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LIBRI / LIE;EREN':,/8P.E.AHIML-- - - - - - -- - - 1- -- - - - - - -- -BREATHMLILI BERENG/ U BRI
All t!Je Power t!Jal ever
vvas o; f/V/11 be is/Jere
[Paul Foster CASE]
Consciously or unconsciously, every sentient Entity, and in-particular
every Human Being, desires to be
M aster of His Fate and Captain of His
Soul". But, unfortunately for him, the restrictive Laws of the Universe, as
applicable to the planet Earth on which mankind lives and moves and has its
being (Acts24:2B), seem to have been conceived with the premeditated
intention that it be the slave of the claimant to the dignity of the "Creator of all
things". Thus every man, woman and child is subject to all the capricious
wishes of someone other than himself.
In order to put mankind in the most difficult and inferior position
possible, all things have been designed so that at all times all men are quite
ignorant of what is to happen next , and therefore cannot take the steps
needed to counteract and neutralise all .. the arrows of outrageous fortune"
constantly aimed at him from all sides.
But means to escape from this "horror of the situation", as Mister
GUROJIEFF calls it, do exist; and every man who really wishes powerfully
enough to do so, can find how to do it and gain Freedom. One of the several
means leading to such an achievement is to learn how to breathe in the right
way, the final result of persistent. conscious. practice being the mastery of all
a man's bodies and souls, actual and potential. Such a Mastery, when
complete, allows the control of, and the dominion over, all one's thoughts.
passions, emotions, ambitions, feelings, desires, aspirations and spiritual
achievements. In this ultimate state of Man's Perfection and Felicity, his Will
becomes absolute and beyond all possibility of being damaged or destroyed
by any other Entity, be it ever so powerful.
But such a high degree of SELF- perfection demands very
considerable superefforts for a long time. The Work to be done is very hard
and demanding; it requires great and conscientious perseverance, and has
been described as the .. duty to singlemindedly consciously labour and suffer
intentionally .. , the watchword being .. whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it
with all thy might. .. (Ecc/esJates 9.JqJ.
This Work on Self- Developpement begins by studying in order to
acquire the requisite Knowledge about Respiration and the Occult Properties
of the Air we breathe.
LIBRI/LIBERENG/BPEATHML - -- - - - - - -2 -- - - - - - - - -BREATHML/ LIBERENG/LIBRI
There is an important and intimate relationship between the quality of life
of a being and that being's breath. There is also a relationship between
breath and heart- rate and between breath and time. The latter applies
particularly to Human Beings.
In the ordinary healthy adult human, when at rest physically and
mentally, the heart beats at an average rate of 72 pulsations per minute, with a
normal range between 64 and 80 contractions per minute. This average rate
tends to be slightly higher in women, as compared to men of the same age
and size, and the beat is faster in smaller as compared to larger
ones of the same sex and age. The heart rate is also comparatively faster in
children than in adults. and, of course, varies with the state of activity of the
person, slowing down in sleep and deep relaxation, and accelerating with
physical exertion and/or emotional excitement 117/e//ectua/ activity as such
(that is, when not accompanied by any feeling or emotion) has no effect on
the heart- rate, except when an alteration is desired and produced by a
deliberate act of Will.
Similarly, an ordinary fully grown man, when at rest physically and
mentally, takes an average of 16 full breaths per minute, with a normal range
of 12 to 20 breaths. Size, sex, age and activity have the same type of effect on
breathing as they have on the heart- rate. Both the respiratory and the heart
rates tend to slow down \1\fith age, but not to any great extent.
The purpose of breathing and of the cardia- vascular circulation
(initiated, carried out and governed by the heart) is to supply every part of the
material, planetary, physical body (and especially of the brain) with the
Oxygen and the other constituents of the terrestrial atmosphere in which we
and move and have our being. Some of these constituents are not yet
known to the ordinary "Science" , but are well known to "Objective Science",
and therefore to the occultists who have studied it. Though it is considered te
be a great .. secretn. we shall reveal it in this essay. The .. secret .. is that the air
carries with itself a Spiritual Energy, that when a man breathes the air out, this
Energy enters the respiratory passages and fills his lungs, and that when
respiration is done consciously, the whole body can be intentionally filled
with this creative Energy during its inspiratory part.
In English, nor in most other current languages, these substances do
not have any name or designation. In this essay we shall call the most
important of these unknown parts of the Air we breathe by the
names/designations of "Life Force" or "Life Energy" or .. Life Power". In some
Oriental teachings, the whole of such substances is given the generic name
of "Prana" and in Qabalistic ones "Khaiah".
A complete human being consists of three parts:
LIBRI / LIBERENG/BREATHML- - - - - - - - -3- - - - - - - - - BAEATHML!LIBERENG/LIBRI
(1) A "Soul" or "Real Self" (made up of the two Higher c e n t r e s ~
Emotional and Intellectual, of Conscience, of Objective Consciousness and
of True Will);
(2) A Body "Kesdjan" (made up of the five lower centers, of the Mind, of
the Subjective Consciousnesss, and of the three Sacred Impulses: Faith,
Hope and Love); and
(3) A "Planetary" body (and especially its Central Nervous and its
Autonomic systems, including the "Formatory apparatus").
The Soul or Self should control the Body Kesdjan which in turn should
control the planetary body through its brain.
There are several centres in man, each one really occupying the whole
body, but with their main or control points in different specific locations. The
Soul or Self associates itself principally with the Instinctive and Feeling
centres located in the Solar Plexus; the body Kesdjan associates itself mainly
with the Thinking centre located in the head brain; while the planetary body is
closely associated with the Moving centre located in the spinal cord, at the
base of which the principal part of the Instinctive centre is situated.
. When man breathes air out, he is breathing in the all- pervading energy
of the Life- Force (probably the equivalent of, or containing, what Mister
GURDJIEFF calls "Ethernokrilno"), which is particulate, like Light, and can be
sometimes seen, especially on clear, still , sunny days, as a multitude of
golden and silver "sparks" or particles dancing in the atmosphere. It is from
these basic energy particles that everything is created, and a tr ue
"Adept/Magician" can create out of them, by the exrcise of his trained Will-
Power, anything he desires and can accurately conceive and visualise. This
is how all "miracles" such as instantaneous cures of diseases, mind-
reading, "precipitations" and "materialisations" are done, as was repeatedly
demonstrated by Our Lord and others, such as Apollonius of Tyana, Madame
Helena Petrovna BLAVATSKY's and her "Mahatmas" and, more recently,
Maitre Philippe de Lyon. Mister George GURDJIEFF certainly knew how to
use it.
