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James L Bradley July 26th, 2013

How to kick start an economy!

One of my favorite statements over the last few months, you have to have jumped out of bed and fell flat on your face to believe everything that flashes out of the screen at you on your evening news show, or you happen to stumble on this or that on the Internet really. The reality for some of you reminds me of when someone references an incident back when my ancestors on my mothers side of the family happen, where they lost their land and gave up their children to a new world the response today is, if not immediate, get over it. Today too many of our North American population when mentioning or stating something that doesnt ring true about our recent history and some of us point to the fact, many say the same, get over it! and move on satisfied they have done their part in justifying the past. In this we find it to be true that our society has a memory span of a little more than 24-hours or less. Politicians and their sugar daddies over the past decades count on this short memory span really! Some of us more curious types that read more than a sentence once a month note that Stalin rewrote the history of the Soviet Union if by chance one of two of you who stumble on this information, youll more than likely point fingers at one of the faults of a dictator or worse yet a society based on communism strange as it may seem, the same has been slipped under the curtain and is being shoved down your craw - directly affecting your history and/or your present status in this Land of Democracy. Some of you that know me know that Im not an expert in world affairs, politics or even history, simply a guy whose curiosity of events I read about

causes me from time-to-time to peel back the noted actions and arrive at a simple opinion on what just might have caused them my immediate family usually labels my findings as one of Jims rants, or frustrations, this is accepted in my book as theyre family and there aint a damn thing I can do about it. So bear with me. Beginning back when WWII was in its death march in the Pacific the USA had to announce to the world of our powerhouse status whereas just as a show of might and advancing technology we dropped two nuclear weapons on Japan horrific results or collateral damage swept across the Land of the Rising Sun and the USA said, dont mess with us! The stage was set and what followed can only be labeled the cold war, along with too many to count real life 007s and shenanigans that would make a 6 th grader blush or pound his or her chest and take over the playground, assuming the title of bully. Luck would have it, politics and heaps of fear allowed us to make it through the Cuban Missile Crisis, yet the fear and the action to sell and use more war material kept the Vietnam War in full swing, based on the PR that if our troops didnt do battle in this far off land communism would soon over run California. After the protestors raised their voices and soon became a huge thorn in the side of those on the Potomac, Nixon had enough and pulled our troops and personal along with thousands of Vietnams population locating them to the West Coast of America. In the meantime the word on the street changed to were running out of oil, and communism took a back seat as the focus of the power elite changed it is here that my narrative begins. Somewhere at sometime you and I were exposed to the world of economics, although we learned of the slow times, bad times and good times what little did we understand of the complex mechanism driving it other than the world of supply and demand. At times you must ask yourself who or what creates the demand, and how do we achieve the supply? After WWII it became the rule of thumb that the American dollar would be the world wide exchange of currency, thereby the privately owned Federal Reserve became the Big Boss. Why not? Even in the 50s our Middle Class were the

consumers of everything. If you couldnt sell it in America it didnt get made and marketed, on top of this our natural resources such as timber were selling like hotcakes in foreign lands to help rebuild the structures we had bombed into ashes money flowed like water, labor was fairly inexpensive and Unions became the next greatest idea for the under represented Middle Class who were treated poorly by their bosses. The economic machine rolled on the war in Vietnam a money maker, the beginning discord in the Middle East fueled by the civil war in Lebanon, and the on-going conflicts between Israel and the rest of the Middle East kept the attention of the minor upheavals in America as so much fill on the news. Eventually the Nixon White House pulled out of Vietnam, not too worry the news now carried reports of the diminishing supply of the worlds Black Gold there was no panic but due the Iranian Islamic Revolution the British and their allies (USA) lost access to their major oil fields that used to be under the direct control of their corporations, this achieved when the CIA & MI6 placed the puppet Shah in power to do their dictates, the revolution ran him on a rail out of the country. Naturally the consumer caught it in the shorts, as the oil companies swore up and down that they would not loose a dime over having been kicked out of Iran they raised the price of a gallon of gasoline to the driving public all was good, for them. The oil corporations together did the next best thing and backed the Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, one year and a half after the 1979 Iranian Revolution Saddam invaded Iran and began the Iran/Iraq War, the oil companies wanted their fields back. The war ended in a stalemate in 1988 costing a total of $500 billion for both sides and the loss of upwards to 1.5 million citizens. Israel stuck their nose into the region in 1981 by bombing a Iraqi nuclear materials testing reactor one year after the Iraqi/Iranian War started (they caught hell from the oil companies for wiping out their now allys nuclear program Saddam ordered the elimination of Iraqi Kurds poisoning over 100,000 civilians why? Their land sat on top of copious amount of cheap oil (easy extraction, less than $4 a barrel). The period of time leading up to the 1979 Middle East upheaval was full of stories and reports of the world diminishing supply of oil, these reports making it almost a cakewalk for the oil barons to open up fields in Alaska

