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I. The Salesian Community

Fr. Aerumelikara James Fr. Joseph Franklin Fr. Raja Samson

Rector, Parish Priest Administrator, Asst. Parish Priest, Ad: Arumbu Publications Vice Rector, Asst. Parish Priest, Principal: Mat. School

II. Mission Activities at Don Bosco Shrine

The Salesian community at Don Bosco Shrine takes care of the faith formation of the faithful in the parish. There is also a nursery and matriculation school catering to the poor and deserving Catholic children of the parish and the locality. STATISTICAL DETAILS OF THE MISSION i. Don Bosco Shrine: Total number of registered Catholic families: 1354 Nature of the parish population: Few upper middle class, mostly lower middle class and quite a number of poor families. Total number of anbiams: 48 anbiams (33 Tamil speaking and 7 Anglo-Indian anbiams). Sub-station: Annai Velankanni Church, Tiruvallluvar Nagar It has 8 anbiams A. Regular Mass & Liturgical Services in the Parish: Weekday Mass: Mass in Anbiams: Neo Catechumenate: Sundays: 06.15 am & 06.15 pm once in a month. Mass on Tuesdays and Saturdays 06.00 am & 08.45 am Tamil mass for the people 07.15am English mass 08.30am for the Catechism children 07.15 am at Annai Velankanni Church, TV Nagar Saturdays Every Tuesday

Sacrament of Reconciliation Anbiam Meetings:

B. Sunday Catechism Sunday catechism classes are organized systematically in the parish at 8.30 am and in the sub-station. There are 374 children from class 1 to XII attending regularly on Sundays.


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Time I 10 10 9 II 11 7 8 III 15 13 8 IV 21 8 9

No of children in each class V 23 17 10 VI 16 7 7 VII 18 10 8 VIII 15 9 9 IX 18 7 7 7 X 14 XI 12 1 8 8 XII 7 Total 180 96 98

No of teachers 20 4+3 8

Tamil Main Station English Main Station Tiruvalluvar Nagar

8.30 am 8.30 am 8.30 am

C. Devotions in the Parish: First Saturday: Every day Every Saturday 24th MHC Every Friday Benediction First Friday Mass/Adoration Comm. of Don Bosco

Divine healer prayer service Rosary before the mass Divine Mercy English Prayer group : 2- 5 pm. Devotion to Mary Help of Christians Held regularly Held regularly Held regularly

D. Pious Associations and Groups in the Parish:

N o

Name of the Association

No of Members 3 groups 22 23+4 10 25+25 8 Boys 49 + Girls 17. 12 15 11 4 groups 32 Tamil+ 10 Eng. 13 +13 34 men/

Day of Meeting Tues/Sat Saturday 1st & 3rd Sunday Tuesday Sunday Saturday Sunday

Primary activities Faith Formation Visiting families & hospitals Collaborate with parish activities Marian devotion and meet on Tuesdays Assist at the altar for mass and liturgical celebrations Organize Liturgical celebrations Parish activities Distribution of food & money for 35 adopted families Prayer meetings Help 10th & 12th Students (Fees) Help out in Church singing Help out in teaching Catechism and Sacraments Loan from government and MSSS

01 Neo Catechumenate 02 Legion of Mary 03 Salesian Cooperators (Tamil) 04 Madha Sabai 05 Altar Servers 06 Liturgy Group 07 Don Bosco Youth Movement 08 St. Vincent De Paul Society 09 Charismatic Renewal group 10 Christian Workers Movement 11 Choir 12 Sunday Catechism Teachers 13 Kolping 2 Groups 14 Don Bosco Movement

1st Saturday 2nd Sunday Sunday Sunday 1st & 3rd Sunday Last day


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15 16 17 18

Narkarunai Paniyalargal Irraivaaku Panniyalargal Catholic Life Insurance Women Association

24 women 4 7 150 3

(month) 1st Friday Monthly Monthly

Holy Communion to the sick Adoration & Word of God Education & Life coverage Visit to Prison/ old age/sick

English Speaking Community:


Name of the Association Liturgy Group Altar Servers Vincent De Paul Choir Charismatic group Salesian Cooperators Young Friends of Don Bosco

No of Members 9 10 12 30 6 43 11 boys & 12 girls

Day of Meeting Tues/Sat Sunday Saturday

Primary activities

01 02 03 04 05 06 07

Organizing liturgy Serve daily mass & cleaning Educational help to students and monetary help to the poor. Wednesday Church singing Wednesday Organize prayers and liturgical events Sunday Serve the poor and needy Sunday Competitions, retreats and help out in the church activities

Substation activities:
N o

Name of the Association

No of Members 18 45 20 14 25

Day of Meeting

Primary activities

01 Choir 02 Legion of Mary 03 Vincent De Paul 04 Altar servers 05 Don Bosco Youth Group

Saturday Church singing Wednesday Catechism, visit the sick, collect offertory, etc Tuesday / Educational help and monetary Sunday help to the poorest Sunday Serve Mass and Cleaning Sunday Help out in the Church event

There are 2 Catechists helping out in the parish.

E. Extension activities: Evening Study Centre: This centre caters to 54 (19 boys + 35 girls) poor children at the Don Bosco School, Ayanavaram. They are well taken care of by providing better study ambience with the help of 2 teachers. Special gifts are provided during Christmas.
Domestic Staff: Total No. of Domestic Staff Male -5 -1 Catholic Female -3 -4

ii. Don Bosco Matriculation School: Don Bosco Matriculation School and nursery school has a total strength of 586 students, from LKG to Std. X. This is a coeducation school with 238 boys and 278 girls. Among them only 106 are Catholics, the rest are Hindus and Muslims.
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LK G 59

UK G 57

I 53

II 53

III 55

IV 54

V 51

VI 55

VII 39

VII I 45

IX 36

X 29


Nursery & Primary School Teaching Staff: Total No. of Teachers Male Teachers Office Staff Total No. of Office Staff Male Matriculation School Teaching Staff: Total No. of Teachers Male Teachers Office Staff Total No. of Office Staff Male -8 - --5 -1 Catholic Teachers Female Teachers Catholics Female -6 -8 -3 -4

-9 -3

Catholic Teachers Female Teachers

-7 -6

-1 - --

Catholics Female

-1 -1

Spiritual Animation offered in the schools: Daily prayers, first Friday mass, catechism and moral classes, confession, morning assembly talk and animation for teachers. Various Groups and Movements: Nursery & Primary School: No. Association / Movement 01 02 Prayer Group Scouts and Guides

No. of students
10 7

Aim / Primary activities To give faith experience Be Prepared

Matriculation School No. Association / Movement 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 Prayer Group Scouts and Guides Tamil Literary Association Media Club Folk club Eco Club English Literary Association

No. of students
25 60 35 26 25 30 38

Aim / Primary activities Faith formation Be Prepared Language skills Media Awareness Teach values of life Love for Nature Eng. Language skills

Public Exam results: Total number of Std. X students appeared are 25 and the number of students passed are 23.


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