The means by which the Real Self operates to energise and keep the
planetary body alive, is through this Spiritual Energy called Life Force, which
flows from the Self through the Mind and Consciousness into the body. This
flow is connected with ordinary breathing: when a man breathes out air, he is
breathing the Life Force in. So, just as a man is always breathing air, he is
also breathing this Spiritual Energy which can be stored in the Generative
organs and the Sex centre, from there flowing all over the body through the
Self as the distributing point to all the other centres. This energy works
through all the centres and flows through them to all parts of the body, each
LIBRI / LIBERENG/BREATHML- - - - - - - - - 4- - - - - - - - - BRE,>. THML!LIBERENG/LI BRI
centre being a part of Consciousness. In fact this Spiritual Life Force Energy
is the way in which the Real self or Soul communicates itself to
Consciousness and the planetary body. So this Life Force is in reality
identical with the Real or True SELF.
Each individual Self is part of a Greater SELF which is the controlling
factor of the Megalocosmos. On this Greater SELF level, therefore, all men's
lndivid.ual Real Selves are united. Thus it can be said that all men are in
Essence not separate, but related to one another. And when this Spiritual Life
Force Energy flows properly from the Soul to Mind and Consciousness, these
latter become united to the Real SELF because the Life Force and the Real
SELF are one and the same.
When this is so, men are united in the Real SELF on the Objective
Conscious level. Men who are in this relationship are always in a state of
mutual co- operation, harmony and "Love": their Conscience is also One
and they cannot act otherwise than rightly towards one another.
The word "Love" is hallowed by millenia long usage, but in fact what is
meant by that word in the Spiritual and Celestial Realms and in every Esoteric
context is UNDERSTANDING, total and absolute.
According to Objective Science, the key to be able to meet and deal
with every possible life situation - whether on the physical, mental ,
emotional, psychic or spiritual plane - is to develop, delibera/elr.
lillentional(y and consc;oustK in and for oneself in everyday life:
Flisl- careful Observation of what I do, how I do it and what are my
body's attitudes and behaviour while I do what I do (this corresponds to
"Work til Mysticlsn!);
Second- correct Interpretation of what is actually observed (this
corresponds to "Work til Occu/1/snt) ; and
Tlltid- practical Application of the theory, once its personal basis is
known (through Observation), fully understood (through the right
Interpretation) and then made use of (which corresponds to" Work 1/J MagJi1) .
In another, of many existing, terminology, "Mysticism" is called the
"Philosophy of the Great Work", "Occultism" is known as the "Theory of the
Great Work" and "Magic" is called the "Method and Technique of the Great
Work". And that is what all Esoteric Teachings and the Objective Science is
all about.
Careful Observation for every human being means to really K/1/0W
HIMSELF, that is, to truly see himself just as he is, here and now, by going
inside of one's own Entity on all planes - beginning with that of the material
planetary body - then and there. Walc/7 ;m.oart;allr a/ld w/117 Alle/717i:J/J,
Stud)/ w/117 //7/enlion and, when in possession of sufficient Experillle/71.
The true worker on her/himself must be able to say at all times: .. 1 \lVISH to
know myself and I do truly see every part of myself and of my Self as I am
here and now .. , and to be telling the truth.
It is not enough to make an observation only once. Every observation
and experience must be repeated, repeated and repeated, then verified,
checked and re-checked until there is no possible shadow of doubt left as
to what it actually is. Then it must be confirmed and proved by
experimentation. It is only then that I CAN, at last, affirm that I DO KNOW
MYSELF and therefore I AM.
The Reality of who is this Entity who acts through the body and whom
one calls "1"- Me- Myself is the Master, the true or real or higher SELF, the
the Will, The I AM. Whatever term is its attributes are: I I
Fee.( I Th/nk, I W/ll The indicator of these attributes of sensing, feeling,
thinking and willing is THE RHEA Til.
Whatever the expression used, these attributes are:
! sense consciously (my own body).
! think (my own thoughts with my own mind).
I feel (only positive emotions).
l will (with my own true Willpower).
The I is underlined to indicate that at every instant the !, my very own
Real I, must be present here and now, pay attention to everything around and
be constantly conscious of itself as well as of everything else within reach of
all the senses. It is this precise and specific Entity we familiarly call I who
must wake- up, become conscious and know that it is I who is present, who
is aware of every sensation, every desire and every impression, who feels
every emotion, who thinks every thought and who wills its own Will.
My l really exists only when I sense consciously every sensation in my
body, when I think every thought of my mind, when l feel every emotion of my
psyche, when I am aware of both my personality and my essence and know
the difference between them, when I really will myslf every action performed.
Without this state of . SELF- Awareness, SELF- Presence, or SELF-
Remembering, call it what you will, all human sensations, thoughts,
impressions, feelings, desires and actions, be they ever so apparently willed
by mankind, are no more than illusions, dreams, Maya, whose charms allure,
bewitch, hypnotise, enchant and enslave humanity.
LIBRI/LIBERENG/ BAE.'I T HML- - - -- -- - - - -6 - - - - - - - - - BRU.THML!LI BERENG/U8RI
The Revealer of the necessary attributes who allow rnen to be
consciously aware of what they think, what they feel and what they will, is the
At his birth, every Being has a basic breath rhythm which was imprinted
on him at the time of his conception; and that rhythm is that of the Breath of
his mother at that very moment: that i s ~ of the moment when the fertilizing
spermatozoon enters the ovum to produce the zygote, NOT the moment of
the female orgasm, as many suppose and believe wrongly. This basic rhythm
has within its vibrations the Destiny and Fate of every individual. Each human
Being must find out for him/herself this individual basic rhythm before s/he
can even attempt to controle and master his/her own Life.