the problem being the transport of the oil from the northern edge of the State a pipeline network was designed and pre-work began only to be held up with land claims generated by the Natives of Alaska based on their right of full ownership of the land.Nixon surrounded by the oil barons and their representatives in Congress agreed to a settlement and all was good as the $8 billion plus pipeline snaked down some 850 miles to the terminal in Valdez. Oil! The nation moved on, relieved that there would soon be a drastic reduction in the cost of a gallon of gasoline because of the huge reserves in the 49 th State not-to-be the barons of the midway had been successful in their public relations campaign of running out of oil, and steadily raised the cost at the pump. During the 90s a new technology caught fire the digital evolution the kings on Wall Street were ecstatic start-ups blossomed like wild flowers in the desert after a Spring Rain money flowed across the Big Board like water over Niagara commissions along with the financial houses on Wall Street created and made millions tagging along with this we found the fiber-optic industry booming, cables laid on land and under the oceans of the world life was good and the return for the power elite was tremendous. The construction of housing units exploded as the West was awash in disposable income the free trade act rolled across the land and the stockholders of major corporations jumped at the chance to reap the rewards of cheap labor outside of the boundaries of the heavily regulated and Union burdened shops in-country the power-elite haunted the Halls of Congress lobbying for tax breaks to move their operations they got it. The American taxpayer was footing the bill in helping the multinational corporations, while loosing their jobs, our leaders not noticing that on the far side of the equation that not only were taxes going out the door, but the incoming revenue to support the government was going down, lack of jobs and a greatly diminished disposable incomes families glued their wallets shut and spent only enough to survive as the unemployment rolls increased. By the time GWB was slipped into office, on dubious voter returns in Florida and the help of the Supreme Court the economy was falling across the land like the guillotine on a drunk Frenchman, the taxpayers were hurting

and the power elite were loosing some of their income, something had to be done. How well do the people in control plan their growth, very well, while considering thaat collateral damage was a just reward of the cost of doing business. Consider that as far back as Nixon our senses have been bombarded with the fact that were running out of that magical elixir that propels our society from here to- there. fossil fuel (choose a mixture). Soon after the push the prediction of our chariots demise was the primary topic of discussion at 99% of the dinner tables in North America, where the cost of a gallon was creeping up and budgets needed to be adjusted. Pops remarked that beans would show up more than once every two weeks in order for him to make it to work each day. Moms laid her soft hand on yours and told you that youd only be allowed one Saturday matinee twice a month our lives changed. The idea had been planted. Now flash forward to 2000, the and fiber-optic revolution was on the downswing, the barons on Wall Street were watching their huge commissions fall, as trades calmed down the street wasnt a ghost town but it was morphing into the doldrums action was needed or a new hero of production invented. The new President, in reaction took more vacations at his ranch in Texas followed by the media which snapped copious amounts of pictures of him clearing brush, while his VP was being hounded by his buddies back at Halliburton because of the empty vaults of money he had stripped from them based on one bad decision or another. Looking at the situation one saw zero job growth, with an unemployment average over 2000 / 2001 at 4.35%. ( with Wall Street just strolling along. The economy was slipping into the doldrums, something really needed to be done! Cuban cigars were hauled out of the humidity controlled vaults, 400-yearold brandy bottles dusted off and served when the power elite held meetings far into the wee hours money needed to move preferably into corporate accounts they had in which they had a major share. After days/weeks or a month or two they reached a firm decision a decision based on two things,

