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Disasters could cripple your organization, suspending mission-critical processes and disrupting service to your customers. These disasters could be man-made or natural in nature. The Business Continuity Plan addresses an organizations ability to continue functioning when normal operations are disrupted. A Disaster Recovery Plan is used to define the resources, action, tasks, and data required to manage the business recovery process in the event of a disaster. In this workshop you learn to identify vulnerabilities and implement appropriate countermeasures to prevent and mitigate threats to your mission-critical processes. You will learn techniques for creating a business continuity plan (BCP) and the methodology for building an infrastructure that supports its effective implementation.


Dr Mark T. Edmead
MBA, CISSP, CISA, CompTIA Security+

IT Security Consultant & Trainer MTE Advisors

Mark T. Edmead is a successful technology entrepreneur with over 28 years of practical experience in computer systems architecture, information security, and project management. Mark excels in managing the tight-deadlines and ever changing tasks related to mission-critical project schedules. He has extensive knowledge in IT security, IT and application audits, Internal Audit, IT governance, including Sarbanes-Oxley, FDIC/FFIEC, and GLBA compliance auditing. Mr. Edmead understands all aspects of information security and protection including access controls, cryptography, security management practices, network and Internet security, computer security law and investigations, and physical security. He has trained Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 companies in the areas of information, system, and Internet security. He has worked with many international firms, and has the unique ability to explain very technical concepts in simple-to-understand terms. Mr. Edmead is a sought after author and lecturer for information security and information technology topics. Mark works as an information security and regulatory compliance consultant. He has:

Using a carefully selected case study, course participants will:

Create, document and test continuity arrangements for an organization Perform a risk assessment and Business Impact Assessment (BIA) to identify

Select and deploy an alternate site for continuity of mission-critical activities Identify appropriate strategies to recover the infrastructure and processes Organize and manage recovery teams Test and maintain an effective recovery plan in a rapidly changing technology

Sample Case Studies:

A major Middle Eastern bank has been experiencing tremendous growth and management feels that
their current BCP and DRP plans outdated. In this case study the delegates with perform a business impact analysis, based on interviews with key company stakeholders and subject matter experts, and outline which business areas are the most critical and in need of improved continuity and recovery plans.

Conducted internal IT audits in the areas of critical infrastructure/ systems and applications, Assessed and tested internal controls of critical infrastructure platform systems (Windows, UNIX, IIS, SQL, Oracle) Assessed and tested internal controls of various critical financial applications. Prepared risk assessments and determined risks to critical c financial data systems and infrastructure components. c Created test plans & processes and executed test plans. Conducted reviews of existing systems and
applications, a ensuring appropriate security, management and a data integrity via control processes.

A manufacturing company is considering implementing a disaster recovery plan but does not know
which disaster recovery approach they should implement. In this case study the delegates with study the business enterprise, perform a risk analysis, and determine if a hot site, cold site, warm site, or another disaster recovery method is the best approach.



1. Bring B Bri ring ng your y you our r Business Busi Bu sine nes s Continuity ss C Con onti tinu nuit ity y Pl Plan Plan/Disaster an/D /Dis isas aste ter r Re Reco Recovery cov very Plan (BCP/DRP) for private consultation on review review 2. BCP/DRP Step-by-step Guide 3. BCP/DRP templates and worksheets to aid you in applying and putting into practice what you have learned from this workshop 4. FREE copy of the course material, case studies, and other related items of the training workshop

Prepared written reports to all levels of management Participated in audit review panel sessions to address
results, r conclusions and follow-up actions required.

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kris@360bsigroup com


Introduction to Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning - The difference between business continuity and disaster recovery - Why a recovery plan is an integral part of an organizations operational strategy Understanding where the threats come from - Understanding codes of practice and legal/regulatory compliance requirements - The step-by-step process for BCP/DRP Protecting our assets - What are we protecting? - What are our mission-critical processes? - How to prioritize what is important to protect What is risk and how do we deal with it? - Understanding risk assessment methodologies - Matching the response to the threat based on the risk - Enterprise vs. local risk management - Top business continuity planning mistakes The need for business continuation a case study - Introduction of fictitious business case - Understand business continuity/disaster recovery needs - Documenting the continuity requirements


The aim of this interactive workshop is to provide you with the skills critical to business continuity, disaster recovery & risk management. After attending this workshop, you will leave fully armed with the knowledge needed to create a business continuity plan (BCP) and the methodology for building an infrastructure that supports its effective implementation. The combination of interactive presentations, hands-on exercises and open discussion groups along with real case studies, ensures you will obtain maximum value from attending.


The Business Impact Assessment (BIA) - What is a Business Impact Assessment? - Assessing the risk to the enterprise - How to identify business critical activities - Impact versus likelihood of occurrence Establishing the Recovery Options - Choosing a recovery site - Specifying equipment - Choosing suppliers - How to select backup and restore strategies Where is the data? - Why you need to classify levels of information - Managing data at rest and in transit - Understanding data access controls - The value of knowing where your data resides Maintaining user connectivity - How to communicate the disaster and recovery efforts to users - How to identify and eliminate single points of failure - Communicating with the media


Vice Presidents, Directors, General Managers Chief Information Officers Chief Information Security Officers Chief Technology Officers Business Continuity Officers Heads of Departments in Information Security Management Information Systems, IT Infrastructure, IT Architecture, Network Operations, IT Operations, IT Data Center, DataBase Management, IT Deployment IT Business Enterprise, IT Risk Management, IT Quality Assurance, IT Audit, Risk Management, Internal Audit, Disaster Recovery


BCP/DRP Project Management - Identifying stakeholders - Analyzing stakeholder needs - Obtaining commitment from upper management Review of the BCP/DRP Process - Project initiation - Risk analysis - Business Impact analysis - Develop/choose strategies - Test and validate the plan - Modify/update the plan - Approve and implement the plan Analysis of fictitious business case Applying lessons learned


Session well organized organized. The trainer is ver very conversant with the subject matter. Well delivered and would definitely recommend to anyone else.
- Habil Mutende, Manager Information Security & Change Management, Central Bank of Kenya

Excellent presentation, excellent attitude to answer our questions & to share his experience.
- Senior Manager, IT Department, Deloitte

I have used Mark in key roles with high visibility clients. Without hesitation I would highly recommend Mark for any and all IT audit engagements. His professionalism, deep knowledge, and results oriented work style are deeply valued by not only myself, but more importantly by the all those who are lucky enough to use his services. - Russ Aebig, Director at Artesient We have used Mark Edmead on several projects in the past few years including SOX readiness for publicly traded companies and IT vulnerability assessments for major financial institutions. He always delivers professional and detail-oriented workpapers on-time and within budget. Mark is highly recommended and we will continue to use him on other projects. - Brenda Piazza, Director at CBIZ MHM

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