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House of Bourbon-Braganza

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House of Bourbon-Braganza Casa de Bourbon-Bragana Casa de Borbn-Braganza

Ancestral house

House of Braganza House of Bourbon


Infante of Portugal Infante of Spain Duke of Marchena Duke of Durcal Duke of Hernani Duke of Ansola


Infante Gabriel of Spain andInfanta Maria Ana Vitria of Portugal



The House of Bourbon-Braganza (or Bourbon and Braganza) has its origins in a royal marriage arranged by King Charles III of Spain and his niece Queen Maria I of Portugal: in 1785 the Spanish infante Gabriel of Bourbon (17521788), married the Portuguese infanta Mariana Victoria of Braganza (17681788). It was a short marriage: they both died three years later, in Madrid, with smallpox.

Their surviving son, Peter Charles of Bourbon and Braganza (Pedro Carlos) (17861812), was brought up in the Portuguese court, first in Lisbon and, after 1807, in Rio de Janeiro. Until 1793, he was the only grandson of Queen Maria I, therefore considered as a potential heir of the Portuguese throne. As his father, he also married a Portuguese Infanta, his first cousin once removed Maria Therese of Braganza (17931874). They had one child Sebastian of Bourbon and Braganza (18111875), Infante of Spain by birth, and Infante of Portugal by royal edict (issued in 1812). When the Portuguese Royal Family returned to Europe, Sebastian went to live in Spain (1822) but, due to his support to the Carlist pretender, he returned to Portugal (1865), where King Louis I gave him a warm reception. The male line of the family has become extinct, but distaff descendants are still represented among the Spanish nobility (Dukes of Marchena, Durcal, and Ansola).

Genealogical Chart[edit]
Charles III (17191788) King of Spain _________|_________ ____________|____________ | | Charles IV John VI (17481819) (17671826) King of Spain Portugal | | | ___________|___________ | | | Peter I/IV | (17981834) Bourbon and Braganza | (17931874) PETER CHARLES<----1810---->Maria Teresa | | | | Infante of Spain | Infanta of Portugal King of (17521788) | (17681788) GABRIEL<---1785--->Mariana Victoria | | Maria I (17341816) Queen of Portugal

| Emp. of Brazil | King of Portugal | | | | Royal House Royal House of Portugal of Spain and

(17861812) Infante of Spain

| | | |

Infanta of Portugal Princess of Beira

SEBASTIAN Bourbon and Braganza (18111875)

Imperial House of Brazil Infante of Spain (1811) Infante of Portugal (1812) | | | Dukes of Marchena, of Durcal, of Hernani, of Ansola ( Spanish titles )