selling more stuff and laying their hands of the lubricant of society, along with a side line of creating a new enemy. All for increased revenue! Building on the fear that our oil was running out coupled with the fact that the public knew that it was dependent on a Arab controlled source they made their plans, all sworn to a secret pact till death due us part at the end of their cigar smoked conclave they realized they needed another Pearl Harbor to kick start the game. 9-11 was born! The logistics of it left to the gang in the White House GWBs was to stay at his ranch as Tricky Dick and War Horse Donald pawed and stretched out an old idea ( and went to work, the game was alive. After a bit the dynamic duo went back to the walnut paneled room and informed the Power Elite that theyd need two or three vans full of greenbacks to make it work, their Power Point Presentation outlined the return they got their expense account. Experts were brought onboard, and sooner than you can say Jackie Robinson the buildings in New York were the center of attention across the worldsuccess! The President calm, cool and collected (albeit a bit on the duhhh side) told the world hed haul in the perps and the world breathed a sigh of relief the collateral damage was high, and the people in the West shook their fists at the Islamic world they had a new enemy to fight. War was peeking its head from behind the curtain. The immediate return: a) Huge amounts of insurance money from the falling buildings b) Evidence of wrong doings by and with Enron lost c) The Patriot Act written and made law in less than 45-days (get a grip) d) A new government agency (that answered to the Executive Branch) e) Barrels of credit issued to bring it all together f) The war machine was alerted and again copious amounts of money shoveled to it g) Airline shares fell like snow on a cold winter day shares shifted and the old guard snapped them up like good cookies h) The mantra begins that all Muslims were on the warpath, hatred for them flourished

To follow: a) The creation and search for the leader of the attacking Muslims b) The creation of Weapons of Mass Destruction c) The massive television show of Shock and Awe d) The lockdown of a land full of oil e) The goal to bring democracy to the land of the out-of-control Arabs The power elite were on a roll and in complete control somewhere in the seldom used part of your grey matter youve have a distant memory of something called the New World Order, little do you realize that this New World Order has been around since the people behind the creation of the Federal Reserve whipped sawed the control of the Greenback away from the Congress yup, years before 99.9% of the population today was born. As far back as the creation of this Land of Democracy one of its founding fathers warned that when the day arrived that the financial institutions gained control democracy no longer would be the rule of the land shortly after WWI it happened, they were just following the example of the banks taking control of Europe. Who do you think stripped Germany of its ability to produce a commodity they could sell on the open market after WWI, their actions led directly to the subsequent take over of Germany by the likes of Hitler the bankers of England and France had set the peace terms. Let us take a little stroll back to the Great Depression, where the US at the time was locked into the economic standard the Gold Standard some maintain a position that more than extended the failure of its banks. Especially when France made a decision to raise its Interest Rates (Bond sales) in order to attract Gold to their vaults the US was left with two options, allow the exchange rate to readjust or increase its interest rates to maintain the Gold Standard. The US, being locked in to the Gold Standard, converted their dollars to Francs to buy more French assets this move caused further devaluation of the US dollar leaving the only option to increase the interest rate businesses could no longer afford the Interest on loans. To kick start the floundering economy FDR and his advisors created the National Recovery Administration (NRA) in 1933, a primary component of the New Deal its goal was to eliminate or flatten the playing field doing

