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Making Friends Peter is making a scrapbook about his friends. Read the descriptions he has written in his scrapbook.

TONY Tony is my best friend. He likes going hiking. For him, hiking isn't a relaxing activity it's an adventure! He always goes hiking on the mountains in the New Territories with his parents! I met him in kindergarten. Susan likes to help people. For example, she always tidies up Miss Sun's desk after class. In her free time, she enjoys chatting online with friends and going shopping. I met her in Primary 1. Do you know what Derek did yesterday? He sang on a bus! He loves singing and he likes to make people laugh by acting silly but, sometimes his sense of humour gets him into trouble with his teacher. He also loves going to the cinema to watch action films. I met him in Primary 2. Lucy is quiet around people she has just met. She isn't quiet around me, though. In fact, sometimes, she's quite bossy! After school, she usually spends her time reading books and listening to music. I met Lucy at a concert last year. Gary is really good at playing football. His favourite player is David Beckham. He knows everything about Beckham. I met Gary in Primary 3. We played on the same football team. I was clumsy, but Gary scored lots of goals. He also enjoys flying kites.




Peter's cousin sent him an email asking him questions about his friends. Read the email and help Peter to answer her questions. Hi Peter I'm really looking forward to meeting your friends this summer when I come to Hong Kong. Can you tell me a bit more about them? 1 2 3 4 5 Where does Tony like to go hiking? Where did you meet Susan? ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ ________________________________________

What kind of films does Derek like to watch? Who's Gary's favourite football player?

Is Lucy bossy towards people she meets for the first time? __________________________________ ______________________________________________

Billy is writing a diary entry about his first day of secondary school. He has missed ou some words. Help him to complete the diary entry. You can use these adjectives: bossy Tuesday 1st September Dear Diary My first day of secondary school was great! My new teacher, Mr Chan, is very nice. I made some new friends. Scott likes to tell people what to do, but he isn't _____________________ towards me. In fact, he is very ________________________. He smiled at me, shook my hand and introduced himself. I made another friend Laura. She's rather _______________________, but when she does talk, she always says really nice things. My other new friend is Henry. He's quite ___________________. He always trips over things. Mr Chan thinks he does it on purpose to make people laugh. He thinks Henry is ______________________. I can't wait to get to know my friends better! clumsy friendly naughty Sunny quiet

Personal Pronouns: Subject Pronouns Singular I you he / she / it Plural we you they me you him / her / it Object Pronouns Singular Plural us you them

Robert is writing a book review in the school newspaper. Help him to complete the book review with the correct personal pronouns. ____________ just read Andrew Matthews' book Making Friends A Guide to Getting Along with People, and I have to say, ______________ is amazing! If you are having trouble making friends or getting along with people, this is definitely the book for _____________! In Making Friends A Guide to Getting Along with People, Matthews talks about how important it is for ____________ to get to know ourselves better. He explains his ideas in a very simple way so it is easy to understand ______________. Even my sister, who hates reading, loves the book. In fact, ____________ read it twice! In the book, Matthews teaches us how to express our anger I a healthy way. ___________ also gives us advice about how to control our negative emotions. He explains that ____________ can cause lots of problems if we do not learn how to control them. To ____________, it is very important to control negative emotions. If you need help making friends, or if you want to learn how to get along better with people, ___________ should pick up this book. Believe ____________, you will be glad you did! The Simple Present: Janet has printed out a blog entry she wrote about her best friend. Her teacher read it and found some mistakes. Help Janet correct the mistakes by underlining them and writing the correct words at the end of the line. There is one mistake in every line. My best friend is Diane Lam. She was twelve years old. She was born in Hong Kong, but she living in Vancouver, Canada, so she sometimes missed Hong Kong. Diane is very clever. She studies every night and always got good marks in school. She spoke several languages, including Cantonese, Putonghua, English and French. Her parents wants her to become a doctor when she grows up. I thinks she would be a great doctor! Diane is also very sporty. Her favourite sports were football, volleyball and hockey. When I play sports, I was quite clumsy, but not Diane. She never trips or stumbles like I do, and she run very fast. In fact, I don't knows anyone who can run as fast as she can. Diane and I writes to each other quite often. We sometimes also chat online. I hoped I can visit her in Vancouver this summer. ______________ ______________ ______________ ______________ ______________ ______________ ______________ ______________ ______________ ______________ ______________ ______________ ______________