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Topcon PS-AS Robotic Total Stations The Topcon PS-AS robotic total stations are specifically designed and
Topcon PS-AS Robotic Total Stations
The Topcon PS-AS robotic total stations are specifically designed and configured for construction applications. The auto-tracking
total station series combines the latest in tracking, motorized turning, angle accuracy and software technology. Site Prep talked to
Scott Langbein, director of product marketing for Topcon Positìoning Systems, to find out what makes the total station so unique.
Q: What's special about the PS'AS?
means that with the PS-AS, it can be used
is capable of both spread spectrum radio
A. The PS-AS is a special build of the PS
Series robotic instrument that contains dual
communication methods for both machine
control systems (LPS) and one-man prism
one day as a machine control base unit-
communication and LongLink.
tracking and communicating the blade
position of a machine-and the next day, it
Qr What are the features of the total
can be used as a one-man survey system.
There is no need to have dedicated instru-
pole rovers using LongLink, which is Top-
A. Beyond the standard features such
ments to address each of those applica-
as angular accuracy and distance range
con's exclusive interference-free method of
communication. The standard PS Series
communicates only with LongLink. This
tions. Looking at the rnstrument, you can't
really tell the difference, but the antenna
to a prism and fast tracking speed, the
PS-AS has an important feature called
TSShield. Topcon builds into the instru-
ment a Telematics module (basically
a cellphone for data) that communi-
cates back to Topcon's TSShield cloud
service. Owners of PS-AS units can
access a website of TSShield and see
on a map where that instrument was last
used, as well as diagnostic data, while
also having the ability to enable or dis-
able the instrument. lt's basically a theft
Some standard features include:
PowerTrac tracking of a prism
Rugged waterproof and dustproof
Powerful range and accuracy for point
reflectorless EDM
Bright color display
Q: What are the benefits customers
can expect from the PS.AS?
A.The biggest benefits of a PS-AS are
accuracy with reliability, and the multi-use
function of beìng both a machine control
guidance system and a one-man rover
robotic system. The biggest return on
investment comes from the fast setup and
speed at which a contracior can walk,
run or ride around on a jobsite taking
measurements, and the fine accuracy that
it can provìde to a system like a motor-
grader, which is fine grading valuable
materials to an exact model. SP
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