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HR poetries

Uddalak Banerjee

Compensation From Maslow to Herzberg and Expectancy, Theories drive the rush for relentless intensity , Pay drives performance says Agency , Reinforcement is the base of meritocracy.

From Gantt to Impro share you move one by one , After Bedeux you divide the task into simple actions, It is output that drives variable fractions, Stocks pull many to subscribe the long term plans. After strategy and countless interviews for internal benchmarking, It is competitors pay that drives external benchmarking, Packaging benefits , allowances and work variety, Compensation in short is like a divided society. Time just flies when analysing skills and competencies, Understanding JD s will cause some latency, But the more you learn the more you earn, Read it twice so that you dont miss the turn.

=====================uddalak Banerjee


In 90 hours of its start it ended, with more than 20 companys unattended, X of Xl shone again , with in 3 and half days all 240 got its reign.

Squashing fears of economic bane, like all years it did it again, Thanks to seniors who lived upto their name, showing us all what xl adds to our name.

======================uddalak banerjee

Summer Internship
There is no shall will or would , what one can one must and should, with a tinge of pepper added to food, PPOs are what that makes the mood. With every sweat that goes to ground, Bosses do often resemble a hound, but then in mind with PPO doing round and round, cataclysmically galvanises both sight and sound.

---------uddalak banerjee