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Watch satellite TV
shows on your (
If you subscribe to
Sky TV or you're a Sky
broadband or phone
customer you can use
the excellent Sk')' Go
app for iPad, iPhone,
iPod Touch (www.
and many Android
devices (www.snipca.
com/9155) for no extra
cost. You can also log
into your Sky account
and watch programmes
online on a desktop
PC or laptop (www. Each Sky
user can access Sky Go on two devices.
The list of devices you can use with
Sky Go is at
The 5-a-month Sky Go Extra
option adds the ability to download
programmes and to watch
programmes on up to four devices.
If you subscribe to Sky Sports or Sky
Movies you can also watch live Premier
League football or the latest blockbuster
films online. Just open the app or log
into your account to start watching.
As well as live streams of major Sky
channels such as Sky 1, Sky Sports and
Sky Movies, there's an extensive on-
demand library that includes popular
series such as Mad Men, Touch and
Modern Family.
.& Use the Sky Go tablet app to watch live 1V
Watch Sky without subscribing
There's a cunning way to get Sky Go
without paying for a Sky account
yourself. If you have a fri end or family
member who doesn' t use Sky Go, ask
them to set you up as an additional
user on their account so you can use
it. Up to nine people can be registered
to a household Sky subscription. See for details.
Virgin TV customers can use Virgin
TV Anywhere (
to watch any of its 67 channels online or
via an iOS app. Virgin says it will launch
an Android version this year too. As well
as live broadcasts, Virgin TV Anywhere
offers thousands of hours of on-demand
.& Watch live 1V broadcasts on your tablet or phone with lVCatchup
50 I www. I 26 June - 09 July 2013
TV and fi lms. Sky channels,
MTV and Nickelodeon aren't
available on the app.
Get live TV on your
phone or tablet
With so many on-demand
programming available, it's
easy to forget about live
TV. TVCatchup, available
for Android (www.snipca.
com/9136) and Apple
phones and tablets, streams
almost any programme
shown on Freeview live
over the web. You can start
watching as soon as you've
got the app as no sign-up is
required. There's a browser version for
viewing live TV on your desktop PC or
laptop (
TV channels are listed down the side
of the screen with details of what's on
now and next. Scroll down to see more
channels. Tap a programme to start
watching. Tap the X in the top right to
skip the adverts. Quality is decent and
you can watch live TV over Wi-Fi, 3G
or 4G. Only use these last two
options if you have an unlimited
mobile data plan or you' ll end up
with a huge mobile phone bill.
Use a tuner to watch live TV
If you have a slow internet
connection but want to watch TV
on your computer, a TV tuner is
a good investment. It will pick
up all the channels available on
Freeview and doesn't require
a web connection to work.
However, the Freeview signal
in the UK is very poor so you
might not be able to tune into
many stations. USB TV products
such as the Elgato EyeTV DTT
Deluxe (
also depend on excellent
indoor reception to work.
Installing a TV tuner card on
your desktop PC and connecting
this to your rooftop aerial is
a more reliable alternative
( .
.& Plug in a 1V tuner to watch live 1V on your laptop
Watch overseas 1V
programmes in the UK
You aren' t limited to programmes
intended for broadcast in the UK. You
can watch almost any programme you
wish right now without paying a penny.
US web TV services offer far more
choice than UK ones. Programmes often
air and become available for download or
streami ng months earlier too.
The only thing stopping you watching
the latest films and programmes from
overseas is where you live. Disguise this
and endless additional entertainment can
be yours. Pretending that you're in the US
rather than the UK is safer than resorting
to dodgy pirate sites too. At peer-to-peer
download sites you risk exposing your
computer to a trove of malware.
View US Netflix shows
To take your pick of US Netflix
programmes you need to
mask your UK location using
Unblockus ( www.unblock-us.
com; $4.99 per month aft er
week-long trial). You first need
to sign up for a Netflix account at Telling Netflix you're
watching from within the US rather than
the UK isn' t technically illegal but it
breaches the Netflix user agreement.
