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How to Enjoy Answered Prayers (10) 14/12/2008

Blessed are Those Who Understand When to Make Concentrated Prayers

<Is 58:6-9, 59:1-2, 9, 20-21, 60:1-5, 19-22;
;Ac 9:1-19;
;Ga 1:17-18;
;Ac 13:1-3, 16:6-10, 18:18, 19:21>

Introduction: After a saint truly experiences the effect of concentrated prayers for once, he will genuinely become spiritual.
From that moment, he will start to believe in prayers, become willing to pray, and will choose to pray. If a person’s first reaction
when he suddenly faces troubles and problems is not to seek help from man or use human efforts, but is to first quiet down to
seek the perfect will of the Lord, that person’s life is already greatly blessed, and grace, loving kindness, miraculous signs and
wonders will follow him in his entire lifetime. Therefore, whenever we use concentrated prayers to go through every difficulty in
our lives, that is very important spiritual experience.

. Holy people cannot enjoy the blessings bestowed by God because they are bounded by chains of injustice <Is 58: 6-9>
1) Those in Jesus Christ already possessed [blessings in heaven and on earth, and eternal blessings]
Blessings in heaven  the hope to which He has called you (eternal blessings), incomparably great power (wisdom), riches of
His glorious inheritance (rewards)
Blessings on earth  unique conditions, background, gifts, be used by God
Eternal blessings  not only receive eternal life, but also become one with the eternal Israel, become the main character of the

2) However, many saints not only cannot enjoy these infinite blessings, but they are also bounded and become harassed and
helpless because of many problems and ironies
* Saints’ spirits are oppressed by all kinds of problems, thus their lives lose the spiritual fighting will (lose the grievous hatred
toward Satan). As a result, they are devoured by the world every day.

3) Only through concentrated prayers, can we be freed and restore the blessings that should be restored
① <Is 58:6>: to loose the chains of injustice and untie the cords of the yoke, to set the oppressed free and break every
= <Work of the angels>: Continue not to lose heart, but bring a pressing spirit to pray and make covenant with God, our hearts
are unlocked, the Lord’s perfect will is revealed to us eventually
② <Is 58:7>: Restore sacred life goals (4 gospelisations), and launch the ministries of [helping people, saving others, healing
people, blessing others]
③ <Is 58:8>: Then your light will break forth like the dawn, and your healing will quickly appear...
= Those who receive the heart of evangelism and shepherding will be healed faster
④ <Is 58:9>: Then you will call, and the LORD will answer; you will cry for help, and he will say: Here am I.
= like to pray; experience receiving answers during prayers; grasp the secret of concentrated prayers more and more,
know how to use that power

. What is the key to receiving answers in concentrated prayers? <Is 58:3-5; ;59:1-2, 9, 20-21;
;60:1-5, 19-22>
** Remember: More important than methods, duration, zeal, is [receive answers]! **
1) Regardless of conditions or the circumstances of others, solely focus first on own blessedness
* Absolutely must abandon the mindset of excuses and rationality! For example: ‘my circumstances, conditions, difficulties,
predicament, suffering, is like this, is like that...’

2) Place focus on spiritual healing, other forms of healing and the upturn of circumstances will follow after
* Revival and healing of spirit = Receive the loving kindness, righteousness, perfect will, and timetable of the Lord, as well as
prayer contents...

3) The consequence of concentrated prayers is to let me restore [walking with God at all times and in all things]

4) Must grab hold of the spirit of the cross (the spirit of Jesus Christ’s gospel) to pray, then can receive answers
* Spirit of the cross = God died for me, therefore I died together with Him
① Know the world, sin, flesh and be set apart as holy (die to self)
② Put to death my perspective toward my self-image and completely accept the unconditional great love of God
③ Put to death personal goals and restore the purpose and direction of the heavenly kingdom
④ Put to death all knowledge and perspective about myself, and use the covenant of God to acquire all the perfect will of my life
and living
⑤ Put to death the ways of living since my birth (human-driven), and restore the guidance of the Holy Spirit in everything in my
life (God-driven)

5) It is important to seize the moment of concentrated prayers

* Especially: Spirit is disturbed within, or feels compelled after hearing certain news, etc

3. When to make [concentrated prayers]? <Ac 9:1-19, ,Ga 1:17-18, ,Ac 13:1-3, ,16:6-10, ,18:18,
1) When meet God, repent, baptize and being born again = Paul met the Lord at the road of Damascus and was born again <Ac 9:1-
2) When life enters another turning point in blessed days because of clearly knowing Christ = After Paul was born again, for 3
years in Arabia and Tarsus, used the whole Bible (Old Testament) and history to learn that Jesus is the Christ (rooted and built
up in Christ, build holy temple) <Ga 1:17-18>

3) When the spirit receives disturbances, defamation, attacks in days of serving the Lord while relying on fixed-time prayers and
continuous prayers
= The things Paul met at Troas and his prayer throughout the night – saw the vision of Macedonia <Ac 16:5-10>
= Paul encountered persecutions while serving in Philippi – make concentrated prayers in prison and saw God’s
guidance <Ac 16:25-40>

4) Before facing important matters (serving) = Paul had his hair cut off at Cenchrea because of a vow he had taken <Ac 18:18>,
because he knew lying ahead was the 2-year ministry in Ephesus at the lecture hall of Tyrannus, which would revive the entire
Asia <Ac 19:8-20>, after that, he knew he would move on to Rome <Ac 19:21>