The term "Destiny" is intended to cover everything that is a man's
possibility through his genetic heredity and the social/financial position of the
family into which he is born. Thus, for example. the Destiny of a King's eldest
son is to become a King himself in due course, as his father's heir and
successor. By "Fate" is meant whatever happens to a man's life through
outside factors not in his control , that is, his environment and the actions of
others. Thus the above King's eldest son' s Fate may be to die from some
illness, or to be assassinated, or to abdicate the throne, or to be deposed
through a revolution, etc., so that In fact he never does become a King in his
own right.
On Earth, in Life, effects always follow their causes. To be in the state of
Mastership of one's own Life, one must be at all times consciously in a
receptive, but nevertheless active, attitude, remaining constantly aware of, and
always open to, all positive powers and ready to direct them into the
appropriate channel and/or part of the body or of an organ. This attitude of
full Attention should correspond in all points - physically, mentally,
emotionally, psychically and spiritually - to that of the One Beloved about to
be known by her freely chosen and Only Lover.
Do note that sexual intercourse in a state of physical lust without any
true "affection/love" between the partners (whether consenting or not at the
time) as the One and Only, closes at once and for all times the doors on the
possibility for further spiritual development and perfection, as does also
willing acceptance of a negative power, such as hypnosis, for example.
Life Power is everywhere around us in the very Air we breath to live and
which surrounds the Earth as its Atmospheric Envelope; and this Energy is
always seeking to enter into a human Being at the expiration of the breath.
The more conscious and the more complete is the exhalation, the more Life
Power or Life Force can enter. For it to truly come into and harmoniously flow
throughout the whole Being and all his "bodies" (planetary, psychic, mental
and spiritual), a Master Rhythm of Breath must be established volvn/ar;lr;
dellberate(Y, in/en/ional{yand COlJSciovs!Yby the individual Man or Woman.
LIBRI / LI BERENG/ BREAT HM L - - - - - - - - - 7- - - - - - - - -BREAT HMLILI BERENG/LIBRI
These THREE, when they become ONE, are Eternity and Immortality.
That part of the inhaled breath which enters through the right nostril, is
masculine, electric, active and creative, able to feed the Mind, the Cardia-
Vascular or Circulatory System, the Skeleton and the Musculature of the body,
acting through the Instinctive- Moving (or Action) Centre and the Intellectual
Centre. It is the "SUNil Breath of the Warrior ready to fight all Evil.
That part of the inhaled breath which enters through the left nostril, is
feminine, magnetic, passive and regulating, able to feed the
Passion/Sentimental/Emotional Centre and the Thinking Centre or Mind
through all parts of the Nervous System and the Connecting Tissues which
hold together and support all bodily organs and parts. It is the "MOON"
Breath of the Sage ready and willing to receive and absorb Wisdom.
When the breath comes in simultaneously, equally and evenly
through both nostrils, it becomes the Equilibrating Conscious Breath. acting
through the Higher Centres and able to create, to preserve or to destroy at
Will every and all bodily, astral , spiritual or celestial systems. It is the
"DIVINE" Breath of Freedom, Understanding, Enlightment and of the Power
to Create.
The mother's breath at the time of conception is very important, as is
also the cause of the choice by the ovum about to be fertilized of the specific,
particular, seed or spermatozoon, thus determining, amongst other things. the
sex of the future child, as well as the exact genetic heredity received from the
father. The offspring will be a male if the Mother is in the "Moon" breath at
conception, and female if the Mother is in the .. Sun .. breath mode at the time.
The Fathe(s breath is also of some, though very much lesser, importance: if
he is in the .. Moon" breath at the time of the orgasm which liberated the
fertilizing spermatozoon of a male child, the latter will tend to be somewhat
effeminate, and if the Father's breath was in the "Sun .. breath mode at the
corresponding time for a female child, she w ill tend to be rather masculine.
The Mother's breaths mode at her orgasm (if any - for an orgasm of the
woman is not at all necessary for a conception to occure) also has some
influence on the degree of masculinity or femininity of the offspring, but to a
much lesser degree.
It is rare, but possible, for one or both of the parents to be in the
"Divine" breath mode at the relevant time of conception and/or of orgasm.
Any child resulting from such an event is "special" and the Destiny and Fate
of such an individual are designed to play some important role in the life of
humanity in general, or at the least of some significant section of mankind.
LIBRI /LIBERnW/BREATHML - - - - - - - - -8- - - - - - - - - SREATHMLILISERENG/ LIBAI
It is possible to produce in oneself "artificially" the Sun or the Moon
breath, as desired, by deliberately adopting the special appropriate body
posture and mental attitude for not less than three full minutes. The Divine
breath is much more difficult to obtain intentionally, except occasionally
and/or accidentally, by great good fortune; and such willed achievement of it
is possible only to the most experienced and advanced Adepts, using a
technique of High Magic which it is not possible to express even partly in
writing, nor in mere words.
To produce the Sun breath, lie down on the left side, supporting the
head on the palm of the left hand, the thumb placed in the hollow behind the
ear lobe, the fingers close together and covering as much of the forehead as
possible. The right arm is bent at the elbow to make a right angle, the hand
with all the fingers straight and close together resting flat on the ground with
the thumb at a right angle to the palm. The left, that is, the undeneath, leg
must be straight, but the right leg is bent so that its heel is resting on the left
knee joint, while the right knee is touching the surface on which you are
lying, be it the ground or a bed or any other flat surface.
To produce the Moon breath, the positions of the body and limbs is
The exercise or process is best done naked if possible, in any case with
the minimum of clothing, but note well that the hands and feet must NOT feel
cold. It is best done lying directly on living grass outdoors, facing the
direction where the Sun is for the Sun breath and where the Moon is for the
Moon breath. The chosen celestial body must be actually visible, at least
partially. When indoors, the technique is most effective when lying on an
animal skin, though preferably not that of a predator. The face is to be in the
direction where the Sun, or the Moon, would be if one were outdoors.
