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CrossFit Tehachapi Cut the Crap Rules CrossFit Tehachapi Cut the Crap fitness and nutrition challenge

is a great way to greatly enhance your fitness level through clean eating and accountability. This is a 5 month challenge runs from 01 Aug 2013 through 31 Jan 2014. This challenge will be filled with mini goals and challenges, education, motivation, and most of all accountability of what you eat and your WODs. The more committed you the better the results. This may result in more than just losing weight and inches in unwanted places, but may just cause you to throw away any diabetic, high blood pressure, and cholesterol medicine. If you commit you will change your life in ways you never thought possible. All in just 5 months!! This is a 26 week challenge ending with the registering and participating in the 2014 CrossFit Open. Do not let registering for the CF Open deter you; this is a great way for you to see the results of your hard work and dedication to being the fittest you have ever been. Preparing for the Challenge: 1. This is an individual event. Entry price is $20 and must be paid no later than 09 Aug 2013. 2. Register on ( then sign up under the group CrossFit Tehachapi. Once you are complete send your username in a FaceBook Message to Coach Melissa. 3. Sign up for your before appointment. There will be a sign up sheet in the box. We will provide a 20-minute time slot before the challenge begins. During the appointment, well conduct the following: Before pictures. To be eligible to win, you must take a before/after picture. If youre a challenge winner, we will request the right to promote your results. Its best to wear a bathing suit or something tight fitting to observe your results. Pictures will only be seen by CFT Owners and Coaches. These will not be displayed publicly without your written permission. Measurements. Weight (in minimal clothing), waist (largest area), chest, arms, thighs

4. Complete bench mark workout. TBA. This will take place at the start of the challenge and will be a scheduled CrossFit WOD. During the Challenge: 1. Journal Maintenance Daily entries will include the date, your sleep, WOD and Results, and a description of additional activities in which you may earn points (see below). Everything you eat, to include snacks.

2. Point system. WOD Performance (390 total points)

1 CrossFit Tehachapi Cut the Crap Challenge

Earn 5 points per CrossFit WOD. You will work out a minimum of 3 times a week in the box (totaling in 15 points for the week), regardless of additional WODs. You can earn additional points, see below. Dietary Compliance

(910 total points)

Each DAY you gain 5 points for a 100% paleo diet. If you eat a non-paleo cheat meal, you lose 5 points. Lets talk about these rules. There are 6 meal opportunities each day: breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, snack. If you cheat at dinner, you lose 5 points, and you can cheat as much as youd like over the course of dinner. If you cheat once during a day you lose the entire 5 points, it doesnt matter when you do it. Life Transformation Bonus Points (462 total points)

Cheating used to take you out of the game; but now, weve determined how you can work your way out of that little mishap to keep you in the game. The bonus points below can help you maintain accountability, even after a stressful slip. 182 points total: Completing Sunday-Fridays Online My Fitness Pal and written Journal by Saturday at the 9 A.M. WOD for 7 points per week. 130 Points total: playing at least 20 minutes of a sport for 5 points once a week. (Running and Rowing are not considered sports in which you earn points). 130 points total: Spending at least 10 minutes of Mobility for 5 points a week (1 pt per mobility). 20 points (end of challenge testimonial video posted to Facebook. Instructions to follow)

3. Attend meetings TBA (5 points for each meeting) 4. Weekly mini-challenges. TBA Monthly. There will be great prizes to monthly challenge winner so you will want to win!! To Win: 1. You must follow the Paleo Dietary Guidelines (see below) set for this challenge. 2. You must take a before and after photo (before: between 01 and 09 Aug) and ending (After: between 01 and 07 Feb 14) BEFORE your daily WOD. I prefer to take the photos because I get the same angles for every person, with the same backgrounds and it ends up being more fair and easier to vote for the winners. You must wear the SAME, clothes same shorts, same sports bra, same bathing suit! 3. You must complete the performance WOD at the start and end of the Cut the Crap challenge: Your performance WILL improve; its just the nature of cutting crap out of your diet. 4. You must have paid the $20 entry fee and be in good standing with CFT at the end of the challenge. 5. For the first 3 months, adhere to the Paleo Diet or the Zone Diet100% of the time. If you decide to cheat, which I hope you dont, there are consequences. Some of this competition is based on the honors system, as this is a friendly competition. After the first 3 months we will decide if we will allow some (key word dont get excited by this point you have come too far to turn back to eating crap) but we may or may allow 1 sanctioned cheat meal a week at no penalty, or allow you to introduce some additional items to your diet. Again, that is depended on the progress and the decision of the group. 6. Winner will be determined by physical changes made visible in the before and after photos, adherence to the dietary rules, journal maintenance, life transformation points, and performance improvements in the final WOD.

