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A State owned oil company headquartered at Mum is the second largest oil refinin g and marketing c India with market share of 23% 272 rank in the fortune 500 com panies. Owns refinaries at mumbai and kochi with major stake at Numaligarh Refin ery Ltd Core value : INNOVATION , CARE , RELIABLE In 1976 government nationalise d the petroleum in and acquire 100 % stake in Burmah Oil Refinaries and named it Bhar refinaries ltd , the name was later changed to Bharat Petroleum Limited in 1977 5/28/12

MAIN POINTS A State owned oil company headquartered at Mumbai is the second largest oil refi ning and marketing company in India with market share of 23% 272 rank in the for tune 500 companies. Owns refinaries at mumbai 5/28/12 and kochi with major stake at

refinier The companys wholly owned subsidiary Bharat PetroResources engages in exploration and production, with participating interest in the area between East Timor and Australia. BPCL also has a stake in Petronet CCK (49%), Petronet LNG (12.5%), In draprastha Gas (22.5%), Central UP Gas (22.5%), Maharashtra Natural Gas (22.5%) and Sabarmati 5/28/12 Gas (25%).

Benefits over long term: BPCLs acquisition of a controlling stakes in KRL consideration of around Rs 6.6 billion) and increasing stakes in NRL to 51 ent (from earlier 32 per cent at a cost of Rs 1.7 billion) have adequately fied BPCLs long-standing refining-marketing imbalance, which is extremely l in the long term 5/28/12 (for a per c recti critica


PRODUCTS V- CARE :tie up with Hero Honda and General motors to provide services GHAR : OS TTS services 5/28/12

PRODUCTS In & out: The In &Out Convenience Stores are the largest network of stores spread across the BPCL netw ork, offering convenient timings and location for the motorists and neighboring localities. The offerings range from convenience products, ATMs, Money Transfer 5/28/12

PRODUCTS SERVING INDUSTRIES (I&C SBU) I&C SBU of BPCL ended the year 2007-08 with a recor d volume of 7.047 MMT and achieved a turn over of Rs.18,976 crores Serve 8000 industrial 5/28/12customers across country

PRODUCTS Lpg ( COOK FOOD SERVE LOVE) Serve 25 million homes through wide coverage of pipelines, home delivery cylinde r available online Serving rural & remote area through RURAL MARKETING VEHICAL 5/28/12Revolutionizing the metal cutting & brazing

PRODUCTS Aviation fuel :The history of Indian Civil Aviation is synonymous with the history of Bharat Petroleum Corp oration Ltd.(BPCL) -Aviation Service. BPCL has complete 75 years of aviation ser vices Apron Fuel Management System 5/28/12

Corporate Social Responsibility VISION STATEMENT OF COMPANY We are a Model Corporate Entity with Social Responsibility Build a Powerful Part nership with Society for Sustainable Development Social responsibility can be 5/28/12 seen from project boond ,

MARKETING PBPCL marketing s strength is evident from its consistent 22 per cent share of th e domestic petroleum market, which is dominated by four large playersETRO DAILY : news related to products in general PETRO PRICES : prices of BPCL products in different 5/28/12 states

OPERATION Sap : integrating its all business operation through sap Place order online , status , view dispatch information , customer a/c Integrate d with ERP with major mines to reduces the response time and inventory Sms alert s E- banking 5/28/12

FINANCE Operating in oligipoly market Net revenue and net profit CURRENT RATIO : = CURRE NT ASSETS CURRENT LIABLITY = 5/28/12 27605/21958

FINANCE NET PROFIT RATIO= NET PROFIT / SALES =2442/163218 =1.4% 5/28/12