The Life Energy assimilated from the air is fourfold in nature, each of its
four states corresponding to a colour and developing one of the functions of
the total human Entity. These colours are:
1. RED for the planetary, physical, material Body's functions;
2. YELLOW for the Mental functions;
3. WHITE for the Psychic functions; and
4. BLUE for the Spiritual functions.
In the undevelopped individual, the colour of the "spiritual .. state of the
Life Force is deep INDIGO or can even be BLACK. when seen by clairvoyant
To everyone of these colours there is a corresponding planet, metal and
musical note. More precisely these are:
LIBRI/LIBEP.ENG/ BRE.<>.THML- - - - - - - - -9- - - - - - - - - BR E.O.T HML/LI BEP.ENG/UBRI
To BLACK and/or INDIGO correspond SATURN, LEAD and the note LA
or A;
To RED correspond MARS, IRON and the note DO or C;
To YELLOW correspond MERCURY, QUICKSILVER and the note Ml or
To BLUE correspond MOON, SILVER and the note FAdiese (Fdiese).
The colour WHITE is an "absence of any colour" , though being
actually the container of ALL the colours of the rainbow; to it correspond the
whole ZODIAC, the HYDROGEN (as the .. primary metal") , all the notes of the
musical scale and also the Pantheons of all the Gods and Goddesses,
known and unknown.
All these four states are represented also in the body itself, each by a
specific body part through which the appropriate Life Power is actually
absorbed for use. The whole of the Energy pattern is called the .. Body's Life
Force Eidolon", made up of the "Physical Eidolon", the "Mental Eidolon", the
"Psychic Eidolon" and the .. Spiritual Eidolon".
This distribution is as follows:
1. PHYSICAL - the Sex Organs, both external and internal, the
Abdominal cavity and its contents, and the Back of the
Head; all to be visualized as Vermilion Red.
2. MENTAL - the Thorax, including its contents, and the Forehead,
to be visualized as Chrome Yellow.
3. PSYCHIC - The Four Limbs and the Face, to be visualized as
4. SPIRITUAL - The Solar (Epigastric) Plexus and the Top of the
Head, to be visualized as Ultramarine Blue.
The parts of the HEAD representing the energy state of the Life Force
are positive with respect to the other parts of the Body concerned, except in
the case of the "Physical Eidolon" in which it is the SEX Organs which are
positive and the Back of the Head which is negative.
The system of exercises to take in, absorb and use The Life Force to
Master one's Life is called the Moster Breath Arcanum
It consists in the conscious and deliberate, that is, Willed, breathing
while vlsualising the desired colour vibration and part of the organism. the
result being the charging of the appropriate "Centre" with the correct Energy
meant for its use. Thus all the four centres can be charged, vitalised and
made fully effective.
In some schools using the Master Breath Arcanum techniques, the four
vibratory states, or the Energies thus absorbed, are given a collective name -
such as .. GA- VA- LHA- MAH .. for exam pie - which can be with
much profit, as a Mantram during the four phases of each breath, one syllable
to each phase, starting with the inspiration.
The absorbtion of the Energy always goes on simultaneously in two
places of the planetary body, and the actual charging proceeds during the
whole period of the exhalation of the breath.
When the full charge of Energy or Force has been correctly received,
the human Being practicing the Master Breath Arcanum becomes an
Individual with the Power centered in himself, which is equivalent to his
becoming the Centre of the Universe. He is then properly connected on all
planes and in all dimensions with everything existing, but only when (and not
before) and while he realizes and becomes fully conscious that he truly and
actually IS the Centre of the Universe, being then able to say without doubts
and with complete convixction:
knowing that this IS the Truth and that at that very moment
being awake, with open eyes which see Reality and not only dreams and
illusions. Therefore
At the same time he becomes and is fully conscious that
I AM I - I AM All - All IS I
This process of development leading to Centering is called "The Great
Work .. (in Latin Magnum whose Master Thought, Master Word and
Master Deed are the analogues of what on a lower plane we popularly know
as and call "Good Thoughts, Good Words and Good Deeds". These three
answer the question: "Why am I here?" , the answer to which can be
expressed by the three statements:
- -- - - - -- -11- - - - - - - - - BR EAT HML/UBERENG/ UBRI
1 . I am on this Earth to reclaim it from Hell;
2. I reclaim the Earth by transforming it into Paradise;
3. I make this Paradise here on Earth to be suitable for Man, His
Associates and His Guests to dwell in.
In these statements the word "Hell" means a state of existence and a
place to live in in which Man is not his own Master, but is enslaved (usually
without even reaiising that this is indeed the case) and ruled by other Entities
(whom he often calls "Gods" and believes them to be benevolent) exclusively
for their own comfort, benefit and profit at Man's expense and to his
detriment. "Paradise", on the other hand, denotes a place and state where
and in which Man has become His own Master, capable of ruling wisely not
only Himself, but also all those who were His "Gods" while He was in Hell,
and who now are His Associates and/or His Guests.
"Good" is used here to designate a desirable end and as the opposite of
"Evil". The latter is defined as the conviction by any Entity (whether human or
other) that it knows best how others should live and behave and what they
should believe: and therefore insists on imposing its own standards and in
interfering with the lives of other, weaker, Entities, against their wishes,
prE;!tending this to be "for their own good" and using even force and coercion
when other ways of persuasion fail. Hence it should be evident that .!l"law
givers" and "law enforcers", etc. are by definition evil.
To prepare yourself for the state of Mastership over your Life on Earth
and in the Great Universe through the techniques of the System of the Master
Breath Arcanum, you must remember always, and never forget, that the
posture of your planetary Body is very important. Learn therefore to walk erect,
with full attention to and awareness of everything around you as the centre; to
keep your gaze level, with the eyes wide open and looking neither up nor
down, right nor left but straight ahead, unless you need or wish to look at a
particular object or person; to keep the feet parallel to each other and, when
stepping, most of the weight should be taken on the toes and front part of the
foot, with as little weight as possible on the heels, which must never be
stamped, but should be lowered gently so as to touch the ground lightly,
without jarring the spine: to have your arms relaxed and swinging loosely
from the shoulders in an equilibrated and harmonic rhythm with the
movements of the legs: that is, the right arm swinging forwards when the left
foot steps forwards and, vice the left arms moving forward at the same
time as the right leg.
When you stand still, stand always with the spine and neck as straight
as possible, the head well balanced on top of the neck, shoulders back.
chest forward, but without straining or pouting it as a pigeon, the chin tucked
LIBRI / LIBERENG/BREATHML - - - - ---- -1 2- - - - - - - - -BREATHML!UBERENG/UBRI
in, the arms hanging comfortably relaxed and the feet forming a V with the
right foot very slightly in front of the left; the eyes should be looking straight
ahead, quietly, without effort and, when looking at a living E n t i t y ~ always look
straight into her/his/its eyes.
