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Performance Interview Planning Checklist

Culinary Arts Performance Appraisal

Name: _______________________________ Employee ID No: _______________________ Type of appraisal: ______________________ Job Title: ______________________________ Date of appraisal: ______________________

Assessment Questions Quality and amount of work performed: Does the employee have a record of accurate and high quality work? Are they comfortable with the amount of tasks, and even strive to increase amount of work they do? Adherence to food cost control procedures: Is the employee aware of the correct procedures for food cost control? Does the employee understand the importance of adhering to these procedures? Quality of culinary skills: Employee knows and possesses correct skill needs for successful completion of job. Do they require all skill necessary to complete the job? Do they keep up to date with any new skills needed? Ability to work unsupervised: Is the employee able to work for periods of time without constant supervision? Employee needs little, or no instruction to carry out tasks assigned to them?

Strongly Agree




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Performance Interview Planning Checklist

Knowledge of Rules and company procedure: Does the employee know, and adhere to the rules and company procedures? Does the employee handle following the rules with a strong positive attitude? Are they current and up to date on the correct procedures ensuring safety, and safety training? Leadership potentials: Does the employee have what it takes to be a leader? Do they possess the skills required to train, delegate, and control subordinate employees? Do they have the necessary skills for problem solving, organization, and planning?

Strongly Agree: evaluation result that can be given when employees overall performance
is greater than the average, acceptable performance.

Agree: evaluation result that is given when employees overall performance meets the
average, acceptable performance.

Disagree: evaluation result that is given when employees overall performance fails to meet
the minimum, acceptable performance.

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Performance Interview Planning Checklist

Raters comments:

Employees Comments:

EMPLOYEE SIGNATURE: _______________________ DATE: __________ RATERS NAME: ________________________________ RATERS SIGNATURE: __________________________ DATE: _________

EMPLOYEES REFUSAL TO SIGN: I certify that this performance appraisal was discussed with the employee who refused to sign it. Raters certification: _____________________________________ Date: _______________

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