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Petition No. 12-144, Hollingsworth v. Perry; Petition No. 12-307, United States v. Windsor

Mr. Kedar Bhatia SCOTUSblog

Hello Mr. Bhatia,

Are the cases below the only two concerning same-sex rights this term?

Petition No. 12-144, Hollingsworth v. Perry Petition No. 12-307, United States v. Windsor

When is a decision expected? There is a matter in Florida of great public importance that may be of a substantial or influencing effect in the SCOTUS petitions, a "Husband and Husband" vested mortgage, which unfortunately is currently contrary to the Florida Constitution:

Article 1, Section 27: "Marriage defined.—Inasmuch as marriage is the legal union of only one man and one woman as husband and wife, no other legal union that is treated as marriage or the substantial equivalent thereof shall be valid or recognized."

The mortgage was made as personal favor to a billionaire and his associates who bailed-out a community bank with millions dollars benefiting Florida Circuit Court Judge Martha J. Cook and the family bank business, Community Bank of Manatee, now called C1 Bank.

I wrote to Florida Governor Rick Scott and Attorney General Pam Bondi about this matter. My letter, with a copy of the Husband and Husband vested mortgage, is posted on scribed here


Personally I believe all eligible couples wanting a same-sex mortgage should get one as a matter of law.


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Such right should not be limited to a single wealthy benefactor of a Florida judge.

I plan to file a petition in the Florida Supreme Court if there is sufficient time, as may happen if the above petitions are carried forward to the next term.

Feel free to forward this email to any interested party. I believe in equal rights for people, and the sentiment expressed by Trevor R. Burgess, C1 Bank's Chief Executive and one of the mortgagors on the subject mortgage. Mr. Burgess describes himself as "an openly gay entrepreneur" in his profile on the Equality Means Business website.

In a Bloomberg interview, Mr. Burgess is quoted "In my generation, if someone isn't bringing their full self to the table, it may be limiting for their career,". See October 30, 2006 Gays No Longer Miss Best Jobs At Citigroup, Goldman, Merrill.


I believe this principal has wider application: If someone isn't bringing their full self to the table, it may

be limiting to the person’s life, their family, and the success of Florida and the United States of America.


Neil J. Gillespie 8092 SW 115th Loop Ocala, Florida 34481 Telephone: 352-854-7807