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SAP is the world's largest enterprise software company and the world's third-largest independent software supplier overall.

R/3 is scalable and highly suited for many types and sizes of organizations.

It ranks after Microsoft, IBM in terms of market capitalization. SAP is the largest Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution software provider. SAP's products focus on ERP, which it helped to pioneer. The company's main product is SAP R/3, the "R" stands for real time data processing and the number 3 relates to threetier application architecture: database, application server and client SAP GUI. The software is highly customizable using SAP's proprietary programming language, ABAP/4.SAP R/3 is based on various hardware and software architectures, running on most types of UNIX, on Windows NT and OS/400. Also SAP R/3 runs on several databases Oracle, ADABAS D, Informix, DB2 for UNIX, DB2/400, Microsoft's SQL Server 6.0.

ABAP stands for Advanced Business Application Programming. It is a programming language developed by SAP. These systems are used by companies to track all information related to the business integrating finance, sales, and materials data. ABAP/4 is the programming language used for the thousand tiny embedded programs called transactions that make up the application. The /4 means it is a fourth generation language.

ABAP is code written in an interpretive language similar to COBOL in syntax. The language can be coded to look almost like COBOL. Its use allows SAP customers to extend the functionality of the base product. SAP is very flexible; it can be used for specific business functions rather than the whole enterprise and can be modified for the companies specific needs. Every SAP installation has its own specific configuration and set of functions. The largest International Companies in Egypt Implements SAP Solution:

1- Real Time / Live Projects 2- Lab facilities 3- Discount on the course cost from (8500) to (2500) for the first 50 requests 4- Moveable instructors (In case of group10 persons) 5- Instructors have the Actual labor market experience 6- student will be qualified for international sap exams & certifications 7- Small size batch 8- Flexible timing 9- limited number of students . 10- High salary for saps employee. 11- Ides logon available.

4 weeks start from 1-7-2010 to 30-7-2010.

No Experience Required Basic knowledge of Programing .

ECC 6.0 (Newest SAP Release)

This course is designed for ABAP beginners and application consultants with appropriate IT know-how. Participants will learn about the ABAP programming language, and will learn how to use the ABAP Workbench tools to develop their own business applications and to enhance the standard SAP software to meet specific customer requirements. This course also covers: the advantages of the client/server architecture for programming; performance issues; procedures and special features of development projects

Everything in ABAP is covered, if you are curious to know, read on three tier architecture. Introduction to ABAP programming Data types and Data objects ABAP Workbench Basics ABAP Workbench details ABAP Dictionary Internal Tables Extracting data from database tables to internal tables ABAP Development Projects Advanced Programming in ABAP Development Workbench Modularization Techniques Techniques of List Processing Developing Complex reports Developing Interactive reports ALV Reports Module Pool Programming Transaction Programming SAP Scripts / smartforms BDC / LSMW / BAPI Database Updates Enhancements and Modifications Interfaces for Data Transfer User Exits, BADIs

. Complete SAP- ABAP Certification Material. . Over 100+ Questions .Certificate of completion.