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If you are using BSNL Broadband service you might be thinking to convert it into a full fledged Wi-Fi network

at your home or office? As you know there are different kinds of problem faced when we try changing configuration of our modem or changing settings from Network Connections. Here i am with few simple steps which will allow you to configure ADSL Router/Modem to enable Wifi/WLAN. However you must have modems which are enabled with WiFi; currently ADSL WiFi 2 or Type W1/W2, ADSL WiFi-TA or Type WT and VDSL WiFi or Type VD modems from BSNL provide Wi-Fi access. Follow the steps mentioned below to start the WiFi service at your home or office through BSNL broadband service. Step 1: Click on Start Button, Select Control Panel, Choose Network Connection to check your current settings for Internet. Step 2: Now double click on the Local Area Connection and Click on Properties Tab in the dialogue box. Step 3: In properties, choose general tab and scroll down to Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) menu and select it, click on properties button below and you will see a new dialogue box with title Internet Protocol Properties. Step 4: Make sure that general tab is displayed in the new dialogue box; Click on the Use the Following IP Address radio button. Enter following IP Addresses in the given forms: IP Address: (Please avoid or .2 or any number after .35) Subnet Mask: (Is filled automatically indeed) Default Gateway: (This is default IP Address for BSNL) This step was mentioned so that you can access your Modem/Router by entering in your browsers address bar. However you can also use the following DNS Server address in order to increase your BSNL Broadbands speed. Preferred DNS Server Address: Secondary DNS Server Address: Step 5: Copy and Paste or Click on to access your modem or routers basic configuration. Step 6: Use following username and password so that you can enter inside the Graphic Interface of ADSL Modem. Username: admin Password: admin Step 7: Click on the Advanced Setup after the User Interface loads fully; click on the Edit button over PPPoE Service. Step 8: Do not change the ATM PVC Configuration, click on the next button to proceed. Step 9: Change the connection type so that you can choose PPP over Ethernet and click on the next button. Step 10: Enter your Broadband Username and Password; enter the service name as you

wish (Dataone or BSNL will be good). Hint: Broadband username usually contains your BSNL phone number while password is password only. Step 11: Now you dont have to change anything in the modem/router configuration, please press next or save whatever button is there. How to Secure your WiFi connection with Password: Step 12: Goto Wireless tab on the left side and click on it. Step 13: Choose Security option and set network authentication to Open; Enable WEP encryption and current network key to 1 (can be anything); Fill network key 1 as a strong password for your WiFi Lan. Step 14: Save your setting and reboot the modem/router so that all the settings can become effective. Done Done Done. You are done with your Modem. However we will appreciate to watch this video so that you can learn it better.