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Project 2 Information Sources Table


What is it

Description and where you used it.

Search Operators Used


Copyri ghted material Yes? No? Reason The website its copyright protected. We can use a certain amount of the work on my project, with permision.

Website http://www.p enocide/g_r wanda.html

We used this information to explain what happened

This website has no author so we cant know who wrote. This is a peace company so they putted this information to show the nasty things that happened in rwanda.

The website is from a peace organisation. They did this article because they are a charity, they want to promote peace. The website is just facts about the effect, and it has a url of .org.


Website http://news. hi/1288230. stm

We used this information to review the violence that there has been before. This information we used to know what happened before the genocide.

This is a post from a newspaper website so hey are just telling news about the genocide.

We think this website is reliable because it is from a very famous newspaper. The only problem is that we cannot check many things about it.

This website is not up to date, but it is from a very famous newspaper. We also cant see the author if this article and their purpose for it. The website is created by a human right organisation. They want to create peace in the world. The url is .org so its more relaible.


This is news and it has copyright so we can use it.

Website http://www.u nitedhumanri ocide/genoci de_in_rwand

It is a UN website so they are talking about the Un involvement on the genocide.


The website is a copyright so we can copy it too.


Website http://www.u news/story. asp?NewsI D=43826&C r=criminal+t ribunal#.UZ 1UNytvzUJ Website http://world withoutgeno ocides-andconflicts/rwa ndangenocide Website http://history 1900s.about .com/od/rwa ndangenoci de/a/Rwand m

This information helps us know how the UN took action on the genocide.

This the UN news centre so they are telling news about the genocide and the UN.

This website is reliable because it is from the un itself and it is up to date. This website is from the UN itself. It up to date.

It has a copyright free so we can use it.

.This website answers the 5 w so we have general info about the genocide.

This a website that promotes a world without genocide so they are just giving news about the genocide.

This website is reliable because it is up to date, and you can contact the author of the document and you can also contact the website. The website is up to date. You can contact the author and the website.

Copyright free we can use it.

This website talks about specific places where the genocide also happened.

This is a article wrote by a 20th century historian so they wrote it to expand the knowledge about what happened.

We think this website is reliable because the author of the work is a very good one. The author of the wok is a very reliable person, it is a 20th century historian and she has very good work.

This has copyright so we can use it, but this is a peoples opinion website so we are not sure on using the info.

Website http://news. hi/africa/714 025.stm

This website talks about the UN failing to prevent this genocide.

Newspaper article so they are telling the horrible news about the genocide.

Its reliable because its an official news website(bbc).


We can see that BBC has copyrighted this website so that we can only use a certain amount of information. We can also see who copyrighted the website. This way we know that BBC owns the website and we arent allowed to download or copy the information.

http://news. hi/africa/357 3229.stm

This website gives information about the chief of the UN that regrets what happened on rwanda. This is like a documentary.

This is a newspaper post so they are telling the news about rwanda.

We can see when it was last updated. Its from a reliable news website.


http://news. hi/africa/705 402.stm http://www.u ut/

We used this information to talk about how neighbour countries said sorry to rwanda.

Newspaper, telling news about the countries also involved on the genocide.

A reliable news website. We can see when it was last updated.


the article is property of BBC.

Photo of un logo

Photo to show the un logo


The photo is copyright free we can use it.

http://www.s mithsonian tsculture/phot o-of-theday/?c=y&d ate=08/02/2 012

Photo for presentation.

Photos taken by newspapers, to show the sadness of people.

The photo has copyright free so we can use it.

http://espres sostalinist.w Photo for m/genocide/ presentation. rwandangenocide/

Photos taken by newspaper to show what people suffered.

Copyright content so we can use it.