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CV Ivor Goodone
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Tyne and Wear
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Telephone: 0191 123456. Mobile: 07712 123456. Email:

Time Served, JIB approved Electrician with a proven record of producing a continuous high degree of client/
employer satisfaction and meeting targets on various domestic, corporate and onshore / petrochemical
construction projects. Possessing excellent problem solving abilities within all aspects of installation, inspection
and commissioning. Conforming to 16th Edition IEE regulations and Certified European (CE) quality standards,
HASAW, COSHH and Permit to Work.

City & Guilds 16th Edition IEE Regulations 1994
City & Guilds Electrical Installation Work Courses A & B 1975 & 76


• Fully conversant with all types of wiring systems (metal and plastic) including pyro, ladder rack, cable tray and
basket tray conduit trunking systems , MICC, SWA, 3 phase circuits, all types of cables and flameproof and
explosion proof equipment. Also assisted in carrying out periodic inspection and tests.
• Fault finding / trouble shooting, Health and Safety / First Aid, L.V. switchgear up to 1000v. Design / review
drawings. Heating systems. New installations / commissioning. Lighting and emergency lighting systems. Oil
related products. Interpreting drawings. Alarm and electronic entry Systems. HVAC.
• Fire and Gas systems, commissioning testing, glanding and terminating, cable work, tray work, trunking, pyro,
racking, unistrut and pipework. Diagnosis of faults to component level.
• Automatic and built-in test equipment. Interpretation of mechanical and electrical circuit diagrams.
• Training and directing others on safety matters.
• Inspections of equipment / systems for defects and maintaining records ensuring safety reliability.
• Testing and restoring to service after wrong-side failures.
• Special checks/investigations of safety standards and/or systems failures.
• Performing remedial alteration / modifications to restore systems. Recommending safety improvements.
• Assisting in testing and certifying safety of systems/ installation modifications.
Apparatus used:
• Motor starters / control circuits for: conveyors, compressors, hydraulic power packs.
• Flame proof and intrinsically safe equipment including; air and oil filled transformers and associated switchgear
including air and oil filled transformers and related controls.
• 'Planned Plant Maintenance' and 'Permit to Work' systems.
• Ladder rack, cabling, glanding and terminating of cables, testing into electrical equipment in a control switch
room; power and emergency lighting systems, maintenance, fire alarm systems, electrical motors and control
circuits, electrical distribution, transformers and generators.

Balfour Kilpatrick (2006 - Present)
Worked on a large school at Boldon. Installed trunking, tray and conduit. Wired twin and earth for lighting and
power, termination of DiB’s and SWA cables.


Electrician (inc. offshore industry experience) 1974 – Present

Company Name (2005-06)

Worked on Pfizer chemical and pharmaceutical plant at Morpeth. Installed racking, tray. Termination of SWA /
cables for motors and main swithgear. Termination of control cables. Installed emergency lighting in a flameproof

Company Name (2005)

Worked on an accommodation module for the Nigerian government’s “East Areas Project”. Installed stainless steel
racking with unistrut support frames. Erection and switchgear. Termination of SWA / cables for lighting and power.
Installed an internal phone system.

Company Name (2004-05)

Worked on factory units. Installed lighting and power via lighting , trucking and conduit. Termination of SWA
cables and fire alarms system in Pyro. Also worked on a new hotel in Newcastle. Installed lighting and power with
twin earth cables.

Company Name (2003-04)

Worked on 2 Oil Production Modules for the “Clair” and “Rhum” oil fields and on an Oil Production Platform
(Bonga) vessel for the Nigerian Government. Installed stainless steel racking with unistrut support frames.
Erection and switchgear. Termination of SWA / cables and control cables via intrinsically safe barriers in flame and
explosive proof areas.

Syncro - worked on a new pharmacy in the RVI hospital (2003).

GKI Electrical Engineers, Gateshead - Renovation of 5 wards at the QE2 Hospital. (2002-03)
Installed steel conduit, trunking, light tray, wiring in single PVC cables for lighting and power. Installed fire alarms
in pyro and a nurse call system. Termination of SWA cables in plant rooms.

Balfour Kilpatrick (2001-02)

Worked on Keel row building and City Gate office blocks in Newcastle. Installed fire alarm systems in pyro as well
as metal conduit trunking and tray, wiring in PVC. singles and completion of plant room.

Dave Clark Electrical Services (2000-01) Worked on many small jobs through out the area.

Robertson Electrical Services (1999-00) Foreman: Installed fire alarm system in pyro in Frankland prison.

C+W Electrical, -South Shields (1998-99) Worked on office block at Dryburn hospital. Wired and terminated twin
and earth cable. WINGATE ELECTRICAL: Worked on North East sites. Installed temporary lighting and power.
DOUGAL & RAILTON: Installed conduit tray and wiring in PVC singles and pyros. TROLDAHL: Safeway
supermarket, installed refrigeration units.

D.O.B. 1956 Status. Single Nationality: British Passport No. supplied on request

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