When you sit on a chair or other western type seat, sit upright, the head
up and balanced the same way as when walking or standing, the chin in, not
jutting aggressively forward, the eyes gazing levelly, the arms and legs
relaxed, not fidgeting; the hands in particular must be still, unless they are
doing something under your direction; and the thighs, the lower legs and the
feet at an angle to each other so as to be again making a V. But, whenever
this is convenient, practice sitting cross -legged, the right foot over the left
calf (or the left foot over the right calf, whichever you find more comfortable),
toes tucked in the hollow behind the knee; if you can sit in the full or half
lotus, the feet over the contralateral thigh, do so, but only if this does not
impose a strain or give you cramps and/or pins and needles in the lower
Except for the purpose of producing and staying in the SUN or MOON
Breath, or for some other consciousand definite reason, such as a practical
exercise or other discipline, when you lie down to rest or sleep, lie flat on
your back preferably without a pillow, or, if this is too uncomfortable, with not
more than one small pillow under your head; the knees should be
comfortably bent just enough to allow the thighs to form a V ~ the legs being
crossed at the ankles (it is immaterial whether right over left or the other way
round); the arms can be either lying by the side of the trunk, or with hands
loosely placed one on top of the other over the area of the Solar Plexus, or
they can be reposing on the groin and upper thigh area, whichever of these
positions is found to be most comfortable and relaxing.
In males, when sitting or lying down, the scrotum can, and often does,
slip between the two thighs, towards the perineum, and it can even get
"trappedu there; this should not be allowed to happen and, if and when it
does, the scrotum should be gently pulled up to lay loosely on the thighs.
In each and everyone of these postures, try and breathe with the Basic
Master Breath whenever you remember to do so.
These postures and the Master Breath Arcanum gradually wake- up all
those who practice them; being awake allows one to be always conscious
.. and receptive of, as well as open to, the Great Life Powers which are
everywhere around us, and to use them wisely and effectively in solving all
personal problems and in defeating all adverse surroundings and influences,
thus being able to meet with every possible situation and contingency in
every departement of Life - on every level of the physical , emotional.
psychic, mental and spiritual planes.
LI8Rf /LI8t:RENG/ BREATHML- ------- - 1 3- - - - - - - - -BREATHML!UBERENG/LI BRI
The Basic Master Breath Arcanum consists in practicing the particular
breathing rhythm of seven (7) seconds INhalation - one (1) second pause
- nine (9) seconds EXhalation - one(1) second pause: eig/Jteen (18)
seconds in all for one complete Master Breath Arcanum cycle. The eyes must
remain relaxed, motionless and open throughout each cycle, without
blinking; if found helpful, they can be looking fixedly at a chosen spot or
object. Each complete exercise session consists of taking M'elve(12) full
breaths - this lasting two !Jundred and sateen (216) seconds - followed by
a resting pause of /l.Ye.M-'e (12) natural breatlls, approximatively .Qfl (1) minute
(the exact time does not matter; it must be your body's timing), this being
carried out altogether lour( 4) times, that is, for the eig!JI!Jundred a1Jd sltiY-
Iour(768) seconds [lourteen(14) minutes and &entv-four(24) seconds] of
the lort.v-e;g!J/(48) cycles of the Matsre Breath Arcanum and the I!Jree(3)
minutes or so of the rest periods in between each series of /l.Yelve(12) Master
Breaths, altogether just about e;g/Jieen (18) minutes per session.
This rhythm harmonises with that of the beat of the Esoteric Heart of the
Earth's Biosphere, lorty-e;g!J/(48) complete Master Breath' s cycles,
including the rest pauses, corresponding to the contraction time of each one
of the /ourchambers of the Telluric Biosphere' s Heart (right Atrium, right
Ventricle, left Atrium and left Ventricle) which lasts e;g!Jteen (18) minutes.
As we know already, in an ordinary man the heart beats at an average
rate of 72 pulsations per minute; in a Man who practices assiduously the
Master Breath Arcanum the heart ultimately stabilises at a steady regular
rhythm of exactly forty-e4;/JI(48) contractions per minute, so that a full
Master Breath Arcanum exercise session and the heart's contractions
synchronise in perfect harmony [the /"ortv-e;g/J/(48) Master Breath' s cycles
and the heart's beating during e;g/Jteeo (18) minutes both taking exactly elg/Jt
/Jundred and s;xlj-'-.hur(864) seconds].
Whenever possible, when using the Master Breath Arcanum, always
face the direction in which the Sun is situated at the given moment, unless
there is a special and conscious reason why the Moon or some other
Celestial body, Star or Planet should be faced.
During the inspiration phase, sense and be aware of the Solar Plaxus.
During the expiration phase, sense and be aware of your Skull and your
Spine, from the top of the head to the tip of the coccyx, Including their
contents, that is the nervous tissues of the Brain and of the Spinal Cord inside
their bony protective sheath. At the time of the stop or pause between
breathing in and breathing out, that is, with the lungs full, be conscious of the
concepts "I" and "Here"; and at the time of the pause or stop between
breathing out and breathing in again, that is, with the lungs empty, become
consciouis of the concepts "Now .. and "Am ... On breathing in, the lungs
should be filled up as much as possible, using the "triple inspiration"
technique of Yoga, if you can, so as to fill your lungs to their maximum
capacity, provided this can be done without strain and discomfort. Breathing
out, try to empty the lungs as much as possible, but again so as not to
experience any discomfort or strain.
