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CRUZ, Bryan TFA 180 X (Design Theory)

LAUREL, Audrey


A Conversation on Design Q: What is design for you as a visual communicator? Bryan: Well, to begin with, design is a very wide topic to tackle. For me, as a visual communication student, design is a tool for effective dissemination of knowledge and ideas to the people. Vanny: I agree. In my point of view, design is everywhere around us. Wherever we look at, design is always present - even the chair that we sit on, the paintings we admire, the cars that pass us by, are all products of design. For me, design as a verb means the process or action of putting together different elements that go well together considering both form and function. On the other hand, design as a noun is the by-product or result of the application of ideas and aesthetics, collectively containing the desired message to be conveyed. Audrey: Yes, design is the art of creating something unique and combining different elements to have a meaningful and creative output. As a visual communicator, I apply design in my visuals and in any form of art. I combine design to my idea to have a creative output. Bryan: It is also sometimes associated with the aesthetic value of an object but of course it also carries the logical reasons why you ended up with such design. Like for example in logo design, you have to consider the necessary specifications - such as the company's profile and the proper visual elements - in order for you to end up with the right visualization of the company logo. Vanny: When you think about it, the interpretation and factors affecting design creation are dependent on the context. Design can be influenced by many factors such as the designers ideas, manufacturing processes, changes among consumer behavior, etc. One design can be different to another in terms of how it appears, how it is used, what purpose it serves, or what it represents or tries to convey. Bryan: It actually differs from one field to another. Architects design houses while we design publication layouts, production designs, graphic designs etc. It is basically how you will use the right technique in conveying your thoughts and how it will benefit the people around you. Audrey: A unique idea together with skills and passion creates good design. Vanny: Exactly. Good design is something that gives to the society. When created responsibly by artists, designers, manufacturers, etc., it can become a powerful tool for change social, cultural, political, or economic and contribute to the development of the community.