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A Cry to Moorish-Americans

We have just witnessed one of the many cases of injustice that has been carried out and continues to be perpetrated the Moroccans of North-America. But this case between Zimmerman and the accuser of the case on behalf of Trayvon is on TV not just for mere interest and gossip but to promote more crimes against the Moorish-Americans. The human nature is inherently evil and seeing a case of murder go unpunished on global television is telling that sinner that if he was to do the same thing, he will go unpunished. I am here to discuss the reasons why the Moorish Americans so called Black, African-American and Coloured, for the purpose of such crimes we have witness - continue to suffer at an increasingly brutal rate at the hands of the so called government of the Union States of America. The reason why European Americans the perpetrators of these crimes continue on to do what they are doing is because they are colonists on a foreign land that does not belong to them. They are gone past wicked into the resemblance of that evil one the Holy Scriptures talks about. For wealth and gain, they have sold their souls to the Wicked one. I am hereby proposing that the purpose of this tyrannical and colonial government of the Europeans in America is the total annihilation and destruction of the indigenous population - the Moorish American. You, Moorish-American must wake up to your identity and finally have the answers to the reasons these foreigners have been treating you the way they do. I have come across many who have fallen in love with a lie namely when I tell them things such as Moors of the Americas are the Native Americans, such as Moors created every single kingdom and culture of value until the 1800s; but I am not doing this because of prestige and self-promotion and neither are the Moorish Americans who have woken up because we have come to understand the implications of these truths. And the lack of putting into practice what we know is to watch and do nothing as they the European Americans - build concentration camps for an entire population. You have to wake up and realise that these colonists are not playing games with you and the European-Masons of America and Europe have made a pact with their father the devil for your total and utter annihilation. Please wake yourself up from your slumber and return to claiming your land from these colonists. You were not brought from Africa on slave-ships, you are the indigenous owners of North, South and Central America and that is why you are targeted for destruction because the European-American leaders hearts are full of greed and hatred, and they know who you are although you dont. They smile that you continue to call yourself the preposterous names of black, African-American and Negro; and abandon your indigenous national name and rights. For your own safety, please abandon your lusts and entertainments which the European-colonists supply you for the assistance of your brainwashing and enslavement and at least apply for a Moorish American Citizenship/Nationality Card. If you do nothing else from reading this, at least proclaim your nationality so the whole world can hear and know the truths which I have mentioned in this short message.