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Bucurii i popasuri duhovniceti

24/06/2012 - 24 iunie 2012 Resfinirea bisericii Mnstirii Radu Negru Duminic, 24 iunie 2012, Preasfinitul Printe Episcop Vinceniu a svrit Sfnta Liturghie i resfinitrea bisericii Mnstirii Radu Negru din Clrai. Programul liturgic a nceput cu svrirea Sfintei Liturghii, la care au participat preacucernici prini consilieri de la Centrul Eparhial, preacucernici prini protopopi, preoi din municipiul Clrai, diaconi i mulime de credincioi. Cu aceast ocazie Preasfinia Sa a hirotonit ntru preot pe diaconul Daniel Costin Mihai, pe seama parohiei tefan Vod, Protopopiatul Clrai, preacuviosului ieromonah Iustinian Matei i-a oferit rangul de protosinghel, iar binefctorilor ctitori Ion Ciulinaru i Alexandru int, le-a oferit Ordinul Crucea Sloboziei n Grad de Cavaler. n cuvntul de nvtur, Preasfinia Sa e explicat nelesul duhovnicesc al pericopei evanghelice i a ludat pe cei care s-au implicat n restaurarea acestei frumoase biserici. S-a svrit slujba parastasului pentru pomenirea fericiilor ctitori, binefctori i slujitori ai bisericii care a mplinit 100 de ani de la trnosire. Dup Sfnta Liturghie a urmat slujba de sfinire a bisericii, restaurate n ultimii ani de preacuviosul printe stare Protosinghelul Gherasim, cnd ntistttorul Eparhiei noastre, urmat de soborul de preoi i diaconi au nconjurat lcaul de cult. Unul dintre cele mai importante momente ale acestei slujbe a fost ntocmirea Sfintei Mese, slujb ce a consacrat altarul de jertf, pentru a se putea slujii n condiii canonice Sfnta Liturghie, urmat de sfinirea picturii i a catapetesmei. Credincioilor li s-a explicat momentele liturgice ale acestei slujbe i simbolistica spiritual a ceea ce s-a svrit.


23/04/2013 - 23 aprilie 2013 Hramul Mnstirii Radu Negru Mari, 23 aprilie 2013, cnd Biserica Ortodox l prznuiete pe Sfntul Mare Mucenic Gheorghe, Preasfinitul Printe Episcop Vinceniu a svrit Sfnta Liturghie la Mnstirea Radu Negru din Protopopiatul Clrai. Sub protia Preasfiniei Sale au participat la slujb preacuviosul printe Arhimandrit Rafail M, Exarhul Mnstirilor i Schiturilor, preacucernicul printe consilier Daniel Enacu, preacucernicul printe Ramon Eugen Ilie, Protopopul Clrailor, stareii mnstirilor nvecinate i un ales sobor de preoi i diaconi. La momentul predicii, Preasfinitul Printe Episcop Vinceniu a vorbit despre viaa, eroismul credinei i jertfa prin care Sfntul Mucenic Gheorghe l-a mrturisit pe Hristos. A vorbit despre ajutorul spiritual pe care prznuirea Sfntului Mare Mucenic Gheorghe l d fiecruia dintre noi n urcuul duhovnicesc din Sfntul i Marele Post. L-a binecuvntat pe printele stare, obtea mnstirii i credincioii prezeni, urndu-le post uor i ajutor de la Dumnezeu n aceast scurt perioad care a mai rmas pn la nvierea Mntuitorului Iisus Hristos. Dup Sfnta Liturghie, ntistttorul Eparhiei noastre, nconjurat de soborul de slujitori, a svrit slujba parastasului pentru fericiii ctitori, slujitori i binefctori.








