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1. A sense of emptiness, of having no one around whom you can depend on.
2. Betrayal by someone who loves you, like that suffered by the children in the story of
Hansel and Gretel.
3. The need for self-sufficiency.
Astrological/Tarot parallel: The Moon
A warning, the details of which depend on other symbols in the dream. If you dream of
an accident while traveling by car, this could be a hint that you should either avoid travel
at this time, or, if you can't avoid it, make sure that your car is in the best possible
condition before you leave. Stay away from planes, trains, buses, boats, or dangerous
walking, such as hiking in the mountains, for at least a day after you have the dream,
and preferably for a week. If you must go, take a cell phone with you (in case you must
call for help), as well as first aid supplies.
Actor, Actress
1. If the actor or actress is a particular favorite of yours, ask yourself what you admire
about this person. This could be an attempt by your Higher Self to point out a specific
admirable quality in you that would prove of great use to you.
2. If the actor or actress isn't a particular favorite, but reminds you of someone you
know, this is a wake-up call: That person is "acting," not showing his or her true colors,
probably to suit his or her own ends.
3. Depending on the other symbols in the dream, this could mean that YOU need to do a
little "acting." A situation may arise where showing your true feelings will NOT be in your
best interests.
1. If the air is clear and sunny, success lies ahead.
2. If the air is cloudy, foggy, misty, or stormy, then you're not in a clear frame of mind.
Perhaps you should postpone making important decisions for a few days.
3. Pumping air into a tire or air mattress implies that your support system (family,
friends, colleagues) is weak and needs to be strengthened.
1. Escape from the mundane exigencies of the lower world.
2. Freedom.
3. The search for higher consciousness. Travel into the higher realms.
Astrological parallels: Sagittarius or Aquarius.
Tarot parallel: The World
Alcohol (Beer, Wine, Liquor)
1. Dreaming of drinking beer, wine, etc., in moderation, under happy circumstances -
with friends, at a party, etc. - indicates that success lies ahead. However, in any dream
of alcohol, there is always the underlying warning that excesses can lead to trouble.
2. If you dream of being drunk, then in some way you are at a disadvantage. Look to
other symbols in the dream to judge where this disadvantage lies.
3. If in the dream, you are sober but someone else is drunk, that person, or someone
like him or her, could cause trouble for you.
Someone around you does not have your best interests at heart - and it might be
someone whom you feel you can trust. Consider other symbols in the dream to discern
how or who. Be very cautious in business ventures of any sort. Consult an attorney
before signing any contract or agreement.
A symbol of spiritual strength and help from the higher planes. Also, relief from pressing
worries and good news from a surprising source.
1. Pay attention to the other symbols in the dream. A dream of an angel almost always
implies that the dream contains an important message that could have a major impact
on your life.
2. There are many different kinds of angels. Dreaming of a strong, commanding, six-
winged seraph is a powerful sign that any difficulties occurring in your life will be
overcome by your own strength and determination. A smaller, gentler cherub is a
bringer of God's knowledge and wisdom, so dreaming of a cherub (not to be confused
with a putto) hints at insights and revelations that are basically spiritual in nature but
can be used to enrich your earthly life as well. Putti, which are the winged babies
commonly and incorrectly referred to as cherubs, imply happy times ahead. Dreaming of
one of the archangels - Gabriel, Michael, Raphael, and Uriel - means that you are or
soon will be doing God's work, and the usual type of angel pictured on Christmas cards
implies divine protection.
3. A very positive symbol implying success, happiness, and rewarding friendships ahead.
1. Domestic animals: Comfort, familiarity, security, gentleness.
Astrological parallel: Virgo
2. Wild animals: The lower nature, the unknown, fear, danger.
Astrological parallel: Aries
1. Dreaming of a small and cramped apartment implies times ahead where you will have
to work hard and persevere in order to have the lifestyle you want.
2. A large apartment, on the other hand, indicates prosperity and luxury ahead.
A symbol of creativity, of the ability to create your own world the way you want it.
1. If you dream of a famous artist, you need to ask yourself what this particular artist
means to you, and how you feel about his or her work. If you're a fan, then you're on
the right track, either with regard to a specific matter you're concerned about or your life
in general.
2. If the artist is an unknown male figure, then your intellect is trying to convey a
message about something you're working on. Consider the picture: Is it just begun, half
finished, nearly complete? Is it a good painting, or is it a mess?
3. If the artist is an unknown female figure, then the picture concerns matters of the
emotions. Again, look at the picture itself, as well as the other symbols in the dream, to
judge what the picture is trying to tell you. The same goes if YOU are the artist.
If you have the dream in autumn, then the season has no significance and serves only
as background.
1. But if you dream of autumn at another time of year, and other symbols in the dream
are hurried, this is a signal that time is passing and something in your life needs
immediate attention.
2. All other dreams of autumn are positive, signifying friendly forces supporting and
protecting you.
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1. A new world, a new life, promising new enterprises.
2. Youth, innocence.
3. An upcoming birth in the dreamer's immediate circle.
Astrological parallel: Leo
Tarot parallel: The Sun
This symbol's significance depends greatly on the other symbols in the dream. If the bag
is empty, it could signify financial trouble ahead, but this can be averted with a little
caution. A full or heavy bag indicates financial success, and a large full bag implies the
attainment of some of your more cherished dreams. A suitcase indicates travel ahead.
1. Standing on a balcony looking out at lovely surroundings implies happiness,
particularly in love. Looking out at storms or other ominous symbols indicates obstacles
2. Standing on the ground looking up at a balcony indicates aspirations. How they turn
out depends on other symbols in the dream.
3. If the balcony is unstable or collapses, something you're depending on will not
1. Loss of strength and power. (e.g., Samson after Delilah cut off all his hair.)
2. Nakedness; revealing that which you don't want to reveal; baring it all.
Astrological parallel: Aries
Tarot parallel: Strength reversed
If you were the dancer in the dream, happy times lie ahead and all of your present
enterprises will succeed. If you were watching one or more people dancing the ballet, an
increased social life and lots of new friends are just around the corner. All in all, a very
positive symbol.
Water being a universal symbol for life, to immerse yourself in a warm, pleasant bath
can mean that your life is about to take a turn for the better. If the water is too hot or
too cold, however, your plans for the immediate future need some revision.
1. Secret places, where the company of others is usually not desired.
2. Cleanliness, (next to godliness); ritual cleansing.
Astrological parallel: Scorpio
1. As feet are a symbol for the "under-standing" and also for the feelings, dreaming of
being barefoot indicates that you are viewing something in your life in the simplest way.
It could also mean that your deepest feelings are apparent to just about everyone
around you and perhaps you need to hide them a little better.
2. Bare, unprotected feet imply difficulties to be overcome.
1. A beach is where the earth meets the water; hence, dreaming of standing on a beach
looking out at the water implies intense spiritual experiences ahead.
2. Swimming in the surf implies becoming involved in deep emotions; hence this could
imply a new love, the birth of a baby, or the appearance of a long-term friend.
3. Working on a beach warns that difficult times lie ahead financially, and that you may
need to either seek help or work that much harder to make ends meet.
4. Lying on a beach is a dream of contrary, hinting that you better enjoy yourself now,
because you will soon be too busy to do much relaxing.
Dreaming of a full, luxuriant beard on the face of a friendly man can indicate luck ahead.
A beard on a woman, however, is an attention-getter, indicating that this dream is an
important one and close attention should be paid to the other symbols in the dream. If a
man wearing a beard seems unfriendly and ominous, or if the man is also wearing
glasses, then someone important to you is hiding something.
Beauty of any kind - scenery, art works, gardens, women and young men - is always a
positive omen of happy times ahead.
Beer (see Alcohol)
1. Drinking good beer from a can or small bottle indicates something wonderful coming -
in a humble package.
2. Drinking beer drawn from a keg or fountain is an omen of happiness and prosperity,
especially if there was foam on it.
3. Flat, stale, or poor quality beer indicates disappointment in something for which you
have high expectations.
Dreaming of a bicycle indicates assistance along the road of life. If you were trying to
ride uphill, progress will be slow; riding downhill means that your plans will manifest
quickly. Pushing the bicycle means that the help you receive will be more trouble than
it's worth. Good weather means steady progress; bad weather means a need for a
respite, and for reevaluation.
1. Songbirds are a universal symbol for happy news, especially if they are brightly
colored and/or singing. If they are flying, then your life is going to definitely take a turn
for the better. Dead or injured birds, however, indicate either a halt to or a need to
revise some of your plans for the future.
2. Birds of prey represent a warning: Someone is trying to take unfair advantage of you.
See "Eagle", "Falcon", "Hawk".
3. Birds' eggs in a nest indicate a new life full of hope - or this could possibly be a pun
meaning money coming. In other words, you'll soon acquire a "nest egg." An empty nest
hints at a change of residence.
The birth of a human child is a universal symbol for good news, happiness, and/or a
whole new life. The birth of twins or triplets indicates wealth. If the birth involved
friendly animals such as dogs, cats, horses or dolphins, then allies who will be of great
assistance to you soon surround you. The birth of scary animals, however, such as
predators of all kinds, indicates the opposite: Your adversaries are gaining ground and
you need to strengthen your resources.
1. Dreaming of biting into a piece of fruit or other food indicates that you will soon take
hold of a long-term problem and bring it to a resolution.
2. Dreaming of biting someone you know is usually a wish-fulfillment dream, expressing
anger, either overt or repressed, toward that person and a desire to punish him or her.
Dreaming of biting a stranger, or an animal, indicates a psychological conundrum that
needs to be brought to the surface and resolved.
3. Dreaming of being bitten by a person is a harbinger of treachery and betrayal - and if
you know the person, be careful what you say to him or her.
4. Dreaming of being bitten by an animal implies the revelation of someone else's
secrets - that you'd really rather not know. This also could be interpreted to mean that
you should avoid becoming involved in the affairs of others.
Unhappiness. A rough road ahead. Something that the dreamer needs to know. In
extreme cases, a death - BUT THE DREAMER'S DEATH IS NEVER SHOWN.
Astrological parallel: Scorpio
1. Life.
2. Conflict; war.
Astrological parallel: Aries
Tarot parallel: The Moon
Enlightenment. Insight. Relief from worry. Assistance from outside sources.
Astrological parallel: Libra
Boxer, Boxing
1. Do you feel as if you're in a "sparring match" with someone around you? If so,
dreaming of a boxing match could indicate that it's not going to get any better and you
need to take steps to end it.
2. A boxer with a lot of injuries foreshadows a lot of ideas that are going to need further
research and revisions. If the boxer is a woman, you're nursing a lot of emotional scars
that need more care than you're giving them.
Boy Scout/Girl Scout
1. If you were the Boy or Girl Scout, you will soon be called upon to provide assistance
for a friend or relative.
2. If a Boy Scout guides you somewhere, your intellect is leading you toward new
experiences. If a Girl Scout guides you, then your supportive mind (emotions and
intuition) will lead you to the new experiences. For what those experiences might be,
look to other symbols in the dream.
1. Life.
2. Absorbing information; learning. The need or desire to learn about something.
Astrological parallel: Gemini
1. Transition; crossing from one way of life to another.
2. A rise in the level of consciousness on the part of the dreamer; heightened
Astrological parallel: Scorpio
1. Using a broom to sweep indicates a strong desire to clean all non-essentials out of
your life. If the broom is new, it implies good news and/or success. If the broom is old
and dirty, however, making the necessary changes in your life is going to be more
difficult and take longer than you think.
2. Dreaming of the plant broom indicates that you are feeling bitter about something in
your life, or that you feel that your life is barren and joyless. If the plant is flowering,
however, there is a chance for a new start.
Illness. Materialism.
1. If you were the Buddha, this is a dream of contrary. You may feel in possession of
knowledge and wisdom that you don't currently have, but that you can obtain through
study and meditation.
2. Dreaming of being in the presence of the Buddha is a very powerful dream, possibly
an actual experience of the Buddha or the wisdom he embodied, or a harbinger of such
an experience.
1. Something is bothering you - that is, "bugging" you. This may be on an unconscious
level, so watch for other signals in the dream.
2. An illness that might not be readily apparent - in short, a "bug."
3. A minuscule or unseen enemy.
Astrological parallel: Scorpio
An astrological symbol. In ancient times, the bull was a symbol of fertility, and so if you
want a baby, dreaming of a bull is a surefire sign that this is the right time to try. The
bull also symbolizes wisdom and security, so a strong and calm bull indicates financial
growth through one's own efforts. A mad, raging bull, however, hints at financial
reverses due to rash and impulsive spending or investing. See "Calf", "Cow".
