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1.1 Background of the Study

Language is the important one of human being. It is a mean to communicate their ideas, information, feeling and others verbally or non-verbally. Language as atool for making a communication takes an important role in our dialy activities. Without communications, we will be left behind. Communication in foreign language is a bridge to get more information, knowledge, and culture. As an International language, English is very important in the world. It is usually used as a tool of communication among people who come from different countries. Everyone in the world should have a good communication to share their idea or problem. By communication, they can have an interaction among them because human cannot live without interaction. Learning a language is concerned with mastering the four language skills namely listening, speaking, reading, and writing. However the quality of language acquisition largery denpends on the quantity and also the quality of vocabulary the students mater. Vocabulary is central to formation acculturation and articulation and apparenty in all learning. Channel (2000:129) suggest that a new vocabulary item is acquired when the learner can identify its meaning in and out of context and it can be used naturally and appropriately. Therefore, the teacher should have an interesting technique to teach the students about vocabulary. Vocabulary needs to be taught in context and the students should always be given plenty of opportunities to use the language that they have learned in class. This means that they do not just learn the rules superficially, but put them into practice in order to communicative (Phillip 1993:68).

This present study concern about vocabulary ability of the students in junior high school because to support their competences in some language skill of English, students must be able to improve their ability in vocabulary. This is related to the study of words and which words are most useful to be taught at different stages in learning process. In developing the students language skills in reading, listening, speaking, and writing, the learners must master vocabulary. The mastery of vocabulary cannot sometimes be reached optimally. The matery of vocabulary is needed by each language skill. In reading, for instance, the students will get difficulties in comprehending the text if they do not know the words in the text. Similiarly in speaking, they will have the same problem if they have only few vocabulary items. Teaching vocabulary can be done through some ways or some techniques. One of them is by implementing Jumbled Picture technique. In this case, students are allowed describing picture chronologically by using jumbled picture that given by the teacher, and they can work with their partners or individually. They learn to share knowledge and information about targeted content, and willingly do this because it is naturally as the part of class axctivity. By implementing the Jumbled Picture technique in teaching indirectly, students might improve their knowledge of English vocabulary. At least it will raise their self-confidence to express themselves openly, especially in speaking practice. Realizing the important of the vocabulary, in the present study the researcher is interested in undertaking te research which deal with improving English vocabulary through Jumbled Picture of seventh grade students of SMP (SLUB) Saraswati 1

Denpasar in academic year 2013/2014. The findings of the research are expected to give any contribution for education especially on learning vocabulary.

1.2 Statement of Research Questions

Considering on the background of study above, we know that the students who have low ability in vocabulary in the seventh grade students on the first semester must improve their vocabulary, so the research questions can be formulated as follows : to what extent is students vocabulary mastery in the seventh grade of SMP (SLUB) Saraswati 1 Denpasar in academic year 2013/2014 which is improved by Jumbled Picture technique?

1.3 Purpose of the Study According to the problem above the purpose of the study is to improve the students Vocabulary through Jumbled Picture in the seventh grade of SMP ( SLUB) Saraswati 1 Denpasar in academic year 2013/2014.

1.4 Limitation of the Study

The Discussion of Vocabulary is too complex in one single coverage in the study, so the variable definitely restriction. The study is limited on improving English vocabulary trough Jumbled Picture of seventh grade students of SMP (SLUB) Saraswati 1 Denpasar in academic year 2013/2014.

1.5 Significance of the Study

After observing the study on students under investigations, the result of the study are expected to give the benefits for the students. The result can improve the students ability and motivation.

1.6 Assumptions

For the purpose of underlying the present study, the researcher think it is necessary to make some assumptions. The assumptions are as follows : 1. The seventh grade students of SMP (SLUB) Saraswati 1 Denpasar in academic year 2013/2014 are assumed to have same intelligence, attitude, motivation, and talent in learning and acquiring English, especially in vocabulary. 2. The seventh grade students of SMP (SLUB) Saraswati are also assumed to have been learning and acquiring English for the same period of the time. Therefore, the equations time that the students have, are expected to give them the same language experience and languge exposure.

1.7 Hypothesis

On attempting to give the temporary solution to the problem, the hypothesis will be stated as the following : the English vocabulary trough Jumbled Picture of seventh grade students of SMP (SLUB) Saraswati 1 Denpasar in academic year 2013/2014 is still low.

1.8 Definition of Key Terms

In order to avoid misunderstanding and confusion on the parts of the readers concerning the key terms used in the context of the present study, the researcher needs to give a clear understanding of terms used in this study. Thus, some operational definition of the key terms are as follows : 1. English vocabulary is the ability of the seventh grade students of SMP (SLUB) Saraswati 1 Denpasar in academic year 2013/2014 in mastering some sort of part of make sentences, translation, describe something from Jumbled Picture.

2. Jumbled Picture is a test in which the students are asked to combine the jumbled picture chronologically and describe it, the answer of the students are scored based on the correct and wrong picture that they sorted.

1.9 Theoretical Framework

The present study is based on the discussions of the theoretical framework: (1) conception of vocabulary, (2) the important of vocabulary, (3) improving vocabulary, these subjects will be discussed comprehensively in chapter two.

1.10 Research Method 1.10.1. Setting and Subject

The subject of the study are the seventh grade students of SMP (SLUB) Saraswati 1 Denpasar in academic year 2013/2014. These group of students are selected as the subject of the study because they have crucial problem in vocabulary. Initial Reflection Planning Action Observation Reflection Points for Revisions

1.10.2. Research Instrument

The selection and construction of approriate, valid, and reliable research instruments were very essential step of a scientific investigations. This was on account of the fact that mererly valid and reliable research instruments were used to gather the

valid and reliable required data for study being undertaken. The research instrument utilized in this study was Describing Picture test item. Hence, the data needed for the present study would be collected by using Jumbled Picture test items in the form of Describing Picture. The researcher constructed his own writing tes. The researcher would process the data and give the score to the students to improve the students ability in writing.

1.10.3. Data Collection

The data for presents study were collected by using the research instrument, in this case is productive test. The students will be made a story from the picture which they matching from jumbled picture. To obtain the intended data, the products of students writing were collected by researcher. The researcher collected the data by administering the reseracher instrument himself. The researcher had to plan in how to select and order the content were available for analysis. The contents being analyzed were not influenced by the researched.

1.10.4. Data Analysis

The process of analyzing data was focused to find out vocabulary and grammatical features in students productive test. After identifying the whole occurrences of writing test, the process is continued with the identifiction of errors. In the process, two forms are find out, namely correct forms and erroneous forms.