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The Cahills family The Madrigals

At first Madrigals were believed to be ruthless assassins and spies. However, it wasn't until recently the other Cahills knew the truth about the Madrigals... they are actually a fifth branch of the family, who strive for peace between all branches of the Cahill family. They also have equal status as a branch. More than half the Nobel Peace Prize Winners were Madrigals (They also helped found the UN and other peace associations). In order to be Madrigal, the person must pass several tests without knowing they are doing so. Then, they would be told the secret of the Madrigals. The reason why this branch is very secretive is because the other branches would certainly be unhappy if they found out that the Madrigals have equal status as them and knew what their mission was. The entrance to be Madrigal used to be dramatically different until Ana Kosara became a Madrigal, sabotaged the branch, and got dismissed from the branch.

Also, Madrigals are often matrilineal, meaning that they carry their mother's name, as a symbol of Madeleine's devotion to her mother, Olivia. It can be seen when it is passed down to Amy and Dan as they also have the surnames of Cahill, not Trent.

The Ekaterina

The Ekaterina Branch was founded by Katherine Cahill. The branch's main enemy is the Tomas Branch because Katherine stole one from her brother Thomas, founder of the Tomas branch. Because of this, Thomas swore to take revenge on her. With the compass in her hands now, Katherine moved to an unknown, far-off land, presumably Egypt, as she was a fascinated with Egyptology being an Egyptologist herself. < img src=" entertainment&c15=&cv=2.0&cj=1" /> < div style="display: none;"><img src="//" height="1" width="1" alt="Quantcast"/></div>

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Branch Crests


Talk0 997pages on this wiki Each of the Cahill family branch has its own crest or logo that symbolizes something about their branch. They can use their crests to leave a message to their other fellow branch members, or they can use it to scare other Cahills from a different branch (such as the Madrigals, who leave a "M" to scare other Cahills away).


1 Lucian Branch 2 Ekaterina Branch 3 Tomas Branch 4 Janus Branch 5 Madrigal Branch

Lucian Branch


Lucian The Lucian crest has been modified over the years, but its central image, the double-headed snake, has remained unchanged. Like the often used personificative qualities snakes, it is symbolic of Lucians traits such as cunning and deceptiveness. The simpler Lucian crest consists of the same shield pattern, losing the scroll, and the snake is reduced to one snakehead. The Lucians are known for their art of poison. Ian Kabra and Natalie Kabra are the

current Lucians.

Ekaterina Branch


<img alt="Ekat logo" src=" AAABAAEAQAICTAEAOw%3D%3D" width="150" height="123" class="thumbimage lzy lzyPlcHld" datasrc=" b/Ekat_logo.jpg/150px-Ekat_logo.jpg" onload="if(typeof ImgLzy=="object"){ImgLzy.load(this)}" /><noscript><img alt="Ekat logo" src=" b/Ekat_logo.jpg/150px-Ekat_logo.jpg" width="150" height="123" class="thumbimage" />Ekaterina The Ekaterina branch's symbol is the dragon, The dragon is a mythical creature that appears in many forms, so it symbolizes the Ekat's creativity, inventiveness, intelli