Because of its mysterious transmogrification from a caterpillar, the butterfly is a
universal symbol for intense transformation, usually for the better. If the butterfly is in
the egg stage, the coming change is still but an idea. In the larva stage, a decision
needs to be made. In the cocoon stage, you are working to make your dreams a reality.
An adult butterfly flying in the air indicates sharing, or the need to share, your ideas with
the world.
Buttons refer to the need to find ways to keep certain things together. If you lose a
button, or if a button is broken, it means that alternate ways need to be found. If you're
sewing a button back onto a garment, then you have the ingenuity to do whatever needs
to be done.
1. Traveling by bus indicates that you are on the road to attaining your heart's desire.
2. Waiting for a bus indicates frustrations ahead - obstacles on your path to success,
love, fame, enlightenment, or whatever it is that you want the most. It can also be
reassuring, however, in that it means that the frustrations will be temporary.
3. Being in an accident while riding on a bus indicates financial troubles ahead. Look to
other symbols in the dream to discern how to avoid those troubles.
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1. Motion, movement away from one thing and towards another.
2. Speed, acceleration.
3. Freedom.
Astrological parallel: Sagittarius
Tarot parallel: The Chariot
1. Love, loyalty, beauty.
2. Fierce defense of loved ones or pursuit of something desperately desired.
3. Royalty; godliness; a keeper of hidden knowledge.
Astrological parallels: Venus, Taurus.
Chase/being chased
1. Being at a disadvantage in a given situation.
2. Actually being pursued, probably in the sense of being "chased" by a potential lover,
employer, or customer.
Astrological parallels: Aries, Gemini, Mercury.
Pursuit of a dream or something else that's just out of reach. Astrological parallel:
Gemini, Sagittarius.
Café (Cafe, Restaurant)
If you dream of a busy café when you sit alone at a table, this indicates a feeling of
"being lonely in a crowd," of alienation from the world around you. If you're with a group
of friends, however, support of all kinds is available from people who care for you. If the
café is chic and nicely decorated, your world is pretty much in order, but if it's a shabby
place, both your spirits and your life circumstances could use a lift, and you may need to
seek it outside your usual domain.
1. Dreaming of a wall calendar listing the months and days calls your attention to the
month. If the month involved is within six months ahead of the current month,
something important will happen then - and if there is a day circled, watch that day.
2. If your dream is of an appointment calendar, and it is full, you're trying to do too
much and need to slow down. If the appointment calendar is empty, however, you
should consider taking steps to revitalize your social life. See "Clock".
In Celtic society, wealth was measured by the number of cattle a person owned - and so
dreaming of a calf shows promise of the acquisition of wealth. As calves were often
included as part of a bride's dowry, dreaming of a healthy, frisky young calf is a
harbinger of marital happiness.
A canal is a channel through difficult territory, so dreaming of a full and thriving canal
brings promise of future prosperity. An empty canal, however, warns of financial troubles
- which can, however, be prevented. Look to other symbols in the dream to judge how
such problems could be prevented.
Dreaming of a burning candle at night holds promise of a beacon in the darkness. If
you're feeling a little down when you dream this, it's a sign that there is hope, and
things will soon get better. A new, unlit candle indicates untapped potential, while a
candle on the verge of guttering out heralds the end of a project, usually intellectual in
nature. Candlesticks carried by individuals imply an increase in your social life.
1. Playing card games with someone you recognize implies that this person, or perhaps
someone of whom he or she reminds you, is "playing games" with you and is not to be
trusted. Gambling with cards is a warning to avoid financial risk of any kind.
2. Each playing card has a distinct divinatory meaning of its own, usually based on
numerology. Spades rule conflict, hearts pertain to matters of the heart, diamonds refer
to money, and clubs rule difficulties - and the numerological meaning of each number
combined with the nature of the suit gives a rough meaning of the card's divinatory
nature. The face cards rule people whose personalities are based on the nature of the
suit they represent.
3. If the dream is of a Tarot card, or a group of them, the meaning of the card has a
strong bearing on the meaning of the dream. Consult our Tarot experts for details.
Cartoon Character
1. If the cartoon character was one that you know well, such as Mickey Mouse, Donald
Duck, or Bugs Bunny, then you need to ask yourself what that particular character
suggests to you, and how that applies to your present circumstances.
2. If the cartoon character was just a simple, unknown figure that entertained you, this
suggests romantic troubles ahead. The antics of the character can give hints as to how
to avoid these troubles.
3. Success in business.
1. A dream of contrary. Usually, this is NOT a negative symbol. If the cemetery was dark
and gloomy, and/or overgrown, there is much in the dreamer's life that needs to be
cleaned up before he or she can move ahead. But if it was a clear day, and the cemetery
was neat and well kept, the dreamer is free to move ahead with whatever plans he or
she has made.
2. If there is someone with a serious illness in the dreamer's immediate circle, a dark
and gloomy cemetery probably reflects the dreamer's fear rather than what is actually
coming. A bright cemetery is reassuring; there will be no burials just yet.
A universal symbol for celebration. If you are drinking champagne, clinking glasses and
laughing and talking with other people, great good fortune lies ahead. If a champagne
glass is spilled, however, or a bottle broken, the celebration is premature and there is
still much to be done before you can consider a project completed.
A warning to play it straight. If, in the dream, the dreamer is cheating, he should watch
out for someone trying to cheat him. If the dreamer is being cheated, he can expect a
stroke of luck.
Astrological parallel: Pluto
Tarot parallel: The Wheel of Fortune
Cherry, Cherries
Ripe cherries from off the tree symbolize success and happiness in love, while green or
spoiled cherries indicate romantic disappointments. A cherry tree is an omen of good
fortune of all kinds.
A symbol of innocence. 1. If you were the child, you need to get in touch with your own
innocence. If you, as the child, were in trouble, you need to go beyond your innocence
and acknowledge the ways of the world. Everything is NOT all sweetness and light!
2. If you were watching children playing, this is a sign of success and happiness, both in
your personal and professional life.
If the dream is positive - such as enjoying some chocolates with a friend or lover - then
this is a symbol for happiness and contentment. If, however, you dream of a
stomachache or toothache resulting from eating chocolate, you need to curb
overindulgence in foods of any kind.
If you are standing in the churchyard, looking at the church, this is a symbol of great
times to come. Dreaming of being alone in an empty church, however, indicates rough
times ahead that will nonetheless be resolved. A church full of people singing or praying,
or observing a wedding or christening, is an omen of happiness and spiritual progress.
Dreaming of a funeral, however, means the death of a longtime dream. See "Altar".
1. Standing outside a circus tent waiting to get in indicates strange but exciting events
ahead. If the weather is good, this indicates positive developments, but if the weather is
stormy, you may be on the verge of moving from one difficult situation to one that's
even more confusing.
2. If you are inside the circus tent, watching the show or actually participating in it, then
you may have too many things going on in your life at once - as in the simile, "like a
three-ring circus."
3. Dreaming of a freak show hints that bizarre events and weird people will complicate
your life if you don't take steps to prevent or resolve them.
1. A challenge in the dreamer's life, or one coming up.
2. Climbing the ladder of success; attempting to reach the top.
3. Ascent towards higher consciousness, aiming for a higher purpose in life.
Astrological parallels: Saturn, Capricorn
Tarot parallel: The Fool
1. If you are scaling the cliff, this augurs a difficult climb either socially or careerwise. If
you reach the top, you'll succeed.
2. Standing on the edge of a cliff indicates obstacles ahead that can only be averted by
taking risks. If you jump off the cliff, you'll choose to take those risks - and if you land
safely, all will be will. But if you fall off, you'll feel you have no choice.
3. Diving off a cliff, or seeing someone else dive off a cliff, indicates welcoming a
A symbol for time passing. If you dream of watching a clock ticking, with the hands
moving steadily, this is a warning that you need to stop wasting time. Winding a clock or
watch indicates that you are taking control of the situation. Hearing a clock strike
indicates that the time has come for some positive action. See "Calendar".
1. A dream of contrary. Dreaming of the antics of a funny clown implies the way that
some of your companions see you. Look to other symbols in the dream to discern if this
is due to affection or disdain. If the latter, the dream may be telling you that you need to
find another circle of friends.
2. Dreaming of specific clowns such as Charlie Chaplin, the Marx Brothers, Laurel and
Hardy, Abbott and Costello, and so on implies that you should look at those people and
analyze what they suggest to you, and how that can be applied to your present
1. Dreaming of wearing clothes that are totally inappropriate - such as wearing a bathing
suit on the ski slopes - indicates circumstances in your life that require a reality check
before you can move ahead. If in the dream you change your clothes, you'll be
2. A dream of being naked in public is a very common type of dream, and usually means
that the dreamer feels exposed, vulnerable and at the mercy of others.
3. Dressing yourself, especially if in fashionable clothes, indicates advancement socially
and professionally. Undressing, however, indicates temporary setbacks.
4. Dirty, soiled, or worn clothing is a warning not to take anyone's word for anything.
Get the facts yourself.
5. Tight or otherwise uncomfortable clothing hints at being involved in a prickly situation
or that some situation in your life is making you uncomfortable, and you need to make
some adjustments.
1. Bright, fluffy clouds in a clear sky indicate aspirations that you can attain if you work
at them. A lot of such clouds imply success and happiness in romance.
2. Dark, stormy clouds indicate trouble ahead. If the storm ends and you're still safe,
then you'll get past the trouble with few if any complications. But if the storm gets out of
control, action must be taken immediately in order to prevent misfortune.
3. Clouds obscuring the sun indicate circumstances in your life that you either don't
know how to deal with or that seem worse than they are. Either way, this symbol is an
augur of everything coming out right in the end.
1. "Wake up and smell the coffee!" A relationship or some other sort of situation is not
what it seems. Try to see it as it really is. Other symbols in the dream may reveal the
truth and/or shed light on what you should do.
2. Hot, delicious coffee implies surprising good news on the way, but if the coffee was
bitter, it symbolizes disappointment in a friendship.
3. If you were grinding the coffee, success in love and domestic happiness are on the
way. Spilt coffee implies setbacks.
1. Red: Good news. Passion. Anger. A warning to control your temper.
Astrological parallel: Aries
2. Blue: Enlightenment. Insight. Relief from worry. Assistance from outside sources.
Astrological parallel: Libra
3. Green: Peace. Tranquillity. The Earth. Money. A journey. Good news.
Astrological parallel: Taurus
4. Yellow: Intellect. A problem or puzzle to be solved. Possible setbacks. Gemini. Also:
Gold: Leo.
5. Pink: Love. Compassion. The attainment of a dream.
6. Purple: Spirituality; status in one's own circle. Increased social life, or the desire for
7. Orange: Message from a great Master. Metaphysical or spiritual knowledge.
8. Brown: Illness. Materialism.
9. Black: Unhappiness. A rough road ahead. Something that the dreamer needs to know.
In extreme cases, a death - BUT THE DREAMER'S DEATH IS NEVER SHOWN.
Astrological parallel: Scorpio
10. White: Purity. Success well earned.
11. Gray: Gray is a rather depressing color; some mystics believe it to be the color of
the aura of a prison. Some sources believe it to indicate a slow period in the dreamer's
life, when he or she is merely "marking time."
12. A swirl of color: Great joy, happiness, success. Dreams attained. Luck in love.
Astrological parallel: The Sun
This symbol is a warning that you are taking too much for granted, and that you could
be experiencing a false sense of security. Lying on a couch implies the need to take
action to move your life ahead along the path you want.
1. If you were wearing the costume, you're hiding your true self from someone - or
perhaps from everyone in your circle. If you take it off, something will cause you to drop
the façade very soon.
2. If you are only one amongst many wearing a costume, especially if some of the others
were children, this portends an amazing and totally unexpected - but nonetheless
favorable - turn of events.
In ancient societies, a person's wealth was defined by the number of cattle he or she
owned. Cows have also long been a symbol for love, nurturing, kindness, and
generosity. Dreaming of a live, happy cow, especially one with a calf, is almost always a
positive symbol, and other symbols in the dream will shed more light on exactly what's
going on. A dead, sick, or ailing cow, however, indicates that future plans may be in
jeopardy, and action needs to be taken. See "Bull", "Calf".
