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IEC 61850 Primer Communication Networks and Systems In Substations

61850 Scope

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2 February 16, 2005

Abstract Communications Service Interface ACSI

Defines a set of Objects Defines a set of Services to manipulate and access those objects Defines a base set of data types for describing objects

Anatomy of an IEC61850 Object Name



Functional Constraint

Logical Nodes

Logical Device (e.g. Relay1)

Physical Device
(network address)

Feeder #2 Current Measurements

Logical node groups

L System LN (2) P Protection (28) R Protection related (10) C Control (5) G Generic (3) I Interfacing and archiving (4) A Automatic control (4) Examples: PDIF: Differential protection RBRF: Breaker failure XCBR: Circuit breaker CSWI: Switch controller MMXU: Measurement unit YPTR: Power transformer M Metering and measurement (8) S Sensor and monitoring (4) X Switchgear (2) T Instrument transformers (2) Y Power transformers (4) Z Further power system
equipment (15)

Services Examples
GetData Read SetDataValues Write GetDataDirectory Read list of object names

ACSI Services
ACSI Services LogicalDeviceDirectory GetAllDataValues GetDataValues SetDataValues GetDataDirectory GetDataDefinition GetDataSetValues SetDataSetValues CreateDataSet DeleteDataSet GetDataSetDirectory Report (Buffered and Unbuffered) GetBRCBValues/GetURCBValues SetBRCBValues/SetURCBValues GetLCBValues SetLCBValues QueryLogByTime QueryLogAfter GetLogStatusValues Select SelectWithValue Cancel Operate Command-Termination MMS Services GetNameList Read Read Write GetNameList GetVariableAccessAttributes Read Write CreateNamedVariableList DeleteNamedVariableList GetNameList InformationReport Read Write Read Write ReadJournal ReadJournal GetJournalStatus Read/Write Read/Write Write Write Write
7 February 16, 2005

Enable Self Describing Devices

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IEC61850 Profiles

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8 February 16, 2005

IEC61850 Documents
Basic principles Glossary General Requirements System and project management Communication requirements Substation Automation System Configuration Basic Communication Structure Part 8 Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7

Mapping to MMS and Ethernet

Sampled Measured Values

Mapping to Ethernet

Part 9

Conformance testing

Part 10

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9 February 16, 2005

IEC61850 Primary Parts

Part 6-1: Substation Configuration Language (SCL) Part 7-2: Abstract Communications Service Interface (ACSI) and base types Part 7-3: Common Data Classes (CDC) Part 7-4: Logical Nodes Part 8-1: Specific Communications Service Mappings (SCSM) - MMS & Ethernet Part 9-2: SCSM - Sampled Values over Ethernet Part 10-1: Conformance Testing

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10 February 16, 2005

IEC61850 Substation Architecture

- 10/100/1000 MB Ethernet Station Bus
Relay(s) Subscribe to Datasets

Relay IE

Relay IE Process Bus .1/1/10GB Ethernet

Relay IE

Remote Access

MU Publishes V/I/Status Datasets







PT1 I/O Optical PT2 I/O CT2 CT MU = Merging Unit

Optical I/O Optical PT CT

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11 February 16, 2005

Sampled Measured Values

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12 February 16, 2005

Peer to Peer Communications Functional Requirements

Bkr 1

Bkr 2

Bkr 3



Bkr N


BFI Message delivery to multiple devices simultaneously Fast Delivery (< 4ms)
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13 February 16, 2005

IEC61850 Generic Object Oriented Substation Event - GOOSE

Device to multi-device communication Local or Wide Area Bridgeable but Non-routable User-defined Dataset sent in an Ethernet Multicast message Message sent on change of state as well periodically to enable detection of device failure Reliability effected through message repeat GOOSE Header:
Multicast Address Name Time Until Next GOOSE Etc.

User-Defined Dataset
Status Information Analog Values Data Quality Time

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14 February 16, 2005

SCL Substation Configuration Language

Description language for communication in electrical substations related to the IEDs XML based language that allows a formal description of Substation automation system and the switchyard and the relation between them IED configuration
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15 February 16, 2005

SCL File Types

SSD: System Specification Description.
XML description of the entire system.

SCD: Substation Configuration Description. XML description of a single substation. ICD: IED Capability Description.
XML description of items supported by an IED.

CID: Configured IED Description.

XML configuration for a specific IED.

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16 February 16, 2005

Benefits of IEC61850
High-level services enable self-describing devices & automatic object discovery saving $$$$$ in configuration, setup and maintenance. Standardized naming conventions with power system context eliminates device dependencies and tag mapping saving $$$$ in config., setup, and maint. Standardized configuration file formats enables exchange of device configuration saving $$$$ in design, specification, config., setup, and maint.
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17 February 16, 2005

Benefits of IEC61850 - 2
Higher performance multi-cast messaging for inter-relay communications enables functions not possible with hard wires and save $$$$ in wiring and maintenance. Multi-cast messaging enables sharing of transducer (CT/PT) signals saving $$$$ by reducing wiring and connection costs
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18 February 16, 2005