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James L Bradley July 4th, 2013

During a chilly December evening some 110 men (plus or minus), some dressed as Mohawk warriors, lit a small flame that would eventually morph into the American Revolution. On December 16 th, 1773, over 239 years and 6-months from today these men (Sons of Liberty) revolted against the British Government and the passage of the Tea Act by the British Parliament which had received royal blessing on May 10th, 1773. The Tea Act was, like todays politics, became an Act to help the British East India Company reduce the stock pile of tea in the warehouses of the financially desperate company. Sort of reminds you of the company named Halliburton, financially on the brink caused by the actions of Dick Cheney as its President, who later as the VP of the USA with the assistance of a few on the banks of the Potomac awarded a sole source contract to them to manage the War in Iraq. It would take another 16-months and 3-days before the 1 st battles between the Crown and the Revolutionists at Lexington and Concord, historical records are cloudy on who it was that actually fired the first shot at Lexington on April 19th, 1775 but never-the-less American Revolutionary War had began. Why? Simple over a push by the East India Company to save their bottom line! Beginning in that day in April the war would last until the Treaty of Paris was endorsed some 8-years, 4-months, and 25-days later. At the end of the War, America was to loose 25,000 of their population, the British 20,000 soldiers dead or wounded, along with 19,740 British sailors, with an additional 42,000 deserting the British Royal Navy at any event a costly end to save the bottom line of a corporation.

In conversations spread across the planet, from time-to-time, youll hear murmurs that it might be time for a world-wide revolution, a movement set to the drum beat of shedding the control of 7.093 billion people by the 50 million wealthy elite. When you research the values of our system, one of the many facts you see is that over 6.74 billion (95%) exist on less than $10 per day and that over 40% of the global population only accounts for less than 5% of the global income, and that the well-off (less than 10%) account for over 75% of the planets income. If, by chance , youre one to keep even the slightest attention to the world around you, youd see that way less than 3.16 million in the USA control all the political power, hold more than half the wealth, and are supposed to pay, they claim, the majority of taxes despite the mile deep and wide tax loopholes and their hidden assets overseas. It is no surprise that they merely consider the remaining 99% just as so much filler, conditioned to buy every latest fad, heavy interest loaded mortgages (with a surprising number of them under water), and trained to watching 2-hours of prime-time commercials daily, along with after 9-11 a great many of their personal freedoms cast aside in the name of National Security. Never mind the fact that the last time anything close to Democracy in America was around the time that the Wright brothers were breaking their backs and cracking their knuckles attempting to defy gravity and soar like an Eagle. In reality it isnt so much that these select few control the dollar, it is what they do with their excess profits, ripping and destroying the environment in their thirst for more dollars. I agree that the climate is changing, witness the latest change in that stream of air high above our northern land mass a good example being the massive clear air above the largest State in the USA. An yet, I also know that man has to be pretty conceited to believe it is just he alone that is causing the change, albeit he might be tickling the environment helping it to an earlier event than just nature. The primary headlines in some periodicals point to increasing levels of CO 2 now up to 400ppm in our atmosphere, while other notes point to the fact that our oceans chemical (PH) balance is moving negative, which by the way will decrease the oceans ability to hold the CO 2 at lower levels, in other words the oceans are our planets largest carbon bank. Riding along with the increasing

CO2 is the additional release of Methane (CH 4), which at the present moment is the 2nd most prevalent greenhouse gas (CHG) emitted across the northern hemisphere (at least 25x more potent than CO 2) as in the vast areas of land mass in Alaska, Canada, and Siberia (24% is permafrost, which is anything but permanent) warms expect this gas to far exceed the output of CO2, now at 1.79ppm, doubling over the last 100 years. Now it wouldnt be fair to point all our fingers at the well-off, but it is hard not to when you read or see their influence of the governments of the world where in the name of profits they bend and twist existing environmental laws while creating new laws that exempt them from any legal actions coming from the people who are effected by their manipulations. With this blatant disregard for the 99% outside of their circle, along with the control that they have over sitting governments they smile and mutter screw you as they march across the landscape using it as if it was their own backyard so be it, in this a good part of the population falls by the way side as they pile stacks of gold in their personal vaults. After-all it is the free enterprise system, and the door is open to those who really work hard to join the march, by hook or crook. It was just but a few days ago that President Obama speaking at Georgetown University remarked, As a president, as a father and as an American, I am here to say we need to act. This in reference to climate change, he also went on to say pointing at the critics who deny that climate change is a real thing, I dont have much patience for anyone who denies that this challenge is real, we dont have time for a meeting of the FLAT EARTH SOCIETY. It wasnt but a few short minutes after the cones of the speakers at the University had stopped vibrating that the puppet leaders of our nations Congress were shouting to the world, that POTUS was smoking weed or something like that naturally their back pocket stuffed full of contributions from the fossil fuel industry. For the first time in a very long time, these dangling leaders on a monetary string mentioned jobs, jobs that would be lost if regulations would be enforced concerning the release of carbon and other harmful chemicals into the atmosphere. Company complaints doesnt it? Smacks of the East India