Once the Basic Master Breath Arcanum has become easy to perform
and feels "natural", through frequent practice, further special exercises
become possible. There are altogether seven (7) Major Master Breath Arcana
or techniques (acting on the perfectionning of the Inner Being of the Entity
practicing them) and n;iJe (9) Minor Master Breath Arcana or practices.
designed for the production of specific effects or states, both internal and
Each Master Breath exercise must take exactly 1/Jree minutes and
//J;/"ty-sirseconds (3m. 36s.). Their purpose is to awaken the Forces of the
Individual dormant within; to establish the Master Rhythm in the performer; to
allow the practitioner to contact the Forces of the Universe always and
everywhere available but unused, and unusable, unless the Being is at least
partly awake; to develop Inner Harmony and Balance; to form a Field of
Magnetic Force around himself and (when necessary and/or desirable)
around other persons; to develop one's Will; to regain his Higher Powers,
such as etheric, auric and astral vision, telepathy, claivoyance, clairaudience,
seership, prophetic and other abilities, etc.; and, finally, to have control over
the Earth's weather and even its gravity, thus acquiring the powers of
levitation, telekinesis, teleportation, etc .. In other word: to become a MAGUS.
The fundamental principle of each exercise is breathing in the special
rhythm while visualising the appropriate colour and part of the body in the
correct, specific sequence and in a particular posture, either static or
dynamic. At first, only one of the seven Major Master Breath Arcan exercises is
to be done in any one day; later all the seven can be performed on the same
day, once they can be carried out perfectly, easily and correctly every time.
When the practice of all the Major Arcana has been fully one
can override one's natural breath rhythm and adopt at Will and for any
desired length of time whatever rhythm is most useful in any place and at any
time and needed for performance of the particular task at hand.
It is only then that the so- called "Minor" Master Breath Arcana can be
usefully employed, if the Adept feels it necessary. They must neverbe used
without real need and simply to impress people, "pour epaler /es bourg6t?!:Sl".
Thus the Individual Entity, Man or Woman, who has become the Master
of the Breath, can control and direct its/his/her own Fate and Destiny, actually
and really becoming 'The Captain of His Soul".
LtBRI / LIBEAENG/BAEATHML- - - ----- - 1 5-- - - - - - - - -BAEI'.THMLILIBEPENG/UBRI
Blind Faith has no place in the pursuit of the Work on
Self- Developement and the search for Man's Perfection. No statement
should be accepted as true or valid just because it is expressed or affirmed by
someone believed to be an .. authority .. or/and sounds .. logical .. and .. right .. _
Never believe anything or take it for granted, no matter who tells you that it is
so. CHECK everything and then, if you find that it is true for you, you KNOW
that it is true, and if, contrairywise, you find it to be false, then, again, you
KNOW that it is not true. Should your search and your own experience be
inconclusive in the matter, then you just DON'T KNOW as yet and must not
fool . yourself by .. believing .. that it i$ or is or should be or can't be, this,
that or the other, thus or but you must remain strictly IMPARTIAL
Moreover, the sayings or "popular wisdom" are often the echo of Real
Wisdom and/or of Ancient Knowledge long forgotten. It is commonly said
"The proof of the pudding is in the and also "You shall know them by
their fruits" (Ma//J/76'14,.7:16). This certainly applies to the system of the Master
Breath Arcanum. Therefore. anyone who wishes to confirm for himself the
statements in this elementary and summary essay, has only to carry out
conscientiously and consciously the exercises described for an adequate
length of time to find out that they are the truth and that the correct Master
Breath Rhythm does indeed lead to Man's Mastery of His Life.
lnspite of the preceding paragraph, il is not advisable to get on at once
with all the complete practice of the Master Breath Arcanum, involving the
visualisation of all parts of the body. Doing this too early and in a hurry, it is
most likely that the result will not only not be the desired one, but could be
quite unpleasant, if not even outright dangerous. This is most likely to happen
if the correct proceedure is in some way not followed absolutely accurately.
It is of course always a stupid act to jump into deep waters before
having learnt to swim well. To begin with, one must prepare oneself by
practicing to lie down, to sit, to stand and to walk properly, as described. It is
only when these have become habitual and completely "automatic" that one
can safely undertake the bas;cMaster Breath exercise.
To start with, one must not do any of the exercises more often than O!liY
o/Jce a day. Attempts at visualization of colours and body parts must never be
started too early
before the basic rhythm has been achieved without difficulty
for the required three minutes and thirty- six seconds just once daily and no
more. Remember that "Patience is a Virtue". When the right time, after this
limited but daily practice has been well established, you will suddenly have
an "experience" which cannot be either specified or described beyond saying
that you will "receive" something in the nature of advice. If you are not
absolutely sure and certain that you have in fact recelveda clear message
whose meaning needs no further explanation or elaboration, then you
certainly HAVE NOT received what you need and must get before attempting
further practice.
LIBAI/LIBEAENG(BREATHML- --- -- - - -1 6- - - - - - - - -BP.EATHML/UBEREtW/LIBAI
It is only then, in the light of what you have received and at the stage
when your efforts have been blessed by the recognition that you may proceed
further, the exact and correct way of doing it, suitable for you and you only,
having been indicated to you, that you can safely proceed with the more
advanced techniques, with the certainty that your further efforts will be duly
rewarded by success at the right time.
In any other case, you will not know what is the correct order of certain
of the exercises in your particular case. And trying to execute any of the
exercises, other than the very first basic one fully described, at most will lead
to nothing more that a waste of time and effort, and at worst may inflict on you
many disagreeable, and sometimes even dangerous, experiences and
@ 1996 Nicolas TERESHCHENKO_
The Fourth Way knows the existence of the three great circles o
mankind, but says little about them. It describes an outer, a middle and
and inner circles, to which are given, respectively, the names Exoteric,
Mesoteric and Esoteric. In all ancient esoteric schools, these three main
circles, or divisions, of mankind were known as the Natural, the
Spiritual and the Celestial circles.
The Natural, outer, circle is made up of those who are essentially
external people who live within the narrow limits . of an undeveloped
psyche. Everybody is born into this circle, but advancement into the
other circles is possible, though only by active and continuous Work on
The middle circle, the Spiritual, is composed of people who are
inwardly awake to a certain extent, and whose lives are characterised by
a deep affection for Truth. It is their supreme delight to seek out,
receive and treasure all forms of higher knowledge, and their joy is to
share this knowledge with their fellow beings. But they are not
especially interested in applying these Truths so that they become part
then of their way of life.
Those in the innermost, Esoteric, circle, the Celestial, are
completed Beings in whom Truth and Good make a complete unity, and whose
delight is to love and communicate as much Good as they can, without
concerning themselves with the innumerable details of Truth. They do not
need to concern themselves with the study of Truth because so great is
their enlightenment that they directly perceive the rightness or
wrongness, quality and value of whatever they contact.