The Saint Monastery Radu Negru Calarasi

Radu Negru monastery is situated in the Northern part of municipality Calarasi, at a distance of 10 kilometers on the highway to Slobozia, at the junction between the Danube Meadow and the Baragan Plain. The Topical monastery is organized around the church of the previous parish Radu Negru, known as Gambeta. It is believed that the name comes from the owner of the places who was wearing a hat named gambeta. The village was set up in 1882, belonging to the executive and the church of Tonea commune, Ialomita district. In 1896 the village became the commune called Radu Negru. The church was built between 1909 and 1913 by the village community with the private tutors support Marinache Stoenescu and the mayors Gheorghe Ispir. The place of spiritual pray was built in bricks on a rock foundation, has the form of a Greek cross, with opened threshold and three steeples: two little ones on the pronaos and the big one on the naos. The latter displays a special architecture, with eight windows made of oak wood that are still preserved. The body of the church and the steeples are adorned with a red belt of pressed brick. The edifice with Saint George the Martyr as a Titular Saint, was sanctified on the 25th March 1913 by the bishop Valerian Ramniceanu. The first priest of the community was Enache Petrescu due to whose strive, the edifice acquires the status of a self-administered parochial church, on the 1st of September 1914. The church was painted in the Byzantium style by the painter Martinovici, then repainted by the maestro Nita Angelescu in 1937 and reconditioned by the house painter Vasile Olteanu. The Radu Negru commune was formed of the villages Radu Negru and Stoenesti, with a community of people of an extraordinary spiritual experience, inspired by their venerable priests: Alexandru Ionescu, Dan Dumitru Haralambie and AndreiTutuianu. Beginning with the years 1960-1965, the locality was affected because of the water that rose up the lands surface. The villagers had to move their households to the city of Calarasi, in the quarter Magureni and in the suburban commune Modelu. The parish lost its identity and the last villagers left the village in 1970. For two decades, the only remnats of the old commune Radu Negru, which stood in the middle of the plain watching over it, where the church and the crosses in the two graveyards where the villagers had left their ancestors and where they prayed so piously and lamented their sad fate. By Gods mercy and the Victory-Bearer Saint George the Martyr, the deserted and ruined church drew the attention of the faithful people who had been baptized and spliced here,especially after 1989.It was decided for the holly place to be br ough back to its formerly state and through the endeavor of the priest Alecu Paulin. Prea Fericitul Parinte Teoctist who was present at the sanctification of the church in Ceacu, the district of Calarasi, visited theruined church and urged the restoration of the halidom.It was decided in the meeting of the Saint Synod of the Orthodox Romanian Church in 1992,for a monk monastery with juridical personality to be set up in this place that belonged jurisdictional to the Archibishop of Bucharest.The first inhabitant of this Holy Monastery was Ieromonahul Macarie Pristavul.The Monastery grew in greatness in the same time with the Bishopric of Slobozia and Calarasi in 1995,being sanctified by the bishop of that time, the Reverend Nifon Mihaita, presently the Archbishop of Targoviste.Under the guidance of the new bishop, the Reverend Doctor Damaschin Coravu, the monarchism in Baragan knew a period of great vivification and thus, the Radu Negru Monastery gained momentum to increase the spiritual life of the commune, as well as to the continuous restoration and arrangement of the edifice.With Gods help, founders and benefactors of the holy monastery were constantly sent, as well as I.P.S. Damaschin Coravu,the mayor of Calarasi Nicolae Dragu, Gheorghe Ion family from Calarasi. One by one, cells were built, the church was re-edified and repainted, a monarchal assembly that comprises the chapel Saint Archdeacon Stefan,the Abbacy, the refectory, then, the tower, the steeple and a stone wall (100m) that surrounds the holly monastery just like the wall of a fortress. The most precious things of the monastery are: the wonder-worker icon of Virgin Mary that has been waiting undecayed underground for more than seven decades to be brought to light in 1997; parts of the relics of some known saints, that attract pilgrims and pious people.12 people live here under the advice and guidance of the Pios Rector Priest Gherasim Noaptes, the abbot of the monastery. Thus, the monastery opened its gates to the people and towards the sky,becoming a place of spiritual pray that attracts many pilgrims.


BINECUVINTEAZA, DOAMNE, PE CEI CE IUBESC PODOABA CASEI TALE ! Pomelnicul ostenitorilor i ajuttorilor acestui Sfnt Aezmnt
Familia Gheorghe Ioan Gimart Clrai ILSA Clrai Familia Muat RNL Clrai Familia Picu iman Comfort Viceprimar Calarai Familia Chirea din Calarasi Familia Ciulinaru Ion Clrai Familia inta din Slobozia - Paraclisul Sf. Arhidiacon tefan - Trapeza, Clopotnia - Gard .a. - Catapeteasma si iconostasele - Lumina electric tras de la 2 km. - Multe materiale de construcii mult ajutor ctitor principal

- Noua Streie n ntregime - Gresie Clopotni - Biserica Mare i Noul Arhondar Familia Moise Gheorghe din Clrai Familia Paalu Gheorghe ( Trecut la Domnul )

Familia Ispir Ilie i Camelia cu fii din Clrai Strnepot al vrednicului spre pomenire Ispir Gheorghe, Primar al Comunei Radu Negru, cel care a ridicat biserica, ajutat de consteni si de alti lucratori i muli ali ostenitori

Binecuvinteaz, Doamne, n Cartea Vieii pe robii ti !


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