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This is the state of NSW CORRUPTION The Government Corporation of NSW illegally drag in all and sundry to aid and abet their criminal activities and I now show how they do it... I have raised the fact that this house was politically appointed meaning it was a set-up. The Real Estate Agent L J Hooker was involved in the corruption in Pakenham Victoria. They had offered a 12 month lease initially via the VOCAT system in Victoria but Hooker reduced it to 6 months. At the 4 month mark the police and centrelink had set-upon me.. I would arrive home and the doors would be wide open. Under cover idiots would be found walking close to the boundary fence. Centrelink and or federal police got caught hacking into my computer the power company Country Energy tried to attach the owners building pole and the past tenants Perrys account to my name and credit file etc etc... During that VOCAT hearing my choices were removed by the member WILMOT who ordered me to go to Queensland to live. I refused. I was set upon. In 2006 I had a run in with Centrelink who kept cutting off my pension without any justification. They had my motorhome attacked lots of damage done. The police in Coffs Harbour refused to do a damn thing to help me. Constable Ware even refused to write up an incident number. The Power company COUNTRY ENERGY suddenly attached the Parrys and Owners debt to my credit file.... the Government agents had laid in wait and used this old account to discredit me CAN I PROVE THIS? Of course I can.... everything is always documented... even back to 1999.

HERE IT IS 2013; However; in 2011/2012 The Roads and Maritime Services, @ Paul De Gioia, Fair Trading @ Bernard Hopps, (represented by THE CROWN) Wade Rushton @ Motor Traders Association, Taree Truck Centre Grant, All Vehicle Services @ Nathan Cooper (best mates with Grant) and Julie Foster the ferral owner of AVS, John Fletcher of John Fletcher Truck Centre, Police etc all removed my Motorhome. I was then set upon by Grace Bedell the shed owner where my belongings were stored I was suddenly told to me out in one week..... I refused to do that and took my time.. I had applied for many homes but I was then receiving the same responses from agents the owner has withdrawn it, the owner has found someone... Then I was steered to this dump I am in. It all went like clockwork. The AGENT IS L J HOOKER. The power company is COUNTRY ENERGY The Police at it again with their illegal workmanship covered by State Debt Recovery office who is THE CROWN

So he we go around and around in a circle...... COUNTRY ENERGY Commenced illegally raising my power bills... I have a fridge a computer a kettle and tv everything is turned off at the walls. NOTHING ELSE. At the $280.00 mark I commence raising complaints with Country Energy = I refuse to pay them at the $398 account.... THEY SEND IN A THUG from Essential energy who trespassed cut off my lock of the meter WITHOUT asking me to unlock it and then walked off with the evidence = DO NOT TELL ME HE WAS NOT ON A MISSION...who for? THEN LOOK WHAT THEY DID...they dropped the account to what I always ran at in costs $197.00 rounded... BUT ADDED TOGETHER = $596. THEN LOOK AT THE COPS / CROWNS alleged BILL $596