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Government of India Ministry of Communication and Information Technology Department of Electronics & Information Technology, National Informatics Centre Odisha State Centre, Bhubaneswar

1.1 Audience

This user manual has been provided for the users of e-Nijukti application software. It is assumed that the user has basic working knowledge of computers as well as internet browsing experience and is well versed with employment mission activities. Portal users can be categorized as i. ii. iii. iv. v. 1.2 Citizen (Job Seekers) Training Providers (PIAs) Training Centers (Registered by PIAs) Odisha State Employment Mission Authorities (OSEM) District Employment Officers (DEOs) Purpose

The purpose of this document is to provide assistance to the users of the application software. It will help users to understand various features of the application and will enable them to operate the software. The objective of the application is to facilitate an user-friendly interface to achieve the State Employment Mission Goals while maintaining the expected level of transparency in process overall and helping government to monitor the various activities under State Employment Mission.

1. System requirement to run the application software

Being a web enabled application any client machine equipped with internet connectivity could run the application software. Preferred browser is Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox 10.0 above .


Product Features

The highlights and important features of e-Nijukti application software are as under: 2.1. It is an integrated application system, based on web technology

which primarily aims at automating the various processes involved in State Employment Mission Program starting from job-seeker registration to submission of Bills for reimbursement of expenses incurred against food and lodging-boarding facility by TRAINING PROVIDERs while providing training to registered job-seekers and post-placement tracking. 2.2. E-Nijukti facilitates the system generated unique registration number to registered candidates and prevents any kind of duplicity of candidate. 2.3. 2.4. Avoid paper wastage by providing information flow among E-Nijukti has been designed and developed with a view to achieve different user without any paper work. the uniform and systematic approach towards monitoring of procedures in State Employment Mission. 2.5. E-Nijukti facilitates the monitoring reports and queries as per the requirement of Departments/Organizations for effective monitoring on two levels a. State Level (OSEM authorities) b. District Level (through District Employment Officers) 2.6. E-Nijukti facilitates the generation of various automated reports required for official correspondence among different stakeholders of this system and Mission. 2.7. 24x7 availability of the system.

3. Application Modules & Operating Instructions

4.1. Home (Citizen): In order to access the application from an internet browser, open your internet browser and type or in the address bar and press enter. The following web page will open:

This is the common interface for Exchange and Mission application. Major links (buttons) available on this page would lead you to the following interfaces: i. ii. iii. iv. v. vi. vii. viii. About Us Who Is Who Organogram Success Story Acts And Rules Citizen Charter Tender Gallery

Click on buttons in orange colour (Exchange Online and Mission Online) will lead to e-Nijukti Mission welcome pages. To go to the Employment Mission Application interface click on Mission Online this will open Mission Welcome Page

Whole page can be divided into three major sections i. ii. iii. Login section for different stake holders What is Employment Mission Public Dashboard and other important Information

Login Section includes login interface for a. Training Providers (PIAs) b. Training Centers c. Odisha State Mission Authorities (OSEM) d. District Employment Officers(DEOs) e. Job-Seeker (Only Registration and Status Checking facility ) This page is very important for almost all of the stake-holders. Public dashboard provides very useful information and thus puts performance report in public domain. List of PIAs displays all the government recognized PIAs and List Of Courses Offered displays. In case of TRAINING PROVIDERs, it advertises TRAINING PROVIDERs and its courses offered effectively. Whenever a TRAINING PROVIDER is planning to start a batch he will just create a batch and this activity will be reflected on Application home page in Upcoming Courses section and candidates will be able to know the TRAINING PROVIDER which is having that particular course currently providing. Apart from this TRAINING PROVIDERs can do following activities: TRAINING PROVIDER can register themselves and their training centers to get benefitted from web-based application. TRAINING PROVIDER can check their registration status through on this page.

Also TRAINING PROVIDER will be able to change their password in case of forgotten password. While Training Centers as subsidiary of TRAINING PROVIDERs they will be able to login through this page only.

4. TRAINING PROVIDERs Activities : 4.1 Registration TRAINING PROVIDER can register themselves on this portal and get approved by OSEM.

4.2 Status Check Once registered TRAINING PROVIDER can check status of approval by OSEM

4.3 Login
TRAINING PROVIDERs can login into the system once registered through the portal and approved by OSEM. Successful login will redirect to One Time Password Change interface and thereafter to TRAINING PROVIDERs Home Page i.e. TRAINING PROVIDERs Dashboard.


Forgot Username/Password
In case of forgotten UserId/Password TRAINING PROVIDERs can use the link available just below the login form Log In button.


Training Provider Dashboard

Successful login will display TRAINING PROVIDERs Dashboard. This serve as homepage to TRAINING PROVIDERs account. This section displays overall information about TRAINING PROVIDER. At a Glance section displays Total Training Centers - Displays number of training centers registered by TRAINING PROVIDER Total Batches - Displays number of Batches started by TRAINING PROVIDER Total Trainers - Displays number of Trainers added by TRAINING PROVIDER Total Applied Candidates - Displays number of candidates applied for that TRAINING PROVIDER Total Candidates - Displays number of candidates applied for that TRAINING PROVIDER



TRAINING PROVIDER can update their profile by clicking Your Profile- which will display all the details of TRAINING PROVIDER which can be updated. Through this interface TRAINING PROVIDERs will be able to update TRAINING PROVIDER/Project-in-charge/MISin-charge detail along with Project Target (Sector wise) and Training Program Details


Change Password
Password change facility is also being provided to TRAINING PROVIDER . TRAINING PROVIDER can have password of their own choice.


Mission Related Activities Manage Training Center Add Training Center TRAINING PROVIDER can register their training center through this interface. View Training Center TRAINING PROVIDER can view their registered training center through this interface. Manage Trainer Add Trainer TRAINING PROVIDER can register their Trainer through this interface. View Trainer TRAINING PROVIDER can view their registered Trainer through this interface. Manage Candidates

Applied Candidates TRAINING PROVIDER can register their Trainer through this interface. Upload Offline Candidates TRAINING PROVIDER can view their registered Trainer through this interface.

Manage Batches Add Batches TRAINING PROVIDER can register Batches for a training center through this interface. View Batches TRAINING PROVIDER can view Batches already added through this interface. Manage Notification Placement Activities Candidate Placement Record Reports
Training Commencement Report(Format I) Training Program Completion Report(Format II) Placement Report(Format III) Training Cost For Courses Report(Format IV) Training Cost for Lodging and Boarding Report(Format V) Monthly Training Progress Report(Format VII)

Candidates List Center List Course List Trainer List Batch List View Attendance List View Result List View Placement List View Unplaced Candidates List


Logout After finishing jobs user must click on logout.