Whether the dreamer is a cowboy or simply sees one in his dream, he feels lost and
alone, seeking wealth but never finding it. If the cowboy is in the company of others, the
dreamer is not as alone as he thinks. If the cowboy is driving cattle, the dreamer
shouldn't despair, as better financial conditions are on the way.
Oddly enough, dreaming of a colleague rarely involves issues at work. The focus is more
likely to be on traits this person possesses that mean something to you. For example, if
this person's voice is especially loud, whatever he or she is saying to you in the dream is
especially significant, and you should pay attention. If this person is someone you feel
you can trust, there is some issue in your life involving trust that needs to be resolved. If
you dream that a coworker whom you don't particularly like suddenly acts like your best
friend, or a colleague whom you like and respect turns hostile, be prepared for a reversal
of some kind - for better or worse.
Cross, Crucifix
1. Dreaming of any sort of cross - the Christian cross, the Maltese cross, the ancient
cross of the Goddess - indicates joy, happiness and fulfillment after a long and difficult
2. A crossroads implies the obvious: two possible paths lying ahead, and a choice to be
made. Other symbols in the dream could hint as to the best possible path.
Dreaming of actually being part of an orderly and purposeful crowd implies aspirations in
tune with those around you and support and assistance in making all your dreams a
reality. If you're not actually involved with the crowd, however, you may feel as if you're
"on the outside looking in" with regard to what's going on in your immediate circle. An
angry, out-of-control mob implies turbulent emotions. You need to slow down, take a
look at your feelings, and do what you can to make sense of them.
A gold crown indicates public honors and/or acknowledgement for work well done. A
wreath of flowers worn around the head implies happiness and success in romance. A
laurel wreath indicates victory over problems in your life. A paper or plastic crown,
however, indicates insincere compliments from people with agendas of their own.
A large number of cushions indicates that the dreamer is "cushioned" too much from reality,
and needs to wake up and view the situation as it really is. One comfortable cushion,
however, is a sign of prosperity to come. Shabby cushions indicate good fortune ahead IF
the dreamer cleans up his act.
Dark, Darkness
1. The ancients found the darkness a source of great fear, and so dreaming of darkness
could be calling your attention to a fear you have that needs to be dealt with.
2. Darkness also hides one's surroundings, and so darkness in a dream could indicate
that you are "in the dark" about something, and need to find the truth. If you walk
through the darkness into the light, this is showing you that you will indeed find the
truth, and success will come your way.
3. If a storm causes a bright day to suddenly turn into darkness, this is a warning not to
get too complacent with your present circumstances, and to save for "a rainy day."
1. If the dreamer is pregnant, and the daughter an as-yet unknown, this could be a sign
that she is going to have a girl.
2. If you have a daughter, she is trying to communicate something to you but may be
afraid to. Other symbols in the dream could shed light on what it is.
3. If the dreamer is neither pregnant nor the parent of a daughter, yet in the dream she
has a daughter, this could indicate that the dreamer will start a new creative project
soon. If the daughter is pretty and happy, the project will be a success. But if the child is
crying, the project will hit a lot of snags.
4. If the girl in question is the daughter of a celebrity, ask yourself what both the
daughter and the celebrity mean to you. Look to other symbols in the dream to add
further insight.
A project, a dream, or plans for the future will come to a dead stop. Other symbols in
the dream should reveal whether you need to scrap these plans entirely or go back to
the beginning and start over.
1. An imminent transition, perhaps a move, or change of job or lover.
2. An impending death in the world of the dreamer - usually a relative, friend, or
admired public figure. The dreamer's death, however, is never shown.
3. The need for change in some department of the dreamer's life. As to what: Watch for
other symbols in the dream.
Astrological parallel: Scorpio
Tarot parallel: Death
The circumstances in the dream are very important. If you see the Devil in his usual
context - in a pit full of fire, surrounded by demons - then you'd better ask yourself what
guilty secret you're hiding and how it applies to your present circumstances. If the Devil
speaks to you and seems friendly, then you're going to be faced with a temptation that
will prove difficult to resist. If you fight him, you'll resist that temptation. If you see the
Devil with someone you know, that person may be trying to manipulate you to serve his
own ends.
Not always a positive symbol.
1. If you are alone holding diamonds in your hand, someone you care for very deeply
could be turning cold towards you.
2. If someone gives you diamonds, however, a project that means a lot to you could
bring money your way.
3. If other symbols in the dream imply happiness and contentment, the appearance of
diamonds could add wealth to the equation. But if the rest of the dream is dark and
ominous, diamonds could signify loss. When interpreting a dream containing diamonds,
it's important to remember that diamonds, however prized and beautiful, really are
nothing more than cold, hard rocks.
1. Dirt in a garden is a symbol for growth, abundance, and beauty. If you dream of
planting a garden, something you're working on now could blossom into something more
successful than you're even thinking of now.
2. Dirty clothes hint that your body isn't quite what it should be, and a medical checkup
is advised.
3. If someone you know is throwing dirt at you, this person is not to be trusted. Do NOT
confide in him or her!
1. Love, loyalty, devotion, obedience.
2. Strength; a challenge coming up and the ability to meet it.
3. Something in the dreamer's life is proving to be a "dog" - meaning, less than
Astrological parallels: Mercury, Virgo.
Dolphins are intelligent and friendly animals, and have often been known to rescue
drowning people at sea. Therefore, they have long been symbols of compassion,
helpfulness, empathy, and caring.
1. If you're beset with troubles, dreaming of a dolphin could mean that help from
someone who cares is on the way.
2. Playing with a dolphin implies that happier, more carefree times are on the way.
3. Encountering several dolphins hints that you are, or soon will be, surrounded by a
circle of friends who will provide you with a valuable support system.
1. A passage to a new phase in life, such as childhood to adolescence, or single to
2. A new opportunity on the way.
3. Revelation, either personal, spiritual, or universal.
Astrological parallels: Scorpio, Capricorn, Aries
Dreaming of a dragon depends greatly on the individual's attitude towards such
creatures. In British mythology, dragons were viewed as fearsome and dangerous
beasts, while in Chinese tradition dragons were considered harbingers of good luck.
Therefore, it is important that the dreamer recall the circumstances of the dream. If the
dream was dark and ominous, the dragon probably symbolizes the "beast in you," which
could mean that your own weaknesses could well get the best of you. But if the dream
was happy and optimistic, something wonderful is going to happen.
1. The need or desire to throw all the dreamer's energy into a particular goal.
2. The feeling of having no choice as to how to proceed in a given situation - in short, of
being "driven." If the dreamer is not the drive, he should consider who is doing it.
Astrological parallels: Aries, Capricorn
Tarot parallel: The Chariot
1. Feeling overwhelmed, perhaps by work, obligations, or life itself.
2. Inundation; too many people making too many demands on the dreamer.
Astrological/Tarot parallels: Cancer, The Moon
1. Friends or relatives could be trying to talk you into something you don't want to do.
Nip it in the bud before things get ugly.
2. You are torn in two different directions, and having a hard time deciding which is the
right choice.
Dreaming of seeing (or being) a happy and contented dwarf strongly indicates that all
your troubles will soon disappear as if by magic. If the dwarf was mean or unhappy,
however, beware of false friends. Be very careful of who you confide in.
Not a portent of death per se.
1. If you dream of dying yourself, then all your troubles will soon be over and you can
start anew. However, it could also mean that a part of you is dying and, if the other
symbols in the dream tell you that it's a part of you that you like, you'd better find a way
to resurrect it, and fast.
2. Sometimes this can be a wish-fulfillment dream, if you dream that someone who is
causing trouble for you is dying. Don't feel guilty; this is a better way to manifest that
wish than other ways!
3. Dreams in which the dreamer talks with dead people imply that very welcome news is
on its way.
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1. If the eagle is flying free, the dreamer needs to be prepared for an opportunity to soar
above the mundane, either professionally or spiritually, or both.
2. If the eagle is perched on a tree or in a nest, someone close to the dreamer is looking
out for her.
3. If the eagle is caged, the dreamer feels that her spirit, her true self, is trapped in
some way.
Astrological parallel: Scorpio
Tarot parallel: The Hanged Man
1. If you are looking down upon the Earth from space, this is a sign of expansion,
success, and great happiness.
2. A dream of lying on the earth depends on other symbols in the dream, particularly the
weather. If it is a lovely day, a much-needed period of rest and relaxation lies ahead. If
the weather is bad, an important matter needs immediate attention and you need to get
on it.
3. Tilling the earth, or watching someone till the earth, indicates sensible and profitable
use of your resources. See "Dirt".
If you live in an area prone to earthquakes and are used to them, this dream indicates
minor difficulties that need to be resolved. But if you live in a place where earthquakes
are rare, this dream implies a sudden and totally unexpected change in your
circumstances - which could require some difficult adjustments at first, but will, in the
long run, end in success and good fortune.
1. Dreaming of living in ancient Egypt might actually be a past-life memory. Be sure to
write the dream down immediately upon awakening, as an issue from that past life could
be coming to the surface of your unconscious mind. Something in the dream probably
relates to a concern in the present, and the dream may be giving you important insights.
2. Egypt is a land of mystery, and therefore if you dream of Egypt or things Egyptian
there is probably some mystery in your life that you'd like to have resolved. Look to
other symbols in the dream to discern what it is and what you should do about it.
3. Egypt is a land where a lot of secrets are being dug out of the ground. What secrets
are you hiding? Or are others around you keeping things from you that you really need
to know? If the other symbols in the dream support this idea, honest communication
with those involved is definitely called for.
Of all the domestic animals, the elephant is certainly one of the oldest known, if not the
oldest. In Hindu mythology, Ganesha, the elephant-headed god, is one of the deities
associated with wealth. Therefore, unless the dreamer himself has a personal anathema
towards elephants, dreaming of an elephant is always a harbinger of great good fortune.
1. If the elephant is friendly and happy, expect a change in your luck for the better.
2. If the dreamer was riding an elephant, this indicates a rise in social status.
3. A performing elephant augurs new friends, while a working elephant hints at success
through your own efforts.
4. Even an angry or frightened elephant, or even if they attack you, is not all that bad an
omen. It only implies delays in the attainment of your goals.
A need for change, and also for economy. Circumstances may require cutting back on
expenses in order to do something you really want to do.
1. If you dream of a living person whom you consider to be an adversary, you need to
pay attention to the other symbols in the dream. If they are warning symbols, this
person may be actively working against you. If they are positive, he or she may want a
truce with you.
2. Dreaming of a shadowy, ominous, perhaps unseen enemy is calling your attention to
your own shadow side. A part of you is keeping you from attaining certain goals. To
deduce what part it is, look to other symbols in the dream.
3. Dreaming of several enemies is a dream of contrary. It actually implies that you are
surrounded by loving and loyal friends.
The need or desire to break away from unpleasant people or circumstances in the
dreamer's life. If, in the dream, the dreamer cannot escape, she might have to fight her
way through difficulties. If an attempt is made but the dreamer is caught, then the
dreamer should watch for a tendency to be her own worst enemy.
Astrological parallel: Mars-Uranus combinations
Tarot parallel: The Wheel of Fortune
An upcoming crisis in the attainment of a cherished goal. If the dreamer fails the exam,
or if he awakens before knowing whether he passed or failed, the goal may be unfeasible
at this time and should be re-examined. If the dreamer passes the exam, then, in spite
of obstacles, he has it in him to get what he wants.
Astrological parallel: Saturn or Uranus
Tarot parallel: The Tower
1. The ex-lover is thinking about the dreamer intensely, and projecting telepathic
messages towards her which she receives in her dreams.
2. Incompletions with this person that need to be resolved within the dreamer before he
is truly free to move on to a new relationship.
3. Similarities between this past relationship and situations now in the dreamer's life.
Solutions to current difficulties may be resolved by the dreamer's remembering how he
dealt with the ex-lover.
Astrological parallel: Venus-Saturn combinations
Tarot parallel: The Lovers
A dream of contrary. To dream of witnessing a massive explosion indicates that your
own life is going to "explode." Great changes for the better are on the way.
1. Being watched by strange, disembodied eyes indicates unexpected good fortune to
come. If the eyes are particularly beautiful, this is a sign of success in romance and/or
reassurance that you are surrounded by people who care for you. If there is only one
eye watching you, this is the all-seeing Eye of God, and hints at success beyond your
wildest dreams.