away with cut-throat competition (which if you really thing about it is the backbone of capitalism), the push was to bring industry, labor and government together to create codes of FAIR PRACTICE and SET PRICES. The NRA was established under the National Industrial Recovery Act (NIRA), within the codes minimum wage along with maximum weekly hours and minimum/maximum prices were set. In 1935, the US Supreme Court unanimously declared the NRA unconstitutional, their decision stating that it broke the separation of powers under the Constitution the NRA faded away yet many of its Labor Provisions later surfaced in the National Labor Relations Act (Wagner Act) in 1935. It was these provisions that created a surge both in growth and power of Unions which in turn became the core of the New Deal Coalition in turn dominating national politics for more than three decades. Capitalism is looked at differently between those that have and those that have not, neither element being right or wrong only just different. To those that have they look with disdain on the overwhelming flood of newcomers who swamp their world they so carefully constructed they calculate that this flood will interrupt their plan which they as the intelligent minority have laid in place. Their resources do not account for the expense of educating a sufficient proportion of the intruding mass, an education that fits well within their boundaries solution tear up the life surrounding the exploding population by either setting new rules or regulations, an action that needs an event that permits the introduction of new laws or regulations spun around the event that caused the insecurity of the population. 9-11 opened the door for new regulations, regulations structured so as to appear as protecting the population, regulations that stopped short (but implied) of identifying the Islamic world yet in the implication turned the society in the West upside down, whereas at the flick of the pen the War against terror now was the War to win against the owners of Arab oil, damn the torpedoes. The Internets social media sites are permitting the man-in-the-street to read (if so desired) the economic system as it really exists, a system finely tuned to the wishes and manipulations of the 1%, further controlled by the financial houses using investor deposits to participate in the world markets

not satisfied with the existing markets after 9-11 the Wall Street barons created a commodity revolving around Home Mortgages in the USA the largest home loan market on the planet. They bundled these units into packages and resold them across the globe, without informing the individuals making the monthly payments. This perfectly legal action was to fail, failing mainly because of the loss of jobs within the Land of the mortgages. The 1% in a hurry to take advantage of the lower labor rates in Asia, seemed to have overlooked the fact that in their move overseas would eventually cause the collapse of the largest consumer market in the World oopps!

The common man in the US now not only lost his employment with the corporations chasing a much larger bottom-line, he lost his home and most of his possessions. The unemployment rate bloomed, with the workers drawing down on unemployment insurance that increased in unheard of numbers whereas the Federal Government extended low interest loans to the States allowing them to increase the length of the unemployment payouts. Consequently not only were dollars exiting the US Treasury, the once employed workers were no longer contributing their fair share of taxes. The lack of funds that used to generate the monthly home-payment plans spread like wildfire the financial houses across the Western Society went on bended knee to their governments begging for money to keep their vaults afloat and their investors or depositors happy. Money that could have been used to assist the general population, in some cases by creating job in repairing, replacing or initiating new infrastructure was paid to the too-big-tofail banks, trillions flowed out of the Treasury into financial houses, some of which went overseas to their partners and co-owned institutions. The financial houses sucked in the money as they continued to pay their chief executives enormous bonuses or base salaries, the US taxpayer was in fact rewarding the financial houses for playing willy-nilly with their hard-earned money, and loosing. During all of this the credit card war in Iraq was eating up war material as money poured into the coffers of Halliburton (they got the contract to semimanage the credit cards) allowing them to siphon off billions, huge vaults full of printed greenbacks flowed to the armament manufactures while the power

elite took their cut life was once again good for them as the money swished by the common man in the name of the War on Terror. When the privately owned Federal Reserve gave JPMorgan (Chase & Company) approval for hands-on involvement in the commodity markets, with few limitations, in 2003 allowing deposit-banks to trade physical commodities, the slippery slope leading to a recession gained momentum the only thing the Fed could not do was allow the Banks to run securities firms which by the way the Banks lobbied against this Depression-Era law in 1999 and failed. Today our regulators at the Federal Reserve, which regularly monitors the commodity activities of supervised firms, base our current control on the fact that certain commodity actions are complementary to financial activities and thus permissible for deposit-bank holding companies naturally the Fed will not elaborate on how they determine what those commodities are naturally. Recent hearings by the Senate sub-committee on July 23 rd, 2013 shows them exploring the situation whereas firms such as Goldman Sachs Group and Morgan Stanly can continue to participate in the storing of metal, operating mines and the shipment of oil. At present JP Morgan is looking at a potential fine for their alleged manipulation of US Energy Prices the discussion being a flagrant conflict of interest in the energy business model. Keep in mind that when Wall Street banks control the supply of both commodities and other financial entities there is a natural potential for anti-competitive behavior and product manipulation, along with this it is critical to understand that Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and JP Morgan are the largest Wall Street players in physical commodities bar none. The deposit banks mention above are being accused of holding back on the delivery of the metals stored in their warehouses, creating two situations, increased rental fees along with their direct control in establishing the price of the metal in the commodity market. Win-Win all the way around. Goldman Sachs held $7.7 billion in commodities as of March 31 st. Morgan Stanley held $6.7 billion.