These circles are certainly present on our Earth, and from time to
time we are able to make contact with the permamanent members of these
circles. More often, when we are in the right inner state, we find
ourselves actually present with such people, because it is a law of
reality that identity of interests and affections leads to the immediate
co-presence of the people involved, in obedience to the second-grade
cosmic Law of "Mutual attraction of the similar" (B.ov 760, nv696) or of
"Attraction and fusion of similarities" (B.ov785, nv719). The circles of
mankind on the Earth also correspond exactly to levels of being in the
spiritual cosmos, for there we find three major divisions of
superexistence governed and determined by the qualities mentioned above.
He who devotes himself to the search for Truth attracts help from the
middle circle, but he who endeavours to live Good in every detail, draws
help from the inner circle. What we love doing most of all determines the
kind of help we shall receive, but if we are ruled by self-love, the
outer cicle of tears and gnashing of teeth claims us.
The Universe also has two higher levels: the Spiritual and the
Now, the Celestial level is an infinite kingdom of Higher Life which
directly receives the outpouring of Divine Emanations, coming from the
Source of All Life we shall call "God" for short. And every Being in that
kingdom has Objective Love as his chief characteristic, and from Love
receives everything of life and perception.
The Spiritual level is likewise and infinite kingdom, but it
receives the outpourings of God indirectly, through the Celestial
kingdom. Every Being in the Spiritual kingdom has the affection of Truth
as his leading feature and feeds upon Truth as a spiritual food.
In a general way, these two kingdoms flow together to make the
essentials of Man's Spirit, because unless man has within himself
receptacles for the influx of Objective Love and Truth, it would not be
possible for him to exist. These receptacles become visible in his
physical body as the heart and lungs, with all their derivative vessels
and tissues. The heart corresponds to the Celestial kingdom, and
therefore to everything of Love, Will and Affection. The lungs correspond
to the Spiritual kingdom, and therefore to everything of Truth,
Understanding and Knowledge. These externally seen organs correspond to
those functions in man's spirit which are the receptacles of Love and.
Truth, and without these man cannot have Life, Consciousness or Activity.
Because Divine Love and Divine Truth are One in God, and because
these two principles are the essentials of all existence, therefore in
man they must come together and function most intimately in order to
provide him with life, sensation and movement. It is for this inward
reason that in the human planetary body both the heart and lungs exist in
the thorax and are most intimately connected together. Without the dual
action of heart and lungs, organic life would cease to be, but few there
are in the world who see this organic togetherness of the said organs as
benig a correspondence with the Divine Love and Divine Truth, which are
themselves One in God, and which, flowing from God, become the very
powers that create and sustain all things on all levels. Those myriads of
Souls living in the Celestial kingdom, who are the principal recipients
of Divine Love, tend to become arranged as an immense community having
the general form of a heart, and it is from this celestial pattern that
the shape of the human heart is derived by correspondence. And the same
is true of the lungs and the Spiritual kingdom.
When man fights down the evils that corrupt his will and dispels the
falsities that corrupt his understanding, and then enters a state of
reverent SELF-Remembering, he sometimes becomes highly conscious of an
influx from the Celestial kingdom into his heart, and of an influx from
the Spiritual kingdom into his lungs. In some rare cases, the physical
action of the heart and lungs almost ceases, and there is an exquisite
perception of the flowing movements of the Spiritual heart and lungs,
according to what they receive from Higher Life. At times, when man is
conscious of his interior spiritual functions, he directly discerns how
an influx of negative states from low levels will excite the heart
considerably and accelerate the breathing, so that it acquires rough and
harsh properties. From this it is readily appreciated that a gentle
calming of the breathing, accompanied by an opening of the mind inwards,
towards celestial and spiritual thoughts, helps to establish conjunction
with Higher Life. But no lasting or permanent effect is produced, unless
one also struggles against negative states inside oneself during daily
life, for it is this very struggle that makes room for the entry and
permanent residence of the Divine, the Celestial and the Spiritual.
Since everything in the Universe has its opposite, and since all
opposites have arisen from man's own endeavours to live from himself,
thus there are spiritual levels of the Universe of an infernal nature,
which also endeavour to conjoin themselves with the heart and lungs and
the inner functions contained in them.
In this life, man is poised between two great realms -- the Heavenly
and the Infernal -- and he has the freedom to admit into himself the
forces and influences from either realm. It was with reference to this
principle that Mister GURDJIEFF passed the remazrk: "A man must be clever
enough to be able to place himself under those influences that will
really help him to achieve his aim.".
To return to some of the practical
Esotericism, there are some very valuable
the study of respiration.
and experimental aspects of
knowledges to be gained from
A great deal of useful literature on the control of breathing is
already in existence, and there is no need to repeat any of its details
here. But a few points of major importance must. be indicated, We
already mentioned the slowing down and near cessation of physical
breathing when certain inner states are with man. Now these are Divinely
given as a reward for genuine efforts at inner work and cannot be induced
by human efforts, because they are extraordinary states in which the
higher levels of life directly control the respiratory apparatus from
wit.hin, and man's Spirit is led through various realms t.o instruct him in
spiritual matters.
The intentional control of breathing by man can most certainly be
carried out, but it never produces the same results as those induced from
a higher level. Nevertheless, there is much profit in attending to
altered respiratory rhythms, provided the whole life is oriented towards
inner growth and the eradication of all negative and lower influences. It
is well known that breathing corresponds with thought, and it can be
shown that, when man attempts to breathe faster and faster and tries to
breathe at the same rate as the heart beat, then the understanding is
virtually paralysed. With a steady, natural rate of breathing, on the
other hand, the flow of thought is re-established and proceeds in a quite
automatic way with most people.