2. To go blind, to injure your eyes, or to get something in them is calling your attention
to the fact that there is something or someone in your life that you're not really seeing
as they really are.
3. Light-colored eyes indicate a new friendship, while dark eyes hint that someone is
sexually attracted to you.
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A symbol dependent on the circumstances of the dream. If you see a happy, smiling
face, then pleasures and good times lie ahead. If you see a sad or frowning face, then
troubles and worries may be plaguing you, and you have to "face" them. Dreaming of
washing your face indicates the need to "clean up" your act, while dreaming of a face
with a major blemish indicates the need to work on changing a bad habit.
Reassurance that your dearest dreams will come true. It doesn't matter if the fairy
appeared in the form of an elf, a pixie, a leprechaun, a garden-variety fairy, or a specific
fairy like Ozma of Oz, this is a very positive dream and portends great happiness.
Dreaming of hunting with a falcon implies the need to seek help in searching for
something you desire. A hooded falcon indicates that someone around you is keeping
things from you. A falcon making a kill is actually a positive omen, indicating that a long-
time goal of yours will finally be reached. See "Eagle", "Hawk".
1. Human beings have two ancient primal fears: fear of falling, and fear of loud noises.
Dreaming of falling often implies the fear of losing control and resulting disaster. If the
dreamer falls a great distance, then he should start finding solutions right away, for
there is danger of severe complications. If the dreamer falls a short distance and is
unhurt, the damage will be minimal and can easily be set right.
2. A pun: Something important will happen, or difficulties will be resolved, by the "fall"
Astrological parallel: Scorpio
Tarot parallel: The Tower
A busy, fruitful, and prosperous farm is a sign of abundance ahead, while a derelict,
barren, and decrepit farm implies the need to work hard to avoid a rocky financial road
ahead. Seeing lots of farm animals enjoying life reflects a coming period where you'll be
meeting a lot of new people who'll be of great assistance to you.
Father (see Mother)
This symbol is highly personalized, and should be considered in light of your relationship
with your father. Generally, dreaming of a father (yours or anyone else's) represents
authority, while mothers represent love and protection. If your relationship with your
father was good, dreaming of him implies advancement and/or assistance from authority
figures in your life. If your relationship with him was strained, however, dreaming of him
indicates trouble coming from authority figures, such as your boss. If you're dreaming of
a dead parent, especially if he or she is speaking to you, important news is coming your
way. Whether the news is good or bad depends on other dynamics in the dream.
Astrological parallels: Saturn (father)
Tarot parallels: The Emperor
This symbol needs to be considered in view of the dreamer's situation at the time. If
your life circumstances are calm and pleasant at the moment, dreaming that you are
afraid of something is a warning of trouble ahead. Other symbols in the dream, and
circumstances in your life, can explain to you exactly what the trouble will be and how to
resolve it. If you're presently involved in some tense situations and you dream of being
afraid, people whom you consider to be friends may turn out to be less than that. To
dream of calming someone else's fears implies the resolving of misunderstandings.
1. A pun, implying issues of "under-standing." Aching, painful, or injured feet imply a
misunderstanding between you and a loved one. Bathing the feet, however, hints at a
resolution of any disagreements.
2. Viewing many feet walking on the street indicates financial reverses.
2. Cold feet symbolize fears and worries about a particular course of action which the
dreamer may have been planning to take - as in the metaphor "getting cold feet." Other
symbols in the dream should reveal whether the dreamer's fears are warranted or not.
An obstacle dream. The nature of the obstacle depends on the dreamer's circumstances,
as well as on other symbols in the dream. If the scene on the other side of the fence is
beautiful and peaceful, hope lies ahead, and if the dreamer gets over the fence, what he
wants will indeed manifest in spite of obstacles. If the land on the other side of the fence
is barren and rocky, and/or the dreamer is having trouble climbing the fence, what
you're seeking may not be what it seems and it might be best to turn back. Sitting on a
fence indicates a major decision to be made.
1. If you are fighting with an unknown figure, whether it's an argument or an out-and-
out fistfight, or if you're participating in a free-for-all, this is a loud and clear message
that major changes are on the way. Considering the dreamer's circumstances as well as
other symbols in the dream will reveal the nature of the change, and/or what the
dreamer needs to do in order to face it.
2. Standing on the sidelines and watching other people fight indicates that the troubles
of others may spill over into your life.
3. A dream of war indicates an inner battle. The dreamer needs to look within and see
what it is that's keeping them from getting anywhere. Other symbols in the dream might
1. To point a finger or see someone else pointing is calling your attention to whatever
other symbol in the dream the finger is indicating. If you view the symbol in question as
a positive one, then good fortune lies ahead - soon. If you view the symbol as a negative
image, then caution is called for in any business, financial or romantic matters. If the
finger points at a specific person whom you know, that person - or someone who
reminds you of that person - is not to be trusted, and any dealings with him or her call
for a great deal of caution.
2. A cut, broken, or bandaged finger is a dream of contrary, indicating significant
successes after a great deal of effort.
3. If you are aware that the finger is of a left hand, you are being warned that any shady
sort of dealings, whether business, financial or romantic, will not go the way you hope,
and could have upsetting consequences.
The fish is a very powerful and positive image in many world traditions.
1. To the Babylonians, Phoenicians, and Assyrians, it was honored as a symbol of
2. In Native American tradition, the fish is a symbol for mystical secrets, for it can swim
to the deepest regions of the ocean and explore its hidden knowledge.
3. In British lore, it was believed that eating fish before lovemaking could enable a
couple to conceive a child.
4. The early Christians used the fish as the symbol for the Christ Consciousness. It was
widely believed that this symbol resulted from the Greek acronym for \"Jesus Christ, Son
of God.\" But there is also the fact that the coming of Jesus ushered in the Age of Pisces
the Fish, which encapsulates the mysticism, love, and happiness to which all world
traditions ascribe to the fish.
5. In Scandinavia, fish was considered an aphrodisiac, and was popularly consumed on
Friday, the feast day of Freya, Goddess of Love - and in her honor Friday was a day
dedicated to lovemaking.
There are, therefore, many possibilities if you dream of a fish - all good, even if the fish
was a greatly feared one like the shark. If there is a possibility of a pregnancy, dreaming
of a fish could mean that a child is on the way, and the pregnancy and birth will be
uneventful and result in a healthy baby. If the dreamer is in love but is not yet sure
about the beloved's feelings, dreaming of a fish strongly indicates that the feelings are
indeed reciprocated. Dreaming of catching fish, either with a pole or with a net, indicates
success and prosperity ahead. Seeing fish swimming in a clear pool indicates that a
number of secrets about yourself and the world around you are going to suddenly
become clearer.
1. Energy; drive. The dreamer needs to prepare herself for an increased level of stress
and activity.
2. If the dreamer is burned, trouble lies ahead. Look to other symbols in the dream as to
how to prepare for it and resolve it.
3. If the dreamer avoids being burned, a sticky situation will be quickly resolved.
4. A roaring bonfire or a welcome blaze in a fireplace signifies good news, security, a
period of hope after a stint of difficulties.
Astrological parallel: Aries, Mars
1. Watching fireworks burst into a rain of light in the sky is an omen of great good
fortune ahead, particularly in romance.
2. If someone throws a firecracker at you, this is a sign of trouble, probably because of
someone else. But if the firecracker turns out to be a dud, that person will not succeed.
3. Sparklers and Roman candles are portents of an increased social life and good times
1. Water is a universal symbol for emotion, and thus a dream of a flood indicates that a
plethora of deep feelings is coming the dreamer's way. If the flood is warm, gentle and
comforting, the feelings will be positive, and possibly could involve romance. But if the
flood is dark, cold, and overwhelming, be prepared for emotional turmoil.
2. Being swept away by a flood warns that someone of the opposite sex whom you trust
may be trying to use you.
3. Escaping from the flood, especially if you continue to reach high ground, indicates
overcoming a great difficulty.
1. Dreaming of flying high in the air and looking down on your usual surroundings is a
very common dream, and most often implies a widening and broadening of your vision.
It is also an omen of happiness, exhilaration, and good fortune. Whether these benefits
will come easily or with great effort depends on the circumstances of the dream,
particularly the weather. (see Flying)
2. Dreaming of a fly, that is, the insect, represents a minor obstacle that must be
overcome - in short, the proverbial "fly in the ointment." An annoying fly that keeps
buzzing around your head is a signal that the obstacle, however miniscule it might be,
will not go away on its own and requires immediate attention.
1. The dreamer's basic ambition, drive, goals, and dreams. If the dreamer is flying like a
bird, then he can accomplish his goals almost on his own. If the dreamer is flying in an
airplane, or other sort of airship, he will need assistance. If the weather around him is
turbulent, the path to success will be rocky and strewn with obstacles. If it is clear, the
path ahead should be straightforward and easily traveled. If others are flying with him,
he needs to gather the support of others in order to attain his goal.
Astrological parallel: Uranus
Tarot parallel: The World
2. A harbinger of a happy time in the dreamer's life - as if she is "flying high."
Astrological/Tarot parallel: The Sun
1. Dreaming of ripe, appealing fruit in your dream is a very positive omen, and can
symbolize several things: success and prosperity (the fruits of your labor); a pregnancy
(fruit of the womb) or a heightened period of creativity (the fruits of your imagination.)
2. If the fruit is sour, rotten, or spoiled, however, it is a sign that something you're
striving for is going to turn bad - and it's best if you stop work on it right now, figure out
what's wrong with it, and move on only once the problem is resolved.
An obstacle dream, dependent on other circumstances in the dream for exact
interpretation. A fog at sea indicates blockages in emotional situations, such as romance.
A fog on land indicates setbacks with regard to business or financial progress. If the fog
clears away during the dream, then the blockages will let up and therefore there's no
need to lose heart. If it thickens, however, perhaps you'd better rethink the situation.
Foreign country
1. If the foreign country was one that you have either been to and loved, or always
wanted to visit, this is a sign that the attainment of your heart's desire is closer than you
think. It also means that you should keep working on it and not be discouraged in spite
of any setbacks.
2. If the foreign country is strange, or the people unfriendly, or if it's a country where
violence, war, and other unfavorable situations are occurring, then something or
someone in your life is leading you into strange and unfamiliar territory which could at
the very least make you uncomfortable. Think twice before allowing yourself to be
tempted into circumstances that you know nothing about.
If the foreigner was friendly and jovial, and if you liked him or her, this is an omen of
good times ahead no matter what the foreigner's nationality was. If he was unfriendly
and hostile, however, it is still an omen of good times ahead, but of hitting a number of
dead ends before you reach your goals.
Food is a universal symbol for prosperity and for plenty, even in rough times. If the food
was fresh and crisp, then good things will be coming in profusion, but if some or all of it
was spoiled, there will be setbacks, although in the end all will be well. Buying food
represents domestic happiness; selling food indicates business advancement. Tasting
food, however, while it's still a positive omen, represents minor steps towards
As with all dreams of Earth's bounty, a forest basically is a happy omen if the dream
shows the sun shining through the trees and a clear path ahead. Even a forest fire
indicates positive progress. But if the dreamer felt alone and frightened, this means that
his or her own feelings could get in the way of prosperity and success. If he or she felt
lost, this implies a need to get a better grasp on one's own financial circumstances in
order to better them. Other symbols in the dream can yield more information.
An omen of a happy and fulfilled life. If the fountain is flowing freely, things should go
comparatively easily from here on out; however, if the fountain is malfunctioning, there
are still a few obstacles that need to be overcome first.
A positive omen in all ways. Whether you saw them, held them, heard them, or ate
them, they signify happiness, success in your profession, and true friends.
A dream of buying or selling gasoline is a sign of prosperity ahead, but there may be a
few bumps in the road before you get what you want. Running out of gasoline is a dream
of contrary, implying a rush of energy and inspiration in whatever activity means the
most to you. If you're not sure what that is, look to other symbols in the dream.
A dream of fur on a live animal signifies love, warmth, and happiness. See the entries
relating to each individual animal for more details. Wearing a new, well-tailored fur coat
indicates financial success, while a shabby, worn-out fur coat indicates financial reversals.
1. An open gate is a harbinger of promising opportunities in the near future.
2. Dreaming of a closed gate is an obstacle dream. However, the obstacles can be
overcome if you work hard at it. To judge exactly what obstacles you face, look to other
symbols in the dream.