On June 27th two questions were asked, 1) how a bank would cover a possible bank run caused by a oil-tanker spilling its oil after an accident, 2) how would the FED resolve a banks important financial commodities if it were to collapse. What one observes in this line of questioning is the previous lack of oversight by the Fed on the two issues, they now are scrambling to cover their butt. For the last 50-years the Bank Holding Company Act prevented Federally Guaranteed Banks, like JP Morgan, from any direct participation in commodity markets. Loose definitions put aside this prohibition by Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley (they were investment banks), but when they became Banks Holding Companies in 2008 the FED handed both a five-year grace period it expires in September hence the sub-committee questions whereas a decision must be made to whether or not to stop or limit their activities in the metals, fuels and other goods gold is a metal. Unfortunately that natural laws that guide society in general is not an exact science missing a magical formula to predict the outcome of a society or part of one, yet it moves along with some semblance of order today the 1% has twisted what little rhythm that can be found in the law by throwing in greed. The factor of greed coupled with power has started major Wars in our history, wars that set our planet back in time with a resultant action of attempting to achieve some order of co-existence, The impossibility of establishing a set of parameters to preclude war is because of the individual person, today we have of 7.1 billion individuals walking about, each with a different idea of their happiness. There is one group, clan or tribe that is using its power of money over the population creating a formula that has one solution, more money, more control and copious amounts of greed. To achieve their absolute control it is their purpose to limit the information from their walnut board rooms, while limiting or masking their methods. They have today one growing element that they cannot control, such as the licensed Radio and TV station or the editing of your local newspaper the Internet.

Previous to GWB the ruling elite planted seeds that loudly proclaimed that they (we) were angels and parts of the Islamic world the devils. History shows us that to pick a war it is hard to not fine some element of religion that was not involved or the direct cause of the war well today we have pretty near replaced religion with money (in particular fossil fuel) our new God has evolved into something our past leaders feared consequence? The worship place today is the lobbies and vaults of our banking institutions, with only a select few allowed into the hallowed walnut boardrooms stuffed with the 1% Bishops. It would be very stupid for you to believe that these few carry a bucket load of hate around against the same enemy they have created for the majority, why, they fly in their multi-million dollar aircraft to meet them and trade, lately it has been a win-win trade for the wealthy on both sides of the War and their immediate families. Periodically well notice that a radical group will form, the purpose to tear down the curtain of secrecy surrounding the inner workings of the 1%, in the beginning a super-charged crowd that rants and raves about the manipulation of their lives they soon fade off into the sunset, while Big Money sits on the sidewalk basking in the protest knowing they and their untold millions/billions only have to wait out the wave of discontent they win every time. The power elite will continue to feed the majority inflated stories with the goal to create fear of the loss of this or that without the protection or rule of the unseen 1%, who collect their monthly offering in one shape or the other its natural. Tongue in cheek, one could (I repeat could) come to realize that their life on the Blue Marble is a complete, sometimes complex, artificial construct one that has been manipulated or constructed by the leaders of the society one could say. Nonsense! You scream, systems of society cant be dreamed up and forced on people not without bloodshed and violence. Ah the key, it may not be forced, but most calmly stroll towards absolute control due to the result of manufactured bloodshed and violence, more than welcoming regulations created to protect and preserve our sheltered world we dont ?