Unblockus is much easier to use than
a VPN or proxy server. The service is
designed specifically for watching TV
and films from other countries and
works really well with Netflix and simil ar
US TV and film services such as Hulu
Unblockus can be used on a
laptop, Smart TV, games console
or smartphones. You won' t need to
install any software either as it works
by changing settings on your device
to make it appear as if it's located in
another country. On a Playstation 3, for
example, you need to change your DNS
settings on the games console and then
go to the Unblockus website in the PS3's
web browser. Log into your account,
change your region to USA (or another
country) and click Update. There's
even a video explaining how to do it at
Enjoy overseas 1V shows for free
VPN software creates a private
connection between your computer and
websites you visit. Use the free proXPN
( VPN software on a
Windows or Mac computer to reroute
your internet connection via the US and
make it looks as though you're accessing
the internet from the US. If you install
..,__,._ _____ _
___ ...
.A. Route your web connection through the US to
get access to US TV shows now
proXPN on your laptop, you can connect
it to a TV via an HDMI cable and enjoy
US Netflix or Hulu in your living room.
The version of proXPN for iPads and
Android tablets costs $9.95 per month
(6.59) or $6.25 per month (4.14) for a
one-year subscription. The paid version
also lifts the 300Kbps bandwidth
restriction. This makes it more
likely you') I be able to stream high-
definiti on video, though this also
depends on the quality and speed
of your web connection.
Not all US web TV services
can be fooled by proXPN.,
for example, wi ll recognise that you're
trying to watch from outside the US. To
use proXPN to watch the latest US TV
and films on Hulu, install the software,
click Connect and wait for the icon to
turn green. When you try to go to www., you will be redirected to the
proXPN website. Click 'Continue on to'. Hulu has a vast number
of programmes to enjoy.
Yet another option is to try Hola
( This is a free add-on
for Chrome and Fi refox web browsers.
There's also a Windows Desktop version
and apps for Mac and Android. Hola
works with Hulu, Netflix, Pandora, CBS.
com and in the US.
Watch UK 1V favourites overseas
If you spend time overseas, but want to
watch homegrown shows, you' ll find
some of them on YouTube. The BBC
has its own You Tube channels at www. Some of the location-
masking methods we've described also
allow access to the iPlayer and other web
TV services as if you were in the UK.
Hola works with BBC iPlayer, ITV Player,
4oD and Demand 5 outside the UK.
ProXPN works overseas too, but you'll
need to pay to use it. A month's access
costs 6.59. An annual subscription is
49.67. Once you've created a premium
account select a UK server from the
dropdown list and click Connect.
26 June - 09 July 2013 I I 51
Uncover archive TV footage
British Pathe (
is an archive of news and entertainment
programmes. The site is a treasure trove
of fantastic clips and full-length TV
shows from times gone by. Browse by
Programme (,
Archives or Categories or search by
subject for anything from fly-fishing to
the FA Cup.

I Pal'iie
x lllM _ ......
At you' ll
find more than 400 videos, plus TV
and film extracts spanning more than
100 years. The British Film Institute's
You Tube channel also offers links to
topics such as London on Film through
the ages ( The
BFI's own website spotlights particular
directors, such as David Lean and Charlie
Chaplin (
Internet Archive (www.snipca.
com/9226) hosts many free films,
including The 39 Steps, Orson Welles in
the The Stranger, Lon Chaney in the 1925
silent film version of The Phantom of the
Opera and Vincent Price in cult classic
The Last Man on Earth. The site is made
easier to navigate by fan lists such as
'40 great films on Internet Archive'
( Internet
Archive posts regular updates at
The BBC also maintains a
programme archive at See 'Best BBC
content' on page 53.
Explore independent cinema
Independent film is well-represented
online. Indie Movies Online (www. has a whole section
dedicated to free films covering
independent cinema classics and the best
of international cinema.
YouTube hosts free films of variable
merit at The
Archives Pro0rammes Categories Galleries OVO
British Guiana - The Country And Its Industries ... 1924
10 Dangerous DueO.vlb
- .................. _
... .,,.-_, '"'lheP.dl9
<M S-- "'clongofous
.... IOslo-- llo<woro!O
TWemy Acu of TerTor

cN4 lias a .. ,_...., al
ID 1010 '91: dwaugll to lht ZOOS

lD Tragedies CAught on Film
A Search for 'documentaries' on the Briti sh Pathe site to unearth vast quantities of clips and full-length lV shows
intriguing Life in a Day (www.snipca.
com/9227), compiled from 80,000 clips
from YouTube members, is well worth
a watch. Search YouTube by category
( you can
unearth some quality programmes and
films. Sections for comedy, animation,
music, science and technology
form a stellar line-up of original
content. Create a Google or
YouTube account and subscribe
to channels to get updates about
new programmes.
Viso Cinema (www.snipca.
com/9220) lists films available on
YouTube by genre while at SnagFilms
( you can watch
dozens of free independent productions.