3. A locked gate implies obstacles that are practically impassible, unless in the dream
you also find ways to go over it, under it, or around it. In the latter case, success is
practically guaranteed.
Dreaming of playing games traditionally means a time of relaxation and ease, wherein
one can regather his or her resources. But in this day and age, it could be a pun,
indicating that someone is "playing games" with you. Watching a game hints at feelings
of being on the outside looking in - or possibly feelings that you're sitting on the
sidelines while life passes you by. If you're playing and enjoying a game, then life will be
good to you. But if you're frustrated by it, expect a few setbacks.
A dream of contrary, usually a positive omen. Taking out the garbage symbolizes
jettisoning all the "garbage" in your life that is holding you back from success. Walking
through or past garbage indicates passing by or over negative influences and thus
heading for happiness and good fortune.
1. Dreaming of a haunted house indicates that guilt from the past is holding you back
from accomplishing something you really want. Actually seeing a ghost, however, is an
omen of good luck.
2. If you are frightened by a ghost, this could mean that mistakes in your past have
"come back to haunt you." It could also mean that intense pressure to do something
against your principles could be put upon you by someone in a position of authority.
3. If the ghost is someone known to you who has passed on and who speaks to you,
listen. The message is important. See Dying.
1. A reflection of the "David and Goliath" archetype. Dreaming of meeting a giant implies
meeting challenges boldly and with confidence. Killing a giant is an omen of success
beyond your wildest dreams.
2. Dreaming of being a giant sometimes indicates overconfidence. Be cautious of any
new enterprises at this time.
1. Receiving a gift can mean either a lucky break or a betrayal - a warning of "Greeks
bearing gifts" - depending on the circumstances and/or other symbols in the dream.
2. Giving a gift, however, is always a symbol of happy times ahead.
Depending on the circumstances and other symbols, dreaming of a young girl is
generally a positive omen. If you know her, and the other dream symbols support it, this
is a portent of new opportunities; if she is a stranger, expect some surprising news. For
a woman, a strange girl can represent her youthful side; for a man, she could represent
his ideal lover.
The significance of this dream depends on whether or not the dreamer normally wears
glasses. If he or she does normally wear glasses, this aspect of the dream has little
significance. But for someone who does not wear glasses, dreaming of wearing glasses is
a sign that things that are confusing now will become clearer very soon - unless it's
sunglasses, in which case things may become more obscure. Again, if you're not certain
what it is that will become either clearer or more obscure, look to the other symbols in
the dream.
A symbol of security. If the gloves are brand-new, this symbolizes financial security; if
the gloves are long evening-type gloves, or gauntlets, this means security in love
matters. Losing gloves indicates temporary setbacks, and dirty or worn-out gloves imply
difficulties, but all still imply security in the long run.
God, Goddess
A sense of the presence of God or Goddess in a dream is an augur of spiritual revelation
and advancement, esoteric insights, and peace of mind. The meaning of dreams of
pagan gods depends on the association with that god.
Dreaming of this gentle, kindhearted animal almost always signifies a new friendship, or
the reaffirming of an old friendship. Even if the gorilla appears to be on the rampage,
this is still a positive symbol. A gorilla that is angry or upset merely indicates minor
misunderstandings with a friend.
Another symbol of Earth's bounty. Dreams of grain are almost always harbingers of
prosperity and happiness, unless the grain is burning or spoiled. In that case, a setback
could be in the works, but still, grain is such a positive symbol that the setback in
question should be easily resolved.
Grass (Lawn)
A healthy, well-kept lawn or other stretch of grass augurs success and prosperity, while
sunburnt, blackened, or dead grass indicates financial setbacks. To dream of planting,
sowing or sodding grass indicates that you'll have to work very hard to attain your goals,
while cutting or mowing grass implies attaining security but nothing much beyond that.
A symbol of hope for the future. If the dreamer actually has grandchildren, this is a very
personal symbol, implying that the future of the family is pretty much secure. If the
dreamer does not have grandchildren, it indicates that the dreamer's own future is bright
and promising. If the dream is of someone else's grandchildren, then the dream is more
cosmic in its scope: the world is NOT going to go totally down the tubes.
A symbol of knowledge and wisdom, as well as security and protection.
A grandfather also represents knowledge and wisdom, but with a touch of authority and
tradition thrown in.
Gray is a rather depressing color; some mystics believe it to be the color of the aura of a
prison. Some sources believe it to indicate a slow period in the dreamer's life, when he
or she is merely "marking time."
Peace. Tranquillity. The Earth. Money. A journey. Good news.
Astrological parallel: Taurus
1. In Freudian dream analysis, a symbol for physical passion. If the dreamer is the one
doing the shooting, then he is consciously or unconsciously searching for a partner. If
the dreamer is the one being shot, someone out there feels desire for him.
2. The release, or need for release, of pent-up anger. Again, if the dreamer is doing the
shooting, she needs to control her temper and find a positive way to release her anger.
If she is the victim, then someone is angry with her.
3. Something important coming up, implying a need to "get out the big guns."
Astrological parallel: Mars/Uranus combinations
Tarot parallel: The Tower
1. Dreaming of a female gypsy fortuneteller indicates unexpected good news, while
dreaming of a male gypsy, usually a musician, foreshadows romance.
2. If the dreamer saw a band of gypsies, particularly if they were traveling in caravans, a
move may be in store, or perhaps a period of uncertainty and insecurity.
3. Buying something from a gypsy indicates good luck after a period of uncertainty.
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A series of misfortunes lie ahead that could place your present goals in jeopardy. Look to
the other symbols in the dream to judge which goals they are, or how to avert the
misfortunes and save your projects.
1. An ancient symbol for strength and power. See BALD. Thick, luxuriant hair is a symbol
for good health, and thin, wispy hair a sign of oncoming illness.
2. Brushing or combing the hair indicates finding the solution to a problem. Dreaming of
someone pulling your hair implies betrayal.
Astrological parallel: Leo
Tarot parallel: Strength
1. A hand that is open and pointing towards the sky is giving the "Fear not!" gesture of
ancient times. Therefore, if you see this symbol, whether the hand is of a person or is
totally disembodied, something that you're afraid of is actually nothing to fear.
2. Beautiful, well-kept hands indicate satisfaction in life, while dirty hands indicate some
kind of "mess" in your life that needs to be "cleaned up."
3. Hands that are working diligently indicate success and good fortune through the
dreamer's own efforts.
4. Hands that caress the dreamer or someone else in the dream, including a pet, imply
happiness in love, while hands that are waving in farewell indicate temporary
5. Tied hands imply obstacles in attaining one's goals, while shaking hands imply either a
new friend or a reunion with an old one.
6. Injured or bandaged hands indicates delays in attaining one's goals; look to other
symbols in the dream to discern how these delays can be subverted, or, if they're
inevitable, how best the time during the delays can be spent.
1. If the hat is new, the dreamer may be considering a new job - and should go for it. If
the hat is old and shabby, the dreamer's current job will eventually "get old."
2. If the hat is too small for the dreamer, something in his life for which he had high
hopes could turn out to be a disappointment. But if the hat is too large, he has bitten off
more than he could chew.
3. A top hat or fashionable ladies' hat indicates a rise in social status.
In Native American mythology, the hawk is the messenger. Therefore, if the hawk seems
to be friendly, an important and probably positive message will come your way. Other
symbols in the dream can reveal what that message concerns. Hawk can also indicate an
important opportunity coming your way. If the hawk seems forbidding, however, this is a
warning to take care of your emotional baggage before seizing whatever new
opportunity comes your way.
1. If the dreamer is doing the hiding, there is a part of him that is "hidden," even from
him, that perhaps needs to come to the surface and be looked at.
2. If the dreamer hides an object from someone else, then he is concealing something
that perhaps needs to be revealed.
3. If the dreamer is searching for someone or something, there is something missing,
either an idea or an actual object, that she needs to find and make use of. Other
symbols in the dream could reveal exactly what that is.
Astrological parallels: Pluto, Scorpio
Tarot parallel: The Moon
A symbol of total powerlessness. 1. If the dreamer is the homeless one, then he or she
is facing an unpleasant situation, which seems to have no solution. But if, in the dream,
the weather is good, the dreamer has more strength than he or she thinks. If the
weather is bad, however, there is little or no hope, and it might be best if the dreamer
just cuts the losses and moves on.
2. If the dreamer sees a band of homeless people, then this is a dream of contrary. The
dreamer may not be aware of it, but there are people around who care for him and are
willing to help him out of his difficulties.
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1. To put ice into a drink indicates that perhaps the dreamer is spending too much time
indulging in pleasures and not enough on practical matters. However, to be surrounded
by ice, or to sit on it, implies comfortable living ahead that has been well earned.
2. Slipping on ice or falling through thin ice implies difficulties and obstacles ahead, while
deliberately breaking through ice indicates new friendships. Remember the metaphor,
"breaking the ice"?
3. Skating on ice alone indicates success ahead, but skating with a partner COULD mean
that someone is sabotaging your efforts. Or it could mean a successful partnership. To
judge which it is, look to other symbols in the dream.
1. Often times, dreaming of illness has been shown to be a warning of an impending
illness, the nature of which is sometimes revealed in the other symbols in the dream. If
the dreamer has been feeling weak, or under a lot of stress, she should consult a doctor.
2. If the dreamer has not been feeling ill, this is a symptom of something else in your life
being out of kilter. Again, look to the other symbols in the dream.
3. Dreaming of others being ill is a warning of upcoming difficulties with your
Astrological parallels: Pisces, Neptune
Tarot parallel: The Moon
1. If the dreamer is the one being unfaithful, then he is dealing with feelings of guilt over
an apparent betrayal.
2. If an actual lover is the one being unfaithful, then this indicates the dreamer's
insecurities over the relationship. The partner may or may not actually be unfaithful, but
either way the dreamer needs to deal with her feelings.
3. If an unknown figure is the one being unfaithful, then the dreamer needs to be more
discriminating with regard to who she calls friend.
Astrological parallel: Mars/Pluto combinations
Tarot parallel: The Devil
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Jesus Christ
Always a positive symbol, though at times it can represent a warning. 1. If you yourself are
following Jesus, wearing period garb, and actually observing his work, this could be a past-
life memory, especially if the dream is especially vivid. Be sure and write down every detail
you remember, because the dream is actually telling you a lot about you as well as about
2. If Jesus is speaking to you in the here and now, again, when you awaken, write down
everything he says that you can remember. It could be important.
3. If you see Jesus coming out of the sky, as in the prophecies of the Rapture, some
momentous event is going to make a very major and positive difference in your life.
4. If you see Jesus speaking with other Masters - such as Krishna, Buddha, and Mohammed
- again, write down what you hear. This is a message that can make a big difference to your
spiritual progress.
1. To lose keys indicates disappointments, obstacles, and setbacks, while finding keys
represents discovering the perfect solution to a problem.
2. To give someone you know a key implies that you will offer assistance to that person,
while giving a key to an unknown person indicates an improvement in your own
circumstances. To be given a key augurs assistance from friends in positions of power.
3. To fit a key in a lock implies romantic and sexual happiness; unlocking a door
indicates a breaking down of obstacles.
1. If the dreamer is killing an enemy, this implies the end of a difficult time in his life
attained through his own efforts.
2. If the dreamer accidentally kills someone, caution in dealing with upcoming situations
is called for.
3. Dreaming of actually being killed is a warning: Something in your life is "killing" your
joie de vivre, and the situation should be rectified right away.
4. Rarely, a death. But for the most part, dreaming of killing is NOT a harbinger of death
- and, of course, the dreamer's death is never shown.
Astrological parallels: Pluto, Scorpio
Tarot parallel: Death
A kite flying freely and easily in clear skies indicates the attainment of your highest
dreams, whether you were the one flying the kite or were simply observing. If the kite
string breaks, or the wind stops dead and the kite crashes to the ground, be prepared
for everything you hope for to fall through at the last minute. To find how to avoid this,
look to the other symbols in the dream.
1. A kiss from a lover, under happy circumstances, presages happiness and
2. A kiss from a stranger implies an unexpected gift.
3. An unwanted kiss indicates upcoming overtures from someone the dreamer does not
like. The overtures may or may not be romantic in nature.
1. A Freudian symbol for sexual passion. See GUN.
2. A knife being used to sever anything in two implies the impending end of a
relationship of any kind - business, friendship, love.