To top the day the Supreme Court of the Land, struck section four of the Voting Rights Bill, which in effect stripped Federal Oversight on stopping voting bias this action cheered across 15 states, mostly in the South, whereas they do not require Federal approval to change their voting requirements by the way this move plays directly into the planned action by the Governor in the State of Alaska to limit the voting impact of Alaska Natives in the Bush oh by the way he is a Republican who just gave the oil companies a un-heard of Tax Break to do business in Alaska. And get this his disciples bow and scrape when he walks the streets of the capital as if removing a viable State income is a good thing. Go Figure! Over the past few weeks from around the world news headlines announced the descent of various peoples, to include the Turks, Brazilians, Spanish and Greeks all voicing their displeasure of the edicts announced by their governments. In this they all shared a common theme with a hard fast result in some cases being the criminalization of protest, blatant human rights violations, and obvious media control, now couple this with the weakening of labor rights. As for the control of the world monetary system one would be remiss in forgetting the control the major financial institutions, such as the Federal Reserve, IMF, World Bank and the other houses in Europe, carefully outlined in this Today we find supported a recent report by Credit Suisse that 0.5% control without a doubt over 35% of the worlds wealth, whereas in the USA which has an estimated wealth of $55 trillion (asset based). Mixed in with this wealth is a growing movement driven by the enormous income in-equality gang, this manifesting itself in the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations it should be no surprise to any reading this that it will take a major recalibration to this condition some predict a long-term action between governments, businesses and the 99% society, whereas it could take a decade or longer. This serious income inequality was the hot topic at the last meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos. There will be no doubt of a large political backlash in dealing with this, both in the advanced and emerging economies with a result being

governments using increased taxation instruments with a direct attack on tax havens in other words its going to be a tougher playing field for the rich.

You have to have jumped out of bed and fell flat on your face to not realize that the greatest driver towards accepting climate change is money, whereas the latest estimates put the number of vehicles on the road in the USA at over 250 million (2009) and yet the consumption of fuel has decreased for various reasons to include better MPG, less driven miles, along with the obvious high-price of the fuel. Consider that in 1965 there were only 91+ million vehicles, and gas was cheap. Our current financial top-loaded crisis can only be solved with some drastic changes, part of which involves reducing our dependence of fossil fuels without addressing climate change with the advent of the World Wide Web we are now aware of the massive ecological eruption across the globe. We no longer have an option when it comes to renewable sources, if for nothing else to provide energy not based on parts of the world in turmoil, or a operation that is being protested within a countries borders the immediate consequence being the price fluctuation jerked around by the speculators. Now add the lost of land due to deforestation, pushing the lands indigenous population off into the cities to then depend on the public coffers to survive truly if one cannot see the consequences they are either blind or indifferent to the increasing situation. One of the up-coming issues to the front page of America is it shrinking of the working mans wage in some quarters already the lowest in the Western world, the multi-national corporations learning that the quality of their products produced outside of the US borders cannot meet the expected standards of the American public, along with the increasing cost of labor overseas, and the cost of shipping increasing with the cost of fuel their profit margins are taking a nosedive. In order the survive they move back to a more productive work force, they now are pushing their lapdogs along the

