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Lesson Plan

Teachers name: Sirma Stavreska Date: 04.05.2010 School: Kiril I Metodij Level: IV grade Topic: Unit 12 Revision- Songs Time: 40 min Objectives: 1. Pedagogical: To revise the pet vocabulary and the parts of the body through two songs Ive got a little horse and Winnie the Witchs song. 2. Educational: a) Language elements: - vocabulary: to revise the pets (horse, cat, dog, frog, tortoise, bat, monkey, ant, butterfly, rabbit, snake) and to revise the parts of the body (tail, teeth, legs, toes, eye, ear, nose). - pronunciation: to teach the correct pronunciation of the words. - grammar: to revise the structure I have got. b) Language skills: - listening: to listen to the songs. - reading: to read on their own while they are listening to the songs and in order to find the parts of the body mentioned in the song . - speaking: answering the teachers questions, singing the songs. - writing: to write down the new words. Teaching materials: students books, tape recorder, cassette. Methods: audio-lingual, communicative, structural, cooperative and inductive. Forms of work: frontal, individual, pair and group work. Correlation: Macedonian language. Evaluation: Students are evaluated by the number of words they have found in the second song and by their performance of the songs and the interest they show during the lesson.

Lesson Development
1. Introductory part: 11 I introduce my self to the students and distribute blank name cards.(1-2min) 12 I ask questions to revise the names of the pets guessing game. - Ive got a pet. Can you guess what it is? Its got four legs. Its got a tail. It can run fast. It can jump. It doesnt like cats. What is it? (1-2min) - Can you name all the animals you have already studied? - I write the names of the pets that the students know (new words: ant, bat) (3-5min) 2. Main part: 21 I play the tape while the students listen to the songs. I explain the word swish by miming it. (2min) 22 We listen to the song and sing together twice. (3-4 min) 23 I ask questions to introduce the second song - I give instructions to the students and they do as they are told (we revise parts of the body) (3-5min) - Stand up. - Touch your head. - Smile and show me your teeth. - Point to your friends eye. - Pull your friends ears. - Blink with your eyes. - Put your finger on your mouth. - Do you remember Winnie the Witch? What does she do every day? - She magic spells and tea? - We are going to listen to a song about Winnie the Witch and we will learn how she makes magic spells. 24 Now read Winnie the witchs song and write down all the words for the parts of the body that you can find in the song. Which parts of the body did you find in the song? I write them on the board. (4min) 25 We listen to the song and sing together twice. (3-4 min) 26 A game Head to Head -The students stand in pairs, facing each other. I name a set of body parts and the students will repeat them three times in rhythm while touching those body parts together. For example, while repeating "Head to Head ", kids will put their heads together, while repeating "Foot to Foot ", they will put their feet together, etc. (5min)

Head to head. Body to arm. Leg to arm. Foot to foot. Ear to ear. Hand to hand. Arm to leg. Face to face. Leg to leg.

3. Concluding part 31 We listen to the two songs again (3min) Optional activity: We play a game of Body Snap I distribute the cards of the body parts to the students, and they write down the words of the body parts according to the picture. I divide the students into pairs and they turn their cards one by one. When they have the same picture or the same word, they have to say the word of the body part and say snap after it. Homework activity book p. 48