2 CrossFit Tehachapi Cut the Crap Challenge

Participants in the challenge are the voters. Not a participant, not a voter. Winner will receive 100% of the pot and the recognition for winning the Cut the Crap Challenge! 7. You are allowed Paleo-approved treats (such as muffins) as long as they are homemade and not eaten daily. This paleo treat may NOT have any honey or extra sugar added to it. Fruit sweetened only. ExamplePaleo muffin made with bananas, walnuts, almond or coconut flour, coconut oil, coconut milk, and eggs. It may not have any dried fruits (raisins, dates), honey, agave nectar, or maple syrup. These things should not be eaten on a daily basis

Dietary Guidelines:

1. The bulk of your diet should be: Lean meat (poultry, fish, wild game; lean cuts of beef, pork, lamb etc.) Vegetables (primarily non-starchy) Nuts & seeds (includes pure nut butters and oils from the sort) Some fruit Little starch (like sweet potatoes post-workout) Good fats: olive oil, coconut oil, avocados/oil; fattier cuts of meat count as some fat also. 2. Excluded on the diet are (these all count as cheats): Grains of every kind ALL dairy products Sugar of every kind; this includes a product that may have added sugar Beans & Legumes Alcoholic beverages (you are permitted one 6 oz. glass of red wine a night REDonly) White potatoes Fruit Juice Dried Fruit Natural sweeteners and sugars- honey, maple syrup 3. If you are trying to lose weight Limit fruit to once per day; over-doing it on these sugary things can keep you, from dropping lbs. Do NOT cut out fat, but dont eat too much of it. The best tips are to stick to lean cuts of meat (skinless poultry, fish, grass-fed beef) and consume nut/nut butter only once per day; Continue to cook and prepare food with high quality oils. No dried fruit due to a higher sugar content

3 CrossFit Tehachapi Cut the Crap Challenge

No fruit juice! Whole fruit digests slower because it contains fiber; cut the fiber out of it and its absorbed very quickly causing a surge of glucose to your bloodstream. 4. If you are trying to gain lean muscle mass Eat the same good, quality foods as the rest of us; you just have to eat A LOT MORE of it. This doesnt mean going all out and losing good portion control, but a mixture to the amount of WODs to food intake. Always eat within one hour of your workout or a Paleo-approved protein shake (egg white protein, banana, almond butter & fresh coconut milk or almond milk) 5. You will be more successful if you Eat organic veggies and fruit that are free from chemicals and pesticides. Eat free range poultry, grass-fed beef and wild fish that is FREE from added hormones, antibiotics, chemicals, and heavy metals. Your body has to work extra hard to clear your system of these and prevents you from being at your peak health and performance. The excess is stored and keeps you toxic. Eat food locally produced for maximum vitamin & mineral content, which also helps avoid toxic items added to the food for preservation. Use fresh and dried herbs and spices to jazz up your meals Avoid Paleo treats like Paleo cookies, paleo pizza as items of these sorts will likely have an excess of sugars or carbohydrates. A valid Paleo dessert on the challenge would be a cup of strawberries, blueberries and blackberries topped with shaved almonds eaten only when hungry and not eaten in excess either by quantity or frequency.

Keep an accurate food journal so that if you are off track in any way, we can steer you in the right direction. You can talk to us all you want; however, your coaches cant fully formulate the problem and provide a solution without viewing the evidence in an honest assessment. The Bottom-line: If a caveman ate it, its probably okay to eat. If you can NOT imagine or come up with a reasonabl e explanation of how he was able to make it and eat it, then its probably not Paleo. Period. Did he eat ketchup? No. And if you still cant decide, ask yourself this: Will eating this make me closer to my goals or further away from my goals? If you just really dont know the answer or want a second opinion, text or e -mail us or ask before or after a WOD. This challenge is to make you see phenomenal results so we are here to get you there. Here is an example of a perfect day: 7:30am (meal 1): Egg and veggie scramble in coconut oil (spinach, onion, sweet peppers) and cup of black coffee 11:30am (meal 2): Left over grilled salmon on a spinach salad (spinach leaves, tomato, cucumber) with homemade dressing (lemon juice, olive oil, garlic) 3:30pm (meal 4 pre-workout snack): more salmon and handful of nuts 7:30pm (meal 5 post-workout): Paleo Taco Wrapped in a crisp leaf of iceberg lettuce, ground beef sauteed with onion, garlic and spices, topped with diced tomatoes, cilantro, and avocado. Drink water all day; other paleo approved beverages are any type of unsweetened tea, black coffee, unsweetened almond milk. If consuming kombucha, choose it without fruit juice! Fruit juice is NOT allowed during the challenge.

4 CrossFit Tehachapi Cut the Crap Challenge

Important Note: The Paleo Challenge or Zone is 100%. Once you become accustomed to the Paleo or Zone Lifestyle, after the challenge you can once again begin to enjoy some non-paleo foods sparingly. For example, you can choose to follow the 80/20 rule: If you are strict 80% of the time, your body can withstand other foods 20% of the time. However, the stricter you are, the better your results. Its up to you to find the balance that fits best within your life.

5 CrossFit Tehachapi Cut the Crap Challenge