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Untoled truth about gandhi 1. Gandhi used to sleep with girls of aged between 18 to 25.

Very few people kno w about this but its true (for detail you can read books by Dr L .R. BALI named RANGEELA GANDHI & KYA GANDHI MA HATMA THE ) the girls who slept with Gandhi accepted this. Gandhi used to say that he is doing all this for his BRAHMCHARI Experiments. What from his experiments he was wanted to prove nobody knows? Gandhi himself accepted this that at the time of going to London for higher stud ies he decided to keep himself away from MEAT, DARU and SEX, but he accepted that he could not control himself in the matter of SEX. 2. Gandhi went to South Africa just for earning money and name because here in I ndia he could not do well(flop) there he went mainly to save Abdullah&co. whose business was of smuggling and c harged very much for this. 3. In 1932, Gandhi collected 1crore&32 lakh Rs in the name of TILAK SWRAJ fund, wh ich was collected for the use of DALITS. However, he did not spend even a single penny on DALITS. 4. In his whole life Gandhi kept on shouting that, he is in the supports AAHINSA . However, at the time of Second World War he himself sends Indian army for the fi ght from England side. AAHINSA kaha geye uss waqt? 5. During daytime, Gandhi spent the day in the Jhugis but he spent the night in the rest house of Birlas. 6. Gandhi advised people to live a simple life, but his simplicity was that when he was in jail there were three women in the jail to serve him for his simplicity! 7. Gandhi did not open a single door of a Hindu temple in Gujrat his home provin ce in India for the UNTOUCHABLES. 8. Gandhi used to say that Subhash Chander Bose is like his own son, but Gandhi went on hunger strike until Bose leave his post in congress. Gandhi promised to British govt. that if we found Bo se we will handover him to you (Bose was wanted in those days). 9. Gandhi kept people in dark that he is trying to save Bhagat Singh. However, t he truth is that he never tried to contact VICEROY about Bhagat Singh issue. This all is said by the friend of VICEROY&Bhagat Singh named MANMATH NATH in his writings. Gandhi was feared about the popularity of Bhagat Singh because the popularity of Bhagat Singh was increasing of which Gandhi felt nervous. 10. Gandhi was saying that if the Pakistan would made it will only happen after his death. However, it was Gandhi who signed 1st on the proposal of making Pakistan.

11. Gandhi cheated all Indians at ROUND TABLE CONFERENCES by not giving the deta ils in proper&those details, which were true. 12. Gandhi started so many ANDOLANS&LEHARS against British govt. but after a mon th or after 2 months he withdraw he all those ANDOLANS&LEHARS. Then what was the use of starting all those? What about the sacrifice of all those people who took part in all those ANDOLANS? In addition, he never went to lead people in those ANDOLANS. Even Gandhi s own sons were against him but I do not know why all people were fol lowing him. 13. Now a days almost all Hindu people say Gandhi as a revolutionair, but what h e said I have come here on earth to fulfill the laws of caste. How can one say such a person as a revolu tionair? A true revolutionair never thinks according to caste line, not according to rich, poor etc. These are very few points there are many more truths about Gandhi. In addition, from above point s you people can decide about Gandhi. In BABA SAHEB s own words Gan dhi Age is the Dark Age of India . BABA SAHEB has also said in interview to BBC that A PERSON WHO CHEATS AND KEEP OTHER PEOPLE IN DARK TO THAT PERSON IF YOU SAY A MA HATMA THEN GANDHI IS A MAHATMA. with Amol Bansode.