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Office of the Project manager Kattakkada, Thiruvananthapuram No: DB11/PM-KTDA/ Action plan/2013-14/ Date : 04-04-2013

To The Deputy Chief Engineer Transmission Circle Trivandrum Sir Sub: Commissioning of 220kV Substation Kattakada in 3rd quarter 2013-14 of Action Plan for the completion of balance works Meeting : reg: preparation

I am submitting herewith the details balance works to be carried out for the completion of 220Kv substation at kattakkada and 220 Kv line from Pothencode to kattakkada and the issues to be settled for completion of this project.

I.220kV Substation Kattakada Balance works

1.Testing and commissioning works: The work could not carried out due to the non availability of station battery of the following specification 400 Ah Plante type Battery set -2 set 40A Battery charger feeder terminal rearrangement The work was awarded to Sri Jinobi E.T on 27.12.2012 but the contractor has not executed agreement till date and not turned up to start the work. Several notices were given to the contractor to start the work .But the contractor replied that he is not able to start the work due to the pending payment from KSEB under Transmission circle Thodupuzha. Following major materials are also required for the completion of the work 1.220kV S type towers -1No 2.110kV D60 tower - 1No If the above materials are received , these work can be completed within two months II. 220KV line from Pothencode to Kattakada - 2Nos 2. Evacuation of power from the substation through the existing Pothencode- Kattakada(PCKK)

Balance works
Sl No Description of works No.of Locations to be Expected time for the Amount completed completion work for the

1 2 3

Construction of foundation & stub 24 Nos setting Erection of towers 50 Nos Stringing of earth wire and power 27KM


Balance materials to be supplied

Sl No Description of Materials Quantity supplied to be Expected time for the Amount for the completion of supply supply

1 2 3 4 5

Insulators Hardware fittings Earth wire Moose conductors Supply of towers

Other Issues 1.Cases in the line route 1. Between AP48 and AP 49 -Pending at Supreme court 2.From AP 46 to AP 50 -Pending at Supreme court 3.AP 87 -Pending before ADM, Tvpm 2.Foundation Design The tower locations AP 60 and AP 16 are very steep terrain and there is a level difference of about 10 to 15 M .M/s Utkal galvanizers has not submitted the foundation design for these locations. 3.Narrow Base tower Due to space constrains in tower locations AP 50 and in between AP 49 and AP 50, the towers available is not suitable in these locations. Hence narrow base tower is to be designed for these locations. Three to Four months are required for the design and development of narrow base tower for these locations.

4.Rearrangement of existing Edamon -Pothencode 220kV Line and proposed PothencodeKattakad Line
The existing 220kV Line from Edaman to pothencode and the proposed Pothencode Kattakada lines are to be rearranged through 2 multi circuit tower at Pothencode terminal end. The 220kV Pothencode-Kattakada line from location AP 85 and Edamon Pothencode line from the 2nd tower from Pothencode end is to be connected to the multi circuit tower. These two lines are normal tower and there is height difference of about 5M up to bottom cross arm. Hence there may be a chance of less clearance between the two lines at these locations. This cannot be predicted before the actual execution of work, as the both lines cannot be drawn in the same profile. 5. Delay in releasing the Payment to the contractor An amount of Rs. Pending with KSEB. Delay is also experiencing in passing and auditing of the bill. The issue of reimbursement of Tax and duties and freight and insurance is to be settled. All these contributed the delay in executing the works from contractors part. Rs. is also required for completion of balance works. Hence timely cash flow is essential for completing this project in this financial year.

Hence it is requested to convene a meeting to discuss the above issues in detail so as to prepare an Action Plan for the completion of balance works.

Yours faithfully, Project Manager. Kattakkada