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Date & Place of Birth : 16 TH. OCT 1979. Allahabad (U.P.)

Height : 5'2”.

General Features : Fair Complexion with Pretty Features.

Educational : Well Qualified Througho ut Convent Educated.

Qualifications : M. Com From University of Allahabad.

Diploma in Foreign Trade From University of Allahabad
Presently Working As Asst. Coordinator, ICFAT, Allahabad

General Proficiency : One-Year Diploma in Cooking & Baking.

One-Year Diploma in Painting, Textile Designing & Interior Decoration.
Also completed short duration courses in Fabric Panting.
Holds Driving License for Car & Two Wheelers

Hobbies : Cooking, Baking, Gardening & Interior Decoration.

Personality : Sonika Is Beautiful, Fair, Good Looking, Smart,

confident, enthusiastic and Soft-Spoken Girl. She
Can Fluently Speak English As Well As Hindi. She
has been actively involved cultural events in school
and college. Sonika Loves Reading, Listening Music
Cooking And Spending Time With Family Members.
In Short She Is Simple, Homely, Sensitive,
Affectionate Friendly Girl with Pleasing Personality.
She Gets Along With People Pretty Well.
In Nutshell Quite Adjustable In Nature.


We are SOMVANSHI Rajputs (Baiyagpatra Gotra), originally from village Isipur

District Pratapgurh (U.P.), now settled in Allahabad (U.P.) having landed property in
Pratapgurh as well as in Allahabad. We have Joint Family system. We respect family
values and are from a loving & cultured family, which believes in Indian traditional
values & at the same time, has a liberal outlook.

Father : Late Sri. N. B. Singh.

Advocate, Senior Standing Counsel, Govt. Of India at Allahabad.

Mother : Smt. Sheela Singh, Housewife, From a Well-Known Rajput Family

of Varanasi. Daughter of Late Dr. Ujager Singh Former Head,
Department of Geography, University of Gorakhpur. Suryavanshi
Rajput Originally From Gazipur U. P.
Elder Sister : One Sister, Married to Mr. Sumeet Singh, Regional Sales Manager
H.P., Presently in Dubai. – Son Of Sri. M. P. Singh. Naagwanshi
Rajput Originally From Baraun Navada, now Settled in Patna

Younger Sisters : Two Sister,

Grand Father : Late Th. Jang Bahadur Singh. Retd. Superintendent Of

Police U.P

Grand Mother : From The Reputed Family of Late Th. Tej Bahadur Singh of Nigoh,
Barsathi Dist. Jaunpur. Nanvag Rajput

Paternal Uncles : Dr. T. B. Singh.

Physician, Cardiologist & Head,
Department of Medicine, Nazreth Hospital, Allahabad.(Retd.)
Medical Consultant of All Govt. of India Undertakings at Allahabad.
Physician to The Governor.

Late Sri. V. B. Singh, Businessman

Bua : Elder Bua Married to Late Sri. A. P. Singh,

Rtd. Principle R. R. B. N College Bhagwant Nagar, Unnao. Bais
Rajput Originally From Purauna Unnao

Younger Bua Married to Dr. V. K. Singh, Rtd. Director

Indra Gandhi Co-oprative Training College Lucknow. Senger Rajput
Originally From Orai Now Settled in Lucknow U.P.

Relations : Elder Uncle Married to the Daughter of Late Sri Jagdish Singh an
Eminent Advocate of Baharaich. Janawar Rajput
Younger Uncle Married to the Daughter of Late Pratap Narain
Singh, an Eminent Advocate Of Varanasi. Raguwanshi Rajput.
Cousin Sister Married to Dr. L. S. Sikarwar, M.D. Radiodiagnosis.
Settled in Allahabad. Sikarwar Rajput Belonging to Bhind M. P.
Cousin Brother Married to Daughter of Sri. M. Singh, Manager
Reserve Bank Of India. Raguwanshi Rajput. Originally From
Jaunpur now Settled in Indoor.
Cousin Sister Married to Mr. Arvind Singh Gahalaut SWE,
Presently Working in USA – Son Of Sri. S. S. Gahalaut. Gahalaut
Rajput Originally From Girauli Hathras now Settled in Kashganj
Etah U.P.
Cousin Sister Married to Mr. Rajat Vir Singh Kushwaha Presently
Working In London– Son Of Sri. Dharmvir Singh Kushwaha.
Kushwaha Rajput Originally From Kanpur U.P.
Cousin Sister Married to Mr. Sameer Singh SWE, Presently
Working in Imfosis Bangalore. – Son Of Sri. A. N. Singh
Belonging To Gazipur now Settled in Lucknow U.P.

Address for Correspondence : Dr. T. B. Singh

4, Liddle Road,  : 2468363, 2468300, 2468400
George Town, Mob. : 94152140444, 94152 14335
Allahabad - 211002. e mail: