return here. The door will now open. It is time to confron t Russel once again. It seems Lati@s fled to a cave south of Fuchsia, but he is not interested in it. He wants the Regis instead. After taking the information, he vanishes. The director thanks you and he gives both you and Axel a Master Bal l. You will magically be transported at the Silph & Co entrance. Head outside, h eal your pokemon and go to the gym. **note, you can get a free Lv5 Bulbasaur, wh ich doesnt evolve, from an old man in the house next to the pokecenter. This gym uses Psychic pokemon. I will only list the trainers in the rooms that you get tr ansported to. You are probably too strong for them anyway. Stand on the first wa rp tile. Medium Rebecca Name Drowzee Hypno Take the upper right warp tile Take t he lower right tile Take the lower left tile Medium Doris Name Slowpoke Slowbro Take the lower left tile Its now time to defeat Sabrina. Leader Sabrina Reward: $ 4800 Name Level Espeon 48 Mr. Mime 48 Alakazam 50 My team: Lv70 Typhlosion, Lv66 Steelix, Lv51 Latias, Lv46 Suicune, Lv35 Altaria, Lv32 Red Gyarados. Reward: $9 12 Level 36 38 Reward: $888 Level 37 37

Head out of the gym, heal up and exit to the left. Axel will have a good chat ab out going to Lavender Town. The small route has nothing so I will skip ahead to Celedon City. Celedon City Items: There is a game corner again. Although the pri zes are kinda glitched. Eusine is also at the pokecenter, but he has nothing imp ortant to say. Head south (using Cut) to get to the gym. This gym uses grass pok emon. I guess you know what defeats grass by know, right? Twins Jo and Zoe Name Victreebell & Vileplume Picnicker Tanya Name Exeggutor Lass Michelle Name Hoppip Arbok Vileplume Beauty Julia Name Paras Parasect Exeggcute Reward: $5328 Level 35 & 37 Reward: $888 Level 37 Reward: $952 Level 33 35 34 Reward: $2520 Level 32 35 32 Leader Erika Reward: $4416 Name Level Victreebel 45 Tangela 44 Vileplume 46 My t eam: Lv70 Typhlosion, Lv67 Steelix, Lv52 Latias, Lv46 Suicune, Lv35 Altaria, Lv5 Oddish You get the badge and TM19 Giga Drain. Go outside, heal up and take the left exit, but Zane comes and challenges you to a battle. PKMN Trainer Zan Rewar d: $4000 Name Level Porygon2 40 Lapras 44 Victreebel 46 Umbreon 50 Houndoom 48

Damn, Zane seriously has issues. Im afraid that he might fall to the dark side of the force. Continue left for. Route 16 aka Cycling Road Items: Only Biker Charle s is mandatory, the others can be dodged. Biker Riley Name Weezing Biker Glenn N ame Koffing Magmar Weezing Biker Joel Name Magmar Magmar Biker Charles Name Koff ing Charmeleon Weezing Head right through the gate, into. Route 18 Wild pokemon: Items: Two trainers of which only 1 is in the way. Bird Keeper Bob Name Noctowl Go a bit further right to enter. Fuchsia City Items: A pretty empty city. Just go s outh towards the pokecenter and heal. Next to the pokecenter is a house (which w as Bills grandpa house). Go inside to get a free Charmander. Now go the gym. Rewa rd: $1496 Level 34 Reward: $680 Level 34 Reward: $600 Level 28 30 32 Reward: $64 0 Level 32 32 Reward: $600 Level 30 30 30

All the trainers are disguised as the gym leader. We will not fight these traine rs, because you are strong enough as it is (if your team has 2 above Lv50 pokemo n) Below is a picture of the gym leader location. Leader Janine Reward: $3360 Name Level Crobat 38 Venomoth 41 Weezing 38 Ariados 35 Weezing 38 My team: Lv70 Typhlosion, Lv70 Steelix, Lv53 Latias, Lv46 Suicune, Lv35 Altaria, Lv32 Red Gyarados. The gym leaders sure are easy in Kanto, arent t hey. You get TM06 Toxic. Exit the gym and heal up. Route 19 (the sea route) is b locked by boulders, so no Lati@s battle yet. So take the right exit. (the right exit of Saffron is still blocked). Route 15 Wild pokemon: Oddish Items: A lot of trainer battles here. But all of them can be dodged. I wont list them because th ey have around Lv30 pokemon, so you dont have to be prepared in advance. Route 14 Wild pokemon: Chansey Items: Every trainer can be avoided here too. There is a woman in a grassy field who will trade a Chansey for an Aerodactyl.

Route 13 Wild pokemon: Items: Calcium Almost every trainer can be skipped if you have a pokemon with Cut with you. I will report the trainers who cant be skipped without Cut. Hiker Kenny Name Sandslash Golem Graveler Graveler PokeFan Joshua Name Pikachu Pikachu Pikachu Pikachu Pikachu Pikachu Reward: $992 Level 29 33 31 31 Reward: $1000 Level 25 25 25 25 25 25 Route 12 Wild pokemon: Items: Nugget, Calcium All trainers here can be avoided w ith Surf, but just in case you dont have a pokemon with surf with you, I will lis t the mandatory trainers. Go inside the house to get a Super Rod. Dont go left wh en the road splits. It will lead to more (weak) trainers, but you will never go there anyway. Fisherman Martin Name Remoraid Remoraid He can be skipped if you d ont run. Welcome to.. Lavender Town Wild pokemon: Gastly, Haunter Items: Heal up a nd go inside the cemetery. Talk to Axel. Seems that Mr. Fuji was taken away by s pirits. Axel gives you his Silph Scope. Look at the yellow tombstone to engage a fight with a Lv50 Gengar. After the battle, a staircase will appear. Go down an d reach Mr. Fuji. Deems the ghost pokemon are sensing something bad that will ha ppen soon. It seems that a Zapdos has arrived on top of the Kanto Radio Tower. C limb the tower and battle the Lv50 beast. The guard says something has happened downstairs, so go down the staircase. Reward: $680 Level 34 34

Team Static is really copying Team Rocket now, by taking over this Radio Tower. Static Grunt Name Crawdaunt Lanturn Static Grunt Name Magneton Electrode Static Grunt Name Mightyena Poochyena Static Admin Name Sceptile Swampert Blaziken Stat ic Admin Name Crawdaunt Lanturn Static Admin Name Salamence Gyarados Dragonite G ang Leader Russel Name Electabuzz Electrode Jolteon Manectric Reward: $1976 Leve l 39 38 Reward: $2080 Level 37 40 Reward: $1820 Level 35 35 Reward: $2184 Level 42 42 42 Reward: $1976 Level 39 38 Reward: $2236 Level 43 43 43 Reward: $2548 Le vel 46 50 50 49 Seems Russel only wanted to let Team Rocket know that they are here now. Team Ro cket comes inside with their new leader Silver! And to shock us more, Silver is R ussels son! (In the Manga, Giovanni was Silvers father). Both teams will leave for their Final Showdown. The director gives you $10000.

Leave the tower. Talk to Axel for another sparring session with him. PKMN Traine r Axel Name Gengar Marowak Raichu Charizard Reward: $3600 Level 42 45 45 47 Take the left exit, (for those who dont have a flying pokemon to fly to Saffron C ity) while Axel is gonna check the power plant. Route 8 Wild pokemon: Items: A s hort road with only five trainers (of which 2 can be avoided). Super Nerd Tom Na me Magnemite Magnemite Magnemite Super Nerd Sam Name Grimer Muk Biker Zeke Name Koffing Koffing Biker Harris Name Flareon Biker Dwayne Name Koffing Koffing Koff ing Koffing Reward: $816 Level 34 34 34 Reward: $864 Level 36 36 Reward: $680 Le vel 34 34 Reward: $670 Level 36 Reward: $640 Level 29 30 31 32

Saffron City Heal up and take the northern exit. Oh no, we have to fight the hac k creators now! Be scared, be very scared. Developer LaZ Name Pidgeot Flygon Tyr anitar Metagross Medicham Gengar Now to take on Zeikku! Developer Zeikku Name Ma gikarp Magikarp Magikarp Magikarp Magikarp Magikarp Wow, what a joke fight, hehe he. Continue north on the empty route 5 and enter.. Cerulean City Heal up you pok emon and take the right exit (need Cut). Route 9 Wild pokemon: Items: You only h ave to fight one trainer here, so I will write them down. The other one can be a voided if she doesnt turn. Camper Dean Name Golduck Sandslash Go up north and Sur f down to reach the Power Plant. Power Plant (route 10) Axel will tell you that a machine part was stolen by a Team Rocket agent. Talk to the Manager at the eng ine. Then talk to Axel and try to leave. The guard gets a phone call which repor ts that a shady character was seen in Cerulean City. Exit and fly to Cerulean. R eward: $496 Level 33 31 Reward: $1000 Level 50 50 50 50 50 50 Reward: $1040 Leve l 48 49 48 49 51 52

Cerulean City Enter the gym. A Rocket grunt will bump into you and run away. You can already get the machine part, since his fight is optional. But for story sa ke, we will go after him first. Head towards Nugget Bridge. Zane will appear and challenge you once more. Rival Zane Name Breloom Houndoom Porygon2 Heracross La pras Umbreon Reward: $1872 Level 49 50 45 52 45 52 Zane will be very angry at you, yet he still gives you HM08 Dive. Now lets battle the Rocket grunt on the bridge. Rocket grunt Name Golbat Reward: $640 Level 32 He will tell his two secret. Firstly, he threw the mchine part into the water of the Cerulean gym. Secondly, the Team Rocket VS Team Static showdown will be hel d on Cinnabar Island. Go back inside the gym, surf onto the water and look the s ame place as the picture below. Press a to receive the machine part. Travel all the way back to the power plant.

Power Plant Go inside and give the part to the manager. You will get TM07 Zap Ca nnon. Axel will come and you will tell to Axel where the confrontation takes pla ce. Axel will leave, and so shall we. Fly back to Cerulean and take the northern path where we battled the grunt. Route 25 Wild pokemon: Items: Protein Route 24 was where you fought the grunt, but since he was the only one there, I skipped the route. Just like the old games, we have to do a series of battles. Schoolboy Dudley Name Scyther Lass Ellen Name Wigglytuff Granbull Schoolboy Joe Name Tang ela Vaporeon Biker Harris Name Flareon Lass Laura Name Gloom Bellossom Pidgeotto Camper Lloyd Name Nidoking Lass Shanon Name Paras Parasect Paras Reward: $2240 Level 35 Reward: $952 Level 30 34 Reward: $2112 Level 33 33 Reward: $670 Level 3 6 Reward: $868 Level 28 31 31 Reward: $544 Level 34 Reward: $812 Level 29 32 29

Cooltrainer Gwen Name Eevee Flareon Vaporeon Jolteon Reward: $1920 Level 28 24 24 24 Talk to the final guy to receive a nugget. After that he challenges you for a ba ttle. Cooltrainer Kevin Name Rhyhorn Charmeleon Wartortle Reward: $560 Level 38 35 35 Walk a bit further to see Misty on a date. Her date runs off and Misty doesnt lik e that. She will return to the gym. So walk/ride/fly back to Cerulean City. Ceru lean City Heal up and enter the gym. Of course you can skip every battle by usin g surf, which is what I will do. Leader Misty Reward: $4800 Name Level Golduck 4 5 Quagsire 45 Lapras 47 Starmie 50 My team: Lv73 Typhlosion, Lv74 Steelix, Lv55 Latias, Lv51 Suicune, Lv35 Altaria, Lv32 Red Gyarados 5 Kanto badges. Things are looking good. Exit the gym and fly to Lavender Town. Lavender Town Enter the Ra dio Tower and talk to the director. He will give you a program which you must de liver to the director of the Johto Radio Tower. Exit the tower and fly to Saffro n. Saffron City Go inside the house under the Magnet Train station. Go upstairs and talk to the copycat. Seems she lost her doll. She will give her Magnet Pass is we find her doll. Exit the house and fly/ride/walk to Vermillion. Vermillion City Go inside of the pokemon fanclub building. Talk to the chubby guy to receiv e the doll. Fly to Saffron. Saffron City Give the doll to the Copycat to receive the Magnet Pass. Enter the Magnet train building and ride it to Goldenrod City.

Goldenrod City Go inside the Radio Tower and give the program to the director. Y ou will receive a Poke Tar. With it we can finally wake that Snorlax who is bloc king Diglett Cave. Exit the Radio Tower and take the train back to Saffron. Saff ron City Fly to Vermillion city. Vermillion City Exit right and talk to the Snor lax to use the Poke Tar. It will wake up and attack you. It is Lv50. After eithe r capturing or killing it, enter the cave. Diglett Cave Wild pokemon: Diglett, D ugtrio Items: Just walk to the other side and exit the cave. Route 2 Head up and into Pewter Cuty while avoiding the trainer. Pewter City We can do many things here. First talk to the old man to receive a Silver Wing. With it, Lugia will ap pear in the Whirl Islands. (see Legendary guide). Also, one of the houses has an old man who will give you a Lv5 Squirtle. Now heal up and go inside of the gym. Of course we are going to avoid the first trainer and fight Brock head on. It w ill be a 2 VS 2 battle Leader Brock Reward: $8256 Name Level Graveler & Omastar 43 & 44 Rhyhorn 43 Onix 46 Kabutops 44 My team: Lv74 Typhlosion, Lv74 Steelix, L v55 Latias, Lv51 Suicune, Lv35 Altaria, Lv32 Red Gyarados Exit the gym and head south through the not so Viridian Forest. Route 2 Wild pokemon: Items: Max Potio n, Dire Hit, Elixer Just follow the path, while avoiding the Bug atchers to reac h Viridian City The gym leader is not present. You could do the trainer house, in which you fight a clone of yourself with all 3 starter final evolutions. Head s outh to route.

Route 1 Wild pokemon: Pidgey Items: Follow the path, jumping over ledges to avoi d the two trainers. After a short walk, you will arrive in. Pallet Town Nothing t o here now (yet). So just head to the water and Surf. Route 21 Wild pokemon: Ite ms: Just keep surfing down, while avoiding all the trainers until you reach Cinna bar Island Or whats left of it.. Both Axel and Blue(Gary) are there. Talk to Gary to make him disappear. Look at the place where he was standing to show a hidden entrance. Its time to finish Team Static and Team Rocket once and for all! Static Admin Name Manectric Electabuzz Static Admin Name Jolteon Jolteon Rocket Execut ive Name Exeggcute Exeggutor Undersea Cavern Rocket Executive Name Octillery Ten tacruel Static Admin Name Nidoking Nidoqueen Reward: $980 Level 49 49 Reward: $2 548 Level 49 49 Reward: $2340 Level 44 45 Reward: $2340 Level 45 45 Reward: $920 Level 42 46

Rocket Jess & Jim Name Ekans & Koffing Arbok Weezing Reward: $1960 Level 42 49 49 Its time for the father and son confrontation. After a weird dialogue, Russel wil l challenge you. Gang Leader Russel Name Ampharos Electrode Electabuzz Jolteon M anectric Reward: $2548 Level 47 52 55 53 49 After some talk, a (unsatisfying) disbanding of both teams will commence. The Re gis are awake and flee. (You cant capture them in this Beta). Exit the cave and fl y to Fuchsia. From there walk south to route. Route 19/20 **You can capture Lati@ s south from here, more info in Legendary Pokemon sidequest** Surf south and the n left (while avoiding the trainer) until you reach the Seafoam Islands Seafoam Islands Enter the cave and challenge Blaine Leader Blaine Reward: $4992 Name Lev el Magcargo 47 Magmar 47 Arcanine 52 My team: Lv77 Typhlosion, Lv74 Steelix, Lv5 5 Latias, Lv52 Suicune, Lv35 Altaria, Lv32 Red Gyarados Only one more Kanto badg e to earn. Exit the cave and fly to Viridian.

Viridian City Heal up and enter the gym, which only has Blue. Finally, a challen ge! Leader Blue Reward: $5760 Name Level Pidgeot 58 Exeggutor 60 Rhydon 58 Alaka zam 56 Arcanine 60 Gyarados 60 My team: Lv77 Typhlosion, Lv74 Steelix, Lv55 Lati as, Lv52 Suicune, Lv35 Altaria, Lv32 Red Gyarados We have gotten all 8 Kanto bad ges. Now lets heal up and walk/ride to Pallet Town (You cant fly because of too fe w fly markers available) Pallet Town Enter Oaks lab and talk to him. He will be so proud, that he will open the path to Mt. Silver for you. However, unlike the original G/S/C games, you must first battle the E4 Round 2 before Red appears in Mt. Silver. So exit and fly to the Indigo Plateau. Indigo Plateau Just like bef ore, heal up and stock many healing items (unless you have two nearly Lv80 pokem on). Elite Four Will Reward: $1200 Name Level Xatu 52 Slowbro 50 Espeon 54 Metag ross 58 Gardevoir 57 Alakazam 60 My team: Lv78 Typhlosion, Lv74 Steelix, Lv55 La tias, Lv53 Suicune, Lv35 Altaria, Lv33 Red Gyarados Elite Four Koga Reward: $120 0 Name Level Nidoking 52 Tentacruel 51 Muk 58 Venomoth 54 Weezing 55 Crobat 60 M y team: Lv79 Typhlosion, Lv74 Steelix, Lv55 Latias, Lv53 Suicune, Lv35 Altaria, Lv33 Red Gyarados

Elite Four Bruno Reward: $1200 Name Level Hariyama 52 Heracross 57 Steelix 57 Ma champ 60 Medicham 53 Blaziken 55 My team: Lv79 Typhlosion, Lv74 Steelix, Lv56 La tias, Lv53 Suicune, Lv35 Altaria, Lv33 Red Gyarados Elite Four Karen Reward: $12 00 Name Level Umbreon 50 Houndoom 57 Vileplume 52 Tyranitar 60 Gengar 54 Dusclop s 58 My team: Lv80 Typhlosion, Lv74 Steelix, Lv56 Latias, Lv54 Suicune, Lv35 Alt aria, Lv33 Red Gyarados Champion Lance Reward: $11180 Name Level Gyarados 57 Cha rizard 59 Flygon 61 Kingdra 63 Salamence 64 Dragonite 65 My team: Lv80 Typhlosio n, Lv75 Steelix, Lv56 Latias, Lv54 Suicune, Lv35 Altaria, Lv33 Red Gyarados

And now the end credits again. After the end credits travel from Johto to Kanto i n the way you want and go to Viridian City. Viridian City Go left and follow the route until you reach the pokemon league reception gate (eastern entrance). Go in and take the now unblocked road to Mt. Silver. Route 28/Silver Cave entrance Wild pokemon: Arbok Items: Just follow the road in the grass until you reach the cave entrance near the pokecenter. Try to enter the cave, but Zane will come ou t instead and he challenges you to a battle. PKMN Trainer Zane Reward: $4480 Nam e Level Breloom 53 Heracross 56 Lapras 49 Houndoom 54 Porygon2 49 Umbreon 56 The final battle with Zane in this beta. Heal up your pokemon and enter the cave wi th a pokemon who know Flash, because it is dark in here. Mt. Silver Wild pokemon : Golbat, Larvitar, Magmar, Parasect, Onix, Pupitar, Misdreavus Items: Escape Ro pe, Protein, 2x Ultra Ball, Max Elixer, Max Revive, PP UP, Full Restore Just fol low the path until you reach the next area. From there, go up the stairs until y ou find 3 old men. Walk past them, further into the cave. Walk forward until you see Red. Talk to him to challenge him. PKMN Trainer Red Reward: $6160 Name Leve l Pikachu 81 Snorlax 75 Blastoise 77 Venusaur 77 Espeon 73 Charizard 77 My team: Lv81 Typhlosion, Lv76 Steelix, Lv56 Latias, Lv54 Suicune, Lv35 Altaria, Lv23 El ectrode

Another part of the original content finished. Enjoy your end credits for the thir d time. New Bark Town After taking one step, an unknown number will call you. Se ems like Oak got your number via Elm. There goes privacy for ya. Oak asks you to visit him in Pallet Town. Take your way of transportation to go there. Pallet T own Enter the lab and talk to Oak. Seems that professor Ivy found a mysterious b all. Because Oak is busy with his daily things, he asks you to go and fetch the ball. He upgrades your S.S. ticket so that you can travel to the Orange Islands now from Vermillion. Exit the lab, fly to vermillion and hope that the weather i s right so the boat will sail. **Note, somehow in my version, I have to sail fro m Olivine to Vermillion until the option to the Orange Islands appears** Valenci a Island Welcome to Valencia Island, which was an anime exclusive island. You ca n basically avoid every trainer, because ther maximum level is 50. Nothing to wo rry about, since you can take out the Elite 4 Round 2 ad Red. Follow the path no rth, until you reach the first (nameless) city. Exit the city by going right. Ke ep going right until you can climb some stairs. From there go more right to reac h Ivys lab. She isnt home. If you check her PC, you will notice that she went to t he Meadow Town mart. So exit the lab, go down the stairs and go up and then righ t until you reach. Meadow Town There is a gym here, but its leader will not be the re until you have delivered the ball to professor Oak. Enter the mart. Ivy will tell you to go to the lab, so go all the way back to the lab again. Valencia Isl and Enter the lab and talk to her to receive the GS ball. Seems to be the 2nd GS ball that she found (the first one seen in the anime and delivered by Ash & co) . Go all the way back to the boat and sail to Vermillion. Seems Zane has some ev il plans. DUN DUN DUN!!! Then go the way you want to Oaks lab. Pallet Town Give t he GS ball to Oak. After giving him the ball, he will tell you to do the Orange league challenge. So exit and take the boat back to Valencia. When you arrive, t ravel to Meadow Town. Meadow Town Heal in the pokecenter if you did battle some trainers on the way to this town. After that, enter the gym.

Another water gym. Slightly tougher than Mistys gym. Cooltrainer Grease Name Sead ra Lanturn Politoed Take the left ice path and go up. Cooltrainer Rose Name Cors ola Ludicolo Remoraid Octillery Omastar Reward: $4320 Level 54 54 54 56 54 Rewar d: $1840 Level 53 54 23 Go left and then one step down. Then go one step left and down again. Cooltraine r Rick Name Lanturn Wailord Sharpedo Go left and up Cooltrainer Lauren Name Clam perl Walrein Reward: $4640 Level 56 58 Reward: $4400 Level 55 55 56 Take the most left ice slide and go up. Then left and up to reach the gym leader . Leader Sissy Reward: $5952 Name Level Walrein 57 Wailord 60 Gyarados 60 Swampe rt 62 Kingdra 58 Blastoise 58 My team: Lv84 Typhlosion, Lv77 Steelix, Lv56 Latia s, Lv54 Suicune, Lv35 Altaria, Lv23 Electrode Congratulations, you have complete d the beta. The only thing you can do now is capturing the other Legendary Pokem on and re-battle the Johto Gym Leaders.

4. Optional stuff Legendary pokemon Lati@s Surf south of Fuchsia and enter the cave. Go down the s tairs until you reach Lati@s. It will be Lv50. Lv45 Jirachi Dark Cave Surf, Wate rfall, Rock Smash & Strenght

Lv50 Articuno (Blue), Lv50 Groudon (Red), Lv50 Kyogre (Yellow), Lv70 Rayquaza (G reen) (I hope you dont get confused, lol)

Next map not found in the hack, just go up until you reach the below map.

Go through the two doorways to reach

I cant find the map of Groudon, just go down the stairs where there is a red circ le to find him. The Yellow circle is for a map which leads to Kyogre & Rayquaza. When you dive, go right and down all the stairs for Kyogre. Then go back up all the way and leave south to come at the below map. Remember, you must have BOTH fought with Kyogre & Groudon before you can face Ra yquaza. Or else you have an infinite stairs, just like Mario64 with the final Bo wser if you dont have enough stars. Lv60 Lugia Go inside the whirl island which i s completely at the bottom right corner. Go down the waterfall and go inside tha cave to face him. (You need the Silver Wing from Pewter City) Congratulations o n capturing all the Legendaries!

Johto Gym Rematches I wont post my teams, because it is obvious how high my pokem on are now. Leader Falkner Reward: $5280 Name Level Pidgeot 47 Aerodactyl 49 Swe llow 45 Altaria 55 Skarmory 54 Dodrio 47 Leader Bugsy Name Ninjask Heracross Arm aldo Parasect Shedinja Scizor A 2 VS 2 battle Leader Whitney Name Slaking & Smea rgle Blissey Miltank Zangoose Snorlax Leader Morty Name Sableye Banette Dusclops Gengar Shedinja Misdreavus Leader Chuck Name Breloom Heracross Machamp Poliwrat h Blaziken Medicham Reward: $5280 Level 45 54 54 49 47 55 Reward: $10560 Level 48 & 45 50 52 54 55 Reward: $5280 Level 46 49 52 55 48 50 R eward: $5280 Level 45 49 55 51 48 46

Another 2 VS 2 battle Leader Jasmine Name Forretress & Skarmory Magneton Metagro ss Steelix Aggron Reward: $10560 Level 45 & 48 49 53 55 51 Leader Pryce Reward: $??? Name Level Sneasel 45 Piloswine 51 ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? * game freezes when he sents out Piloswine. You dont even get the ch ance to 1HKO it. Leader Clair Name Altaria Dragonite Flygon Salamence Dragonite Kingdra Reward: $5760 Level 50 55 53 58 58 60