3. A rusty or dull knife implies the dreamer's lack of ability to sever a relationship that is
not serving her.
4. Cutting yourself with a knife warns that situations may arise where you become your
own worst enemy.
Astrological parallel: Mars
Tarot parallel: The suit of swords
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1. If the dreamer is witnessing the landslide as it happens, then sudden and unexpected
events, which he really should be prepared for, will take him totally by surprise. The
dream is warning him to be prepared. Other symbols in the dream may reveal exactly
what the events will entail, and what he should do about it.
2. If the landslide has already taken place and the rocks are lying in the middle of the
road, then the dreamer faces obstacles ahead that will need to be removed before he or
she can move on and accomplish whatever it is that needs to be done.
1. If you are hanging a load of laundry out to dry, then something you prefer to keep
hidden will soon become public knowledge - as in the metaphor, "airing your dirty
laundry." But if you're taking your laundry down, folding it, and/or putting it away, don't
worry - your secrets are safe.
2. Dreaming of actually doing your own laundry is a sign that you have made a major
good impression on a friend or acquaintance, and as a result, opportunities - either
business or social - will come your way.
3. Being in a laundry or dry cleaner's shop is an omen of an increased social life.
Las Vegas
Sin City. 1. If you dream of being in a casino surrounded by gambling tables and slot
machines, then you are depending too much on chance and not enough on your own
efforts to steer your life in the right way. Dreaming of winning, however, is a sign that
luck will play a major role in the success of a project or enterprise.
2. If you are watching a Las Vegas stage show, then something important in your life
has less reality than glitz and glitter.
3. Driving on the Las Vegas strip indicates that you are approaching a time of your life
when you will be concentrating more on having fun than on serious endeavors. Whether
this is appropriate or not depends on other symbols in the dream.
An ancient symbol for knowledge. Almost always a positive omen, particularly for those
involved in scholarly, creative, or artistic pursuits.
Astrological parallel: Gemini, Sagittarius.
Tarot parallel: The suit of Wands
A very positive omen implying a major stroke of good luck coming your way in the near
future. Even if the lightning was accompanied by rain and thunder, it is still a positive
omen, but positive events will be preceded by a period of anxiety.
1. If you see a lizard among a group of people, then there is a false friend nearby who
would betray you in a moment if it suited his or her ends.
2. In Native American mythology, the lizard is the dreamer. Dreaming of a lizard,
therefore, is a sign that this dream is important and reveals a lot about where you're
coming from, where you're going, and how best to get there. In order to get this
information, look to the other symbols in the dream.
1. If the dreamer is lost, there is a department in his life in which he has "lost his way."
Look to other symbols in the dream to judge which department this is. If in the dream
he finds his way, all should be well. But if he awakens before he finds himself, he should
probably seek outside help with regard to the matter in question.
2. If an object is lost, or a beloved friend or pet, the dreamer needs to assess what that
object or being, and the loss thereof, means to him. For example: A dream of losing
one's wallet could mean fear of financial loss. Look to other symbols in the dream to find
ways to avoid what one fears.
Astrological parallels: Neptune, Pisces
Tarot parallel: The Moon
1. If the dream involves happiness in love, then happiness and contentment lie ahead.
2. If the dream involves an illicit or forbidden love, the dreamer is hiding things -
perhaps even from herself.
3. If the dream is of observing the love between two other people, this portends the
consummation of some of the dreamer's own hopes and wishes.
4. If the dream involves choosing between two rival lovers, the dreamer faces a difficult
Astrological parallel: Venus
Tarot parallel: The Lovers
1. If the dreamer is the one telling the lie, then he or she needs to beware of setbacks
generated by his or her own foolish actions. Caution in all departments of life is definitely
called for.
2. If someone else told the lie, however, it is a dream of contrary: success and good fortune
lie ahead.
3. Dreaming of lying to authority figures, or in court, indicates that honesty is definitely
going to be the best policy for some time: Do NOT lie to anyone!
4. If someone else lies to authority figures, however, it is a sign that you will benefit from
someone else's mistakes - and soon.
1. If the dreamer is getting married, and is happy about it, either a wedding or another
type of much-desired contract or agreement is indicated.
2. If the dreamer is marrying someone whom she does NOT want to marry, then she
may be headed for a task that she'd rather not perform. 3. If the dreamer is a guest at
someone else's wedding, the success of a long-term goal may depend on others.
Astrological parallels: Venus, Jupiter, Libra, Sagittarius
Tarot parallels: The Empress, Justice
1. If you are wearing the mask, this is a warning not to reveal too much of yourself in a
specific situation. Look to other symbols in the dream to discern what sort of situation
this is.
2. If someone you know is wearing the mask, that person is keeping something from
you. If the wearer of the mask is a stranger, and male, then there is intellectual
knowledge out there that you don't have but should be aware of. If the stranger is
female, you're not in touch with your emotions and should be.
A portent of uncertain times ahead, when you literally won't know if you're coming or
going. If the dreamer found his or her way out and wasn't particularly concerned about
it, then whatever problems you face will be set right and you can get on with your life.
But if the dreamer was frightened, panicked, and kept running into dead ends, then the
dream is telling him or her that it's vital to calm down, try to relax, and face whatever
appears to be stopping him from doing what he wants. A change of direction is likely to
be necessary.
An astrological symbol relating to the emotions. If the Moon is full and bright, much
happiness and success lie ahead. If the Moon is new or in the crescent phase, you may
not be aware of your own feelings with regard to specific circumstances. A Moon partly
or fully obscured by clouds hints at outside matters affecting feelings that you're
currently unaware of, yet still need to deal with.
Mother (see Father)
Again, this is a symbol that is highly personalized, and needs to be considered in light of
the dynamics of your relationship with your mother. If your relationship with your
mother is or was good, you can expect happy times ahead. But if it was strained,
someone may try to coerce you into doing something by pointing out things that he or
she has done for you.
Astrological parallels: The Moon (mother)
Tarot parallels: The Empress
1. In British mythology, the mouse is usually portrayed as weak and timid, but blessed
with compensatory traits of intelligence, compassion, and resourcefulness. Dreaming of a
mouse, therefore, portends a situation in which the dreamer will be able to turn a
weakness into a strength, a disadvantage into an advantage - and thus escape any
negative consequences.
2. Being frightened by a mouse signifies social embarrassment coming up, and if the
dreamer wants to avoid it, he or she can look to other symbols in the dream.
3. Mice scurrying around freely, wreaking havoc in their surroundings, indicate family
squabbles ahead.
4. Seeing a mouse being chased by a cat is a warning not to let others interfere in your
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1. If the dreamer is naked and alone, the dream concerns freedom and lack of inhibition.
2. If the dreamer is naked in public, then he fears that some of his deepest secrets will
be exposed.
Astrological parallel: Uranus
Tarot parallel: The Moon
New York City
The "hub of the world." 1. To be alone in New York City without any friends or
companions is symbolic of being totally on your own. Whatever projects or enterprises
you're facing right now are likely to have to be done almost entirely on your own.
2. The bright lights of New York City at night, especially if they blink on and off,
symbolize an encouraging message that the solution to a problem you've been wrestling
with will come to you in a bolt of inspiration.
3. Dreaming of hearing any of the vast number of songs about New York City represents
reassurance that a cherished goal or project of yours will indeed manifest - with a lot of
1. A dream of a clear, starry night, with a full moon, is an omen of positive things to
come. A dark, cloudy night with no moon represents the dreamer's fears. Look to other
symbols in the dream to discern what the fears are.
2. If in the dream the night is hindering the dreamer, he should expect obstacles and
delays in something dear to him.
Astrological and Tarot parallel: The Moon.
A symbol with many possible meanings, depending on the perception of the dreamer.
1. If you dream of a well-shaped and well-defined nose, something that has been
obscured will suddenly become clear to you - "as plain as the nose on your face."
2. A long, thin, perhaps twitching nose is a warning that someone around you is "nosing"
into your affairs - "sticking their nose where it doesn't belong."
3. A stuffed-up nose indicates obstacles and blockages, but blowing your nose signifies
that obstacles will be overcome.
4. A nosebleed indicates financial trouble ahead, and also is a warning not to lend
anyone any money right now - or they'll "bleed you dry."
5. Dreaming of a large or swollen nose, however, is a portent of prosperity.
1. Dreaming of seeing specific numbers requires referring to the meaning of those
numbers in numerology. When you dream of numbers, write them down as quickly as
you can. This involves seeing a house with a number on it, a calendar with a date
circled, a license plate number, or any kind of number where you can see the figures
clearly. Space here does not permit revealing all the ins and outs of the meanings of
numbers, but here are the meanings in a nutshell: 1 - leadership; 2 - diplomacy; 3 -
vision; 4 - accomplishment; 5 - adventure; 6 - teaching; 7 - investigation; 8 - problem
solving; 9 - healing. Remember that in numerology, if you see a number of more than
one digit, such as 326, you add up the digits, as in 3 + 2 + 6 = 11, then 1 + 1 = 2.
Then you look to the meaning of the final number, in this case, "2."
2. To dream of numbers that you can't remember after you awaken indicates that
confusion and uncertainty lie ahead, and it's important for you to get your details in
order - or, your priorities set and in motion.
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Life. One of the few universal symbols. An active ocean, teeming with life, with high
waves and crashing surf, implies that life will soon become much busier. A calm ocean: A
peaceful life. A stormy sea: Trouble ahead. The need to be prepared.
Astrological parallel: Cancer
Tarot parallel: The suit of cups
1. A familiar office: Safety and security, as much emotional security as job or financial
2. A strange office full of strange people: If the dreamer feels comfortable, new friends are
in his immediate future. If the dreamer feels lost and out of place, then he should take a
good long look at his current circumstances - work, love, friendships - and see if they are
serving him.
Astrological parallel: Taurus
Tarot parallel: The suit of pentacles
Painting of any kind indicates that the dreamer is about to embark on a project very
important to him or her. Discerning the circumstances of that project, and the details,
are dependent on other symbols in the dream.
1. Dreaming of a house being painted indicates that information previously kept from
you will soon come to light.
2. If you dream of being an artist and painting a picture that is beautiful and happy, then
you have the power to create whatever circumstances you want the most in life. A dark,
foreboding painting, however, indicates a pessimistic outlook on life, and therapy might
be of great assistance.
3. If you watch while someone else paints a picture, you may have the feeling of being
on the outside looking in and need to take control of your life - again, depending on the
atmosphere, circumstances, and other symbols in the dream.
1. A sense of inability to act in a given situation, usually with regard to love. If the
paralysis was total, then the dream may fear taking a certain action. It could be whether
or not to declare his love, propose marriage, or break up. If the paralysis was only
partial, sexual inhibitions could be the problem.
2. The dreamer may feel inhibited or blocked from moving ahead with plans for major
changes in her life due to circumstances beyond her control.
Astrological parallel: Saturn
Tarot parallels: The Pope, or Hierophant
The "City of Lights." If you, in fact, live in Paris, the location of the dream has little
meaning, but if you don't, it's quite significant. 1. Paris has for two millennia been
considered a major center of culture and enlightenment for the entire Western world. To
dream of being in Paris, strolling through the Louvre or the Musée d'Orsay or attending
the Opéra, therefore, indicates a time of learning, cultural appreciation. Visiting the great
Cathedrals such as Nôtre Dame or Sacre Coeur implies spiritual progress.
2. Paris is also considered one of the happiest cities in the world. Dreaming of visiting
the clubs or artistes of Montmartre or the Latin Quarter indicates an increased social life
and happy times ahead.
Dreaming of a father symbolizes authority and discipline, while a dream of a mother
symbolize love and protection - depending, of course, on how the dreamer felt about his
or her parents. If the parents are still living, perhaps you need to contact them. If the
parents have passed on, then they could be bringing you an important message.
Dreaming of one's parents is perhaps the most subjective dream symbol of all. The
dreamer's relationships with his or her parents, as well as the other symbols in the
dream, need to be considered before a workable interpretation can be found.
Astrological parallels: Saturn (father) and the Moon (mother)
Tarot parallels: The Emperor, The Empress
1. Dreaming of a huge, erect, and disembodied penis is an ancient religious symbol for
the Creator, like the Shiva lingam of Hinduism - and thus represents creative power,
particularly male creative power.