Fans of Animation and stop-
motion film may prefer Vimeo
( where you can
watch users' own creations for free.
Documentary makers often post their
videos on Vimeo. Members can promote
particularly well-crafted programmes
by clicking the heart icon to 'like'
them. This helps compensate for the
number of marketing videos on the
site. Unfortunately, films that include
nudity are popular with members.
There's also beautiful cinematography
on Vimeo such as Searching for the Yeti
Learn from an expert
There are lots of educational
programmes at TED (
The site features more than 1,500 video
presentations by the biggest names in
business, entertainment and academia.
Try the playlist of recommended talks
at or enjoy
Microsoft founder Bill Gates' favourite
videos ( You
can search for TED talks by topic,
keyword and much more.
Riveting talks by remarkable people free to the worl d
...................... ..
...... -................................ .......
""'..... . ....... -.... _.... ..
........... - ........... -
,,_, .. _ .................. ..._
.... ,__. .................. ._....
............................ __ ._ ......... ..
_ ......... .. _ ...... 11111 ... ..
............. ........................... ...
_..... ........... .._.. ....... ,, ........... .
___ _, .... -,...o-wc-.... ................. ,__ .. ..
............... ....-
fl ..... -o..-..... - .....
....._ ... .....,._._ .......... ... _
A The BFl's website highlights the work of movie legends such as Charlie Chaplin
52 I I 26 June - 09 July 2013
Mtftl' .... Hft
Mnt1'11 ..

V.M.....,I' .. ....,_
.f- .
.,_ :_.1..._ . ' c;
-- I I
. ,
r- ',
.. l
A TED features more than 1,500 fascinating video presentations
A Use Blinkbox to watch films on-demand without being tied into a contract
Watch classic concert footage
Music fans should head to Concert Vault
( This fantastic
site contains hundreds of concerts from
the 1970s onwards (some are audio-only).
A 3.99 per month subscription provides
unlimited viewing and two concert
downloads per week.
Use TV subscription
services for free
The big-name film rental companies
LoveFilm and Netfiix work on a monthly
subscription basis. But you can watch
many programmes and fi lms for free as
long as you're happy to do so via the web
version of these sites. Vimeo offers on-
demand documentary downloads, but
also has plenty of free videos to watch.
If you have a Tesco Clubcard you can
watch of selection of TV programmes
and films for free. Enter your Clubcard
number and sign up for an account at So far you
can only watch shows on your
computer, but smar tphone and
tablet apps are promised. You
could, however, use an HDMI cable
to connect your laptop to your TV.
Blinkbox ( is
Tesco's on-demand fi lm and TV rentals
service. It's priced per-show, so you can
pay to watch without being tied in to a
contract. There are weekly 99p deals
on new releases and a 99p downloads
section at
There's an incredible amount of quality
TV programming and fi lms for you to
watch online and on portable devices.
While territorial restrictions exist, it's
really not difficult to circumvent them.
And with all the options we've given
you for tuning in for free, you probably
won't need anything more than a
2Mbps broadband connection to tune in.
Happy viewing. C?EJ
~ ------
The BBC has a vast archive of TV
and radio content at
co.uklarchivel programme. It isn' t
all on line yet, but progress is being
made. You can watch episodes of
Tomorrow's World, Panorama, Blue
Peter, archived news broadcasts and
much more. Search by programme
name or by the col lection (www. or theme.
Opti ons include Art and Artists,
Books and Writers, Politi cs and
Government, Sports, Transport and
Travel. You can also follow the BBC
Archive on Twi tter (@ArchiveAtBBC).
There are regular updates about
classic programmes available on
BBC iPlayer, as well as some choice
picks from the vast array of shows
on the BBC' s archive website. The
broadcaster is currentl y undergoing
the process of digitising its huge
archi ve of TV and radio, totalling
more than 12 million items. More
collections of archived programmes
are due to be put online soon.
Technobabble demystified ...
3G A mobile phone technology
that allows for fast mobile
internet access.
4G An emerging set of
technologies that delivers even
faster mobile broadband.
Bandwidth A measure of
how much information can be
transferred through a connection
at onetime.
Data plan The amount of
mobile internet allowed in your
mobile phone contract
DNS Domain Name System.
A technology that associates
computers with their addresses
on the internet.
Hotspot A public area covered
by a wireless network that allows
you to access the internet, either
free or for a fee.
Mbps Megabits per second.
