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com Tel : 019-312 1473 (Cikgu SCIENCE YEAR 6 C5 : WASTE MANAGEMENT (PENGURUSAN SISA BUANGAN) 5.1 Effects of improper disposal of waste on the environment air dirty (kotor) littering factory haze (kabus) vehicles (kenderaan) needed (diperlukan) flash floods (banjir kilat) biodegradable (hancur) non- biodegradable harmful (berbahaya) pesticides (racun) cannot (tidak boleh) Agriculture (pertanian) pollute (mencemarkan) decay (reput) toxic materials liquid (cecair) smoke (asap) pollution gas rivers open burning environment rubbish Answer option

Types and sources of waste (Jenis dan sumber sisa buangan) 1. Definition : Waste is any material that is not ..... either solid, .. or .. 2. It is disposed (dilupuskan) in the .. 3. Types of wastes and sources :
No 1 2 3 4 Types of wastes .... and Home / Residential sewage (kumbahan) ..., /Industrial gases and sewage .. .. and organic fertilizers (baja) . Smoke and gases Sources (Sumber) Example (Contoh) Plastic, left-over (sisa) food, used water from bathroom, kitchen ., dust (habuk), radioactive materials (bahan radioaktif) Vegetables pesticides (racun) and fertilizers Carbon monoxide (karbon monoksida)

Improper ways of disposing waste (Cara pelupusan yang salah) 1. Some wastes such as foodstuff (makanan) can . It is called .. 2. Some wastes such as glass and plastic are . They ..decay. 3. Improper disposal of these wastes is ... to the environment. 4. Some improper ways of waste disposal are :
No 1 2 3 4 Ways of waste disposal Example Burning (membakar) of rubbish and agricultural (pertanian) waste Liquid waste (sisa cecair) from factories (kilang) Smoke (asap) from factories and vehicles

..... Throwing (membuang) rubbish anywhere .. Release (dilepaskan) into Release into .....

Harmful effects of improper disposal of waste (Kesan berbahaya akibat pelupusan yang salah) 1. Improper ways of disposing waste can cause ... to the environment. 2. It can cause ., .. the air, pollute (mencemarkan) the rivers and make the environment and untidy (bersepah). 3. It can also cause (sebabkan) acid rain (hujan asid), . sickness and diseases.
microorganisms home draining (buang) vehicles reduced (dikurangkan)

extinct (pupus) garbage (sampah) germs (kuman) healthy (sihat) diseases (penyakit) polluted (tercemar)

cleaning bacteria tight-fitting decay (reput) spoiled (rosak) nutrients

destruction (musnah) treated (dirawat) incinerator (pembakar) unpleasant (busuk) change (berubah) recycle (guna semula)

plants harmful accumulating fertile (subur) litter tied (diikat)

treatment (rawatan) Decomposers (pengurai) chimneys (cerobong) pests (serangga perosak) poisonous (beracun) pile up (melonggok)

Proper ways to dispose of waste (Cara pelupusan yang betul) 1. To prevent (menghalang) water pollution, waste water from factories must be .. 2. Waste water must be treated (dirawat) in a sewage .. plant before it is discharged (disalirkan) into the drains. 3. To prevent sickness (sakit) and diseases (penyakit) we must keep our .... and environment clean. We should not ... 4. We should reuse or ... waste. All rubbish must be burned (dibakar) in . 5. The amount of smoke and gases that enter (memasuki) the air should be .. 6. The number of .. on the roads should be reduced (dikurangkan). 7. Factories that releases (melepaskan) a lot of smoke should be fitted (dipasang) with long .. 8. These chimneys should be fitted with .. devices (alat) to remove .... substances from the smoke. 9. The disposal of wastes can be improved (diperbaiki) by : i. . all water from the rubbish. ii. Put the rubbish in plastic rubbish bags and iii. Put the rubbish in .. bins (tong). iv. Close the garbage bins with ..lids (penutup) to avoid (mengelakkan) pests.
5.2 Some waste can decay (Sesetengah sisa buangan boleh reput) Microorganisms that cause waste to decay (Mikroorganisma yang menyebabkan sisa mereput) 1. Some waste can . by the action (tindakan) of . 2. These microorganisms are called (dikenali).. such as . and fungi.

Advantages of waste decay (Kebaikan pereputan sisa) 1. It prevents (menghalang) waste from in the environment. 2. Breakdown (pemecahan) of waste to simple substances (bahan) which are returned (kembali) to the soil (tanah) as . 3. They make the soil .. and help . grow(tumbuh) strong and .. Disadvantages of waste decay (Keburukan pereputan sisa) 1. Decaying (pereputan) waste gives out (menghasilkan) .. gases that can be harmful. 2. It also gives out an ..smell. What will happen if waste does not decay? (Apa akan berlaku jika sisa tidak mereput?) 1. It will accumulate (terkumpul) and .... in the environment. 2. The water, air and land (tanah) will be . 3. It will caused (menyebabkan) . to habitats, some animal will .., natural beauty to be ... and climate (cuaca) ..

Answer option

4. Waste accumulation will attract (menarik perhatian) that will carry (membawa) .... which can cause ...