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EOC Review Quiz – Properties of Matter

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Multiple Choice: Choose the Best Answer for Each Question.

1. ____Which of the following is NOT a state of matter?

a) Solid b) Liquid c) Suspension d) Plasma

2. ____A phase change from Gas to Liquid is called…

a) Evaporation b) Condensation c) Sublimation d) Melting

3. ____Which of the following has no definite shape and no definite volume?

a) Liquid b) Gas c) Plasma d) a & b e) b & c

4. ____Which of the following has the most Kinetic Energy?

a) Solid b) Liquid c) Gas

5. ____Which of the following represents a strong base?

a) pH = 7 b) pH = 1 c) pH = 6 d) pH = 13

6. ____ Litmus Paper turns what color in the presence of an Acid?

a) Red b) Blue c) Purple d) Yellow

7. ____ A Substance is made of a(n)…

a) Element b) Compound
c) Element and/or Compound d) Mixture

8. ____ A Mixture that is not evenly mixed is called…

a) Homogeneous b) Heterogeneous
c) Solution d) Substance

9. ____Which of the following is an example of a Physical Change?

a) Rusting Metal b) Bubbling/Fizzing
c) Heat Emission d) Ice Melting

10. ____ What is the Density of an object with a Mass of 30g and a Volume of
a) 3 g/mL b) 300 g/mL
c) 10 g/mL d) 0.3 g/mL