A measure of data transfer
speed, often used to measure
the maximum speed of
broadband connections.
Proxy A computer that sits
between your computer and
the internet and filters the
connection. Sometimes used
simply to remove internet
threats such as viruses, but can
also be used to block access to
websites and internet services
as well as masking the identity
of a computer, giving its user
anonymity on the internet.
Smart TV A TV that connects
to the internet and has apps for
watching catch-up TV online.
Streaming Audio or video
material that can be played as it
is downloaded from the internet
or transferred from another
VPN Virtual Private Network. A
technology for keeping all internet
communication safe and private
even on insecure networks.
For full definitions visit:
26 June - 09 July 2013 I www I 53
Fantastic new
search tools
Use the latest search tools to find
what you need without even trying
or most of us, searching for
something online involves typing
a word or phrase into Google.
But Google doesn't have all the
answers and, in any case, doesn't present
search results equally. It's been criticised
by the EU for giving prominence to
results that appear in its own services.
Nonetheless, for general searches, such
as addresses and publicly available facts,
Google or its main rivals Bing ( and Yahoo ( will
probably find the web link you need.
Finding items that are not often
searched for, that have few or no links
from other sites, or are on infrequently
updated webpages is more of a challenge.
It can also be frustrating to get results
based on your previous searches. This
usually happens because the search
fJJ With Google you can customise
r almost every element of your search
experience. If you allow it to, Google will
use your contact list, emails, previous
web searches, locations, calendar entries
and appointments to provide you with a
highly tailored search. You need to sign
into your Google account (the same one
you use for Gmail, YouTube and Blogger)
and set Google as your search engine in
the dropdown menu in your browser bar in
Internet Explorer or Firefox. Chrome users
won't need to select Google here as it's the
default search engine.
When you're signed into Google, it
will use your search history and any
J . ~ - - KEY POINTS
Mainstream search engines will
answer most queries, but you may
need to refine your question
Use specialist sites to find specific
file types, hidden academic papers
or to search anonymously
New search tools use your location
and other data to pre-emptively
suggest relevant information
Opting out of tracking or other data
collection may mean you get less
accurate results
54 I I 26 June - 09 July
connected Google services you allow
to provide a more focused search. To
manage your settings, click Account,
Dashboard and enter your Google
password. Under Security go to
'Connected applications and sites' to
revoke access to any that shouldn't be
able to access your account. In Products
you can review settings for Google
services you use. For example, if you
enable Latitude to share your location
details you'll be able to get up-to-the-
minute traffic and weather information.
Use Google Now to
organise your day
Google Now is built into Google search
on smartphones running Android 4.1
or later. To enable it, tap the search box
or open the Google app from the Apps
list. Tap Settings and switch on Google
Now. You must give Google permission
to analyse your email and calendar
entries. It's your choice how much more
you share, but for the best results you'll
need to allow Google apps to see your
location and give Google access to even
more data about you. To choose what
Google Now is able to view, start Now,
open the menu, select Settings and tap
' Privacy & accounts'. Review which apps
can be used to provide data in Settings,
'Phone search'.
Get Google Now on your Desktop
Google Now isn't officially available
engine tries to be too clever and second-
guess what you wanted to know.
In the next few pages we'll uncover
ways to dig deeper into the web to get at
hidden sites and use new search tools to
find everything faster.
for laptop and PC users yet but you can
try it out by installing a Beta version of
Chrome from
The personal information cards will
be shown when you use Chrome.
Voice search will be included too.
As with the Android version, you' ll
need to enable Now and manage your
sharing settings.
Disconnect Google search
from other Google services
If you find it disconcerting that Google
uses your contacts and your search
history to serve up relevant information,
you can disconnect Google search from
other Google services you use. Choose
'Disconnect from Google account' in
Chrome's Settings menu.
A Disconnect your Google account for private searches
Technobabble demystified ...
Pixel Short for picture element,
which is the smallest part of an
image displayed on a monitor or
captured by a scanner or camera.
Registry A file integrated into
Windows that stores information
on all hardware and software
installed on your PC. The Registry
can be edited to tweak settings,
but incorrect changes can
damage the PC.
SDHC High capacity SD memory
cards, which can store more than
Service Pack A large download
that contains lots of fixes and
updates for Windows or other
Slider A control that enables you
to change a setting by clicking and
'dragging' a slider switch.
For full definitions v1s1t:

See what BT services you can get
Tu .JOU\whldlc!Tb. .d dBt T ""41'S
YC>U could i.. "1Joytno at vour Just tntrr YC>U
1--u ...
