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Chinese Medicine Differentiation for Autism According to pediatrician, Dr.

Quan Wan in the Ming Dynasty, his book written in 1579 AD, Secrets to Take Care of Infants and Toddlers, he indicated that childrens natural characteristics are that the liver and heart always have excess heat. The spleen, lung, and kidney tend to be deficient. Taking good care of the stomach and spleen is the root of good health in the future. Possible causes of autism: Autism Spectrum Disorder in Chinese medicine differentiation is called Wuchi, Wuruan, (five delays, five weaknesses), Ganji(middle burner stagnation). The pre-natal factor (Kidney Qi Deficiency) starts inside the mothers womb. Pregnant women under stress and lacking sleep, causes the newborns Kidney Qi Deficiency. The post-natal factor (Spleen Qi Deficiency) starts with the newborns digestive system. A nursing mothers diet affects her newborn tremendously. If the mother is overstressed regarding her child, this would cause her Liver Qi to stagnate. This in turn, overacts on her childs spleen. Additional factors include environmental pollution, vaccinations, magnetic field pollution such as television, computer, cell phone, and microwave, food additives, preservatives, growth hormones to animals and chemicals such as pesticides and fertilizers to our plants. There are five differentiations of autism: 1. First differentiation is Liver Heat. Chinese medicine believes the mental activities of humans are controlled by the heart and depends on the livers function of smoothing and regulating the flow of vital energy and blood. Long term liver Qi stagnation creates liver heat, which in turn, causes hyperactivity, anxiety, anger, irritability, insomnia and compulsive, self-destructive behavior. 2. Second differentiation is Spleen Deficiency, which causes dampness(mucus) that blocks the middle burner(digestive system). The spleen has the function of nourishing the muscles and extremities. When a spleen deficiency exists, the child cannot absorb the nutrients from the foods, thereby causing underdevelopment of their muscles and motor skills. It also causes mucus accumulation, bacteria imbalance, reflex, constipation and obesity. This is the concept of Ganji. 3. Third differentiation is Heart Qi and Yin Deficiency. The heart houses the mind. All mental, conscious and thinking activities, are related to the function of the heart. The heart has its specific opening in the tongue. The branch conduits of the heart channels ascend and connect with the tongue. When the heart malfunctions by excess mucus, heart qi and yin deficiency, it leads to sensitivity to sound and light, palpitations, seizures, insomnia, nightmares and speech delay. 4. Fourth differentiation is Kidney Deficiency (weakness). The Qi of the kidney is produced by the kidneys essence of life, which is comprised of the congenital and acquired essence of life. The congenital is inherited from the parents, and is enriched and strengthened by the acquired food essence which is transformed by the spleen and stomach into the whole body system. The kidney determines the condition of the bone and marrow which affects the childs development. Kidney deficiency leads to five delays which are standing, walking, hair growth, teeth

growth and speech development. They also lead to five weaknesses which are hands, feet, neck, mouth and muscle. 5. Fifth differentiation is Lung Qi Deficiency. The lungs function is to control the bodys Qi of respiration and operating the whole body. The larynx is not only a part of the respiratory tract but also the phonetic organ through which the lung channels pass. So its ventilation and phonation directly relate to the lung. When the lung Qi is deficient, it also causes speech delay, immune dysfunctions and allergies. According to the five organs and nine orifice connections, the tongue connects to the heart, the eyes connect to the liver, the nose connects to the lung, the mouth connects to the spleen, and the ears, urogenital and anus connect to the kidney. The dysfunction of the heart, liver, lung, spleen and kidney may cause sensory disorder in autistic children. For a child under 3 years old, we use infant massage. For a child 3 7 years old, we use acupressure. For a child 7 years old and above, we use acupuncture. The child can start taking Chinese herbal formula and antioxidant supplements at 18 months. Meanwhile, we are also offering acupuncture treatments, Chinese herbal formula and antioxidant supplements to the mother to relieve her stress and anxiety in order to bring balance and harmony to both mother and child. Regulating the mothers Qi flow is paramount to the childs normal development. All contents Copyright 2008