2. Viewing a naked man whom you actually know in waking life hints that someone you
know is going to reveal all to you - perhaps more than you want to hear.
3. If you're a woman dreaming of making love to a man, there is a guy out there who
would like very much to get closer to you.
4. If you are a straight man dreaming of being in bed with another man, this doesn't
necessarily mean that you're changing your sexual preference, but it does mean that
you could very soon find yourself doing something that you're not normally inclined to
Love. Compassion. The attainment of a dream.
1. Discussing politics with someone of your own gender is an omen of success ahead.
However, if the politician in your dream was of the opposite sex, you might be better off
changing your course of action, because the present one will lead to nothing. What
changes you should make are indicated by other symbols in the dream.
2. Dreaming of a politician - any politician, even one you like - making a speech in which
he or she makes idealistic promises is another sign that you should change direction, as
your plans won't work out if you continue on the course you're on now.
1. New life; creativity; new enterprises.
2. Revelation and inspiration;
3. The coming of spring; something new happening at the coming of spring.
Astrological parallel: Cancer, Pisces, Aries
Tarot parallel: The Empress
Spirituality; status in one's own circle. Increased social life, or the desire for same.
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1. In British mythology, a symbol of fertility, fecundity, and sexual pleasure. The ancient
British fertility goddess Oestre, from whose name we get our word Easter, had a pet
hare that laid its egg every Spring Equinox so that life would spread throughout the
world. Dreaming of a rabbit, therefore, especially one that is affectionate and at ease
with you, can be a sign of love and domestic happiness ahead.
2. Dreaming of many rabbits is a sign of new responsibilities - but not unwelcome ones.
A new and wonderful opportunity will come your way - but you'll enjoy the work required
to accomplish it instead of viewing it as a chore.
3. In Native American mythology, Rabbit is a symbol of needless fear. Therefore,
dreaming of a rabbit that is afraid of you means that something in your life is troubling
you now - and that your fears are groundless.
1. If the rain is a gentle one, and especially if rainbows are present, this is a positive
symbol, foreshadowing the coming of a peaceful interlude and much happiness.
2. If the rain is heavy, this indicates a change in the dreamer's financial fortunes.
Depending on his circumstances, it could be a windfall or a major setback.
3. A major thunderstorm with thunder and lightning indicates a sudden and unexpected
increase in wealth, possibly through a legacy.
Astrological parallel: Venus
Tarot parallel: The Wheel of Fortune
Always a positive symbol. No matter what the rest of the dream implies, if the dream
ends with a rainbow, particularly if you find the pot of gold, the dream is a portent of the
end of all your troubles followed by much happiness.
1. Dreaming of a black or brown rat is a sign of illness or treachery ahead. In European
tradition, rats are associated with theft of foodstuffs and the spread of disease, and
therefore seeing brown or black rats running free is a warning to see your doctor and to
be careful whom you trust.
2. Seeing brown or black rats in cages, however, is a sign that small irritations in your
life will be dealt with. Catching a rat in a trap indicates freedom from worry and a
release of tension.
3. White rats, on the other hand, are a sign of protection from beneficent forces or
entities around you.
1. A dream of reading a book augurs the collection of knowledge and the resulting
progress in whatever department of life the dreamer is concentrating on now.
2. Dreaming of getting a psychic reading indicates an important message. It's important
to write these dreams down, as the first thing dreamers usually forget are what's said in
the dream.
Good news. Passion. Anger. A warning to control your temper.
Astrological parallel: Aries.
Religious Icon
1. If the icon featured a portrait of a saint or other religious figure, find out what
tradition is associated with that person. For example, if the saint was St. Christopher,
then you may be on your way to taking a long journey. If the saint was St. Jude,
something wonderful and totally unexpected will happen. If the portrait was of the Virgin
Mary, someone will intercede for you in a disagreement and put it to an end.
2. Icons in general seem to bring a message that coming changes in your life, however
stressful they may be, are beneficial and can be dealt with fairly easily.
Robber, Robbery (see Stealing)
1. If the dreamer is concerned about safety, security, and financial affairs, this dream
could reflect those fears. Whether the fear - that someone in some way is going to rip
you off - is real or not depends on the circumstances and other symbols in the dream.
2. If the dreamer is looking for love, this could represent a warning: The dreamer could
meet and fall for someone fascinating, but who has an agenda of his or her own and
could end up breaking the dreamer's heart.
Running (away from something)
Something in the dreamer's life is difficult to face, and the dreamer would rather run away
from it than face it. If such a situation is not readily recognized by the dreamer, looking to
the other symbols in the dream should give the answer.
Astrological parallel: Pisces
1. The meaning of a dream of human skin varies with its condition. If you dream of
smooth, beautiful, healthy skin, it foreshadows romantic happiness. If you dream of
blotchy or pimply skin, however, it indicates romantic trouble ahead. Peeling skin
represents a sloughing off of the old in order to make way for the new.
2. Animal skins are a symbol of death, colored by the nature of the animal. For instance,
rabbits represent fear, and if you dream of a rabbit skin that indicates that some of your
fears are going to disappear. Dreaming of an ox, however, indicates a loss of strength
and stamina. To dream of a coat or stole made of animal skins is a symbol of exploiting
the vulnerable for the sake of one's own gain.
Sunny skies denote happiness and prosperity, while cloudy or stormy skies foretell
trouble ahead, perhaps family quarrels. The day sky represents the ability to see clearly,
while the night sky hints at things hidden from view. The night sky, however, can also
represent comfort and security. A sky full of stars, like sunny skies, is an omen of hope,
and great opportunities lie ahead.
1. If the sexual encounter is with someone the dreamer loves and desires, and who
reciprocates his or her feelings, then happy times with that person lie ahead. If the
encounter is with someone whose feelings the dreamer isn't sure of, it could mean the
same, but it could also be nothing more than a wish-fulfillment dream. Look to other
symbols in the dream in order to discern its true meaning.
2. If the encounter is an unpleasant one with either a stranger or someone whom the
dreamer does NOT like, the dreamer is trying to avoid a distasteful choice or
confrontation that perhaps should actually be faced.
3. If the encounter is a pleasant one with a partner that the dreamer does not know,
then the dreamer is about to gain something that he's been wanting for a long time.
Again, to ascertain what it is, look to other symbols in the dream.
Astrological parallels: Venus, Mars, Taurus, Scorpio
Tarot parallel: The Lovers
1. Dreaming of a smell often implies an actual physical sensation. Your nose may be
picking up an odor that really exists. It's important to be aware of this, especially if the
smell is that of smoke or gas. Try to condition yourself to wake up whenever an ominous
odor appears in a dream.
2. If this isn't the case, dreaming of pleasant odors such as flowers, the salt air, or good
food cooking symbolizes good times ahead, usually associated with whatever is giving off
the odor. See Flowers, Beach, Coffee, etc.
3. Dreaming of unpleasant odors is a sign that something is being kept from you - as in
the old saying, "I smell a rat."
1. An ancient symbol of transmutation. The dreamer will soon undergo a vast inner
change that will be reflected in her outer life. If the dream is a positive and uplifting one,
then good times are ahead. If the dream is a scary one, the times ahead may still be
good ones, but the dreamer needs to be very careful of pitfalls along the way.
2. An even more ancient symbol for the Great Goddess. If the dreamer is a woman, then
she will soon come into realization of her power as a woman. If the dreamer is a man,
especially if he is single, a very powerful and exciting woman will soon come into his life
- though she may not be a potential love partner.
Astrological parallels: Scorpio, Pluto
Tarot parallels: The Tower, The Empress
1. Dreaming of snow is for the most part a very hopeful symbol. Dreaming of a storm, or
of deep snowdrifts, implies that hard work lies ahead, but the rewards will be worth it.
2. Snow in the springtime is an attention-getter, emphasizing that something wonderful
and surprising, usually financial gain, is just over the horizon
3. Respectively, snow in summer, autumn, and winter indicate success in business,
unexpected happiness, and minor difficulties in a situation that nonetheless ends well.
4. Snow on mountaintops augurs good news - and the relief such news brings.
1. If someone is speaking to you, make sure you write down what he or she is saying
immediately upon awakening. Even if what's being said is cryptic, or seems to make no
sense, it is a message from your Higher Self and needs to be heeded. If the message is
in fact rather mysterious, look to other symbols in the dream to see what it actually
means. If the speaker is male, then the message from your Higher Self is being filtered
through your intellect, and if female, through your supportive mind (emotions and
2. If someone is speaking to you and yet you don't hear what he or she is saying, then
there is some sort of situation in your life that you don't understand, and which you need
to understand. Again, for the actual message, look to other symbols in the dream.
3. If you are the one doing the speaking, this is a dream of contrary. Again, it's a
message from your Higher Self that you need to understand. If you are giving the
message to others, the message is designed not only for you, but for those close to you
as well. See 1. and 2. above.
4. If you dream that you or someone else is giving a speech, this is a harbinger of
increased social and professional status.
If you are riding in a spaceship, you are destined to travel far and accomplish great
things. If you dream of seeing a spaceship, this indicates visitors coming from far away.
Dreaming of a UFO acting strangely is a warning that events lie ahead that will require
caution, clear-headedness, and stealth.
1. An ancient symbol for weaving, and thus for creativity. The dreamer may be going
through a rough time in life, and need to find a creative solution to resolve the situation.
Dreaming of a spider can be reassuring: You have it in you to find the solution.
2. If the spider seems threatening, or the web too intricate, the message is that you are
complicating things unnecessarily and need to simplify your life.
3. If you are an artist of any kind, Spider heralds a rush of creative activity that could
point you in a new career direction. 4. A sign of strength and resiliency. Whatever hard
times the dreamer is going through now, she has what it takes to get through them.
Astrological parallels: Venus, Pluto
Tarot parallels: The Magician, Strength
Sports (see Ball)
1. If you are playing at a team sport, busy times working with other people lie ahead.
Whether or not your team wins or loses indicates your level of success. Losing the game,
however, does NOT mean failure. It only indicates delays.
2. If you are watching a team playing a team sport, you may feel isolated from the
others around you - being on the "outside looking in." Courage may be necessary for you
to join with your community.
3. Participating in an individual event, such as in golf, tennis, swimming or track
indicates a strong desire to improve yourself and your circumstances.
1. If the dreamer is climbing the stairs, then he is "on his way to the top." If the
staircase is bright and cheery, the climb to the top will be easy and pleasant. But if the
staircase is dark and frightening, the dreamer may have to face some unpleasant
situations before he gets to where he wants to be.
2. If the dreamer is descending the staircase, and the staircase is a pleasant one, then
he may soon complete a difficult task and be able to relax for awhile. But if the staircase
is dark and gloomy, or the dreamer is falling down the stairs, then the dreamer may be
in danger of being "on his way down." Look to other symbols in the dream to judge how
this can be prevented.
3. If someone known to the dreamer is either climbing or descending the staircase,
depending on whether the dreamer is at the top or the bottom, that person is either
rising or descending to meet the dreamer.
4. If an unknown male figure is either climbing or descending the staircase, then the
dreamer's intellect will be challenged in some way. If it's an unknown female figure, then
emotional matters will either rise to a major turning point, or fall to a level of normalcy.
Astrological parallels: Saturn, Uranus, Pluto
Tarot parallel: The Wheel of Fortune
1) Like The Star card in the Tarot deck, dreaming of a single bright, shining star is a sign
that even if things seem bad, there is still hope, and that your desires and destiny will be
fulfilled, possibly through the efforts of a friend.
2. If the dream displays a clear sky full of many bright stars, great success lies ahead,
but if the stars are pale or obscured by clouds, there will be a period of poverty before
you finally attain your goals.
3. A star between the horns of the New Moon indicates that an influential person,
probably a woman, will appear on the scene and assist you in attaining your dearest
4. A shooting or falling star implies success after a period of great effort.
Stealing (see Robber)
1. If the dreamer is the one doing the stealing, this is a warning of financial troubles
ahead and a need to be frugal, no matter how well you seem to be doing now. Dreaming
of getting caught stealing, however, is a dream of contrary and implies good luck.
2. If someone steals from you, then someone is trying to encroach on your territory in
some way, and perhaps to take full credit for something you've accomplished. See
1. The solar plexus chakra, which rules your power center, is located in the abdomen.
Therefore, a dream of pain in this region is probably due to the activation of this chakra -
and therefore is a dream of contrary. Even though you're feeling pain, the associated
chakra activity is increasing your level of power - physical, mental and spiritual - and
thus is a harbinger of success and good fortune lying ahead.
