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Mohammad Nur-ul-Alam;
A true and devoted Bhagat/Sufi/Faqeer/Darwesh/Allah lok/Guru

By: Dr. Maqsood Hasni

Translated By: Prof Imran Khalid

The true and devoted Bhagat/Sufi/Faqeer/Darwesh/Allah lok is a person who is more

caring for others than himself. Where there own self becomes more important there
Bhagati loses its respect, because the spectators always have strong looks. Also,
Allah can’t be cheated in any way. At this place all his bhagti and motivation
crumbles like a cookie.
His talk and dealings are not confined to any particular group, religion, nation,
tribe, family, party or piece of land. He is owned by all and for all. His
representation is linked with all the religions and all the humans. He can neither
be confined by others nor is possible for him to confine himself. His yardstick,
circle, point of view is not for any group, family, tribe, caste, nation, piece of
land, religion, color or race. He weighs everyone equal and same. Not only this,
he even regards life and hunger of other lively creatures sacred for him. He is
always 40ft ahead of the ordinary people.
So his words and dealings are:
1- Universal and on the ‘alohi’ principals.
2- Every creature’s pain is his own pain.
3- He is always willing for the uplift, peace, prosperity, and well-being.
4- Others’ hunger is his own hunger.
5- Partiality is totally out of his faith and relgion.
6- Whatever he says, he says honestly.
7- He doesn’t feel answerable before any person. He regards himself answerable
only and only before Allah.

A devoted Sufi/Bhagat/Faqeer/Darwesh or Allah Lok can’t be a victim of greed,

fear, hunger, thirst or doubts. Neither he can be sold nor anyone can buy him,
whatever the conditions and circumstances may be. Results have no importance for
him. He doesn’t have any iron-rod in his own neck nor he bears iron-rod in
anyone’s neck. Proud are weaker than an ant for him. He knows that ‘Pride is only
for Allah'

When I say that the proud of humanity, Hazrat Sheikh Sufi Allama Dr. Mohammad Nur-
ul-Alam Sahib should lead the humanity, arrange the spiritual education of mankind
and work for the eradication of sorrows of human beings, it means that Dr. Sahib
have all the qualities even in this bad period of the human history. Even being in
the teeth of a shark (USA/UNO)
Dr. Mohammad Nur-ul-Alam says:
1- "The world federation, the United Nations, has been abandoned by the
2- Gradually they develop their military in the name of so called peace.
3- Billions of people are hungry, drying without food or medicine, all around the
(a)- the UN does not look into them.
(b)- The leaders of many nations around the world are very weak.
(c)- Some nations are lead by military leaders, and others are playing the role of
so called democracy and communism, but they have not succeeded to establish
international security and peace."
(Statement by the Proud of humanity Hazrat Sufi Sheikh, Alama Shah Dr. Mohammad
Nur ul Alam Sahib)
If we study this above mentioned statement critically, we come to the conclusion
that only a very true, human friendly Bhagat/Sufi/Darwesh/Faqeer can speak like
this. This analysis of the present hegemonic role of USA can only be made by a
mature mind.