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Create Dynamic SharePoint Collaborations, Workflows and Applications with No Code

From IT Agility to Business Agility

Hans Hantson Business Development Manager Ascentn EMEA

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Company The Business Challenge AgilePoint Driven Solution Advantages Demo

About Ascentn
Founded in 2002 and headquartered in Mountain View, California
Global Presence - Offices in N. America, APAC (Japan, China, Taiwan), and EMEA (Belgium, Spain) Global Support Partner Network (20+ countries)

Founders with 20+ years strong domain experience in Process, Framework & Enterprise Class Workflow Mgmt Solution in J2EE. Pioneered .NET based Model-Driven BPMS in 2002 250+ customers span from Global 2000s to SMEs

2007 BPM

Microsoft Business Process Alliance

Growing List of Recognitions from Leading IT Analysts

BPM Cool Vendor 2007 (Apr 2007) New! Best Modeldriven BPMS for Process based SOA Composition (Aug 2008)

BPM Magic Quadrant 2007 Visionary (Dec 2007)

Growing List of Recognitions from Leading IT Analysts

Forrester Human Centric BPMS for .NET 2007 Strong Performer (Dec 2007)

New! Butler Group Technical Audit (Sep 2008)

Microsoft Business Process Alliance Charter Member

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Company The Business Challenge AgilePoint Driven Solution Advantages Demo

Why take care of BPM?

The pressure to become cheaper, better and faster and provide a whole new level of customeroriented service. Trends which are supporting this shift:
King customer is now a dictator Mass production shift to mass customization Customer are demanding total solutions Industry boundaries are blurring Value chains are becoming the unit of competition Collaboration and coo petition are replacing traditional forms of competition Change has become the only certainty

Main Issues today

Change is constant How do we make selfadaptive, smarter implementations that are better able to cope?

Business driven process versioning Rapid adaption of rule changes in a production environment and on running processes. Solutions today are mainly developer oriented.


Gap Between Business (Thinking Business Wise) and IT (Thinking Technical and Deployment Wise); both having different objective and target !

The SharePoint Opportunity

SharePoint is driving business solutions
From small DMS to complex business solutions (HR, Sales, Finance ) Logical evolution from supporting individuals to departments to organizations

but creating new risks

Rapid response requirement find ways to work faster, adapt quickly, and reduce errors Embedded workflow failures Organizations having multiple manual processes (human centric processes) Information exchange between heterogeneous application (system centric processes) .

Picking the Right Workflow/BPM & More for SharePoint Do you see far enough?
SharePoint Workflow Designer WF Based Solutions Model Driven BPMS

Static Sequential Structured Automation


Some dynamics Visual & Governance Dynamic role-based activities Delegation & Re-assign Parallel & Dynamic Approval etc.

Business Agility - dynamic BPM Run-time Process Mgmt Process Migration Dynamic Rollback Dynamic Re-route Partial Rework Case Mgmt, Ad-hoc process etc.

Scalability & Broadness of Functionality

Time & Cost

Workflow/BPM Solutions based on or extending SharePoint/ Windows Workflow

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Company The Business Challenge AgilePoint Driven Solution Advantages Demo

Agility is the New Differentiated Competitiveness

Operational excellence is increasingly measured by process responsiveness (aka agility) rather than efficiency as a primary metric. - Gartner

Codebased delivers efficiency

A defined process is automated by an application but the process is achieved by traditional programming logic i.e. Process model converted into codebased executable that incurs engineering cycle (coding, QA/testing, etc.) for change request from business

ModelDriven delivers efficiency and agility

Processes is transparent (aka visible) and adaptable for at both design time and runtime without incurring costly and time consuming engineering cycle for every change request

The only right approach: AGILITY

Business Assets
Assemble reusable components as process vs. custom coding Based on open standards and approach; not proprietary

When required, change can be adjusted onthefly in real time

Infrastructure Integration
Leveraging XML capabilities to make selfdescribing transactions possible rather than static fixed legacy exchanges

BPM Full Lifecycle Implementation

Improve Model Model Process

Analyze Results

Delivery Agility On MS SharePoint

Automate Solution

Monitor the execution

How AgilePoint Can be Applied

as Processbased SOA Composition Environment Microsoft SharePoint / MOSS

AgilePoint BPMS Sollutions

As Embedded Workflow/BPM Engine ASP .NET

SmartClient (Windows Application)

AgilePoint - SharePoint
Loosely couple architecture Supporting from single box environments up to distribute and clustered SharePoint Collaboration Farms Allow you to delivery endend processes, not only SharePoint content !
Incorporation of other solutions, environments including ERP, CRM, DB

A Complete BPM & SOA Integrated Composite Environment in Visio to Process-enable the complete Microsoft Stack
BizTalk/ESB Excel Services
InfoPath/Form Server

Active Directory Project Server, Exchange

AgilePoint Envision (Visio based) Open XML

Web Service/ WSE/WCF

Win WF

MS Dynamics Axapta, CRM, etc.

How AgilePoint Works

An SOA-aligned Model-Driven BPMS
Web Service AgileParts

The Cloud

Visual Studio

Application Servers Metadata-driven IT assets Abstraction Framework

Process-enabled SOA Parts and Common Services

BizTalk Orchestration BizTalk Server Legacy

How AgilePoint Works

An SOA-aligned Model-Driven BPMS ASP.N
Automation Collaboration Orchestration

Model & Composition

Smart Client

Monitoring Run-time Dash Board

Webservice, .Net Remoting WCF Based Communication

Process Repository XPDL Model-driven BPM Engine

(Interpreter model)

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Company The Business Challenge AgilePoint Driven Solution Advantages Demo

Benefits of AgilePoint BPMS

Facilitate Creation of Corporate Process Culture
Effective Communication & Knowledge Management Better Process Performance Six Sigma, EPM, etc.

Empower Information Worker and Boosts IT Effectiveness

On demand Processbased IT Utilization Adaptive Processbased Business Integration CodeFree Process Automation CodeFree Reconfiguration of Processbased Application Business Agility

Create Sustainable Operational Success Through Process Excellence

Create & Automate New Process: up to 3x faster than current Improve & ReAutomate Existing Process: up to 10x faster than current Enable Processbased Continuous Business Performance Improvement

IT Benefits
Improves business agility
Enables a clearer division between IT & the business

Clears up the sourcing jigsaw puzzle

Whether or not to outsource? Leads to determining commodity v. valueadd application development BPM enables control over the process, wherever it resides

Explodes technology stovepipes & silos

Leads the way to endtoend automation

Creates reusable process patterns

Once model the process, can implement change rapidly

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Company The Business Challenge AgilePoint Driven Solution Advantages Demo

Overview Demo
Scenario 1: Budget Request Form
(InfoPath Form Server SharePoint AgilePoint)

Scenario 2: Proposals
(SharePoint AgilePoint)

AgileNotify Data Tracking Data Population

Process Migration AgileMonitor