Air that is inhaled is actually quite a dense substance and is very
much a thing of the earth. It is, in a sense, the aura of the Earth, and
is thoroughly saturated with the qualities and forces of the earth. Every
inbreat.h draws a considerable amount of this earth-saturated atmosphere
into the lungs and circulation, and fills the lower levels of the mind
with many influences that further excite the flow of low-level thinking
and feeling. Each inhalation thus draws man down from a spiritual state
to a natural state, and it is this very act which helps to psychically
bind man to the external environment. Holding the breath and exhaling
slowly have the opposite effect, and they help man's Spirit to levitate
towards his proper spiritual environment. Breath-holding and slow
breathing-out should not be accompanied by trance states if the best
results are to be enjoyed, but rather should Consciousness remain active
and awake in an expanded stat.e. Retaining the breath corresPonds to
having intercourse with the Soul,while attracting breath corresponds to
having intercourse with the physical, material. body. This becomes
especially clear if one is meditating firmly on some exalted ideas, or is
in the state of SELF-Remembering. It will then be noticed that breathing
in seems to open a lower door and floods the mind with a host of
obsessive ideas, while holding the breath and breathing out slowly will
enable the meditation, contemplation or, even better, SELF-Remembering to
continue and even to grom in vividness. This latter process opens an
upper door in the inner self and permits a spiritual influx to take
Since all human beings are different and possess widely varying
metabolic rates, it is not possible to lay down specific rules for the
length of time for holding the breath or how long it should take to expel
the breath. These are t.hings that. must be experimentally determined by
the individual, and they must be related to his own aspirations, efforts
and affections. On this score it is sufficient to quote a statement
recorded a long time ago: "Every man requires to educate his own breath
for use in his business". Think how the watch-maker, the eye-surgeon, the
marksman, the skin-diver, the singer, the orator, the athlete and the
thinker modifies his ordinary breathing rate in order to effectively cope
with his delicate or special tasks. And remeber that even popular wisdom,
so highly thought of by MG, says: "Hold your breath!".
Breath-holding is an automatic part of life for some people, but
unfortunately it is only devoted to purely physical ends in most cases.
Bertrand RUSSELL (1872-1970) reportede that when he was working on the
foundation of symbolic logic many years ago, he would terminate a line of
reasoning and find himlself actually gasping for breath. He had held his
breath for more than a minute at times in order to concentrate upon
certain mathematical sequences. In later years he couild never recapture
the insights he gained during his breath-holding days.
These things only serve to illustrate the law that our respiration
very largely determins our bodily health and vigour, our mental strength,
our wisdom and our spiritual insight. We should learn to sway the
balalnces of our breath-life towards the immortal and expiring side as
much as we are able.
In "Life is Real only then when I AM", MG tells us that there is a
very important "secret" about air, known to all true Initiates, but in
the printed book this ends with the words: "This is ... "
I suggest the following as a possible continuation and the
revelation of this "important secret about air" which should be made
known to all genuine workers in the vineyard who practice SELF-
Remembering whenever they do not forget to remember to SELF-Remember.
This particularity is that the air carries with itself a spiritual
and celestial energy which can be called the "Life-Force'', that when a
man breathes out the air or holds his breath, he breathes in this energy,
and that when respiration is done consciously, during the expiration part
of it, and/or when the breath is deliberately held, the body can be
intentionally filled with this vivifying and creative Energy,
A complete human being consists of three parts:
(1) A "Soul" or ''Real Self" (made up of the two Higher centers,
Emotional and Intellectual, of Conscience, of Objective Consciousness and
of True Will);
(2) A Body "Kesdjan" (made up of the five lower centers, the Mind,
Subjective Consciousnesss, and the three Sacred Impulses); and
(3) A "Planetary" body (and especially its Central Nervous and its
Autonomic systems, including the ''Formatory apparatus").
The Soul or Self should control the Body Kesdjan which in turn
should control the planetary body through its brain.
There are several centers in man, each one really occupying the
whole body, but with their main or control points in different specific
locations. The Soul or Self associates itself principally with the
Instinctive and Feeling centers located in the Solar Plexus; the body
Kesdjan associates itself mainly with the Thinking center located in the
head brain; while the planetary body is closely associated with the
Moving center located in the spinal cord, at the base of which the
principal part of the Instinctive center is situated.
When man breathes air out, or is holding his breath, he is breathing
in the all-pervading energy of the Life-Force (probably made-up of or
containing what MG calls the Omnipresent Okidanokh, and perhaps even some
of the most sacred substance Theomertmalogos) which is particulate, like
Light, and can be sometimes seen, especially on clear, still, sunny days,
as a multi tude of golden and silver "sparks" or part.icles dancing in the
atmosphere. It is from these basic energy particles that everything is
created, and a true "Adept./Magician" can create out. of them, by the
exrcise of his trained Will-Power, anything he desires and can accurately
visualise. This is how all "miracles" such as instantaneous cures of
diseases, mind-reading, "precipitations" and "materia.lisations" are done,
as was repeatedly demonstrated by Our Lord and others, such as Apollonius
of Tyana, Madame Helena Petrovna BLAVATSKY's and her "Mahatmas" and, more
recently, Maitre Philippe de Lyon. MG certainly knew how to use it, but
had made a. vow not to.
The means by which the Real Self operates to energise and keep the
planetary body alive, is through this Spiritual and Celestial Energy
called Life Force, which flows from the Self through the Mind and
Consciousness into the body. This flow is connected with ordinary
breathing: when a man breathes air out, he is breathing the Life Force
in. So, just as a man is always breathing air, he is also breathing this
Celestial and Spiritual Energy which flows all over the body from the
site of the Self as the distributing point to all the other centers. This
energy is stored mainly in t h ~ sexual organs, works through all the
centers and flows through them to all parts of the body, each center
being a part of Consciousness. In fact this Life Force energy is the way
in which the Real self or Soul communicates itself to Consciousness and
the planetary body. So this Life Force is in reality identical with the
Real Self.
Each individual Self is part of a. Greater Self which is the
controlling factor of the Megalocosmos. On this Greater Self level,
therefore, all men's Individual Real Selves are united. Thus it can be
said that all men are in Essence not separate, but related to one
another. And when this Spiritual and Celestial Life Force Energy flows
properly from the Soul to Mind and Consciousness, these latter become
united to the Real Self because the Life Force and the Real Self are one
and the same.
When this is so, men are united in the Real Self on the Objective
Conscious level. Men who are in this relationship are always in a state
of mutual co-operat.ion, harmony and "Objective Love" which passes all
understanding. Their Conscience is also One and they cannot act otherwise
than rightly towards one another.