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Question: Which of the following statements are correct?

Answer: A More than one chart of accounts can be created for each client B The chart of accounts contains all the G/L accounts, vendor accounts and customer accounts C More than one company code can be allocated to the same chart of accounts D The chart of accounts controls all the customising settings in the R/3 system E All accounts within a chart of accounts must have the same tax code Question: What status reports does Cash Management and forecasting include? Answer: A. Cash management position B. Liquidity forecast C. Credit limit report D. G/L account balances E. Bill holdings Question: Which of the following are clearing procedures in accounts receivable? Answer: A. Incoming payment B. Down payment request C. Credit memo D. Transfer posting Question: When creating an Overhead Cost Order, the first order information which must be entered is: Answer: A. Order status B. Order type C. Settlement type D. Curreny E. Classification code Question: When creating an Overhead Cost Order, the settlement rule must be entered in the control data. Which settlement receivers are available for internal orders?

Answer: A. Cost center B. Orders C. General ledger accounts D. Asset E. Vendor Question: In Controlling, a distinction is made between master data, planning, actual data and the information system. Which of the following master data belongs to Controlling? Answer: A. G/L account B. Work center C. Cost center D. Activity type E. Supplier Question: Withing Overhead Cost Controlling activities are calculated. A Sender/Receiver relationship exists. However, not all Sender/Receiver combinations are allowed. Which of the following combinations make business sense? Answer: A. Sender. Cost Center, Order, Project Receiver. Cost Center, Order, Project B. Sender. Order Receiver. Cost Center, Project C. Sender. Cost Center Receiver. Cost Center, Order, Project, Cost Object Question: Period closing activities are also performed in Controlling. This is dependent on certain prerequisites. Which of the following are MINIMUM criteria before it makes sense to carry out period closing? Answer: A. The posting period has been closed. B. Materials have been withdrawn. C. Personnel costs have been incurred. D. Overhead has been incurred. E. An order was closed.

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Approx number of questions asked 2 questions on depreciation area, 3 questions on asset class, Asset Accounting - 13 questions 4 questions on asset transactions and depreciation Closing Operations in Financial 1 question on M/E closing, 3 on Balance confirmations Accounting - 5 Main questions on cash discount, 1Q on Cross Co.Code, Document and Posting Control - 1Q Doc Reversal, 2Q on Foreign currency, 1Q on 14 authorisation, 1Q on FSG, 1Q on posting period, 1Q on tolerance group, NO questions on TAX. Evaluation Options in Reporting 2 Q on list viewer and 3 questions on drill down report -7 Financial Accounting Master 3Q on Bank, 4Q on Customer, 3Q on Vendor, 2Q on GL Data - 15 Payment Program, Dunning Program, Correspondence, 3 questions on payment program Interest Calculation - 6 SAP Overview - 5 2 Questions related to MM, 1 on navigation SAP Solution Manager - 4 2Q on Roadmap Special General Ledger 1Q on Park & Post, 2Q on Splgl, 2Q on Substitution & Transactions, Document Parking, Validation Validation & Substitution - 6 The New General Ledger -5 1 on Basics, 2 on document split, 1 on reports