Democracy in its infancy is completely different than fascism and communism, where democracy the rule is dependent on the masses of course led by elected representatives charged with maintain the rule of law put to the pen at the start of the democratic society unfortunately the rule of law is subject to change as the society advances, although the country maintains the structure of the original laws their substance becomes open to interpretations, some valid some not. The law of the land is to held in balance by a supreme body of judges making judgments without bias or commercial influence especially to enhance the judges back pockets. In America the political will has at times bent under the perceived deep conflict sweeping across the land, such as the disenfranchisement of the indigenous people in their removal to reservations, in order to allow the invaders from the east open access to the lands they once occupied this is Not Democracy or when our government permitted the disenfranchisement of people because of the color of their skin this is Not Democracy and now we see the disenfranchisement of a class of its Citizens in denying them jobs by moving the jobs to foreign lands while giving the 1% tax incentives and tax breaks to do so this is Not Democracy, riding bareback in a full gallop is the same government making billions off the backs of students seeking a secondary education, this too is Not Democracy. It is true, that there were a few local disputes, like kidnapping pretty ladies or rounding up a few horses, that these few actions that the indigenous people in North America was pretty much dedicated to non-violence, where the population was somewhat small, educated, intelligent and not hell bent of collecting wealth those that did gave it all away at huge potlucks this in turn securing their leadership. They were not like the homicidal people who stepped off the boat from Europe back when or where Columbus planted his flag and gathered up some locals and hauled them back to Spain to impress some dude in his princely robes and gold crown. Now in walked, sailed, tramped the Europeans, who over time had developed and fine tuned their argumentative status, most blood-thirsty, and set on planetary conquest, they had and do not have any notion of peace or getting along.the planted their flag on the beach and the devil be damned,

the New World was theirs to plunder, the glimmer of Gold haunting them asleep and/or awake. The fact can be laid on the table that they are NOT rulers in the sense of the word, they hold power because they took it and only exercise its trappings to increase their wealth and will spend trillions to maintain their position. The USA has the largest defense budget in the world and at the drop of the hat the controllers will use it like you use a broom to sweep your kitchen floor they flood the world with threats back by the enormous resources of their military. They could care less that the military is living breathing Americans they shove them out the door trained to kill, rape and pillage those who disagree with their manipulation of this or that in their greed, while weeping manufacture tears as the dead and the crippled come back home They are masters at deceiving the public having the time and resources in developing their deception this is Not Democracy it is serfdom. These very same who pound their chests while thumping their bully pulpits in proclaiming the protection of your rights as a US Citizen are busy behind closed doors ripping and slashing those rights you hold so dear. Those that sit smug in their homes supporting the greed and manipulation will cry the loudest blaming those who are fighting the select few, when one day they wake from their information overload and realize that they have failed (being snookered) to understand the path they had been led down now they will march screaming the progressives failed in their task to preserve their way of life. But, sadly it will be too late and they like the rest will suffer their blind leading the blind mentality. What most fail to realize is that the stance of non-violence has slipped away like a thief at night, once we advanced our own form of violence to stop a perceived violence created to enhance the coffers of the war machine. There are a few that know history that it was not only the Krupt family that supported Hitler, but also the Remington/Rand group sad but true bullets sold bring in dollars few also do not know that these two separate but together arms manufactures endorsed a contract that gave the two largest troop transport ships crossing the Atlantic (two queens) free access without any interference from the UBoats. Without troops to fight the war, less munitions would have been sold