TV IJ D ,.
I don, hdw line-
n,.,.,..,..., __ .. _.,,Nir-
.. ,.-... _ ..
.... --u.v ...
lhln tM __,..,,. 11llJ ftWRI you an @qlTf
""" ........ ...i._d
0 TSpon --,... ..., I! Wwllfl pad.go,..."'"' n SplltoPP...i_.,..,... __ ,,... __
0 C.on I ql'I 81 lnf1ni1y1

A ADSL speed ratios cannot be adjusted, while SDSL lines cost a fortune
Can I swap my upload
and download speeds?
I use cloud storage to store my
photos and videos. My broadband
speeds are around lOMbits/sec for
downloading and 0.8Mbits/sec for
uploading. I wonder - are these speeds
fixed? It is possible to adjust the upload
and download speeds as needed, so I
can upload quicker when needed? My
broadband provider is BT.
\Ve lovetheidea,but
unfortunately, it is not possible.
Most broadband subscribers rely on
an ADSL connection, which is short
for asymmetric digital subscriber line.
It is so called because the technology
is designed to favour faster download
speeds over uploads - the balance is
intentionally asymmetric, as this reflects
the way most people use their broadband
\Vhile the precise balance can be
set in any way the internet service
provider (ISP) chooses, this is not an option
usually offered at the customer level.
Some ISPs do offer symmetric (SDSL)
lines, where upload and download speeds
are equal, but these packages are aimed
at business users and priced accordingly.
Plusnet (, for example,
charges a minimum of 125/ month for its
SDSL packages.
For consumers, it is far cheaper to
upgrade to a cable or fibre-optic connection,
such as BT Infinity. \Vhile speed ratio
still favours downloads, upload speeds
can be up to 20Mbits/ sec - much faster
than you're getting now. To check if
you can get Infinity in your area, visit, click the 'Can I get
BT Infinity?' button and then tap in your
phone number or address.
Is there an alternative to a tripod?
I am interested in taking photos
of birds of prey, but having shaky
hands, I find that most of my pictures
come out blurred. Other than a tripod, is
there any other type of equipment I could
use to help with this problem? I find the
tripod restrictive when trying to photo
birds in flight.
Ben Wilson
Many new digital cameras have
built-in image-stabilisation systems
that can help minimise blurring. However,
if you don't want to spend money on new
equipment then one nifty low-tech solution
is the 'image-stabilisation string'. This is
essentially a length of cord that attaches to
the bottom of your camera and then, using
foot pressure, allows you to reduce vertical
shake without restricting movement.
You can buy ready-made strings or
A The image-stabilisation string is a low-tech alternative to a tripod
just make one yourself; there's a great
tutorial video you can watch on YouTube
70 I I 26 June - 09 July 2013
Broadband Deals
Call 0800 542 4709 to switch your
broadband today
Provider I Package I Monthly I Contract I Download I Data I First-year
price length speed allowance cost*
Plusnet: Broadband & calls
5.99 12 16Mb 10Gb
mont hs max speed per month
plusnet for 12 months)
Primus: Broadband & calls
4.00 18 15Mb 00 36.00
months max speed unlimited
for 6 months)
TalkTalk: Broadband & calls
6.50 12 14Mb 00 48.75
for 9 months)
months max speed unlimited
Plusnet : Broadband & calls
9.99 12 16Mb 00 59.88
mont hs max speed unllmlled
plus net
for 12 months)
Sky: Broadband & calls
5.00 12 14Mb 00 60.00
tor 12 months)
max speed unllmlted
EE: Broadband & call s
10.00 12 14Mb 00 90.00
(5 for 6
months max speed unllmlted
Vi rgin: Broadband & call s
14.50 18 30Mb 00 130.50
r t ~
(7.25 tor 6
months max speed unllmlted
TalkTalk: TV, Broadband &
15.50 18 14Mb 00 153.00
(10 for 6
months max speed unllmlted
Sky: TV, Broadband & calls
21.50 12 14Mb 2Gb 258.00
months max speed per month
John Lewis: Fibre
25.00 12 38Mb 100Gb
John lewis
Broadband & calls
months max speed per month 300.00
Call 0800 542 4709 for impartial switching advice.
Terms & Condi tions apply - see ISP sites for details.
Arst -year cost does not Include line rental. Cost Is calculated at monthly price x12 with all introductory offers subtracted.
