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HMS-12 : High-Power Cinema Surround Loudspeaker

The HMS12 high-power surround loudspeaker is optimized for use in cinemas, theatres, and re-recording stages. The self-powered, full-range HMS12 maintains a wide dynamic range, full fidelity, and clarity during the most demanding of digital soundtracks. As part of Meyer Sounds EXP cinema series, the HMS12 integrates seamlessly with Acheron screen channel loudspeakers, as well as with other HMS surround loudspeakers. Boasting a wide frequency range of 59 Hz to 18kHz and a maximum peak SPL of 130dB at 1meter with very low distortion, the HMS12 ensures that the full intensity and nuance of cinema surround channels reach each listener without compromise. The HMS12s transducers include a 12-inch lowfrequency, long-excursion cone driver and a 3-inch diaphragm high-frequency compression driver on a symmetrical constant-directivity 100-degree horn that delivers exceptional consistency. The proprietary drivers designed and manufactured at Meyer Sounds headquarters in Berkeley, California are powered by two channels of onboard amplification that include an active crossover, driver protection circuitry, and correction filters for flat phase and frequency responses. The versatile HMS12 can be mounted on walls or ceilings at fixed or adjustable angles with the optional wall-mount brackets (fixed or adjustable), hinge bracket, U-bracket, and half-yoke, allowing the unit to be deployed per the requirements of any surround or immersive surround format.

Dimensions 16.80 w x 25.12 h x 9.78 d (427 mm x 638 mm x 248 mm) Weight 46 lbs (20.87 kg) Enclosure Multi-ply hardwood Finish Black textured Protective Grille Acoustically transparent, black cloth-covered frame Mounting Rear attachment points for optional wall-mount brackets (fixed or adjustable), hinge bracket, U-bracket, and halfyoke

DC power and balanced audio are received by the HMS12 from a Phoenix 5-pin male connector on its top panel. Powering the unit from an external source eliminates the need for wiring conduits while still preserving the advantages of self-powered, bi-amplified loudspeaker systems. The HMS12s amplifier and signal-processing circuits store DC power and tolerate voltage drops, thereby accommodating light-gauge cables and lengthy cable runs.

The MPS488HP external power supply is available for conveniently distributing DC power and balanced audio to up to eight HMS12 loudspeakers. The use of composite multiconductor cables allows a single cable to carry both DC power and balanced audio to each surround loudspeaker. Meyer Sounds industry leading self-powered loudspeaker technology not only delivers unparalleled and consistent audio fidelity but also simplifies installation, whether designing a new room from scratch or adding surround channels to an existing setup. The HMS12s textured finish and black cloth grille blend smartly with any theatre decor.

Features & Benefits

Exceptional fidelity and extended highfrequency performance Constant-Q horn yields uniform response throughout coverage area Extraordinarily flat amplitude and phase responses for tonal accuracy Seamless integration with Acheron screen channel loudspeakers External DC power affords the flexibility of lengthy cable runs without conduits Mounts on walls or ceilings with optional wall-mount brackets (fixed or adjustable), hinge bracket, U-bracket, and half-yoke

Cinemas and theatres Re-recording stages Surround mixing for production and postproduction facilities

Preliminary Specifications
Operating Frequency Range1 Frequency Response2 Phase Response Maximum Peak SPL3 Coverage Transducers Voltage Requirement Audio/Power Connector Input Impedance Nominal Input Sensitivity Amplifier Load Cooling Notes: 59 Hz 18 kHz 63 Hz 17 kHz 4 dB 240 Hz 18 kHz 45 130 dB 100 symmetrical One 12 low-frequency, long-excursion cone driver One 3 diaphragm high-frequency compression driver 48 V DC (MPS-488HP external power supply) Single Phoenix 5-pin male (3 pins for balanced audio, 2 for DC power) 10 k differential between positive (+) and negative () audio pins 6.0 dBV (2.0 V rms, 2.8 V peak) continuous average is typically the onset of limiting for noise and music 2-channel amplifier with active crossover 4 low channel, 8 high channel Convection


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1. Recommended maximum operating frequency range. Response depends on loading conditions and room acoustics. 2. Free field, measured with 1/3-octave frequency resolution at 4 meters. 3. Measured with music referred to 1 meter.