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Who retrieved Voldemort's wand the night he tried to kill Harry?

Who told Dumbledore what happened between Voldemort and Lily? Why was Voldemort not going to kill Lily? If only Peter Pettigrew could tell anyone where the Potter's home was, how did the good guys retriev baby Harry after Voldemort killed the Potters? Who was RAB's accomplice in stealing Slytherin's Locket? Why does Dumbledore trust Snape so much? At the top of the tower at the end of book six why did Snape kill Dumbledore, but not capture Harry when he knew he was there because of the second broom? Even if Harry finds and destroys the Horcruxes, how is he going to kill the Dark Lord?

Its all about SNAPE. This is pretty sloppy but think about these... He can't be good - you can't lie to Voldemort; Snape is an accomplished occlumens, but its been years. Also, you have to really hate someone for he Kedava curse to work. He can't be Voldemort's ally - Dumbledore trusts him, he has protected Harry, and there's much he hasn't told the Dark Lord. He has saved Dumbledore's life as well as Harry's. Snape is evil, but he's on his own side. Snape has been secretly plotting against the Dark Lord from the moment the Voldemort killed Lily Potter. Here's the wherefores... Snape secretly loved Lily Potter.This may be what Voldemort used to turn Snape to his side, or maybe Snape turned out of bitterness. Remember Lily defended Snape when James was picking on him. Maybe Snape was heartbroken when Lily and James were married, and turned to the dark side... Snape may even have dated Lily Potter: was he "that awful boy," that Petunia referred to? Snape heard Professor Trelawney's prophecy, and told Voldemort only the parts he wanted Voldemort to hear, deliberately manipulating Voldemort into killing James and Harry, but leaving Lily alive for Snape. (Remember, prior to Voldemort deciding to kill Harry the prophecy could have applied to Neville just as easily.) Snape went with Voldemort to the Potter's house. When Lily and Voldemort were dead and "dead," respectively, he took the baby and the wand. He hid the wand to return to Voldemort later via Pettigrew.

Then he took the baby to Hagrid, and told Dumbledore how he had revealed part the prophecy to Voldemort. Dumbledore was going to figure this out anyway, and the penitnece act built trust with Dumbledore. Finally, he told Dumbledore how Voldemort killed the woman he loved. That's why Dumbledore is convinced Snape hates the Dark Lord (recall that Dumbledore has a high opinion of the power of love). Snape probably capitalize here on saving Harry, "Lily's son." Snape saw Regulus was not to remain a Death Eater for long, so he used that. He told Regulus of the horcrux, helped him retrieve it and presumably destroy it, and allowed him to take credit for it in the note. This weakened the Dark Lord, but kept Snape's treachery secret from all. Snape is manipulating a lot of history. Snape hates Harry because he has his mother's eyes - a persistent, painful reminder of his lost love. Snape let Harry go to do the hard work of recovering and destroying the Horcruxes, and then finally kill the Dark Lord. Snape may help Harry though hints, or behind the scenes, and probably by betraying Voldemort at the final moment. Then Snape will take over as the new, darker Dark Lord. This is why Snape has done so many things for the side of good - its not that he's trying to convince everyone he's against Voldemort, he really is. But its also why he hasn't helped the good guys as much as he could have, and has done some things to help Voldemort. His plan is to tell both sides he's their double agent, helping them fight each other until both sides are weak enough for him to take over completely. Remember, he took several memories out of his head each time he gave Harry Occlumency lessons. Snape is evil, but he's on his own side. Dumbledore is right to trust that Snape is not a Deatheater, and right to believe that Snape is working against the Dark Lord. Voldemort is not detecting any lies - Snape does hate Harry, Dumbledore, and the lot of them, and wants to kill them all. Neither has realized that the enemy of your enemy is not necessarily your truest friend.