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Test I. Multiple Choice. Encircle the letter of the correct answer. 1.

This language appeals to the five senses of the reader. a. imagery b. poetry c. colloquial d. familiar 2. He eats like a pig is an example of this type of figurative language. a. hyperbole b. metaphor c. simile d. imagery 3. These are words or phrases within the sentences that serves as clues to its meaning. a. context clues b. affixes c. etymology d. compounding 4. A sound device that uses the repetition of initials consonant sounds. a. onomatopoeia b. rhyme c. assonance d. alliteration 5. This is also known as the enemy of the main character in a play. a. antagonist b. protagonist c. propagandist d. socialist 6. This element serves as the moral lesson or the main point that the story tries to convey. a. theme b. plot c. climax d. conflict 7. The Poor Richards Almanac is an example of this reference material. a. atlas b. periodicals c. almanac d. magazines 8. A literary genre that portrays a particular scenario that is being played by actors. a. poetry b. drama c. essay d. Story 9. A type of context clue wherein it uses examples to help the reader infer the meaning of the vocabulary word. a. examples b. Definition c. antonym d. Synonym 10. It is the sequence of the events in the story. a. theme b. Plot c. Climax d. Setting Test II. Decide what type of reference material would be the BEST and FASTEST way to find the following information. Write your answer on the blank provided after every item. 1. The occurrence of the next solar eclipse. __________________________ 2. Words similar to REVENGE. __________________________ 3. The geographical formation of Italy. __________________________ 4. Record of famous women weightlifters last 2011. ____________________ 5. Pronunciation of the word GNOCCHI. __________________________ 6. Famous landmarks of Spain. __________________________ 7. Etymology of the word Photography. __________________________ 8. Florence Nightingale as the founder of nursing _______________________ 9. Weather forecast for today. __________________________ 10. Noah Websters literary works __________________________ Test III. A. Read the following sentences comprehensively. Study the relationship of the underlined words in the sentence and identify the type of context clue being used. Write your answer on the space provided after every item.

1. The students are busy doing aesthetic activities such as poster making, poetry writing on nature and painting scenic spots. 2. A scriptwriter or a playwright is the one who takes charge of the dialogues to be used in a play. 3. Although some men are loquacious, others hardly talk at all. 4. After seeing the picture of the starving children, we all felt compassion or pity for their suffering. 5. The builder decided that the house could be built on a number of sites, for example, along a wooded path, near the ocean, or atop a mountain. B. Identify the meaning of the underlined words using context clue. Encircle the letter of the correct answer. 1. He was found running down the street after curfew, and his parents were penalized. The ticket read: illegally in the streets at 1:00 A.M. Now he would have to pay the ticket with his own money. a. crooked b. Fined c. Delicate d. Informed

2. The woman crossed her fingers as her daughter did the cheer. She was hoping that everything would work out for her daughter as she vied for a position on the squad. Her daughter wanted to be a cheerleader. a. shouted b. Enclosed c. Expanded d. Tried

3. The boy knew that the lake was teeming and overflowing with bass, so he brought a big net to help get the fish in the boat. a. rare b. Enclave c. Full d. Sparse

4. It was difficult to listen to Tommy speak because he droned on and on just like a buzzer that wont stop buzzing. a. ideal b. Same tone c. Lively d. Scarred

5. The frigid air seemed to suck his breath away as he attempted to finish his first snowman of the season. a. deficient Test IV. A. Enumeration. Give at least two words that can be formed using the following prefixes. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Bi In under post mono 6. hyper 7. super8. over9. un 10. malb. Sappy c. Thick d. Cold