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Car Collector

Volume II, Issue V1 Car Collector Chronicles June 2009


• Car collecting today The Gray Lady

• Classic rides
Readers of this pub (and I am Since the car is 2-tone gray, I
• Reports from the field pleased to report there are have dubbed her The Gray
• Cadillac/Oldsmobile/
more than a few) will recall the Lady. She first appeared on my
Dec. ‘08 edition started off with a
Corvair radar via eb y™, in early
a discussion entitled “The Ride I
March. Upon coming into my
Still Want;” discussing the 1956
field of view she rated, and got,
Cadillac Coupe DeVille.
a second look from me.
Future editions will detail the During the course of my com-
pursuit of just such a ride in munications with the seller he
WA state. While that pursuit mentioned his reserve amount
was friendly in tenor, it never (whether inadvertently, or pur- phone conversations, requests by me
blossomed. posely). I was shocked at the for specific photos and ultimately a
amount. Not because it was so review of a total of 106 pics.
I am now able to report: The
high, but because it seemed low.
quest has come to an end! In terms of options, it is far easier
Having been researching, to recount what it does not have. It
IN THIS ISSUE: In addition to being the owner searching for and looking at a does not have A/C. Other than that,
of a Cadillac Heritage of Own- few Caddys for quite a if it can be powered it is, and all of it
ership grille medallion (see while, I felt I had a pretty good works! The two distinctive options
photo at right), I am also the handle on the current market. I donned by The Gray Lady are an
owner of the car to which it is know the economy has ad-
The Gray Lady 1 Autronic Eye and sabre-spoke
attached! Knowledgeable versely impacted values of wheels. The wheels alone cost $129
Caddy folk will be able to detect everything. Even so, his reserve each back in the day. Converted to
the grille on which the medal- figure was more than reason- 2008 dollars, that amount is a sum of
lion is displayed is not a 1956, able. At the very least, it kept
GDYNets 1 but rather a 1955. That it is, $942.64 per wheel today!
On the Web me on the trail of further inves-
attests to the fickle nature of Another nice feature is the seats.
the pursuit; be it pursuit of a
mate, or of a longed for ride. There were a number of CONTINUED ON P. 2.
Debut Pics 3

GDYNets on the Web

Coming Next 5
WHERE YOU WILL FIND DAVE’S DEN is a website Police Lt. George Yaros.
GDYNets (me) on the WWW: devoted to a myriad of inter-
ests. Foremost is extensive SAVED 62 is a website de-
Dave’s Den - voted to my 1962 Oldsmobile
information on the “Steel City” of Gary, Indiana. There are also Dynamic 88 convertible. The
offerings covering the making of site also has a lot of information
Saved 62 - Oldsmobile
steel and U.S. Steel-Gary on Oldsmobiles and its founder,
jeandaveyaros Works, the U.S. Marine Corps, Ransom Eli Olds.
the M14 assault rifle, of course CAR COLLECTOR
The Gray Lady – 1955 Cadillac Oldsmobile, and the tragic story CHRONICLES; you are read- of the murder of Gary, Indiana
EMAIL: ing it. It is a work in progress.
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The Gray Lady—Continued

They are done in a combination of gray leather and patterned cloth.

This is the deluxe interior, as opposed to the standard pseudo-suede
like coverings in the Series 62 2-door hardtop model.

Even though the car was in NY, and I am in WI, I had made up my
mind to pull the trigger, and do the deal. I didn’t even dicker over the
price. My one condition was that the car be pulled from ebay™. My
thinking was, knowing how auction items can take on a life of their
own in the final minutes, I did not want to get into a bidding war with
someone at a dollar figure in excess of the seller’s reserve (which he
had revealed to me). The seller agreed, and the deal was done!

So why a 55, as opposed to a 1956? Truth be told, there a few dif-

ferences between the two model years. The 56’s do have a noticea-
bly different grille treatment, but that is about it. Cadillacs of the 1954-
“Even though 1955 vintage share the same basic chassis and body. There are a
few styling cues to distinguish one from the other, but nothing sub-
the car was in
stantial. That fact, plus the coming together of desire, availability and
NY, and I am in price was what turned the tide here. In other words, the fates all
WI, I had made
up my mind to The Gray Lady made her debut in Milwaukee on 23 March. It was
pull the trigger, quite a moment. Patiently, she sat covered inside an enclosed trailer.
After lesser vehicles were offloaded, it was her moment in the spot-
and do the light. The Mrs. and I were on the sidelines, camera in hand.
In order to be able to accommodate her at her new home, a slight
alteration to the car barn was necessary. This is because I have a 3
ft. deep workbench running across the entire back wall. Its depth is
such that The Gray Lady cannot be pulled in and the overhead door
closed. Needless to say, the workbench is now modified and she just
fits into her designated stall inside the car barn. Don’t even think of
trying to walk in front of, or behind her with the door closed!

For those with the inclination and an interest, The Gray Lady now
has her own web site. One may go there to learn more about the his-
tory of this particular ride, as well as about Cadillac Coupe DeVilles.
The site, like my others, is a continuing work in progress. All are ex-
tended a cordial invitation to call on The Gray Lady at their leisure.

You will find her holding court at:

Should you stop by, do not hesitate to comment. To whet your
appetite, here are a few pics:
Car Collector Chronicles Page 3
Car Collector Chronicles Page 5;
— Ok, I have had my say for this month. Now it is your turn! I invite and encourage submission of
your comments, opinions and contributions. Everything sent shall indeed be reviewed by me. Sub-
missions should be sent to:

Additionally, you may find me on the web at the following urls: - Dave’s Den web site Saved 62 - 1962 Oldsmobile Dynamic 88 convertible site The Gray Lady - 1955 Cadillac Coupe DeVille web site Car Collector Chronicles ® Car Collector Chronicles - a second site




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