Potomac to attack and destroy unions with one Senator Lamar Alexander (RTN) wanting to abolish the minimum wage a law that has been on the books for 75-years. I often wonder what will be the trigger, lately in following events one cant help but notice that in a concentrated effort certain members of the Republican Party are in lockstep backwards in denying rights to the females in our population, which by the way outnumber the males the primary issue being whether or not the female can have control over her body. Now add to this the goal of the same few to trash the wages of the Middle Class, this by pushing for the demise of Labor Unions, some wonder why? Let us not forget the drastic move to deny the vote to the disadvantaged and certain minorities. In reality it is quite simple over the past couple of decades the corporate world has run to cheap labor markets outside of the US borders in doing so have increased their profit margins due to the wide gap in labor costs. Now that these cheaper labor markets are feeling the pressure of increased labor costs their profit margins have taken a slight dip, and then when you add the increase in fuel, the shipping cost is again cutting into their bottom line. Astute businessmen know for a fact that sooner, not later, the scarcity of fuel will only drive the shipping higher and that the labor market in the Far East will never go back down. Their options are slim only one being to move production nearer to the customer problem is none of the expenses, let say for land, services, raw material, and labor are any lower than overseas land will not go down anytime soon, nor will the cost of electricity or other service, which only leaves labor. Answer your question! The controlling 1% hang their hat on the fact that the population in North America are too comfortable with their standard of life, being that there are enough that consider any type of kick-back as a move towards not having the lights come on when they throw a switch or that no water will gush forth from the facet when they twist it. The idea that this part of the population would be open to a mass revolt against the hierarchy spoon feeding a bit of wealth their direction is tantamount to committing suicide really. In other words, the fear that the imminent end of civilization is approaching is a remote thought.

The 1% and the leaders they control walk a delicate thin line in preventing a mental epidemic, that will push them from behind the curtain of deception of who is actually running the life of the 99%. Over the last decade the worlds population, as it access to the Internet increases, watch a situation that is developing, growing from person-to-person faster than anyother time in our history, this network of people are spreading the word just as fast as the speed-of-light networks allow them. Their movement has become more contagious than the Black Death, along with having a more deadly consequence in the economic world many believe, mostly the megacorporations that the recent un-rest seen across the world will be a passing fad, I dont think so the man-in-the-street is fed up with being manipulated and his pockets picked to satisfy the greed of a few. It is no longer idle rhetoric that the government, local, state and federal have been corrupted by the 1% - they, running neck and neck with some 147 financial institutions that include the huge international central banks, where most if not all our led by the US Federal Reserve. Now most of the population seems to believe that the Federal Reserve is exactly what its name implies, (Federal), it is not although it was created by Congress (back when) it is owned by a cartel of private banks whereas its existence and operation is strongly dictated by these private banks and their Boards. The heavy/thick curtain that shields the power elite and their manipulation of the capital enterprise system is entrenched in our every day existence, yet so well constructed or woven that few know or understand its purpose. On the open side of the curtain it is a very easy goal to find someone who believes that the other side of the curtain is chock full of mafia type controllers. Financial entities that loose no sleep at night as they march willynilly across the landscape imposing they rules to control the methods of financial exchange. In this some state, these thugs think that if they can keep the general population of the world ignorant, they can bleed it forever. Supporting this belief is the rampant corruption at the top-levels of government and the multi-national corporations, although most know that this is not a new phenomenon the financial meltdown over the past six years, along with the wide open connectivity enjoyed by an increasing population base, is chipping away at their secrets.

The 35th President of the United States, being privileged as belonging to the then 1% crowd, more than understood the effect the privately held Federal Reserve had/has over the world economy in particular that its power was based on the support of the government of the USA. On June 4 th, 1963 he issued an Executive Order that would have made the Federal Reserve a non-entity 171 days later he lay dead in Dallas, Texas the victim of an assassins bullets.

History Professor Carrol Quigley author of Tragedy and Hope, a History of the World in our Time 1966) penned the function behind the world of finance. He wrote, The powers of financial capitalism had a far-reaching aim, nothing less than to create a world-system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole. This system (as designed) was to be controlled in a feudalist fashion by central banks of the world acting in concert by secret agreements arrived at in frequent private meetings and conferences. The apex of the system was to be the The Bank for International Settlements in Basil, Switzerland, a private bank owned and controlled by the worlds central banks which were (are) themselves private banks. If you understand the present system, you know that it is spun around credit, massive amounts of credit, whereas in your parents and grandparents time they tucked away a portion of their income, saving to make large purchases. Since the late 50s and early 60s the credit movement grew to where it is today in this I want it now society, the public debt in Western society has ballooned out-of-control. This credit is a product of financial institutions a silent method of controlling your life now apply this to the world of politics.

