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From VIJAYASARATHY .R S/o. Ranganathan.P 4/56 zk Thiru-vi-ka-nagar Sanasandram Hosur -635109 Krishinagiri District Tamilnadu, India. Contact No.

9443806648 To The HR Department

Dear Sir, Sub: Application for the Post of RND-PRODUCT DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT I am a B.E Mechanical Engineering Graduate with 2.9 Years of Experien ce in the field of Product Design & Product Development. In the Design field, I was involved in Modelling of Heavy Machinery and Automoti ve Components with analysis and with Failure Control My objective is to secure a challenging position and to update my ideas and vie ws which would upgrade my career and knowledge in these fields. I will be deeply gratified if I could have an opportunity to work with you. I will endeavour mys elf with self-interest and great concern in the development of your organization successfully. I have enclosed my resume for your kind perusal Thanking you, Yours Sincerely


VIJAYASARATHY.R Mobile: 08099493039/ Residence: 09443362588. E-Mail: com Seeking various assignments in Product design and product development, New Produ ct Design with a growth oriented organisation QUALIFICATIONS & BACKGROUND 2.9 Years of Experience in Product-Design and Development of Consumer Automotiv e and Aerospace components. Specialized in designing parts for plastic injection molding extensive knowledge and familiar with sheeting metal processing and me tal casting. Proven track-records in R&D, reverse-engineering and creating manuf acturability prototypes. Broad background in various CAD platforms, with over 10 ,000 hours in PRO-E, and Solidworks, Catia, AutoCAD respectively. Hands-on Exper ience in working with vendors to diagonise and resolve production problems ORGANISATIONAL EXPERIENCE Associate with Zuti engineering solution Pvt. Ltd Hyderabad as a Design engineer Since June 2010 SOFTWARE COMPETENCIES Pro_E2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0 (Part, Sheet metal, Detailing, Manufacturing Modules). Well Experience in PRO-Mechanical and PRO-Mechanism. Solid work 2007,2008,2010 (Part, Sheet metal, Detailing modules) catia V5 R17 (part,surfacing,functional modelling) Well Experience in Solid work Flow Simulation Well Experience in ASME Y14.5M Ansys workbench 12.0 (Structural, Thermal). Well knowledge in WINDCHILL. Good knowledge in PLM and PDM Automation studio hydraulics and pneumatics circuit design and analysis. Well Experience in PLC Programming and SCADA Well knowledge in CNC Milling and Turning Manual Programming. PRODUCT COMPETENCIES Well Well Well Well Well Well Experience in HEAVY MACHINERYS. Experience in HYDRAULICS AND PNEUMATICS. Experience in AUTOMOBILE. knowledge in PLC and SCADA circuit knowledge in Electronics & Electricals. knowledge in Automation and Robotics.

MANAGEMENT COMPETENCIES I have member ship with ASME. Well knowledge in LEAN MANAGEMENT. Well knowledge in SIX SIGMA. CERTIFICATE OF MERIT First place in design concept in national level technical symposium in Sona Engi neering College. Second place in design in VIT Vellore. Second place in foot ball in St. Joseph. First place in chess in YMCA school.

INDUSTRIAL EXPOSURE Undergone a Implant Training During Diploma IInd Year at NSM INDUSTRY, Chennai f or 15 days. Undergone a Implant Training During Diploma IIIrd Year at ASHOK LEYLAND, Plant I ,Hosur for 20 days. Undergone a Implant Training During Engineering IIIrd Year at ASHOK LEYLAND, Pla nt I,Hosur for 20 days. REPRESENTATIVE PROJECTS Title Software used Role : Conceptual design of wast collector vehicle : Pro-e wildfire 4.0 : Team

This project previously they used four hydraulic cylinder to lift the wa ste storage container. But we modified that instead of four cylinder we changed to one cylinder to lift that wast storage container. In this we reduce the tota l cost of the project as well as we reduce the operating time also. In this pro ject I involved in hydraulic cylinder side and circuit design side. We brought t he standard 4/3 valve in the market. Title Software used Role : COUNTER FLOW HEAT EXCHANGER. : Pro-e wildfire 4.0 & solid work flow simulation. : solo

It is a chemical industry component it is for steam cooling process . it has two ports having one port is steam line and another port is coolant line and baff les are place between the pipe line to slow down the coolant speed. This is desi gned as per the vendors requirement then analysis with the help of solid work co smos s flow simulation as per the input parameters they given.

Title Software used Role

: DESIGN OF BALL LOCK SEPARATION MECHANISM. : Pro-e wildfire 4.0 : Team Member

This is aero space based project Stage separation is critical events with multi

stage satellite launch vehicle. Part of satellite and spacecraft must be separat ed during flights that are no longer needed and separations must occur at the co rrect time of flight and with minimum changes in the position and rotational rat es. There must be no contact between the separation bodies, no shock loads, and no harmful debris. These can produce position errors, damages the structure and critical equipment and cause mission failure. Nose cones separation systems base d on Ball lock relies mechanism. I change the modal and increase the pay load w ith the help of Adams analysis engineer. As per the company standards. Title Software used Role : SPM PIPE BENDING MACHINE. : Pro-e wildfire 4.0. : solo

It is conceptual design project. Pipe bending is a process wherein the pipe to be bend is heated to a specified temperature by high frequency induction heat ing coil and bending is done in hot condition. The pipe is clamped at the forwar d end by the radius arm clamp. The tail end of the pipe is locked in the pushing carriage clamp. The pushing carriage moves on the main track as it is fitted wi th a chain, which is driven by a DC Motor at a fixed constant speed through a ge arbox. When current is supplied through high frequency current transformer to th e coil, heating of pipe starts. The heating temperature is strictly controlled d epending upon the material of the pipe and its wall thickness. When the specifie d temperature is attained, the DC Motor is started at a preset speed which drive s the pushing carriage in the forward direction. As a result the pipe begins to advance being bent simultaneously. Immediately after the bending process, quench ing will follow. The Radius Arm is designed so that the pipe will be bent by the same distance as the one between the centre of a pair of rollers and the axis p oint of the arm. The arm rotates in natural mode around the pivotal point. The h eated portion begins to transform its elasticity due to the difference of streng th between the heated and unheated portion of the pipe. Title Software used Role : PCM BASED HEAT EXCHANGER. : Pro-e wildfire 4.0 & solid work flow simulation : solo

CONCEPTUALIZED and refined designs for both room heating and cooling application . Researched on materials and manufacturing processes to meet design criteria. E ngineered plastic and sheet-metal parts from concepts. Created 3D and 2D mechani cal drawings of projects. Liaisoned with local and overseas vendors to manufactu re products. RESULTS: Completed projects and met initial design ideas.

ACADEMIC CREDENTIALS B.E MECHANICAL Engineering from ANNA UNIVERSITY 74% Diploma in MECHATRONICS Technical Education 89% PERSONAL DETAILS Date of Birth : 14th Aug 1988. Address : S/O P.Ranganathan 4/56 zk, Thiru-vi-ka-nagar,Sanasandram post Krishnagiri District, Tamil nadu, India 635109. Language knows : English, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Hindi.

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: H0272829 29 08 2008 Chennai 28 08 - 2018

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