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Types of mass manipulation Since God created us, we were gifted with reason and intelligence, things that

make the difference between us and other creatures. Thanks to that, we can try to distinguish the good from the evil and we can make our own decisions,at our own risk. This is what we call the free will. But now, there is this question that comes in mind: How can we know what is good and what is bad for us? Because we are not always able to find out the right answer to this important question, sometimes we can be easily cheated by other people, strong and decided people who have great purposes and who want to achieve certain things. So, what happens when a weak person, with no confidence in her beliefs, meets one with strong beliefs and a winner attitude? Well, obviously, the weak one will become at a certain point the slave of the stronger one. Very soon, he will adopt the opinions and the manners of the most powerful, whether they are good or bad, and he will start to believe them so much that after a while hell be as confident as his mentor. Fighting for their ideas brings them power ,influence on the other people. This is where begins a kind of contamination process which leads to a mass attraction. Nowadays, our society is in a permanent rush, we try to keep in touch with people and things we love but it becomes difficult when you have a lot of tasks to accomplish every day. To accomplish them effectively there is the need of being informed at every minute of the day. At this point of the equation the media has an exponential role because it keeps us informed through its multiple faces: television, newspapers,radio and especially internet. Our way of acting and thinking is based on what weve learned during our studies and on our exp erience, but very often we rely on the media to get the current news and facts about what is important and what we should be aware of. However, we dont actually realize how dangerous this can be. Weve got this strange behaviour of not questioning certain things too much,maybe because of our lack of time or just because of our crescent indifference, and thats what can make us fall. Trusting that much the media equals to a brainwash in time. At a certain point we become unable to judge facts from a cold perspective. Its like saying you buy everything the media gives you. Thats why we are frequently manipulated: weve lost our habit of making questions, of doubting of almost everything for preventing us to get hurt. What Descartes used to say about what makes us reasonable beings > I think,therefore I am< starts to become an invalid quote in our society. We can constantly notice the big influence of mass media on kids, teenagers and even on grown-up people. This industry is so complexe and we should try to start looking it differently, to avoid that brainwash Ive mentioned. Thousands of images of violence, advertising, sex invade our space. No matter what youre looking at, you will always see some of that. It s everywhere and you cant hide from it. Its like the Big Brothers law.

Anyway, we all know something about worlds globalization tendency and a few of us know aspects concerning the conspiracy theories which involve subjects as the New World Order,the emergence of a totalitarian one-world government. Today, the globalization applies also to the mass media considering the fact that there are only a few companies that own the entire media environment and who have the power to shape our beliefs. One of the biggest methods of manipulation remains advertising. Adverts sell products that we buy because we suppose they are good. From thousands of adverts we choose the one who presents the best product. But, if the advert is very convincing, it doesnt mean the product is good as well. This is a risk that we assume when we decide to go shopping. Until we find the one that satisfies us the most, we can spend a lot of money. Thats why advertising involves billions of dollars. These are the effects of mass media in teenagers, they buy what they see on Tv, what their favorite celebrity advertise and what is acceptable by society based on the fashion that the media has imposed them. Of course, there are both positive and negative aspects when it comes to advertising. For example, thanks to this great things like campaigns against poverty and diseases, sports, can be promoted and a lot of people can obtain help. But the negative sides cant miss and here we can name the increase of anorexia and obesity because of ads presenting nice celebrities bodies (which are very often modified using different computer programs) or junk food meals. And we should not forget about sex and violence scenes in movies or commercials that try to reduce us to our animal stage so we can be more easily manipulated. People are not supposed to think when they buy, its a kind of hypnosis for mind control. The effects can be traumatic especially on kids and there were plenty of cases when kids carried guns at school and even hurted others with it. Those kids have been linked to excessive use of violent video games and war images. Media can influence the public opinion and it has a huge impact on society. They can shape the public opinion in different ways depending of what is the objective. For example, the war against terrorism is almost an invention of media, and the attack from World Trade Center in 2001 was only an excuse to invade Iraq and obtain the oil. We have to believe only what they want us to believe, we should be transformed in some kind of narrow-minded robots accepting everything that those who lead the world give us. The liberalism we know we live in actually ceases to exist. We are heading to a one-world socialism which now is very well covered by this false capitalism that everyone keeps talking about. We seem not to realize yet the importance of taking measures as soon as possible, we consider were too small to change anything and we seem to accept our destiny. But why should we be led like sheeps? Is this really our destiny? There are a lot of examples in our world history of people who manipulated the others around them to create empires, religions or political movements. We cant ignore the Nazism slogans which led to the Jews extinction during the

Second World War and which had the purpose of creating a new race by annihilating all the weak ones.