Although Americas Founding Fathers created a Federal System of government with multiple layers of checks and balances, with our government under the influence of the financial 1%, it swept aside precious metals backing our printed currency consequence - our world was turned over to the financial industry.

Unfortunately the entire economic world in the West collapsed over the past few years, and without a doubt it can be blamed on the actions of a few in that same world causing the damage that screamed for and consequently received bail-out funds from their governments basically from the same population they harmed. All that printed paper floating around, it is supported by nothing except faith, even if it were backed by gold there isnt sufficient gold in reserve or vaults to back it up.
If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency first by inflation then by deflation the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered... I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies... The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people to whom it properly belongs. Thomas Jefferson

Evidence splashed across the worlds news services provide ample proof that the populations in Greece, Spain, Portugal, Egypt, Iceland, Iraq, Turkey and other countries brought to their knees by the huge amount of debt hoisted on them via the well-known programs of the world banks have had it up to their collars with the manipulations invoked in the name of financial responsibility. The worlds instant communication networks developed under the pressure of the financial marketplace is working against them, to such a point that again under the pressure of these same entities a government here and there will periodically attempt to limit the lines of the network to soon learn their attempts are futile. To those outside of the nations struggling with double digit unemployment, austerity programs, along with blatant human rights violation the news doesnt appear that serious. It is! In truth added to the preceding list are war (civil and ethnic), oppression of women, widespread poverty, pollution, climate change, deforestation, discrimination and exploitation, hunger, overpopulation, crime, urban violence, illiteracy, cultural malaise, anxiety, and last but certainly not least the corruption of politicians by the wealthy 1%. All of the above adding fuel to the fire that will eventually cause the caldron of discontent to boil over revolution!

Now Im not saying or stating that our world has no goodness or beauty, nay, it is full of beauty and good things that are found in all corners, heavy doses of immense beauty, wildernesses, mountains, ocean shores, landscapes, lakes and from some places un-paralleled views of sunsets and the majestic rising of the Sun this is the world we embrace and enjoy and the holidays too most are a joy and a time for massive hangovers and/or other afflictions brought about due to our celebrations this is life my friend, not standing for hours and hours to cast your ballot to later find out your vote has been shammed and dumped by some mysterious procedure exercised by someone who drives a bigger car than yours. Yesterday, 3rd of July, 2013, some sat glued to their TV or tapping into this Blog or the other watched and/or read as the Egyptian Military ran an apparent coup and toppled an elected President (51.7% of vote). This under the wishes of over 25 mil (conservative estimate) of the man-in-the-street dismantling his Presidency guided and enforced by the radical Muslim Brotherhood a branch of Islam that has been pushing to run Egypt since its inception in 1929 their form of government lasted one-year to be pushed aside by the people and their wish to be ruled by a non-sectarian government. In this incident we notice that 26.4% of the population of Egypt effectively said no to sectarian rule, and did something about it! Granted it wasnt only the sectarian rule that prompted the demonstrations, it was the lack of change when it came to the severe

economic crisis, the extremely high un-employment, lack of investments, power shortages, fuel shortages and the low level of tourism brought about by the continuing unrest and mismanagement of the government now Egypt no longer has a President nor a Constitution and once again is wide open to violence in its streets and alleys. Even with the recent events in Egypt it still is not accurate to state that our civilization and the human condition has completely degenerated, whereas historically records demonstrate that our present day world shows many improvements being made over our existence. Never-the-less we face some serious problems, and with the advent of improved communications the populace are demanding effective attention and positive responses this we see is an unprecedented action within the 99% of the world.

The demands put to the pen seem simple, yet in practice are and will be difficult to achieve: 1) 2) 3) 4) Peace Social Justice Economic Well-Being Ecological Balance

It is the hope and wish of many that we, as a civilization can one-day embrace the four benchmarks of a successful existence but many doubt it. James L Bradley Have a wonderful 4th of July (in the USA), swill down the homemade Root Beer and ooohhh and awe over the countrywide firework shows.