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Lesson 3

Fear & Trembling

Fear and trembling is the disposition of one who understands the stakes that are involved, the possibility of failure, and brings to task the best effort possible, shrinking from carelessness, over confidence or presumption.
What powerful motivation! We must shrink from carelessness lest we frustrate

the work of God in us. But what assurance! God is at work in us, and, with Paul, we can be confident that God will finish what He began (1:16), if we cooperate with His purpose. My mind overflows with wonder. God is at work in me and my obedience is simply my cooperation with His purpose to bring me to glory. ~L. A. Mott, Jr. - Thinking Through Philippians, pg.53

Lesson 3 Highlights
Working on Salvation Work out your own salvation Fear & trembling God works in you Lights in the World Do all without complaining or disputing Becoming blameless, harmless, without fault Shine as lights in the world Hold fast the word of life Timothy & Epaphroditus Like-minded with Paul Fellow workers in the gospel Giving ALL for Christ Beware of dogs (false brethren) Have no confidence in the flesh Worship God in the Spirit Rejoice in Christ Jesus Count all things as loss in order to gain Christ Press On to the Goal Forget the past Press toward the goal for the prize found in Jesus Christ Mature Christians, be of the same mind

Timothy & Epaphroditus Timothy Young Evangelist Like-minded with Paul Cared deeply for Philippian brethren Minded the things of Christ Jesus Pauls son Proven Character Had confidence of Paul Epaphroditus Pauls brother in Christ Fellow worker in the gospel Fellow soldier in the gospel Pauls minister Philippians messenger Risked life for the cause of Christ Shine as Lights in the World

This little light of mine, Im gonna let it shine, let it shine, let it shine

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