2. Dreaming of the actual organ of digestion is very likely a pun. If in the dream you're
feeling sick at your stomach, look to other symbols in the dream to see what is going on
in your life that you "can't stomach." If you dream of eating and feel that your stomach
is full to bursting, perhaps you've been taking on more responsibilities than you should
and need to delegate a few.
3. Dreaming of exposing your abdomen in any way, even if it only involves wearing a
bikini, is a sign of treachery ahead. Be careful whom you confide in.
1. Dreaming of a familiar street, particularly if it's one you haven't been to for a long
time, implies feelings of nostalgia, of wanting to return to scenes from your past,
perhaps to regather your resources. If you're not consciously aware of the reason for
this, look to other symbols in the dream.
2. A dream of unfamiliar streets indicates that travel is ahead, either actual physical
travel or exploring new fields of endeavor.
3. Curving streets indicate happy surprises right around the corner.
4. Dark streets indicate that you are uncertain of what lies ahead for you, and that
you're very insecure about the outcome of certain situations. Other symbols in the
dream, however, may shed light on what you need to know.
5. Walking down a very long street is an admonition to be patient. You'll attain whatever
goals you're currently working toward, but not for quite some time.
1. A male superhero represents a super intellect; thus to dream of seeing Superman,
Batman, Spiderman, or whoever indicates that your mind is particularly sharp right now,
and if there is a project you're working on that requires a quick, agile, and insightful
intellect, this is the time to concentrate primarily on it. Female superheroes such as
Wonder Woman or Supergirl indicate a heightened supportive mind - and thus the
dreamer's intuition is operating at a very high level. Therefore at this time the dreamer
should definitely believe in his or her hunches and go with them - no matter what the
intellect tells you.
2. If the dreamer encounters both male and female superheroes, then both faculties of
his mind are especially sharp right now. Use your intellect, but when in doubt, follow
your heart.
3. If the superhero or heroine is flying, or performing a rescue, then your mental and/or
intuitive faculties will save you from an uncomfortable situation.
Strangulation/lack of air/trouble breathing
The dreamer is standing in her own way, either consciously or unconsciously keeping
herself from attaining her own dreams due to fear, which can manifest as extreme
caution. Look to other symbols in the dream to judge how the dreamer can release
herself from that fear.
Astrological parallel: Saturn.
Tarot parallel: The Devil
An astrological symbol depending very much on the circumstances and other symbols in
the dream.
1. The Sun is the giver of life, and therefore dreaming of a bright Sun high in the sky is
an omen that you will soon be able to live the kind of life you want. See "Sky".
2. A Sun obscured by clouds implies that your current prospects are uncertain right now,
and you may need to reevaluate your situation and make some adjustments.
3. The rising Sun represents beginnings and the setting Sun endings. Whether the
beginnings or endings are positive depends on the circumstances (especially the
weather) and the other symbols in the dream.
1. Leisurely swimming, such as at a beach, in a lake, or in a pool, implies good fortune
and easy living ahead, unless the weather is bad, in which case danger could result from
doing the wrong thing at the wrong place at the wrong time.
2. Swimming toward the shore indicates getting to where you want to go, but only with
a lot of hard work. How difficult that will be depends on the circumstances (especially the
weather) and the other symbols in the dream.
3. Swimming for your life in a storm warns of great difficulties ahead. If you reach the
shore, or if there is a star or lighthouse guiding your way, you will prevail.
4. Swimming in a meet implies an inner drive to improve yourself. See "Sports".
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The dream significance of taste is actually pretty straightforward. If you dream of tasting
something sweet, then you can take heart - life will be sweet. Eating highly spiced foods
is an omen of romantic passion lying ahead, while foul or rotten-tasting foods indicate
that someone around you is spreading rumors or otherwise working against you. Bitter
or salty tastes indicate disappointments.
1. False or disembodied teeth portend the breakdown of an important relationship in the
dreamer's life - not necessarily a romantic one.
2. If the dreamer dreams of aching teeth, this could be a warning of future health
problems, possibly involving the teeth but not necessarily. White and beautiful teeth, on
the contrary, portend health and happiness.
3. Broken or decayed teeth imply the need for repair in some department of the
dreamer's life. Look to other symbols in the dream to judge which one.
4. Dreaming of brushing your teeth implies making major and positive changes in your
Astrological parallel: Saturn
1. Telephone calls from a specific person, living or dead, implies a telepathic message
from that person. If the person is living, the dreamer should hear from him or her within
a very short time.
2. If the dreamer is making a phone call, she wants to tell someone something but is
holding back out of fear.
3. A telephone that is not being used indicates that the dreamer is holding back from
making a contact that needs to be made.
Astrological parallel: Mercury/Uranus combinations
Tarot parallel: The suit of wands
1. A dream of actually holding onto your tongue with your hand, or with your teeth, is an
admonition that you could be tempted to reveal too much, and it's time to "hold your
2. To see someone sticking their tongue out at you is a dream of contrary; you are more
highly respected then you think.
3. To dream of licking or tasting food depends on the nature of the food involved. See
4. If the dreamer sees a snake with its tongue flickering in and out, someone in his aura
"speaks with a forked tongue," or, in other words, isn't being totally up front with him.
5. To see an animal panting with its tongue hanging out indicates that the dreamer has
been moving too fast, working "hot and heavy," and needs to stop and take time out.
6. Dreaming of the tongue of a shoe implies that there are issues going on with you now
that you don't really understand, and thus you should reserve any comments about
them until you do.
1. Vast life changes, for better or for worse, are looming in the near future. Whether the
changes are for better or worse can be deduced from other symbols in the dream.
2. A surprise is coming - a surprise so unexpected and outrageous that the dreamer will
be "blown away".
Astrological parallels: Uranus, Pluto
Tarot parallel: The Tower
1. To dream of being alone in a tower is a sign that the dreamer is NOT in touch with
certain circumstances or issues in his life, and needs to understand them thoroughly
before taking any action - as in the metaphor, "ivory tower."
2. To see a tower against the sky implies true love and friendship either coming soon or
already present in the dreamer's life.
3. To see a tower crumbling and falling implies upset and perhaps even disaster ahead,
like The Tower card in the Tarot deck. To discern how to avert or deal with whatever is
coming, look to other symbols in the dream.
4. Climbing a winding staircase within a tower indicates that you will have to travel a
long way before you reach your most cherished goals.
A symbol of a strong desire for freedom - to come as close as a human being possibly
can to flying on his own, whether the dreamer is actually on the trapeze or watching
someone else perform. If the dreamer successfully performs a routine on a trapeze, the
dreamer will experience the freedom he desires, but if he falls and crashes, he'll very
likely fail due to his own shortcomings. If he falls and lands in a safety net, he'll succeed
in spite of his shortcomings. Other symbols in the dream can reveal how the dreamer
can avoid failure.
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1. If the dreamer is a woman, and she dreams of pain or itching in the vaginal area, her
Higher Self may be advising her to see a gynecologist. This could also be a warning to be
very careful about anyone with whom she's considering becoming sexually involved -
and also to be discreet, for her reputation could be threatened.
2. If the dreamer is a man and dreams of looking upon a woman's vagina, this could
represent an appearance of the ancient patriarchal fear of "the toothed vagina,"
indicating a dread of being trapped in a relationship he doesn't want. If he is dating
someone at the time, he may need to reconsider the relationship.
1. If the sound is pleasant to the dreamer, the dream symbolizes love, friendship, and
an increased social life. If the dreamer is particularly fond of violin music, this could
imply a lifting of the spirits, as well as divine inspiration.
2. If the sound was discordant, marred by broken strings, the dreamer can expect petty
quarrels to break out in his or her social circle.
1. If the visitor is unknown to the dreamer, then this is a happy portent of new friends
and a busy social life. If the visitor is known, good news through a friend should be on
the horizon.
2. To dream of visiting someone under ominous circumstances is a warning to beware of
those who might spread rumors and gossip about you. But to be a visitor in a happy and
well-kept home augurs moving on to bigger and better things.
3. To have someone come to visit you means that someone will be bringing news.
Whether or not it's good news or bad news depends on other symbols in the dream.
1. A dormant volcano indicates something that seems calm and peaceful but is ready to
explode and make a lot of waves. This could indicate the temper of a friend or family
member, or of a boss or supervisor.
2. An erupting volcano indicates a situation that has been ignored for a long time and finally
can be held back no longer. Depending on the other symbols in the dream, however, this
can also be a dream of contrary: Something wonderful that you've almost given up on will
finally happen for you.
Water (see Ocean)
1. If the dreamer is drinking water, this is a symbol for enjoying life. If the dreamer is at
presently in bad circumstances, dreaming of drinking water implies that good times are
2. Clear, calm water portends happiness, while river rapids or crashing surf implies
rough times on the horizon.
3. A waterfall, particularly if there is also a rainbow in the dream, indicates success,
happiness, and wealth coming into the dreamer's life.
Astrological parallels: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
Tarot parallel: The suit of cups
Weapon (see Gun, Knife)
1. Using a weapon of any kind in a competent and confident manner implies
aggressiveness in pursuing one's goals. Using a weapon clumsily is a sign that the
dreamer doubts his ability to attain his goals.
2. Being threatened by a weapon hints that the dreamer feels that everyone is against
him. Whether or not that is true, and if true, what the solution is, can be deduced from
other symbols in the dream.
Astrological parallel: Mars
Tarot parallel: The suit of swords
Purity. Success well earned.
A sign that the Universe is trying to convey important information to the dreamer, but
that the dreamer is either too afraid or too distracted to hear it. The content of the
message can be deduced from other symbols in the dream, or from various signs and
portents in the dreamer's waking life.
The wind represents movement, and the type of movement involved is dictated by the
1. Dreaming of being out in a cold, blustery wind implies having to take action under
adverse circumstances.
2. Dreaming of a calm, gentle wind that caresses your face is reassurance that you are
surrounded by people who deeply love and care for you. A brisk, steady breeze portends
success in business enterprises.
3. Being caught up in an extreme form of wind such as a cyclone or tornado is a warning
to get your affairs in order now if you don't want to have a lot of trouble later.
1. A general symbol for the need to see through something that is clouding the
dreamer's life.
2. A broken window hints at a change in the dreamer's living circumstances.
3. The state or type of the window is an important clue. Open windows are a sign of
welcome; closed windows a sign of cut-off communications. Bay windows are a sign of
success and good fortune, while storm windows indicate trouble ahead.
Astrological parallels: Neptune, Pisces
1. If the dreamer is a woman, dreaming of a witch could represent her own senex, or
that part of her psyche that is older and wiser. Thus any message that she receives from
the witch is important, and should be written down immediately upon awakening.
2. If the dreamer is a man, he needs to take a good, long, honest look at his attitude
toward women. He may be caught up in the notion that all women are out to get him.
3. If the witch is friendly in the dream, whether the dreamer is a man or a woman, it
augurs an increased social life.
4. If the witch is the ominous Halloween figure, rough times in romance lie ahead.
1. Dreams of writing letters can mean the need to get in touch with people whom you
haven't spoken with in awhile.
2. Dreams of writing novels, plays or stories indicate that there is a creative streak in
you that needs an outlet. Many great authors have received inspiration from their
3. To dream of writing and not knowing what you're writing is a warning that you may
be inadvertently communicating messages to others that they are misinterpreting in an
insulting way.
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1. If the dreamer is shouting to someone, it represents a desperate need to reach that
person. If the "someone" is unknown to the dreamer, the dreamer needs to seek
information from someone as yet unknown - as phoning up a librarian to find out if the
library has a certain book.
2. If someone is shouting at the dreamer, if the dreamer knows that person, then he has
been shutting out vital communications from that person. If the shouter is unknown to
the dreamer, then there is information that the dreamer needs to seek out.
Astrological parallels: Mercury, Mars
Intellect. A problem or puzzle to be solved. Possible setbacks.
Astrological parallels: Gemini. Also, for Gold: Leo.
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1. If the animals were happy, then dreaming of a zoo portends travels in distant places.
If children were with you, whatever you want to accomplish in those places will be
2. If the animals were upset or agitated, then your view of the world is a bit jaded right
now. You're viewing the world as a crazy, violent place, where no one is safe - as in the
metaphor, "this place is a zoo."