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Big Five Short Scale Summary: Report I.

The majority of people responded with this (10 item) measure Gosling, Rentfrow, and Swann Jr. (2003). A very brief measure of the Big-Five personality domains. Journal of Research in Personality, 37, 504528. HOWEVER, there were a handful of emails who cautioned against using this scale and other shortened measures of personality. The reliability for these scales can be problematic. II. These are measures under 50 items that were mentioned by multiple people Donnellan, M. B., Oswald, F. L., Baird, B. M., & Lucas, R. E. (2006). The Mini-IPIP scales: Tiny-yet-effective measures of the big five factors of personality. Psychological Assessment, 18(2), 192-203. Saucier, G. (1994). Mini-markers: A brief version of Goldberg's unipolar Big-Five markers. Journal of Personality Assessment, 63(3), 506516. John and Srivastava's (44-item) Big Five Inventory found in the Handbook of Personality. It can also be found here: BFI (John Oliver) (44 items) Robbins/Judge Organizational Behavior text (12th ed., Pearson/Prentice Hall), a CD with self-assessments is included. One of these is a (15-question) Big 5 personality assessment. John, "The Big 5 Factor Taxonomy" in L.A. Pervon "Handbook of Personality Theory and Research (New York, Guilford Press, 1990), pp66-100; and Formy-Duval, et al., 1995, "A Big 5 Scoring System for the Item Pool of the Adjective Checklist," Journal of Personality Assessment, (65): 59-76. Rammstedt, B. & John, O. P. Measuring personality in one minute or less: A 10-item short version of the Big Five Inventory in English and German Journal of Research in Personality, 2007, 41, 203-212 II. These are scales that were only mentioned by one person (20-item scale) developed for Microsoft that Dustin Wood and Peter Harms will be presenting at the Association for Research in Personality Conference this year. Peter Harms says that it outperforms the TIPI by a wide margin and is still an appropriate length for phone surveys

(26 item measure) of the Big 5 taken from the Goldberg IPIP pool Bernard, L. C., Walsh, R. P., & Mills, M. (2005). Ask once, may tell: Comparative validity of single and multiple item measurement of the big-five personality factors. Counseling and Clinical Psychology Journal, 2, 40-57 Langford, P. H. (2003). A one-minute measure of the Big Five? Evaluating and abridging Shafer's (1999a) Big Five markers. Personality and Individual Differences 35, 11271140. (5 item measure) from Aronson, Reilly & Lynn (2006). The impact of leader personality on NPD teamwork and performance: The moderating role of uncertainty. Journal of Engineering and Technology Management. 23, 221247