part of the deal technology through the contract that permitted Sperry Rand to develop an effective bomber sight. We live in an environment where like the Universe we find the only constant to be change, yet the change weve been walking through since early in the 1900s , is a change brought about by a select few. We know also that change is the fuel behind humanities survival, we also realize that all 7.1 billion inhabitants on our planet will not be affected in a positive manner by just any change. Today we know find the majority of the United States population being forced into a mold whether they want to be fitted into it or not, most of us are a product of what used to be a fairly tight and advanced society, where previously we saw a land of milk and honey large producing crop lands, an abundance of job available to those who chose to work hard, climbing the labor pyramid if one had a degree from a higher-learning institution. In mass people moved to the centers of industry our cities grew and grew, our production soon expanded as our products traveled outside of our borders, individually the greater portion of our citizens were happy than slowly and with stealth it began to come apart. By that time we had been weaned out of the world our ancestors grew up with, we now were moving toward the Now Generation, we wanted material things now, as good credit became the mantra the better our credit the higher up the social latter we climbed until the day came and some of us realized that no longer were we as independent as we believed, the banks or this or that financial house owned us lock-stock-and barrel. We became in a sense direct slaves to the financial industry, it wasnt their fault other than the fact that with a fairly good paying occupation we could borrowed money from the bank to buy our houses, a new car every few years, appliances, clothes and some took extended vacation on that little piece of plastic in our wallets why? Well the bank said our credit was sterling why not. We were ripe for the picking, through no fault but our own, we sucked up the new money as if we never had to pay it back. Two family incomes became the norm just to meet our financial obligations, the hook went deeper and deeper real estate values exploded as people borrowed more

money to purchase an upscale abode in this neighborhood or that one now the keeping up with the Jones sucked us deeper into the world of debt, the light at the end of the tunnel was getting dimmer and dimmer. Then things went sideways, things beyond our control, shadows wed never see, the 1%ers were working late at night moving their production models to cheaper labor markets. Televisions once our private domain were being made in Mexico, along with other products, the production of steel moved to Japan, our raw timber followed to be shipped back as sub-standard plywood. Remember those rust-buckets we bought from Detroit those monster cars that after one winter the rocker panels rusted out cheap steel from Japan with so many impurities mixed in the ore that a magnet would not stick the good steel they kept and shipped us their cars triple coated albeit smaller they were also less expensive, and didnt rust. As Big Money and their US Corporations pushed and shoved the production facilities off the land the Middle Class reaped the rewards of no jobs, a declining disposable income, in other words not-so-gentle fall to the bottom of the financial scale. Today we see the corporations listed on the DOW paying less taxes than they did during the 60s and 70s, yet they scream and moan as they walk the halls of Congress lobbying for more tax breaks (, naturally the friends of the party who failed to win the White House, complain bitterly that too many regulations and too much taxation is causing the demise of our capitalistic system along with our social programs that feed the less fortunate out pounding the sidewalks looking for gainful employment. Most of their followers of the party that didnt make it to the White House are retired folk secure with their Social Security pittance along with a retirement check they earned over a period of uninterrupted employment theyre the lucky ones. Over the past few decades we have watched our most productive manufacturing land morph into a strictly service land, being that we produce a shadow of our former capability along with this we see our once proud independent tillers of the soil become serfs within a multinational corporate structure plowing up the landscape and spraying chemicals like there is no tomorrow the goal being to coax the maximum return from the ground. We seem to have rushed to an uncertain end as the chemical manufactures are

slowly poisoning are land, while in other part of the world they are being banned our federal agencies led by the past employees of them ignore the cry from the public concerning the damage and the unhealthy products ending up on the shelves of grocery stores across the nation. And let us not forget the control over our future by the 1% who have an incestuous relationship with the Federal Reserve who by default and a couple of Atom bombs hold sway over our global economics.

Throughout our global history there have been some successful societies that have survived attempts to force populations into a political climate personally I dont believe our population will be one of them it is not built that way. Before most of us were born the people of this nation had different goals, their goals and dreams became too diversified and in some cases to complicated to fit under one umbrella. Such as they are prohibits the acceptance of one single political direction, thereby when a political entity or party fails in governing they will more than likely be tossed from office in theory. Today as no ever time the voting booth is the recourse of the majority, yet it can only be that recourse if it is used, not necessarily by one particular party or school of thought but by all. After all it is the only way that the majority can salvage their Democracy hopefully wresting the control of their lives away from the controlling elite.