Additional charges incurred outside of free Inclusive calls not Included In first-year cosl
OF<: om
Fair usage or restriction policy applles.
' "EE - just 2.50 for 6 months (5 thereafter) for existing EE/Orangeff-Moblle customers.
Data supplied by www Correct as of 14/06/2013.
Broadband Genie's helpline
is powered by Simplify
Digital! the Olcom accredited
swltch ng service
26 June - 09 July 2013 I 71 ~ ~
Simply the BEST deals on Quality
compatible and branded ink I toner
cartridges etc. All makes and
models supported. Also JettManx
refill products. 80% of our orders
are repeats or recommendations.
Nationwide Supplies to Home,
Business & Public Sector.
0800 0 19 06 07
PrintBritain group is operated by
Manx Print Care Ltd.
Clocktower Industrial Park,
Foxdale. IM4 3HF
020 7907 6799
Stop screen flicker
and blackouts
Fix display errors and make your
computer screen easier to read
Fix a flickering screen
A flickering monitor screen or one that
goes black after a while usually indicates
a loose connection. Save your work
and power down the computer. Check
that the DVI or VGA connector is fully
pushed in and the screws tightened on
the back of the computer monitor. Check
the corresponding connection at the back
of the computer is also tight. Unscrew
the connector, check it's aligned properly,
then screw it back in tightly.
Make your screen easier to read
If the colours on your computer screen
don' t look right, the display may need
to be calibrated. Go to Control Panel,
Appearance and Personalization and
select 'Calibrate color'. Click Next, Next
and use the slider to adjust the gamma
setting so it's comfortable to read. Click
Next again and you'll see brightness and
contrast options. Use the sliders to adjust
your screen settings. Choose Finish to
apply the new colour settings.
Stop random resolution changes
Some games reduce the resolution of
your PC, but upon quitting the game, it
might not change back. In this case you'll
need to change it manually. Right-click on
your Desktop, choose 'Screen resolution',
Sort by

.. rt w
Undo Copy Ctrl+Z
NVIDIA Control

Screen r60lut1on
.. Per"Sonalize
.& Right-click on your Desktop to access screen
resolution changes
select a higher resolution and click
Apply. Another option is to simply restart
the PC. This should force Windows to
default to its usual resolution settings.
Get larger onscreen text
To change the size of the text on your
computer screen without changing
the resolution, right-click the Desktop,
choose Personalize, then Display. Choose
a suitable type size from those shown. If
you choose the largest setting, you may
not be able to view everything onscreen
at once. Only click Apply if the new
setting is an improvement.
.._._ ... ..-i_t ___ _
.. --..
.& Make onscreen text larger and easier to read
Diagnose fuzzy line screen faults
Fuzzy lines on a laptop screen usually
mean it needs replacing. You can buy
replacement laptop screens from sites
such as eBay for between 20 and 50.
However, this upgrade will invalidate
your warranty, so get in touch with the
laptop maker for a professional repair.
It could be cheaper to buy a new laptop .
Get more screen space
To see more screen items at once, add a
second monitor. An old TV can be used
if you don't have a spare monitor. Turn
off your computer and switch it off at the
back if it has a separate on/off button .
Plug in the second screen and screw its
cable tightly in place. Now switch the
computer back on. Windows should
automatically detect the two monitors
and duplicate the image on them. To
show different information on each
screen, right-click on the desktop and
choose 'Screen resolution'. Both screens
will be represented by thumbnail images.
Use the dropdown menu to specify which
monitor acts as the left-hand screen and
which acts as the right, then click Apply.
Scroll through program windows
Windows' Aero feature stacks documents
and web pages, giving you more screen
space. To cycle through items, hold down
the Windows key and Tab. To cycle
through open documents use Alt and Tab.
.& Scroll through open windows using the Aero feature
Change the colour scheme
The Accessibility section of Windows'
Control Panel provides options for
adjusting onscreen colours to improve
the screen legibility. This can be useful if
you can't see certain colours. Go to Start,
Control Panel, Ease of Access and select
High Contrast. To choose high contrast
options, right-click the Desktop, choose
Personalize and scroll down to the Basic
and High Contrast Themes section. [!!lJ
c: =-._._..,.._ -..--
- -
.. =-==---
- ------.--
111 ----
.& Adjust onscreen colour to improve screen legibility
26 June - 09 July 2013 I www I 7 3
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Get better internet now
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web connect ion and beat bandwidth
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111 rem1er
I I ink & Photographic
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